No confidence vote planned

| 24/04/2012

aldnezz (232x300).jpg(CNS): The opposition and independent member today called once again for the premier to step aside until the various police investigations surrounding him have concluded. Alden McLaughlin and Ezzard Miller said Monday that they want to see the premier resign by Thursday of this week, otherwise they will file a 'no confidence' motion in the Legislative Assembly on Friday, where they will demand to be able to debate the situation. The two men called on the UDP members to put the country first and ask Premier McKeeva Bush to step down until the police probes are concluded as the current situation was untenable.

In the face of a defiant position from the premier, who issued a statement on Sunday saying he would not resign as he’d done nothing wrong, the opposition leader said that in no democratic country he was aware of would this situation be allowed to continue.

McLaughlin was speaking at a PPM press briefing on Monday lunchtime called in the wake of revelations that the premier was the subject of three police investigations – two regarding financial irregularities and the third was in connection with a recent unlicensed shipment of dynamite.

But in the face of Bush’s reluctance to voluntarily do the right thing, the opposition leader called on the other members ofgovernment and UDP party members to ask him to step aside and elect another member to take up the post of premier.

“McKeeva Bush continuing in office as premier of the Cayman Islands is untenable,” McLaughlin said. “We call on all of the right thinking members of his administration and his party to exert whatever pressure is necessary on Mr Bush to have him do the right thing by the country. His continuing in office under the weight of these criminal investigations is not only a disservice to the country but it is doing actual harm to the reputation of this jurisdiction.”

He invited cabinet members and backbenchers to insist that he steps down and allows the deputy premier or whoever else to take the reins of office until the matters are concluded, and it need not be a constitutional crisis.

He said the PPM and Miller had drafted a lack of confidence motion ready to file on Friday if he did not step down.  He said that just because government had the numbers did not mean the lack of confidence motion was futile as it was a free vote and the UDP members would need to search their conscience and ask themselves if they could continue to support him staying in office.

“We are going to prevail upon their right mindedness, their professed love of this country and their wish that the country is held by someone with integrity as a basis for breaking party line and voting with conscience.”

McLaughlin said they would be prevailing on the speaker of the Legislative Assembly to ensure that the motion was the first piece of business when the House returns on 9 May. If it was not, he said, the opposition would not participate in any of the proceedings until the motion was on the floor of the chamber.

McLaughlin stated that the options open to the opposition were quite limited and the 'no confidence' motion was one of the few they had. He felt the opposition had a duty to the country to use whatever mechanisms open to them to try and address the issue.

“We can’t just sit on our hands,” McLaughlin said, despite the challenges the opposition will face getting the motion to the Legislative Assembly. “We have got to do whatever it is that we believe is right to bring attention to this issue and to get the attention of all those who matter, including the FCO.”

Miller added that he intended to boycott the opening session of the Legislative Assembly on the day to show his disgust and he invited the public to join him in protest on that day.

The independent member said he believed that one of the main issues regarding the situation was that the premier clinging onto office was undermining the progress of the investigation.

“I don’t share the confidence that his supporters have that he will not attempt to interfere with the process. I believe the very nature of the premier, his modus operandi and the way he promotes fear and intimidation will in itself, for as long as he remains in office, be detrimental to the investigation.”

He said it was an international embarrassment for the country to have a premier under investigation for three separate matters and that the best and least risk to the constitution would be for the UDP to follow their own party constitution and elect a replacement for him among the party membership.

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Vote in CNS poll: In light of the revelations that Mckeeva Bush is the centre of 3 police-investigations should he step down as premier?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How can we have confidence in him under these circumstances.  Even Dart is losing confidence in him sticking around as he is hurrying to get the West Bay road closed even before all the studies are done and the project obtaining final approval.  He want to close it early May before Mac is out or he knows he will lose it.

    This is because they know that the people are not behind it and with Bush gone it might not happen.  Because of this they want it done now.

    We have to be careful of this I feel we need to stop this from moving forward until Mac ability to serve the people with honesty and no misuse of power is settled.  As long as it is in question we must put these projects on hold.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I support the Hon. Premier in not stepping down. What for so the hungry dogs barking can get their way. Absolutedly not. Not while I can vote in this country. The PPM while never ever again get my vote and as for Ezzard. Be gone with him as well. As far as I am concerned the UK should be paying their salaries for they sure seem to be working along with them to distroy this country. Stand your ground Mr. Bush do not move for anyone.

