Dart wants no dump liability

| 02/04/2012

landfill (300x278).jpg(CNS): The Dart Group is hoping to protect itself against any future liability for the George Town landfill when, or if, the developer eventually takes possession of the dump as part of a deal with the Cayman Islands government, sources tell CNS. Under the ForCayman Investment Alliance, Dart is hoping to cap and remediate the current dump when it acquires the site in exchange for land and the development of the first phase of a modern waste management facility in Bodden Town. However, CNS understands that the islands’ largest investor is seeking protection from future problems on the site once it has ownership, evading any liability that could result from those problems.

Although there has been no indication about how the Cayman Islands government, which is negotiating the final agreement with Dart, feels about the issue, sources tell CNS that the UK government has raised concerns because of the contingent liabilities it could face under such circumstances.

As part of the proposed and controversial ForCayman Alliance between Dart and government, the developer has committed to building out the residential element of Camana Bay if it can take possession of the capital’s landfill, which is very close to the new town, in order to close, remediate and cap the dump. Dart has then offered to give government a piece of land in Midland Acre and to finance the establishment of what it has said would be a new state-of-the-art modern eco-waste-management park.  

The proposal has stirred up considerable local opposition to the move but CNS has learned that there may now be opposition from the FCO because it does not want to see the Cayman government take on the liability of any future hazards such as leeks or explosions, which could cause environmental or other damage, when the old dump is no longer under public control.

The capping and remediation of a landfill, especially one such as the George Town dump, is not without its dangers. Mount Trashmore is not just a large mound of rubbish; it is also a large mound containing an unknown amount and array of toxic chemicals and gases that could cause untold problems in the future.

The Dart group is said to be seeking a way to insure that the developer cannot be held accountable for any unforeseen catastrophe that could occur at the dump, either during the remediation and capping process or afterwards during the monitoring phase of the site.

Dart representatives have also made it clear since the ForCayman Alliance proposal was made public that its future investment in the local economy was dependent on two critical issues: the development of a five-star resort on Seven Mile Beach at the site of the former Courtyard Marriott is dependent on a portion of the West Bay Road being closed in order to make the location a beachfront property, and further development of Camana Bay depends on the closure of the GT landfill.

The revelations about the latest snag on the part of the UK comes against a backdrop of continued public opposition to the proposals and in particular the two deal-breaking issues of the road and the relocation of the dump.

Government has been negotiating with Dart regarding the proposal since early last year but no major agreement has yet been signed. Government is required under the new financial framework agreement with the FCO to undertake a value for money study, which is not yet complete. In addition, as the deal includes a trade of crown land with the developer, there are also certain legislative changes that are required before a deal could go ahead.

Despite this, government has signed a preliminary agreement with the developer to begin work on the Esterly Tibbetts Highway extension into West Bay, which will be needed if government agrees to Dart’s request to close the existing and only road into West Bay.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    For those who don't want to move the dump and the NIMBY people – have you thought about what would happen if the dump was left where it is today???


    If it continues the way it has been in the past it will overflow, it will set on fire, it will become more visible to all the millions of people that come to our beautiful island will remember Cayman as a smelly dump iin the Caribbean. It will pollute our ground water, it will smell worse and become an enviromental disaster.

    It will drive away cruise ship passengers.

    It will drive away stay over visitors.

    It will drive away further investment in the area surrounding Camana Bay – like Seven Mile Beach. You can smell the dump on the lower part of Seven Mile Beach!

    Because of your dump stupid logic the dump will slowly drive away our very livelyhood. And Caymanians will be unemplyed, have failed businesses and STILL have to deal with the dump in the end.

    I dare anyone to come up with a better plan to get rid of this cancer! Instead of bitching about it, use your granny smarts and come up with a viable plan – otherwise, you have nothing to add or contribute except dump stupid logic.


    • Anonymous says:

      So, for those reasons, lets remediate and reduce it at the location it has been for years so that it will NOT:

      It will drive away cruise ship passengers.
      It will drive away stay over visitors.
      It will drive away further investment in the area surrounding Camana Bay – like Seven Mile Beach

      by putting the "state-of-the-art" waste management facility on the present dump site.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Buy the dump and get immunity from prosecution for not capping it properly. . .very cute!  And you know what's worse, the gowerment will grant it. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    …and still no laws to recycle? Caymans biggest import duty is made of of alcohol and yet no separate bins for glass, aluminum and paper. I guess next election that will be a promise and take 4 more years to accomplish. In less than 25 years Cayman has met its fortune by mere luck and it on the decline already. Too bad some of us dont know enough about history and avoid the woes that other countries rise and fell and heed by example.

