Delta aircraft makes emergency landing at GT airport

| 14/04/2012

(CNS): Emergency crews at Owen Roberts International Airport were on full alert Saturday lunchtime in anticipation of the return of Delta Airways flight DL352 Atlanta that was suspected to have a fire on board. Sources tell CNS that the aircraft landed safely with more than 150 passengers and crew who were all unhurt. However, on the ground emergency procedures had been activated. Although there has not been any official confirmation from civil aviation it is understood that the crew reported smoke in the aircraft cabin to local aviation officials. When it landed the plane was evacuated safely and the runway re-opened this afternoon. The flight left around six hours later after the airline sent a replacement aircraft.

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  1. Kadafe says:

    I love my cayman airways!! Don’t worry about people talking about what they know nothing about!
    If not for that they would have nothing else to do with their lives!
    Thumbs up for our national flag carrier !!

  2. Anonymous says:


    What…no negative comments..This list would have been pages long had this been a Cayman Airways flight..

    The MD88 is now vintage aircraft but still doing it's job and yes, these things happen daily with any type of aircraft. no matter the owner or leasee.


    • Anonymous says:

      yep..check the registration, this one makes the Cayman Airways fleet look like "young pups."

  3. Frequent Flyer says:

    Not to comment on Delta, but to say Cayman Airways is now becomming a disgrace to the skies.  The Plane is dirty like a Hog Pen, and needs proper service.   Cayman Airways, trust me take a second look at the pigsty you are using to fly people around in, and cheap service for all the money paid on Tickets and Tax.   Give people some decent food.  A sandwich and a few fruit or something.  I am a Caymanian

    • Castor Canadienses says:

      My experience is just the opposite. I have used Cayman Airways for medical purposes for at least a half dozen flights between here and Miami and return over the past year. I cannot say enough good things regarding the service and the people. The planes I have been on have been maybe older but clean and tiddly shape, no problem. As for food, well, no airline that I am aware of serve anything more than soft drinks for free (well included in the ticket cost). A tip of the hat to Cayman Airways…..

    • Lesson Juan says:

      Liar – you are not a Caymanian – everyone knows nothing Caymanian is good enough for a Caymanian – as a Caymanian, you would have been on American Airlines for sure!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Fly American or Delta sometime…it will surprise you that the service you complain about on Cayman Airways is of a higher standard compared to these two…you have to pay for your bags, if any flight has food you have to pay for it and they give you one drink free..


      The grass is always greener on the other side my friend..Paper Caymanian perhaps?

      • Anonymous says:

        Well I would like to make some clarification in regards to this individual that really can't provide accurate information to the general public. I am Caymanian, I have always flown and will continue to fly my National Air Carrier, Cayman Airways Ltd. as I am very proud of it. 

        However having flown every other carrier that operate in and out of Cayman with the exception of Air Canada, Continential and whatever the other Canada service carrier is I can provide accurate information.

        a) Delta and US Air do both charge fees for all bags up to 50 lbs.

        b) American Air give you one free bag and charge for all others up to 50 lbs and it is in my opinion the reason is because it is in direct competiton with Cayman Airways as their route is GCM MIA GCM. Should it had been flying into any other hub things may be different.

        c) Cayman Airways allow 2 free bags up to 55lbs on certain routes, if not could be all. I haven't flown all routes that they offer. Yes they are the local carrier and they will try to accommodate their passengers.

        d) Cost – Cayman Airways is by far MOST expensive when it comes to fares, having nothing to do with taxes because those are set and it matters not which carrier you travel on but rather the routes and what taxes are applicable. I have flown on a vaction to Vegas on Delta through Atlanta and the fare was just under USD395.00 (which included taxes) and that was not a special. Now you have to agree other than on specials on Cayman Airways the fare to Miami is way above! Bearing in mind taxes are approximately USD125.00.

        e) Food, have you flown Cayman Airways business class, especially in the evening from Miami? The one single plate you get with just a lil something on it, is it truly worth the upgrade or the full cost of a business class ticket? NO! Maybe Cayman Airways could learn a thing or two from the US carriers and start providing refreshements for a cost on their flights. I am sure they would make some money. To say the least those US carriers, other than American, do serve peanuts, pretzels, cookies etc… for free and noting that the flights are all over 2 hours they do go back through the cabin with seconds. 

        f) Drinks – have you ever been on a Kingston flight when the flight attendants come literally racing through the cabin hurrying your glass of drink to you as the flight time is so short. There was a flight that I was on going to Montego Bay. I wanted some Pepsi, I was told that morning the choice is fruit punch, apple or orange juice. Now I know the trolley had pepsi, I saw it but why should I have only the option of settling for those three items? Also noting that at the last moment, the day before my flight, due to business I had to travel and when I went to purchase my ticket they quoted me a full Y fare ticket. I would have only been there from Wednesday to Friday but I was told "sorry the advance purchse is 3 days minimum" and therefore I had to purchse a ticket that would allow me to remain in Jamaica for 30 days. How unfair can that be?

          As the writer I don't think you have had the opportunity to fly many other carriers other than Cayman Airways and your info is probably based on amrl road, as usual. Get your facts correct before you go trashing other carriers that do take care of our economy and industry. Cayman Airways can't do it alone, I guarantee!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sure the reason you were flying Cayman Airways was for price and for the free bags and all that free carry on stuff  you dragged on board overthe Easter weekend. 

      I flew this past week and found the planes clean and the service top notch..and yes I paid a lower price and I didn't have to pay extra for my two bags…Thanks KX

    • Anonymous says:

      What a whiner! Nothing to do with the post. Get a life!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Try flying the old dirty birds British Airways send over here and you would appreciate the 'upgrade' that Cayman Airways provides. 

      But, glad the flight landed safely.   Smoke/fire onboard is about the worse thing that could happen on a plane.