Unrepresented robber found guilty by judge

| 29/03/2012

_DEW1072-cns(2).jpg(CNS): A West Bay man who chose to defend himself in a judge alone trial for robbery and possession of an imitation firearm was found guilty of the crimes by Justice Seymour Panton on Wednesday afternoon in the Grand court. Ryan Ebanks was convicted of stealing just over $520 from the Three N's grocery store in Batabano Plaza in West Bay last March. Although he was wearing a bandana and a hood when he entered the local shop and demanded cash, Ebanks was identified by a customer, the cashier from the store and an anonymous witness by his voice and walk.

The robbery, which occurred on a Saturday evening at around 7:30pm, was one offour robberies that had happened that week. Police arrested Ebanks shortly after the crime based on information received from witnesses at the scene as he was a regular customer at the store.

During his trial Ebanks denied his part in the crime, however, saying he was not the robber but that he was the victim of a malicious plot by the police and the witnesses, who did not like him and wanted to see him convicted of a crime he did not commit.

The judge rejected this claim and despite some discrepancies he accepted the evidence of the various witnesses. He said that because Ebanks did not have an attorney he had been given a considerable amount of “elbow room” in conducting his own defence.

Justice Panton explained in his verdict that he had allowed him every opportunity to robustly cross examine the witnesses even though this had led to the defendant repeatedly asking the witnesses the same questions several times over.

Ebanks had dismissed his attorney as he accused the lawyer of not doing what he had asked. As a result, the West Bay man had opted to defend himself as he wanted a speedy resolution to his situation, believing that he could defend himself, despite the seriousness of the charges.

Following the conviction, Ebanks’ sentencing hearing was set for Friday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Trust me when I say that this is a very good day for west bay. If he had been released the petty robberies of early 2011 would have started almost immediately. Hope the judge gives him the maximum sentence.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes but Ryan will be out in no time back to his old ways – Robbing and Stealing.

  3. Da big Fix says:

    Well Mr Ryan Ebanks you should have stop burning Ganja went to Court mandated drug rehab and followed the courts instructions pleaded guilty showed some remorse and this robbery conviction would have not been recored on your record and your name would not  be in the press but you have no lawyer and no connections you must be a Caymanian with that last name because i am absolutely sure you are remorseful now about your actions after being found guilty. Too bad prison you ago Bwoy! and you ain'y getting any visa either!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes he is a born Caymanian and has been out of control since he was a little boy.