    It is ironic that this man made his fortune from a product that takes decades to disintegrate and is an element that is not biodegradable yet he invest in a dump You will see soon when he gets his way he will have control over all parties and representatives in Government because he will have a strong hold on our monopoly. He has an armour or so they say a torpedo proof Yacht with anti-aircraft guns. XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Why doesn't dart start-up a recycling company for all of the styro-foam products (cups, plates, carry-out containers, etc.) imported from DART Container Corp and for all of the plastics that are imported from SOLO Cup/Container inc.?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Prediction–Dart will revise the deal and cap and remediate the landfill, plant some trees and grass, put up a fence AND leave the ownership of the mountain to Cayman. Dart doesn't actually need the ownership to make this work since there's nothing much that can be done with a mountain of crap. All they really need is to kill the stink and make it green-colored. Possibly the open land toward  the bypass is worth something but that's about it.  The mountain itself has a negative real estate value. No one will buy it without a government indemnity–ever.

    • Anonymous says:

      So then government should do something about it like remediate, treat, proceed with waste-to-energy at the present site right?

  5. Anonymous says:

    The dump should be left as it is and we should declare it as a National Monument to our First Premier. I can think of nothing more fitting than a big pile of stinking crap as a reminder of what he has done for this country.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I hate to break it to you but its our own fault we have the dump there.  Nobody, atleast not the average Caymanian, cared about where their garbage went.  We did not care about the risks involved or the damage it was doing environmentally and aesthically. 

    All we knew was it was Governments responsibilty to collect the garbage and carry it away from our houses.  So now that Dart does not want the liabilty of dump, we are up in arms? 

    Suppose Dart gets the deal and is now responsible for the dump to cap and remediate it.  Hurricane season starts up and  a storm rolls through and scatters the toxic garbage all over George Town, poisens someone dogs, makes someone grow a extra finger or head, etc, etc .  Guess who we are going to want to fix that?  Big Clue: Not Government.

    No one in thier right mind would want that liability.  Its a disaster waiting to happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanians have always been to trusting! They had faith in their Legislators, and I gusss they could,years ago. Garbage was not always collected by Public Health dept, and we (Caymanians) trusted that the government would have ensured our safety and properly managed the 'dump'. But the average citizen would not and could not understand the totality of mis-management of the garbeage dump. That's what happens when the blind leads the blind!

      But then we trusted the same government to work in favour in their management/decisions of our islands future. Have a look back at the last 10-16 years !! Guess we were wrong..and history has proven that our government was too. Difference is..my decisions only hurt ME…

  7. so Anonymous says:

    Caymanians have not been able to figure out how not to drown themselves in there own garbage yet.  And they have not figured out how to let someone who knows how to get things done get it done for them.  They have figured out how to spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year and get nothing of value in return.  Where is Cayman going to be in 5 years?  10 years?  Most people do not have to guess.

  8. Anonymous says:


    Thank you for Camana Bay and the parks and the $1,000 here and there and everywhere. Now, please do leave us alone.


    You are not going to get OUR road and you are not going to trash our pristine Bodden Town and Central Mangrove Wetland. You can bang your fists like a toddler all you want 'if you dont give it to me, i'm not going to invest anymore money here!' – the vast majority of Caymanians are against you on this one. You have gone two steps too far.


    In fact, we don't want you buying up more of our land and more of our businesses. You already own too much – you are ALREADY dictating to our government and forcing them to make decisions which are clearly not in the interrest of this country.  


    Thank you and good bye. 



    • anonymous says:

      Dont be silly. You really do not want Dart to leave here or our economy will go into a depression. He is the only one with Cash here…where are all the Caymanians with money now??

  9. Anonymous says:

    Exactly why the dump should be remediated, capped and used for the waste management facility – and NOT a recreation area – where thousands of people will be coming in to contact with a toxic site. 

    Why create two toxic sites on this very small island!???

    Not to mention the devastating effect it will have on the Central Mangrove Wetlands and the water lenses in that area. 

    This should not be considered even for a moment. 

