Shot fired in 7MB robbery

| 29/03/2012

polcie car_0.jpg(CNS): Updated 12:45: A  visitor to the Cayman Islands and two residents became the victims of an early morning robbery Thursday at a West Bay Road condo, police have said. Officers from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service have begun investigating the home-invasion at an apartment at Seagull Condominiums in the heart of the tourist district in Seven Mile Beach, which happened at around 4am. Two of the men were reportedly tied up with duct tape during the incident while a third was said to have slept through the ordeal. A shot was fired inside the condo, police said, but no one was injured. Three robbers are said to have entered the unsecured apartment armed with a handgun. They reportedly escaped with an Apple Mac laptop, an iPod and cell phones.

Officers decribed the robbers as tall black males of slim build, one of whom was around  6’ 3”, and all of the men were wearing hoodies and denim jeans with their faces covered.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Go to Jamaica! Meet a Dread with a rent-a-mattress and enjoy the ride. Taste the natural Herb that was found on King Solomon's grave (yes,it is in the Bible). Learn a new language without attending school (Patois or Patwah), learn to dance like Prince Harry, visit Scottish for the best Jerk Pork and Chicken in New Kingston. Meet courteous badmen/gunman who respect tourism, raft with the Rastaman on the river with a cold Red Stripe Beer, climb the falls, and anything you do not understand, just reply 'Irie' or 'No Problem'. AND do not forget to tell the Beggars 'Mi soon come'.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a tourist and I had a very scary but pleasant experience in Jamaica six months ago.  I was held up by two gunmen. When they realized that I was a tourist, they returned my jewelry and wallet and said "Well come to Jamaican man, enjoy your stay man. We love our tourist, no problem". 

  3. Anonymous says:

    This might be an obvious suggestion, but can the cell phones not be "pinged" which might lead police to the scumbags?  If it hasn't been done already, perhaps its too late? 

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the police know that already.

      • Anonymous says:

        based on your reply, then if the police acted quick enough, we should have these low-life criminals in handcuffs already – looking forward to seeing an article on CNS that declares such arrests have been made………………do I hear crickets?

        • Anonymous says:

          Not necessarily. Pinging only works if the phone sends or receives a signal.   

          • Anonymous says:

            And little children even know to turn the phone off.

            • Anonymous says:

              These were not little children..They were stupid criminals..Remember the Estell Scott killers…big grown men…but stupid!

    • Caymanian/Expat family- all one says:

      use the APP "Find my phone".

      I'm tired of this crime and the one comment that has stuck in my head all week is that Grand Cayman is the size of a Texas ranch…. we need door to door searches and our own community to STOP putting up with thugs, period.  

  4. Anonymous says:

    This shows once again that the large and expensive Cayman Police force is nothing more than a national joke. As other contributors have written "Who is afaid of the them?"

    And this will remain so long as the police hide in their large, comfy, air conditioned cars, and joy ride around in their expensive helicopter.

    They need to get out onto the streets and neighborhoods where the action is happening, not arrive after the crime is over.

    When will this simple concept be understoodand acted upon?

  5. Anonymous says:

    What’s really sad is that my tickets to Cayman for my week on SMB are non-refundable. Last time for this, that’s for sure.

    • Anonymous says:

      The weather is beautiful, food is delicious, drinks flowing, ocean blue and calm, enjoy!

      • Been there, done that says:

        Right up until someone starts shooting at you and taking your belongings. Life’s too short for that crap.

      • A CLUELESS EXPAT. says:

        10:40, you are so correct, but if you are not from Cayman I do hope you are enjoying your stay here as I am enjoying mine.  Let us live in peace with the Caymanian people, after all it is there place,  and we are guest  here, so why should  we come here and redicule, make mischief and want to take away their rights.

    • A CLUELESS EXPAT. says:

      06:38 Expatriate, will you please let me know Why?  Cayman Islands is one of the best places on earth, in fact I would go as far to say the best..  The Cayman people are warm hearted and caring, and sharing, and soft spoken and not agressive.  So could you please let me know where you will be going back to that does not have any crimes as such.  I just wish that those of us who have not made it here would stop putting down the little Island, because in you heart you fully well know that you cannot name a place that is any safer and thepeople friendlier.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not an “Expatriate”, I’m a tourist and I looked on CNS to see what’s going on before I came for a vacation. I can name a great many places where I have been as a tourist where you don’t have armed criminals preying on the tourists in the tourist zone. Cayman people are indeed extemely friendly and a delightful people, and if I were to venture a guess I’d say the criminals preying on your Island’s tourists are likely either imports or Caymanians corrupted by imports. Truth is though, if Caymanians are fairly described as being as peaceful and passive as sheep then it’s also true that now there are wolves amongst them which Caymanians can’t control, and which pose a clear and present danger to the tourists who would come there. I hope this helps explain.

