Plane crash remains a mystery as investigators arrive

| 17/11/2011

crash_0.JPG(CNS): The authorities were still unable to say why the Cessna 210 which crashed in Cayman Brac was in local airspace on Sunday night as special investigators arrived on the island Wednesday. Officials said that two aircraft accident investigators had arrived from the UK and had flown to the Brac this morning to begin their investigation but there were still no clues on the mystery plane or the pilot and his passenger, who were killed when the aircraft smashed into the Bluff on Booby Bird Road. Police said that they were liaising with the Mexican and Colombian consulates to trace the next of kin of the men killed in the smash. (Photo courtesy Cayman27)

The bodies will be transported to Grand Cayman later this week and it is anticipated that post mortem examinations will be carried out early next week.

Meanwhile, the RCIPS is said to be continuing land and air searches in the area surrounding the crash site to try and piece together where the aircraft may have come from, where it was heading and why it tried to land in the Cayman Islands.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Has the police figured out the mystery of the plane yet?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have a look at this CNS forum topic, that might solve future problems

  3. Anonymous says:

    Obviously they were dropping off tacos and picking up patties. It's international trade!

  4. Anonymous says:

    If there was a drop it certainly was not intended for the Brac or anyone here – we have less than 2000 population and with this alleged drop we would all have been high for years to come – possibly all rich too. Yes we have drug use in the Brac no one is denying that and yes our surrounding waters/area is probably used as a drop off point because of our remoteness and lack of air and sea control but to suggest that it was coming here is hilarious. Our big sister Island probably knows who the alleged drop was for though

  5. De Expert says:

    I can only hope there as professional as those Tempura detectives who gathered up all that evidence and when we ask to reveal the truth of their findings, only to be told  it was too damning for the people of this island's ears to hear. Will this investigation also follow in those footsteps.only if we had but a few local amateurs to carry the heavy burden of the truth.And please lets exclude the stooges and mouthpieces and their little soundbites. This society dishes out so much money in cost to get these professionals from the UK who either simply fail to deliver or have excuses or just bold face and arrogantly withhold the truth. The citizen job is to be rude ,to pierce the comfort of professional intercourse by boorish expressions of doubt?

    • Anonymous says:

      What the hell has this got to do with Tempura and the police, with you insulting comments.  This is a Civil Aviation Authority enquiry, who have the United Kingdom Accident Investigators come in and with all their background and experience, and support back home.  These people investigate airliner disassters.  Thank god the local amateurs aren't running the show

  6. Bracker says:

    For some time now people have been saying that the've seen low flying planes on the South side of the island.  How true, I really don't know.  For the first time in my life I was concerned of what the "reality" could be.  Sometimes the laid back life could be the problem to not really seeing what is happening.  I have my ideas on who could be involved.  Or maybe that's been planted in my head also…confused.


  7. Bracfire says:

    Some obviously have not read the prevoius post on the last feed topic on this Crash If you keep denying the truth eventually it becomes one big old Lie. The arriving British experts have infact already surrounded themselves with some very unreliable conviently well placed "Brac experts". Look for this matter to become even more shrouded in mystery before any conclusion is arrive upon.The clues and evidence appears to be quite prevalent for this crash investigation to reach a plausible conclusion. The problem is will those in charge let the truth be known to us the already skeptical Public. If history has any bearing on this conclusion do not expect much from the RCIPS and it leaderships who same to have an enormous problem telling the basic truth about the small things according to today's CNS leading FOI topic. Infact they appear to be breaking the very laws they are sworn to uphold. In a time of universal deciet, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary Act

  8. Anonymous says:

    I actually listened to a Bracker on the radio who suggested that the plane was going elsewhere and just happened to crash in the Brac. It boggles the mind how deep is the denial in this country.

    • Anonymous says:

      So tell me why would a pilot try to land a plane with a 36 ft wing span on a 30 ft (or less) road??? It is not possible so that tells me they had an emergency why they had to try to put the plane down on that road!!! Simple!!! Deny that to ok!!!

      • B.B.L. Brown says:

        I never thought he was trying to land.  I think he had his pole problem AFTER the drop.

      • Anonymous says:

        I will type this S L O W L Y as I can see that you can't read too fast.

        Wings are very important on a plane when flying, but for landing and take-off  the wheels play a prominent role. In fact, it would be considered a bad thing if your wings touch the ground on landing.

        The wheels are usually located under the fuselage, and the distance between the outermost wheels is probably less than a third of the distance between the tips of the wings.

        On the sides of road are areas called the soft shoulders. The brush on the soft shoulders is usually cut very low to the ground. This enables you to see around corners.

        In order to successfully land a plane on the road, you must keep the wheels on the road and the wings over the soft shoulder. Now if someone plants a utility pole in the soft shoulder……


        • Anonymous says:

          You are very stupid I can hear. There are large trees on both sides of this road that would be hit and in fact was hit by the plane along with the poles!!! But then again you think that a plane don’t need wings so we will have to excuse you.!!! LOL!!! I guess after landing and damaging the wing on a plane it will grow back when it takes off again. LOL!!!!

    • Just Sayin' says:

      I was kinda hoping they were Hondurans coming to get their iguanas back.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are quite a few scenarios as to why the aircraft crashed on the Brac.  Whilst the 'armchair experts' all claim to know the real reason, only a detailed and lengthy examination of all the evidence by the professionals will produce the most accurate version of the truth.  The 'armchair experts' will just have to show some patience and let the professionals get on with their job.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is a small world.  They scenario never crossed your mind that they aren't armchair experts that they have some idea what really happened. Within two days, everyone in Cayman Brac knows who they are, where they were coming from, why they came here, etc and within a week everyone in Grand Cayman knows too.  The same happens when things happen in Grand Cayman.  The old people always say, "where there is smoke there is fire".  They may not have it 100% as when people talk things get changed around a little but they are pretty close.


  9. Anonymous says:

    For real? They seem to be the only people in the Cayman Islands that don't know why the plane was here.