    Corrupt idiocracy is what the Cayman Islands is looking like. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    What amaze me is that no one is looking at the real picture. I have lived here all of my life (47 years) and as far as I know the George Town dump was located at the same location long before Dart even dreamed about Cayman. So now Mr. Dart you come and buy land next to the dump and build your top class development and because it spelling bad, we must move. Mr. Dart I find you a bit facety sir.



    • Anonymous says:

      Think your find the old dump is located where the cricket pitch is at the end of the runway.

      God help for someone wants to invest in cayman. Sorry BT but it’s the most sensible solution. Keeping the dump in GT is a silly idea as its a eye sore on our no1 money maker. Tourism!

      If you have been on the current site and understand anything about landfill etc your understand that putting the new waste to energy won’t work as you still have to dig prep and line the area you want to fill. On the current site it’s been dug down and filled with crap all over.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I try to take no responsibility for anything. That’s my style.

  12. Anonymous says:

    dart has been and is good for cayman…..end of story.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Middle class folks will not even be able to afford to live in that proposed new Camana Bay community. So I could care less if he builds it or not. But I do care about what’s going to happen to the BT community where lots of us locals live, If the dump is relocated.

  14. SKEPTICAL says:

    I cannot believe that nobody so far has commented on the implied threat from “Dart” that failure to complete the Dump and 5 Star hotel deal may impact their future investment in Cayman. Jackie Doak slipped a similar comment into a video Press release shown on CITN a few weeks ago. At long last they are finally showing their “teeth” – the velvet glove is being pulled back to reveal the mailed fist. Look out Bush – you may shortly find yourself between a rock, and a VERY hard place. Nobody achieves the level of wealth of Mr Dart by being a “nice guy” .

    • Anonymous says:

      AT ONE TIME a very large and strong Wolf was born among the wolves, who exceeded all his fellow-wolves in strength, size, and swiftness, so that they unanimously decided to call him "Lion."

      The Wolf, with a lack of sense proportioned to his enormous size, thought that they gave him this name in earnest, and, leaving his own race, consorted exclusively with the lions. 

      An old sly Fox, seeing this, said, "May I never make myself so ridiculous as you
      do in your pride and self-conceit; for even though you have the size of a lion among wolves, in a pride of lions you are definitely a wolf." 



      • Anonymous says:

        Agreed.  Too many of our own people all to willing to sell out themselves to "consort" with the other species, forgetting who they are and where they came from and the best interests of their own country.  

  15. Anonymous says:

    So here is a novel idea. Let Gov. keep the land on  it build a state of the art waste disposal complex.  mining the current waste over time.

    Oh, sorry that was already thought of and proposed by government.  I guess it was not such a novel idea after all.I think they actually had chosen a bid.   That is until Dart came along with his NIMBY plan to get it out of his backyard.
    Amazing what money can do.  If he wants it have him take it all liability and all.  Wedo not need the liability of two dumps. one that Dart take and the one that Dart is pushing on the people of Bodden Town. 

    Right now we have the liability of one dump.  Lets keep it that way.
    Dart and Mac must have  Brass B@##s to think we are that easy a push over.

    • Anonymous says:

      cig can't afford it and it takes 20-25 years….. something cayman does not have

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually the balls are about 30% brass and 65% gold. 5% is an unknown substance, possibly from one of the lower realms

    • Caymanian/Expat family- all one says:

      Sorry, I disagree.  The Government has swept this all under the carpet (ort trash moiuntain) for decades and needs to be accountable for the liability no matter who owns or develops the land.

      The land usage should remain crown land, be leased to Dart for purposes of park.development or some kind of public use, but the Govt that created this problem must be accountable for thier horrid mismanagement.

      If something toxic leaks into our lives, it is the lazy politicians who did nothing for decades that I will blame, not the new developer who saw opportunity.

      Politicians need to finally accept their role and stop deflecting blame.

  16. NeoSurvivor says:

    That is why Mount Trashmore should be remediated in place.   Look, all around the world where dumpsites are capped, there are profound problems  — frequent explosions (methane accumulation), etc.    Dart wants to get the best deal for Dart, of course, and wants their future liability waived.  

    Ask yourself this:    WHY would Dart even want to be involved in such a potentially hazardous undertaking?   Because the trade is a GREAT deal for them, IF and only if, they can shuffle the dump to BT while excluding themselves from future problems, including the processing and maintenace of the future BT dump.  

    This all smells to me.   Dart is a good businessman and he and the corporation have done good things for Cayman.   Respect where respect is due.    However, this is not one of them.  