        • Anonymous says:

          Name one please….

          • Anonymous says:


          • Anonymous says:

            All of Canada minus 1 street in Vancouver and 3 blocks in Toronto. All of Switzerland. Venice. The Turkish Riviera. The resorts in DR (not outside of them though). And on it goes.
            You think you can sweep it under the rug that you have armed robbers hitting your tourists and tourist spots, but you can’t. Tourists won’t go where they might get held up at gunpoint.

          • Anonymous says:

            Saalbach, Hinterglemm area, Austria.

            Trentino and most of Northern Italy.

            Southwestern France.

            Castilla y la mancha,  Galicia and most of Catalan, Spain.

            Flanders, Belgium.

            Do you need more? This is just the start.

          • Yanni says:

            Mykonos and most of the Greek Islands,

            The islands on the Dalmatian Coast and Croatia.

            Northwestern Thailand

            The Osa and Southwestern Costa Rica.

            Northwestern Panama

            Pitcairn, Tristan da Cunha.


        • CLUELESS EXPAT. says:

          Dear Tourist i have read your comments and I must agree 95% with what you have said, but my problem is this.  That people who knows absolutely nothing about the Island, read most of the  comment on CNS, whereby 95% of the comments on this site is people who are not from Cayman.  I have travelled the world, I have seen it all, and I am being very honest with you, so far this is a Paradise to all the other Caribbean Countries, and I could not even want to mention USA, Canada or Europe.  The Phillipines, Africa, and I could go on.  So again I am asking you to please "NAME ONE PLACE"  that is more peaceful?  Do you know I sleep with my windows open every night getting the fresh Cayman breez.  Sometimes I even forget to lock my door when I go to Town, and another thing many people who get robbed in someway have let their guard down with their assailant.  Lets see what is the evidence on this case if someone is caught.  Read between the lines.

          My suggestion to you is, to stop listening to disgruntled friends, and believing all that you read on CNS about the country because I do not think these comments are caymanians and only aim to destroy the peacefulness of the Island..

          I am going to suggest to you, that you continue to make your plans to visit the Island.  If you are going to stay at 7 Mile beach, you might as well stay home, because you will not meet the native Caymanians.  Also if you meet anyone and is not sure, please ask them if they are Caymanians first.  You definately will see a difference, beside come on over to the Eastern End of the Island and enjoy, rumpunch and beef patties.  Jerk chicken and rice & beans.  Carrot juice and Irishmos. Come to Cayman and have a wonderful vacation.

          • Anonymous says:

            This is what Cayman has come to a "Clueless expat" arguing with a "tourist" over things going on in the cayman islands.

            Are either of you two truely qualified to talk about the cayman islands?

            As a Caymanian the truth lies somewhere in the middle of your little discussion. Cayman is neither the most peaceful country in the world nor the greatest collection of criminals.

            We have crime. name a country that does not?

            Crime is on the increase expecially in recent years and is of big concern. At the same time we look at countries in the region and we dont feel so bad. Afterall Jamaican is normally dubbed the crime captial of the world and Honduras is fighting them for the tittle.

          • Anonymous says:

            "Jerk chicken and rice & beans.  Carrot juice and Irishmos. "- They can get those in Jamaica.

            Now if you mention some good Cayman style fish that is different.

             Tourists do not want to hear you getting all defensive about how crime ridden their home country is.  They want to hear that we are doing something about this problem.  They know what to expect in their country and they come to Cayman to get away from that crap.  Who wants to go on vacation and be looking over their shoulder and worrying all of the time.

            Another thing is that Caymanians are posting on this website.  I know many who are and I am one as well.  I would say to the tourist.  Come and enjoy your stay.  Also, lock up your car and your hotel room when you leave and be aware of your surrondings.  Please take a day trip to the Sister Islands where you don't have to do any of those things.  Please note the Sister Islands are very laid back and quiet.  If you like the night life, it is not the place for you.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes.  Don't believe all you read on CNS about the country.  While you are at it, you should ignore what is reported by the Compass and iNews as well because if you look on their websites, they are also reporting on the FACT that local residents and a visitor to this island were tied up and robbed in a condominium on Seven Mile Beach.