  3. Annon says:

    I can just see the ex-pats laughing at all of you and saying 'What a bunch of jackasses trying to run this country'. You need to listen to yourselves every morning. The record is now broken and scratched.  Every morning the same story, same tune, same ignorance, same blah, blah, blah.  UPD, you doing the right thing, ignore the blah, blah, blah.  

  4. The Dentist says:

    To:  on Tue, 04/24/2012 – 16:45.  Just listen to me man. Mckeeva have nothing to come clean about. Arden had a CUC bill that he felt that he had to clarify. You think that the Premier of this island who is so busy tryingto fix this place to make it better for all of us, have anytime to clarify allegations, speculations and down-right lies about him? Do you not get it yet that our LOVED PREMIER is not responding to any of you or paying any attention to your infant school tales? Just keep beating up your mouths until all of your teeth just fall out of your mouth. I only hope that your tongues follow next.  

  5. British Fear says:

    WhY are we so afraid of the British….

    As far as I am aware they gave TCI a bunch of money to sort out its affairs!  Like $165 million..

    Hey if TCI got $165 we will be looking a cool $300 million pounds sterling…


  6. Anonymous says:

    Mac will eventually step down but the explanation will be "stress" and "health concerns".

    He will blame the PPM and Ezzard Millers for wearing him out.

    He does not have enough integrity to admit that it is related to these "tree" "inwestigations".


  7. Anonymous says:

    Kool aid must be the number one drink in West Bay

  8. Knot S Smart says:

    Some of the posts here leads me to wonder whether major money is flowing again from the Nation Building Fund to UDP supporters. They seem to be on an offensive on CNS these days…

    And the silence on the amount of the deficit begs the question – How deep in debt are we at this time? UDP Supporters – can you give us a hint?

    • Anonymous says:

      Deficit? I dont know if something this large can be called a deficit, more like a chasm or nebula.


      Trust me folks, the outlook is not pretty for this June 30. You read about the non-sale of the sewer thing? Have they brought any revenue into Govt treasury lately? Fat chance of getting 6mil from Ritz developers now too. Desperation setting in now too, just over twelve months to election.

  9. Anonymous says:

    My concern is that somehow there is a change of government and the PPM are in control and they look at each other with no answers to the country's problems.

    Would they cancel the China Harbor deal?

    Would they cancel the Dart programs?

    Would they simply pass the OMOV into law?

    How would they balance the budget?

    How would they get the economy working?

    Answers please…

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, they need a programme for government.  You can bet this is being worked on.  The PPM will sweep the nation again.

    • Anon says:

      Don't hold your breath – they haven't a clue. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    You peanut heads have couple million Thursdays to accept that Mckeeva will be the only Premier for the Cayman Islands. Mckeeva nah go anywhere Thursday, except to meetings in George Town, lunch, maybe to the airport and then back home where he will go on his knees and ask the good Lord to forgive you ungrateful Haters. Get use to it, a plenty of us bloodline Caymanian and water -down status holders who loves the Premier. Even if we wanted to love you bloods,  it could not be possible because there is nothing about any of you that is charming.

    • Truth says:

      Thank you for finally explaining why a 5th grade dropout with no experiance and no class could rise to the top in Grand Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this the greasy fat head slanderer? peanutheads now also? Maybe a greasy fat peanut head next, just dont call me Mr. potato head, I couldnt stand it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yeah you,   on Tue, 04/24/2012 – 12:22. worring about How brainwashed these people are! I hope you will still be around in 2013 to just see what all we Brainwashed people going to do. You need to understand this that we all love Mckeeva and is plenty of us around to put him back in power.  This includes the brainwashed Caymanians, the wealthy expats, the status holders and Yes the Jordanian. Comprehende amigo?  From your Brainwashed cousin.


