Former ‘Yates of the yard’ heading to the desert

| 04/12/2011

ya_2073733c.jpg(Telegraph): John Yates, the former assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has been appointed by Bahrain to oversee reform of its police force after an independent report found it responsible for human rights abuses. Yates has been asked to overhaul the controversial service with John Timoney, a former head of Miami police, to ensure its procedures meet international human rights standards. The former assistant commissioner resigned in July over accusations surrounding his handling of the phone hacking affair and his ties with Neil Wallis, the former senior executive at the News of the World who later worked for the police force.

An independent report last week found that Bahrain's security forces used excessive force, torture and summary justice to crush a popular protest movement that paralysed the Gulf state earlier this year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yates needs to read this, and other material on the subject, before going out there –

    It's not the police who have been responsible for human right abuses but his employer's family.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That link doesn't work.

    Try this one –