            Also, why on earth would someone staying somewhere along Seven Mile Beach not be able to meet native Caymanians?  Are the visitors locked in their rooms?  Maybe there is a tall fence with barbed wire between Seven Mile Beach and the rest of the island?  I think not.  It has been my experience (as another person who has travelled the world) that you can find native Caymanians all over the islands and not just in East End.

            You certainly have chosen the correct pseudonym for yourself.


      • Sooner says:

        Don't believe that post.  My family fled Cayman after many years there because it was becoming so lawless and corrupt.  It was getting worse and worse.  There are more and more muggings and hold ups in the tourist areas.  One woman was snatched from the car park of a tourist bar, raped and murdered.  Crack crazed junkies are breaking into homes with guns all the time.  They don't put that on TV promos.

        • Anonymous says:

           "One woman was snatched from the car park of a tourist bar, raped and murdered." You make it sound like this was done to a tourist.  This happened to a local woman.  The area was badly lit and we still don't know why they did it but at least they were caught and they are in jail.

          This doesn't make it any better but you are making it sound worse than it is.  When in Grand Cayman, take the same precautions that you would at home and you should be fine.

          Your family was probably rolled over.

  6. The lone Haranguer says:

    We need to catch these people and lock them up for a long time. Track em down.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Whatever happens Cayman must not go the route of England and their insane obsession with human rights for terrorists and criminals. Where people can break into houses call themselves squatters and live there untouched by the law. That country is seriously confused in not protecting their citizens from criminals.

    Cayman must use better sense than that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How do you sleep through a gun shot going off?

    • Anonymous says:

      You don't, just pretend until you think it's safe to wake up.

    • TRUTH AND FACT says:

      00:51 Where on this planet are you from?  Because truly speaking I always have a restful happy nights sleep.  Cayman is the only place I have been that I do not hear gunshots going off all night.  Please tell me what country that you do not have violence.  Further more, it was us that brought this kind of living to the shores of Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        Really?  The only place??  I grew up in another country and have travelled quitea bit, but have never heard a gunshot in my entire life, unless you count skeet shooting.  Can't imagine where you've been visiting…

      • Anonymous says:


        Did you read the article?  It said that one of the victims slept through the attack.  I didn't say anything about gun shots going off all night.

    • Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey Police..just in case you didn't know..The macs and iphones all have gps tracking devices that will pinpoint exactly where they are on island or any where in the world..

    Check with the folks that they got stolen from, if they know anything about this they can help you…

    Now don't waste time before they dump them somewhere because they know you can track them.


    • Anonymous says:

      Guess what, too late! now that you have inform them about the tracking device they are now gonna get rid of it. Do you not think that they read also.  The police are not dumb or insane, please give them some credit. 


  10. Anonymous says:

    I will say this……when Cayman had Police and Judges that people were afraid of (and therefore respected) it was a BIG DETERRENT to all crime….even speeding.  No one wanted to go before the likes of Hercules because he was a no nonsense judge that threw the book at you and embarrassed you to never want to appear before him ever again.  And those who ended up in prison didnt want o go back there so quickly when the rain came inside their cell through the roof and mosquitoes snacked on them all night because there were no screens on the windows.  That was punishment for crimes committed and it worked.  It is proven that tough laws, tough cops, tough judges and tough punishments make people think twice about crimes they may otherwise be tempted to commit.  The  rehabilitation program you are trying to sell me I will never subscribe to.  You wouldn't need rehab if the criminals were afraid to get caught and it would be far less expensive than housing and spoiling these scum of the earth criminals in Her Majesty's Hotel…if they were worth investing in someone would have volunteered to do that before they got where they are….fmaily ….friends…….toughen up on the laws and get some tough cops and tough equipment, and tough judges and harsh sentences………you will see a drastic reducution in crime in a hurry  and isn't that what we all want?  XXXX

  11. My2Sense says:

    Not to downplay the situation but I find it funny that now a robbery isn't enough to be news…there has to be gun shots fired.  Where do we go next?  Gun shots will become old news and it will only really raise eyebrows when someone is actually shot or killed.  Sad state of affairs!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, we've bought into this notion that prisons these days have to be country clubs in order for the rights of the incarcerated to be protected.


