Opposition leader in TCI calls for August elections

| 11/04/2012

derektaylor.jpg(CNS): The leader of the People's Democratic Movement (PDM) in Turks & Caicos is calling on the British government to hold elections on 1 August this year. Speaking at a recent press conference in the overseas territory, which is currently under the direct rule of the UK, Derek Taylor said it was time that the will of the people be expressed. He said the PDM were ready to lead the people to better times. The former leader of the official opposition said the milestones which the islands’ governor maintains must be met before an election is at the discretion of the UK while the will of the people is not heeded. “This is wrong,” he told the local press.

While he acknowledged the problems facing the Turks and Caicos Islands, he said the PDM was willing to work with all stakeholders to find resolutions. Taylor also noted that when the UK took over the territory, the country was close to its knees but the British had had enough time. “We needed the Interim Administration to prevent a crisis,” Taylor said, adding that now it was time to move on.

He said that justice must take still take its course in relation to the corruption investigations and he said his party had in the past pointed out the shortcomings of the previous regime. Taylor said the PDM has a record of accomplishment and TCI needed a clear path for development in an environment that reflected honestly, accountability and transparency.

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  1. Caymanian to the Protestors says:

    But wouldn't a general election even matter if those thirsting and seeking power, are the very ones who have the money to campaign and get in?  Yes, I believe in democracy, but many other places like the UK have democracy wherein lies corruption, greed, and self-interest. I can only pray for the people of TCI, the Cayman Islands, and those power heads with vain interest.