    We had good proposals for remediating the dump and subsequent management of an ongoing waste mangement facility…..  what happened to that??    THAT was good for Cayman — keep the waste management facility where it is — centrally located, and in the process we clean up an old eyesore and maybe, just maybe learn how to manage our waste within our means. 

    But noooo.   The goverment wants to move it out of site, with little consideration for the increased cost of transportation, with little consideration for the localised impact of BT, but plenty of consideration for getting Dart the best deal possible, which we will end up paying for. 

    Who benefits the most?   Put another way, if we can't learn to mange the current dump, what in the name of perdition makes any of you think moving it will change that???   New Mount Trashmore, but out of sight of Caymana Bay?   tick tock tick tock

    Better get this one right, my friends.    This and the port fiasco are the tipping point — the events that are our history in the making.  

    There is LOTS of money to be made here, and I don't see our own getting a fair shake.   As usual.   We don't know where we're goin', but we'd hate to be late.   Sad.

  17. Whodatis says:


    Quite bemused by some of the posts to this story.

    It is interesting because it requires a unique kind of intellectual dishonesty coupled with blatant malice toward a group to come up with some of these forwarded perspectives.

    I am sincerely grateful that I am not certain individuals.

    It must really and truly suck to be you.

    (If you are offended by the above then yes – I am talking you.)

    • Anonymous says:

      I am not quite clear. Are you greatful to not be me, or do you enjoy being me as much as I do. – Me

      • Whodatis says:

        I cannot recall a day when I was ever "greatful" to be anyone or anything actually.

        I think it is quite obvious why you are "not quite clear".

        Regardless, I trust clarity finds you sooner rather than later.

    • Anonymous says:

      Too vague.

  18. Chris says:

    CNS can you please confirm where you got the following information that is included in your article?

    "Dart has then offered to give government a piece of land in Midland Acre and to finance the establishment of what it has said would be a new state-of-the-art modern eco-waste-management park."

    In my view this element of your article is misleading the public to believe Dart is going to fully finance the solution to the George Town dump. There is no public information confirming that Dart is going to finance the establishment of a new state-of-the-art modern eco-waste-management park.

    Please refer to http://www.forcayman.com/the-projects/wmf/

    To the contrary, what Dart's website really says is, "Dart Realty will fund the capital costs up to completion of Phase 1 which is estimated to be US$26.5M including land acquisition. Operations of the new facility will be the responsibility of the Government."

    CNS, please find out and report to the public what is included in Phase 1 and what the Caymanian people are going to get for $US26.5 million. I have a hunch that it will not be the "new state-of-the-art modern eco-waste-management park" to which your article refers. 

    If Dart is indeed going to fully fund this project which is estimated to cost about $US100 million then I think much of the opposition to the Waste Management facility will disappear immediately.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mis-management is what, will also happen in Bodden Town.

    Who in Government will insure otherwise.

    He wants the dump to increase his property price and sales,

    therefore he should accept the liabelity.

    If the dump is not a problem for his sales, he would not show any interest at all.

    Once it is covered there will be no further mention of it, and if something should go wrong

    he will be the first one to claim damages from us the people.

    We need to think real deep about all these projects being put forward,

    yes we need development and forward progress, but it must be timely, quality

    and a benefit to all.

    Any project that heightens the cost of living here is not beneficial to anyone except

    the seller. Which 1 of us can buy any of his property?

    Check it out we are getting pushed nearer and nearer to the swamp.

    I am not anti  development or against anyone, but I do believe we all need to

    seriously think about what is going on in our Islands.

    100,000 plus + people in this country will turn us into all the things we complain about

    of other countries.

    Who will want the next piece of WB rd. for their development, taking away from us

    further access to 7MB.

    Government needs to start getting VALUE for MONEY,  $$$.   45 cents on the $ is not

    good enough.

    I dont think we are even getting 45c on the $ on any of the current proposals.