  13. Trump and Spade says:

    I am seriously wondering wich buch some of you have been living in, that you have not heard of these crimes taking  place.  Why dont you go to Jamaica or Trinidad for a month.

  14. Peter Milburn says:

    And the Lord said unto Moses.Where is Mac?He is away in Cuba Lord and we are not sure when he will be back.He might even be on his way to Italy as he missed meeting the Pope while there.Some say he is retreating further and further away due to the crime rate..Anyway Moses send him to me the instant he lands.We have to have ANOTHER heart to heart.


    • Absurdistani says:

      While I am no fan of Mac, in all fairness, the Governor and Police Commissioner are responsible for security (defense and police) not the Premier.

      • Anonymous says:

        How true. Poor Mac is only responsible for wasting all the money we don't have.

        • Uriel says:

          And your contribution to making Cayman less appealing, is the spreading of caymanian illiteracy on cns! One should really have some understanding of a subject, before publically commenting.

    • CaRich and Famous says:

      The robbery has not gone 24 hours yet and people talking pure foolishness.  I am sure if you all would give the police a chance and let them do their jobs theywoul catch these crooks.  Butthere are to many want to be police on every corner.  Please hush and let the police get on with their work.  They have enough clues to catch someone if only you want to be police would leave them alone.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully the Police and the customs are working together to catch anyone of these young thugs who may have tried leaving these Islands to return to their homeland. Mostly Honduras, Jamaica nd other third world jursidictions. If they are local thugs, I hope the ECayTrades, the trade in outposts and the buyers are being vigiliant and is not supporting these robbers bad habits. get serials numbers from the police or ask for the source, like the banks do. On another note, I hope the police are patrolling the 7miles Beach area regularly.  They need to treat the Islands, as if they were on curfew, between 10pm and 6am.  Anyone seen around and about, stop them and question them, on their intentions. No need to profile, just question them, because you dunno who is doing these robberies.  Everyone needs to stay alerted and be vigiliant of their surroundings. Please remember to properly lock all doors and setup traps by your windows and doors, just in case you cannot afford any expensive security. Don't hesitate to use your bug spray, hair spray, bleach or any acitones.  Their intentions are to harm you, take from you or to kill you. Defend yourselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      these ones are obviously not Hondurans, thank you very much… leave us out of it. 

      • Anonymous says:

        "…tall black males of slim build, one of whom was around  6’ 3”, and all of the men were wearing hoodies and denim jeans with their faces covered".

        I am not sure how anyone can determine nationality based on this description. Don't they have tall black males in Honduras? Don't they wear denim jeans? Has no Honduran ever worn a hoodie? I am not saying they are Hondurans but your post is ridiculous.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Re: "They need to treat the Islands, as if they were on curfew, between 10pm and 6am." 


      Giving up freedom and liberty for socalled "security" is not and will never be an option.

      • Lib says:

        Crime and corruption has always been a red herring for governmental rule over civilians

    • noname says:

      based on the description they are most likely Caymanian

      • Anonymous says:

        So you are saying that there is no country in the region whose nationals could fit this description? There are no tall black males who wear denims in Jamaica or Honduras?  I am not saying they are Jamaicans or Hondurans but your post is based on ignorance and prejudice.

      • Caymanian to the Bone says:

        0647, If they are Caymanians, then they are at home.  They have not gone to other people  country snd rob them, but other countryies  are robbing us blind

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 0647 the description says "Officers decribedthe robbers as tall black males of slim build, one of whom was around  6’ 3”, and all of the men were wearing hoodies and denim jeans with their faces covered"

        Do you realize that that very extensive description could fit quite a number of nationalities?

        And do understand me I believe if it is Caymanian then by all means say so. And if they are caymanian punish them severely as they are betraying their own country.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Immigration Department, not the police and customs, seem to be hell bent on keeping the thugs here, and bringing more in. They're certainly doing a wonderful job of sending all the good ones home. Still we wonder why crime is consuming our country. 

