Owner offers $1000 reward for missing fishing boat

| 23/04/2012

P7310039 (300x225).jpg(CNS) A 33ft boat was reportedly stolen from a dock in Mervin Street, Newlands at the weekend and the owner is offering a $1000 for its safe return. Brevon Elliott said that the boat, Risky Business, was stolen in the early hours of Saturday morning from its dock. He said the navy coloured vessel with a navy blue t-top and blue centre console has a light blue interior and has two 225hp Honda engines. Anyone with information about the stolen fishing boat is asked to contact the owner on  927-2655.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    boat found….yeah!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now Now dont be so hard on them. You know they have their hands full investigating the Premier

  3. Anonymous says:

    Probably in Jamaica by now

  4. Anonymous says:

     THE POLICE IS NO HELP AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s a sad situation to know firsthand of how the police is handling this situation of Mr. Elliott missing boat.  I was on the location where the boat went missing in the early hours of Saturday morning. It took Mr. Elliott almost over three hours to get a Police Officer out to his location. He first tried contacting 911, only to be told that he had to hang up and call George Town Police Station. After following 911’s instruction, he then contacted the Central Station and to his surprise was given another set of instructions.  They informed him that he would have to wait for them to contact the Bodden Town Station who would then intern contact him. Gee!!!! Boy! It’s a good damn thing he was not dying!  

    On top of that, it took the Bodden Town Police Station about half hour to contact him and another half hour for a responding officer to turn out his location… It just keeps getting better and better!!!!   When the Bodden Town officer arrived on the scene, he would not even get out of his vehicle… He made a non-verbal gesture for Mr. Elliott to come to him where he was comfortable sitting in the police vehicle on the road side. After a short conversation between the officer and Mr. Elliott, the officer then informed him that he was going off duty shortly and proceeded to tell Mr. Elliott that he would then have to report to the Bodden Town Station at 10pm that night to file his official statement with him.  The officer further stated that this procedure would have to be completed before they could act or start their investigation.

    What is this little Island coming to?  What level of society do you have to be at before you get the police to react faster than they do?   It’s a heart wrenching situation to know that people invest so much into their personal property, just to have it stolen without any regard of the affects it would have on the person.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is standard practice for the police, and if your crime takes place just before they have their two days off then you wait until then to give your statement and they start 'investigating'

      Is it possible to ask Cuba to check incoming boats?

    • Anonymous says:

      That's typical of police "investigations" here.  The file gets assigned to that officer.  Nobody else will advance the file or assist once it has been assigned.  Your officer might be working nightshifts for next 2 weeks, or going on leave, you will never know, but be expected to know better if you call when they are not on shift.  You can give RCIPS new information and updates over the phone, but none of that really gets transcribed to the paper file unless you physically go down there while they are on duty and rehash the detail while they punch it in at a pace of 4 wpm.  The police here are field reporters or the simple caretakers of crime.  They will file a report for insurance purposes, and issue public statements of disappointment, but do not mistake them for crime fighters.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Word on the street is,the police on the late night shift goes to there place of abode and get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  5. Anonymous says:

    What length and type of boat is this?  We need a better description than this – particularly as then other boat owners can keep an eye out.


    • Anonymous says:

      It's a Panga. The article gives you all the other information about the boat. Like the fact that it's 33ft long. Dark blue on the outside. Light blue on the inside of the boat. Has two 225hp Honda engines with silver covers, Blue canopy and blue center console.

      • Anonymous says:

        Should be easy to spot on the open seas, all that blue and all

        • Anonymous says:

          Silly comment! Is it an issue now to have your boat painted the color you like?

    • Anonymous says:

      To:  What lenght and type of boat:  Please read the article again.  It cleary states the details.