    If you purchased something for 45 cents handed them a $ and

    they said they are not giving you the 55 cents change, how happy would you be. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    The land cannot be used to build on so that was a stupid comment to read! no engineer would build a heavy structure on the landfill. I can say that I usually do not agree with most of Dart's ideas but this one i sit on the fence. Dart does want the land so that the dump and it awful smells do not interfere with Camana Bay, which is understandable. no one ones to really live next door to a dump. At this point the dump can only be capped and used as a recreational park. which would not be a bad idea. The government will still hold liability if the deal does not go through. they will have to cap it themselves and eventually start a new dump somewhere on island anyway. and once that happens government will not be able to afford a facility which has proper waste management and the cycle for another mount trashmore will begin. This will also raise the fees that we are already paying so high for in order for government to make back the money needed. I would say it is smart to go though with this deal assuring that the future dump will be properly managed and as much recycable items will be reused.

    I so understand why Dart would not want the liability in this case being that no one really knows what is under the dump. If anyone can tell me what they remember throwing away 40 years ago and where it was placed on the site I would say that you have the best memory in the world.

    Dart should be able to build the new facility, as we can see he goes all out when it comes to a development. At that point he should take liability of the new facility! Waste management plants are completely different from a regular landfill and I think this would be the proper way for the future of Cayman. Moving the facility to the east is most logic as there is avaliable land, and government is not paying for the land. GT and WB is too congested to have such a facility to be built!

  21. Stig Of The Dump says:

    My friends and I played in that dump as children. Many a treasure did we take home to our families each weekend!
    We have at least three vehicles buried in there which we all loved and miss tremendously. How dare the this DART person come in here and try to take away our birthright!
    We will lay in front to the bulldozers to protect what is rightfully ours! They can take our road but they will never take our dump!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Surprised that nobody has picked up on the point that if the resort development and dump remediation do not go ahead, Dart will not invest in any more projects on this island.

    I don't see any other investors lining up to invest what Dart is offering and Cayman is more or less dead in the water without continued Dart investment. Shoddy Chinese labour just won't cut it and will end up costing the island more in the long run.

    The current dump location is ridiculous and it should have been moved in the 80's, cruise ships can view it clearly and most airport traffic passes it and gets a nice whiff, what a great first impression visitors must get…



    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman survived and thrived for many years before we ever heard about Dart. Now all of a sudden we are giving him roads and land and tens of millions of dollars in concessions and cowering like little dogs under his threats to not invest any more money in Cayman ( continue to buy us out) if he can't have his way in this country, while blatantly swearing in our faces that all of it is in our own best interests. Yes Caymana Bay is a nice development, but ask yourselves WHO is benefiting from it today Cayman, Mr. Dart and McKeeva Bush with their for Cayman alliance BS or the average Caymanian looking for a job to feed his family. Ask yourselves that one very simple question, Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        What complete garbage – pun intended!

        Cayman has struggled for years. It was a backwater – the island that time forgot. It was HARD living here.

        Then international banking came and with it educated professionals that put Cayman on the global map and in 30 short years everyone benefitted – money was easy, life was good.

        But let me warn you. The world is moving faster than Cayman and every year that we continue to be backward, anti-competitive and full of ourselves we are slipping deeper in a hole. A hole that cannot be gotten out of for generations to come.

        If Cayman does not URGENTLY embrace investment and become more efficient and competitive the goose that laid the golden egg will go somewhere else. It will happen so fast that you will not be able to realize it before its too late.

        I say, it is this exact mentality that has started to cause the good times to come to a halt. Its your own bloody fault, becuase when you write utterly retarded comments like this you are laying the ground for your own downfall.

        I hope to god that you will enjoy your unemplyment and future hardship becuase "Cayman don't  need dem people – don't need dem investing their money here!"

    • Anonymous says:

      I just came back from a week in Cayman and my lasting memory will be the sweet smell of that dump being blown across the island on the prevailing winds. 

      For the first four days you couldn't get away from it, only when the wind dropped a bit did it become less obvious. 


      • The Cayman Islands says:

        I ithink you are lying, anyone else?

        I live close by and will agree it can get rank; however over the last few days I have not noticed what you suggest.

    • Anonymous says:

      No the point is well known, he was thrown out of other islands for a reason, If he is allowed to have his road and his dump and all and any other business and land he wants to continue his sprawl then this island will become dart heaven, to you as you sound like an employee. To us it sounds like a slice of hell on earth

  23. Anonymous says:

    Dart's only going to use it for a park, so it should just agree to do the remediation, set up the park and leave it with the government.  I doubt anyone could insure themselves against the dump liabilities so I predict the government will have to keep the liability under any conceivable scenario. Wake up Cayman, nobody is stupid enough to take on this problem forever.