  16. Anonymous says:

    It has come full circle!!! I’m a bit old school. I really believe the escalation in crime started as soon as the Law came into effect that punishes parents who chose to discipline their children. Those children the law started protecting, are now teenagers! As much as you think this is stupid what I’m saying, the problem is children are growing up in today’s society not thinking about consequences! You can try your best as parents to talk to to talk to your children and educate them, but we all know they don’t understand or the just refuse to listen. Growing up we got your a$$ whooped….. if we didn’t obey our parents. We understood that immediately we did something wrong and there was a consequence!! Today kids are getting away with everything.  I see little kids slapping their parents in their faces, tossing things, telling their parents to shut up, and just throwing tantrums. Some parents are scared to touch their kids because If they dear touch them, they’ll quickly find themselves in court. Why? Because kids are taught in school to dial 911 if their parents beat/discipline them. Mark my word, I wouldn’t be speaking to you today if I had tried that back in the days.

    Please don’t get me wrong, i know they are various forms of child abuse out there that needs immediate action. But for the majority, some of these kids growing up need to know, they are consequences for your every action! Until this is immediately understood (whoop a$$), crime will continue to rise with our up and coming teens. The worst part, they will continue to do it because we don’t have a well equipped police force. It has come full circle, the same kids the law protected, are wreaking havoc in our streets.

    • Anonymous says:

      BINGO, The world has forgotten what spare the rod and spoil the child means…And this whole generation is spoiled.

  17. Anonymous says:

    9:42   YOU ARE CORRECT.

    Now add the special constables and vonunteers it gets even more depressing.

    When i mentioned some years ago at a Town Hall meeting,

    this is a police state  with very few caring police,

    i was laughed at.

    it's just a salary earned in an a/c unit somewhare

    except where they are supposed to be.

    check it out ya check it,

    next time you see a P. car fall to the ground

    bet they just drive by, that's caring eh.


    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Soon all their laugher will be silenced by absolute fear.  Residents will begin to understand that safety is an individual lifestyle and is not a service which can be supplied by the RCIPS.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Governor? Any time now would be great. Oh sorry I meant ready,set,go. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Sleepy RCIPS Yaaaawn will start tracking and downloading data from the phones next never!!

    Sorry to wake you up RCIPS.

    Sleepy the Dwart.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Where are people selling these things & what are they doing with the money? Any ideas to close these things off for the scumbags? If selling on E-Cay, the police should monitor it to look for stolen items, & victims should do the same. I think the Used-Gold shops should be closed XXXXX.

    That aside, set rewards for shop-a-scumbag. People usually know who these ****s are.

    • Anonymous says:

      Our computer was stolen last year around this time of year at a condo complex 2 doors away from this one.  Person jimmied the lock and came in while we were sleeping.  2 weeks later, we found it on E-cay and called the officer and emailed the posting to her.  When we called back a week later for an update we were told that 'she called the guy but he didn't return her call.'  She then said that she asked a fellow officer to called but the guy didn't call him back either.  DUH!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Not long to go until its destroyed completely thanks to enept police officers and even more enept leaders.

  22. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    Our Leader is out of the  country spending our money on something he can do here. He don't care about us or the country or he would have moved the crime issue to the forefront long ago.This shows that he is so YESTERDAY. I agree with the poster that says he travels so much that he may be avoiding crime here at home. That's leadership.


  23. Anonymous says:

    Why didn't the police issue a description yet, what are they waiting for the thugs to shoot someone. This is insane.

  24. The Magic Dragon says:

    Crime is climbing again, is anyone interested in knowing why; or are we just going to keep patching the system? Criminal activity at this level will continue, growing  worst as socities become more and more desperate. Find the root of the problem( un-employment) and work to fix it( and no! selling the Island away is not fixing it).




  25. Anonymous says:

    One does not need to be a criminologist to realize that it is getting worse and if and when a tourist is the victim then it hits the fan. When will the powers that be wake up to this?

    Perhaps all the petitions serve as a distraction?

    • Anonymous says:

      This was a tourist, but nothing hit the fan. Just another day in New-Cayman.

  26. Anonymous says:

    …..mean while the premier is on a retreat

  27. Anonymous says:

    Can CNS find out what are the reqiurements for Police employment?  What are the minimum academic and physical standards? Dio they have to pass background checks, psychological evaluations, polygraph exams, drug screenings,  demonstrate driving skills, as conditions of employment/certification? What are academic requirements? What subsequent training they receive and who conducts the training? How often?  How(if) often they re-certified? AND WHO CERTIFIES THEM???  

    • Anonymous says:

      Requirement no. 1: do You have a pulse??? Okay you’re good to go. Requirement no.2: Ummmm nope that’s it. All you need is a pulse…

  28. Anonymous says:

    Wow!   And you think I want to spend what it cost to stay on Grand Cayman to worry about things like this????



  29. UDP Supporter says:

    I predicted this would happen to our Islands a long time ago. Once guns, drugs and a liberal, God-less mindset take over, there is no going back! We in Cayman need to return to our Biblical, Christian ways and turn our backs on the corruption brought on by our embrace of these expats and their money! Only then will Cayman once again be safe for us and our chrildren!

    • Anonymous says:

      Genesis 3:13 Then the Lord God said to the Caymanian, "What is this you have done?" The Caymanian said, "The expat deceived me and I ate at the Ritz, bought a Jaguar, travelled a lot and bought many expensive things."

      I'm sure you know the Lord didn't accept Eve's excuses.

      Here is another pertinent (Cayman) scripture.  

      Luke 14:28-30 "Suppose one of you builds a school. Won't you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will riducle you, saying, "This person began to build and wasn't able to finish.'


    • Anonymous says:

      UDP supporter turning back on Corruption…?..This just doesn't compute.

      Are the 3500 Jamaicans granted status by our dear leader counted as expats…UDP supporter…?

  30. ex-cop visitor says:

    Some of you may not like what I say, because I understand Cayman is a quiet and tranquil place to live overall. But here is my take:

    In a home inva­sion they are there to do you harm. It would be foolish to assume that they are there to take something. During an invasion, you have to think of the worse case scenario in order to protect you and your family. The best weapon may not be a weapon you can use. Be ready to use any weapon that you can get your hands on. Knife, Gun, Ham­mer, Machette, Pot and Pans. Do not be scared to put your fin­gers in a mans eyes. Spray him with bug spray or bite him with a death grip. When you are fight­ing for your life and the protection of your family, do not fight fair! 

    You have heard it said, never shoot a intruder while he is run­ning out of youre pri­vate room or youll suf­fer the ago­nie of the courts!  Let me clar­i­fiy that because it is better to be tried by 9, than car­ried by 3 mask men. If you’re in a safe room and your attacker busts through and then runs away because he sees you have a gun, then it is per­fectly ok to shoot him in the back as he exits.  Sound harsh? Think about this…  What if he’s NOT try­ing to escape? What if he’s headed out to get big­ger artillery or grab his buddy keep­ing watch out­side? What if he’s com­ing around the house to break into your safe­r­oom or fire from out­side the win­dow? What if he’s headed to set the house on fire to "cover his tracks"?  There are too many "what if’s" that can lead to your demise. He’s still a deadly threat to you and may come back to kill, rape, or take a hostage, so shoot and make sure he doesn’t get a chance to do any of those things!

    BUT…if he’s run­ning away from your HOME, then don’t shoot. Call the police (if you haven’t already) and stay locked up until they arrive. Shoot­ing an attacker run­ning away from your home is not self defense.
    If you do not have chil­dren in your house, keep the gun loaded, and also keep your bed­room door locked at night while you are sleep­ing because this gives you time to get your gun if needed. If the guy is down­stairs and wants a TV, let him take it. A TV can be replaced. Anything can be replaced but not a life.

    If he breaks down your bed­room door, then you know he means you harm, shoot first and ask ques­tions later. There may be a sec­ond shooter com­ing through your door also, so be aware that most peo­ple that break in have a part­ner to help him load and unload the loot, basi­cally.

    Stay safe. Have alarm systems in place if you can afford it, or get a dog or bird. It is a cruel world out there. Take a dif­fer­ent route home each day if you can. Be Aware of your sur­round­ings at all times. Keep your kids safe also. Don’t allow sleep overs at homes where you do NOT know the parents.…PERIOD!  Be Aware so that you do have time to react if some­thing goes down. If you are a man of the house, it is your moral responsibility to protect your family as well as your self. This coming from an ex-cop.


    • 9mm says:

      I like you already!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmm. General idiocy & scaremongering.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude, what fantasy world do you live in?? Guns are not permitted in cayman for personal protection, so all your great “advice” about when and wen not to shoot is all hot air. You sound like the imbecile who wrote that long piece in the viewpoint sections talking about tape recorded baby cries and turning on water taps.