  24. Git 'er dun! says:

    The Government already has the liability now, and noone will buy that land for exactly that reason.  Dart is perfectly reasonable asking for no assumption of risk – at least when they cap it, it will be done on the best possible way with the proper research and procedures followed.  Eventually Government would have to cap it themselves – probably a lot sooner than some people realise.  And can you imagine the half-a$$ approach this would be done under Government's control?

    Give them the release off liability and let's get these projects moving.


    • Anonymous says:

      If it will be done in the best possible way with the proper research and procedures, then why not accept the liability? On the other hand, if you have no liability then short cuts start to look very tempting.

  25. Anonymous says:

    This is a real silly story. Of course government would have to keep the liability or otherwise identify, quantify and certify each and every bit of garbage put in there for the last 40 years so the liability can be determined.

    however, If Dart does not take over the dump then THE GOVERNMENT STILL HAS THIS LIABILITY.

    Cannot imagine what issue could be raised by the UK government that they do not aleady know about nor actually already have contingent liabilities for. In fact by capping it the goverment is guaranteeing it is LIMITING its liabilities as the leachate into surrounding properties and north sound will dimish.

    This Dart bashing has got to stop- the country already has this liability and will always have it as no one would be crazy enough to accept it –not even the Government knows what's in there and what liability it now has.

    Must be another reaaallllyyy slow news day in the Cayman islands.

    • Castor Canadienses says:

      What happens when Mr. Dart decides to make a park out of Mount Trashmore or erect some buildings? The people get sick, talk about liabilities! At least the government can make it a no trespass area of it, cap it and grass it etc. and leave it be. Minimum liability, possible  unknown liability with Mr. Dart.

  26. Stiff-Necked Fool says:

    But wait! He want his cake and to eat it too! Tell him a GWAY!

  27. Anonymous says:


    Dart take my advice and get out of this deal while you can. Just leave Caymanians to deal with their own Garbage and build their own roads. The people can pay for it. That dump is a disaster waiting to happen so why would you want to take responsibility. Doesn't sound like a good business decision to me. It's high time you take a look at the other islands around you instead of putting all your eggs into this slowly rotting basket.

    Here's an idea focus on Camana Bay and make it an exclusive all inclusive club, because pretty soon no one will want to walk the streets of Cayman anyway. Design your units so there's no view of the Georgetown dump and it’ll look great, sock you money away and invest it somewhere else like all the other rich Caymanian, after all they must know something which is way they don’t do any serious investing locally. Are concern themselves with what’s bests for Cayman.

    Get out while you can, Cayman will eat you alive then spit you out when there're done with you..

    • The Magic Dragon says:

      O dear child, Dart is desperate to buy the dump, he is desperate to build his road. Like it or not, Cayman is money baby! This fact might even explain why you have an opinion, tell the truth, your here because of money and oppurtunity right? 

      As for taking his ambition to other Islands, which would you recommend? How about TCI, I understand they conduct business to his likings.Dont forget, Dart has an aquired taste for tax free havens, so you'll have to qualify mostly on that point.

      I do hope he takes your advice on the Camana Bay project. You know, cause alot of Bodden Towners would face tough times with a dump in their backyard; sorry ,I just realised, you probably have never been to bodden town. Its a district, on this Island. It dosn't have a camana bay but it has a growing population and potential for development. But yeah, lets put the dump there.

      Your so right about our wealthy Caymanians too, them darn Fosters, Bodden's, Kirkconnels etc don't add one drop of value to our economy, only Dart!



  28. Knal Domp says:

    'Gases' is spelt with one 's'.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Here is yet another example of the Cayman Islands Government  potentially getting to a point where something good is about to happen for the benifit of the country and its people only to find out that it is threatened by politics.

    It could never be reasobably expected that the developer would carry the liability of a dump that has been created and been under direct control of the CIG for so many years.  Regardless of how the negotions go, the liability will be and should be with the GIG in any event as if there is no deal, who has the liability will it be anyway??.

    I hope people wise up quicky and this does not turn into another missed opportunity like the Cruise ship berthing facility that was going to be funded by RCCL and Carnival several years ago now we are stuck with Chineese developers who can build the docks but cant bring the ships.. 

  30. Anonymous says:


    A wise person will see more in this article than just a “future environmental liability” issue. We continue contribute to it by our indifference to it on a Global scale.