    • Retired Ex Ninja Assassin says:

      Remember to carry enough throwing stars to deal with several hooded assasins who may come through the door, the air or the windows at the same time.

      Keep them under your pillow at night and stay dressed in bed so you can spring into action immediately.

      Smoke bombs can be good when you are surrounded by numerous intruders who encircle you clutching rice flails and swords.

      Importantly, make sure that when you go into action, you go into slow motion as this will give you time to think and plan your next move.

      This is my take on it.

      Retired Ninja Assassin.

  31. Stats says:

    Grand Cayman

    Population – 65,000

    Area – 76 Square miles

    Number of Sworn Police Officers – 450

    Number of Violent Crimes 2010 – 555


    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Population – 921,727

    Area – 2353 Square Miles

    Number of Sworn Police Officers – 615

    Number if Violent Crimes 2010 – 155


    Something is not right here!


    • Anonymous says:

      I wondered when someone would play the Halifax card

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously with that population compared to the land mass Halifax is a great expanse of nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stats thanks for the proof that we are not getting our moneys worth in the police department. Only in cayman can poorly educated individuals without a care but to pick up the paycheck be hired so quickly to such levels of pay. Some of that money should be diverted to the social services department and to rework the prison.

  32. bobo says:

    you are on your own here in cayman……..let us arm ourselves if there is no legitimate police force….if someone comes into my home in the middle of the night i should have the right to protect my family if backed into a corner. As it stands now these pigs whoever they are know they can do anything they want without fear of someone inside having a weapon and that combined with the stellar capabilities of the rcips basically have more and more of us living in fear. Lets protect ourselves and demand the death penalty be introduced I suspect it would help keep these cowards at bay.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      People who wish to arm themselves should do so and stop taking about it.

  33. Anonymous says:

    So sorry for the victims of this latest robbery. Its a traumatic experience. People need to feel safe in their homes. This needs to be moved to the top of the priority list for police and government. There are many more robberies happening than are reported.

    Word of advice to the victims, dont expect a result from the police. You will spend the next couple of days or so cleaning all the fingerprint dust which produces no results – if you even hear back – and giving statements as and when it suits the police.


    • Anonymous says:

      They robe my house few months ago and nothing happend 3 apartments in less than 1 month. More things was gone than in this robery and ???????????

  34. Anonymous says:

    WTF IS GOING ON!  It's veryhard and frustrating to understand why it is so difficult that the police have no clues to anything that happens around here.  Sad and scary!  i think it's timethe Governor got involved and brought in a new police chief and cleaned house.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Too much is being swept under the rug there these days?  Maybe England needs to get some people over there to investigate – from the Governor, right on down to the police officers.  What happened to the Cayman that I loved?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are right on target. It is simply impossible that  the army of 450 policemen ( plus those "visiting" from  US, UK,) can't catch a handful of criminals that terrorise the island the size of Texas Ranch. IT IS SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE, if police department employs PROFESSIONALS. Every crime, every disapearance handling screams INCOMPETENCE.

      • Anonymous says:

        or FAVOURS.

      • Anonymous says:

        We know, they need more money!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Incompetend? Probably. Inexperienced? Definitely! Motivated? Not really. How can they be with so much family involved? What the RCIPS needs are a couple of hardcore professionals that have around the block a few thousand times and don't care who is who. Learn from them and apply tactics accordingly with no holds barred. The moment we can show these dumb ass punks who are really in charge here based on results, perhaps then we could all breathe a little easier.

  36. Cheese Face says:

    We need to hang these ******s before they destroy this country.

    • WeSoF*%#ed says:

      Been saying that for years!!

    • Anonymous says:


      When they are arrested charged and taken to Court the Judiciary needs to give the maximum sentence and stop giving reduced sentences.  Send them to HMP and let work from sun up until sun down.  Other countries, especially the Central and South American, know how to deal with prisoners but here we have to handle them with kids gloves.

      Time for a change.

    • Anonymous says:

      How can we hang them if they are not caught?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't we have to catch them first?


    • Anonymous says:

      Oi….you can't hang who you can't catch….'thupid !

      And hanging is outlawed in Cayman and Britain.

      So is citizens having arms to defend their homes, their property and their lives.

      So…who you gonna blame all this on then ?

      It sure ain't the Governor, Premiere, Prime Minister, Police Commissioner or mega-wealthy who's having their homes invaded and being robbed and shot at.