    We operate in a primitive, "every man for himself" mentality. We plunder the Earth, rape her of her resources, exploit her people, and systematically disenfranchise those who disagree for doing all of this, calling them the “radicals".  Welive with idea that Earth exists for the exploitation of the dominant species. . We do all this for our own selfish purposes, because we have developed a lifestyle that we cannot maintain any other way. We must cut down millions of acres of trees each year or we won't be able to have our Sunday paper. We must destroy miles of protective ozone which covers our planet, or we can't have our hairspray. We must pollute our rivers and streams beyond repair or we cannot have our industries to give us Bigger, Better and More…..Finally we must deny that we are DOING THIS, or we cannot live with ourselves…

    Live simply, so others can simply live. No  species within the system can survive if the system itself is destroyed

    (Neale Donald Walsch, Converstation with God, Book two)


    • anonymous says:

      You sure believe in this Mother Earth thingy, dont you?

      First you have to get the dominant specie to stop procreating. When you do that the need to convert resources will largely go away.

  31. Anonymous says:

    CIG is liable for any future issues with the dump since it’s been thier responsibility from the start.  Unfortunately   the likelihood of something terrible happening has increased because they’ve ignored the problem for years.   I cannot understand why a third party would ever assume such a liability and why any reasonable person would expect they should?    Does this liability somehow go away if CIG retains control over the dump?  Of course it doesn’t and in fact the liability continues to grow as more garbage is added.

    Bottom line is that this dump is not going to fix itself and CIG does not and never will have the money available to address it.   Thankfully a third party has offered to pay for a proper waste mgt facility and deal with the existing dump.    Stop looking a gift horse in the mouth.

    Move the dump, build the road and let the entire island benefit as result. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart is not offering to pay for a proper waste mgt facility – read their website and see what it actually says they wiil do.

  32. Anonymous says:


    I do not blame him. Dump sites, even remediated can create potential health and environment hazards in the future. So many unknown and unpredictable things can come into play, especially during next big hurricane. There is a possibility that category 5 hurricane might create an ecological catastrophe in Cayman Islands for many years to come.

    P.S. to all who protests dump site in Bodden town- I did not see even ONE message that demands waste control by recycling and reducing consumption. 

  33. anonymous says:

    of course, understand dart fully, suppose someone lites a cigarette by an oil rig on trashmore and the entire mountain erupts!  you have to use your commonsense, you know!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Dart would be crazy to take liability for the past mismanagment of the GT landfill.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sometimes when you buy beef the bone comes with it. That is even more true when someone GIVES you beef.

  35. Whodatis says:

    Can we just rename "ForCayman Investment Alliance" to "ForDart Investment Alliance" and get it over with?

    The true nature of this project (and entity) is so blatant and obvious that to pretend otherwise is an insult to the intelligence of the simplest among us.

    "ForCayman" … GTFOH!

    At least give us the dignity of calling a spade a spade – that way we could at least respect you.

    • DatisDat says:

      Careful – there seem to be quite a few posters here that might just want to call a spade a spade and name you for your narrowminded, selfserving, progressing-blocking, anti-expat investment attitude and fling you back to the age of smoke pots and whompers you seem so hell bent on revisiting!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You are a little bit clueless and caught up thinking that the next big thing is an better than the last big thing. It just an endless cycle that burns up natural resources to keep it cycling so you can then look forward to the next, next big thing. Take a break and think about what you’re after.

      • Whodatis says:

        Oh dear.

        Someone is a tad bit upset.


      • The Magic Dragon says:

        Cute," spade a spade," Im guessing you have been watching 90's television again!

        Read this carefully, No one is saying the dump should not be moved, no one is against progress, in fact we invite it.Balanced,safe and future-proof progress is what is need,especially in this case.

        Point,Mr. Dart wants the dump moved, im sure we agree on this. Point, Mr. Dart has the funding and intelligence to move and upgrade the existing site. Point, Mr. Dart, a Caymanian as he is called, wants to move the dump just outside a caymanian neighborhood. Point, Mr .Dart, after moving the dump, wil hand the keys over to a broke and in-efficient governement, im sure he knows this, but somehow this loving and caring caymanian is fine konwing a disaster is highly likely .Point, dumps, or state of the art waste managment faciities ALWAYS depreciate land value wherever they are located,amongst many other side effects.Point, this will effect locals who have been here all their life and not just after boy-cotting their own country, call that what you will, but a "spade is a spade"Point, Mr. Dart does not want those side effects near his project, it would intrude on profits.Point, Mr. Dart's rap sheet suggest he is a man and corporation to carefull conduct business with.

        You see my friend, our minds are wide with questions as we consider the reality behind the smoke and mirrors, we fight for culture and oppurtunity, we fight for the very right of ever man. We are hell bent on never living in a cayman where we are the green iguana; do you understand yet?


  36. Anonymous says:

    So let us get this straight – DART wants this prime development site but also wants the people of the Cayman Islands to cover any of their foul ups in the remedial work needed to make the land usable.

    What do they know that the rest of us are being kept in dark about? What is in that pile of trash that might cause future hazards to the occupants of anything built on the site?

    What I suspect this boils down to is that not even DART can get liability insurance cover on a potentially very toxic site and are trying to shift the load to someone else. The UK government's concerns are probably because the FCO can see themselves picking up the tab when this all goes pear shaped.

    • anonymous says:

      a prime development site??…you guys are crackers. he will be lucky to turn it into a ugly duckling next to the beautiful Camana Bay.

    • Cheese Face says:

      "prime development site"

      Do you do stand up at weekends?

  37. Anonymous says:

    A cursory reading of the RFP for the GT landfill reveals that Government were asking for the proposers to take on the liability of whatever was at the site.  Why should this additional burden be taken on by Government when the benefit is Dart's?  This soluton already incurs a number of additional costs for Government which the RFP sought to remove so why are they so gung ho to do this deal?

    • anonymous says:

      nobody will take that risk…nobody! Are you guys silly–additional costs? Dart's the one actually paying out money here and solving or biggest nightmare. We should thank him over and over.

      So the option you like is…… keep dump, Government keeps its existing liability, we keep dumping on George Town and North Sound or….???.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Dart is a smart businessman.  I think we need to remember the keyword "Businessman".

    While he is protecting himself from future liabilities, what are the people (and by that I mean the masses and the government) doing?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Government would be a fool to agree to assume responsibility for what's under Mount Trashmore when it no longer owns or controls it.


    That's like you selling your house but still responsible for hurricane and fire damage while someone else lives in it.

    • Anonymous says:

      You miss the point completely while the government ran the landfill God knows what went into it. If you tried to sell your house and you had 30 years of toxic sludge in the basement guess what you are liable for what's in the basement.


      • Anonymous says:

        Dart KNOWS what the dump is and he wants it for a near worthless piece of cliff land out in Bodden Town, not in Cayman's interest, but in DART's interest. And Cayman is supposed to be responsible for whatever happens with the dump forever under Darts ownership. And we continue to call his relationship with Cayman the 'For Cayman Alliance'. And we continue to refuse to see exactly who is benefiting in the end from the For Cayman Alliance "deals". AHHH, the love of money. Go right ahead, Cayman and McKeeva Bush. Continue to sell and give away our souls and our birthrights to Mr. Dart. He will be forever grateful for your blind ignorance and stupidity, believe me. And he will certainly know what to do with our souls and our birthrights when they are irrevocably in his possession.  

      • Anonymous says:

        No I'm not, I would not be so fool to sell it with such a clause. Buyer beware!

  40. Anonymous says:

    I love it.  Dart wants all the benefit and none of the risk. I guess when you have all that money you can demand what you want.  This monoply needs to be stopped before the Cayman Islands is lost to the power of money!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    So Dart wants NO liability ….shouldn't that make everyone go …Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmwhy not? Basically Dart wants a free ride once the deal is done,they could then do whatever they want with NO consequences. When will people see that Dart is only looking out for Dart and NO ONE else? Does anyone really think that Dart is concerned about the welfare of Cayman??????

  42. Anonymous says:

    No dump liability ?

    Then here we have caymans first toxic scandal in the making . . . . .

    • anonymous says:

      you have the liability now…government (we) are now liable for everything there! Dart or no Dart.

      • Anonymous says:

        but if it stays as a waste management facility and not converted into an area of recreation for the entire public – the liability and potential that something will go wrong/have a negative impact is expontentially LESS. 

  43. Anonymous says:

    Just buy surface rights, assuming that is possible under Cayman's weird property laws.

  44. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    No can do Mr. Dart. Will the Premier step up and show us who he stands with The people or the investor? Is he here or in Cuba hidding out from ONE MAN ONE VOTE? This doesn't look good for reelection. DART dumps UDP? Or DART won't  sink with UDP.