    • Anonymous says:

      You must be the number one recipient of the biggest fridge and stove there is, brainwashed cousin. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    As a Bracer I am not a supporter of UDP/PPM, when I vote I vote for the best person thatI I think that can run my country, right now I think that KEKE should step down until the smoke has cleared!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Bracker 19;56

      with not enough balls to admit who you really  are supporting. let me tell you this, KEKE is not stepping down…nice try though!.

      • Anonymous says:

        He's already stepped down. He just doesn't know it yet. Obviously neither do you.

  13. Whodatis says:

    * The Premier of the Cayman Islands has not been charged with any criminal offense. The Premier is being "investigated".

    The only thing clear to me in all of this is the reason why the UK is ultimately in charge of our police service. (That can be a very powerful and effective mechanism of covert political control.) Not saying that it is this time around, but it obviously could be.

    Do not get me wrong – I am no strong supporter of the UDP or the Premier – but no one can deny that the FCO / UK has a shameful and despicable record when it comes to dealing with the overseas territories and individuals such as ourselves.

    History has shown us (those of us that actually know true and relevant history) that those entities are not to be trusted on their words and deeds alone.

    That is a simple fact.

    Obviously there does appear to be something to at least one of the allegations against the Premier (albeit an 'ongoing' investigation for approximately 2 years now) – however, a police (therefore FCO / Governor / UK) investigation of a local elected official is not enough for a properly educated individual to demand an immediate removal from office of the individual concerned.

    Frankly, the UK and the FCO have only themselves to blame for the mistrust with which they should be regarded.

    What is or should be the alternative? I haven't the faintest, but clearly it is a very unfortunate reality in which we find ourselves.

    Personally, had I not been properly informed in regards to the questionable historical antics of these entities, I would be calling for the immediate removal of the Premier as well – as a matter of fact I did so just yesterday. However, I awoke this morning not as convinced.

    I hope we get to the bottom of this situation very soon and for whoever is guilty to be found as such and whoever is innocent to be rightly exonerated.

    I am sure this post will prove to be very unpopular, however I am approaching this matter from a strictly theoretical standpoint.

    The entities that appear to be the strongest forces behind these actions have proven themselves to be untrustworthy.

    Whose fault is that?

    On what basis should I / we "trust" in their actions? We have all seen what they are capable of.

    Furthermore, they do not appear to believe in their own standards of 'good governance' that is free from the cancer of "corruption".

    Tories in 'cash for access' scandal: Party treasurer Cruddas forced to resign after 'selling secret meetings with David Cameron for £250,000'

    ** Had the Premier been facing 3 formal criminal charges against him, as opposed to 3 investigations, I would have a different stance on this matter – irrespective of who the "Premier of the Cayman Islands" happened to be – and I do not particularly "like" the individual who currently holds the title.

    *** Furthermore, why have these investigations even been officially announced? Even in the cases of murder a suspect is simply that – a suspect. Our legal code clearly provides for an individual to be innocent until proven guilty – and even before that process is reached, one has to be and should be charged with an offense. I am sorry, but the powers that are currently pulling the strings in this regard are not of the character or integrity which justifies any other approach.

    • Anonymous says:

      May be they were announced because the Premier was claiming that he was not under any investigation even though he was the person person to indicate that he was at a public meeting when he talked about "people are twisting other people's letters".

      As you should know when it comes to holding public office it is a convention that persons resign or are suspended if they are facing serious criminal investigation. It is not a question of guilt having been proved. It is even more so when you are the political leader and have the ability to thwart an investigation if you remain in office.      

      Whodatis, you are usually pretty sharp. I am surprised you are getting drawn into the Bush conspiracy theory. Mind you he is skilled at getting into other people's heads.  

      • Whodatis says:


        Hi poster, not to worry – I am not under any spell.

        I simply decided to look at this issue from a neutral standpoint – meaning, forgetting for a moment the actual individual involved and considering the title / position instead.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you are considering his position I don't see how you can reach your conclusions. When there was an investigation concerning the former Police Commissioner Mr. Kernohan and two Deputy Police Commissioners were they not suspended pending the completion of the investigations? When there was an investigation re former Director of Labour Lonnie Tibbetts was he not suspended pending completion of the investigation? Was he ever charged with anything.  When Mckeeva Bush himself was involved in the First Cayman Bank scandal and he was forced to resign from ExCo was he ever charged with anything? Don't drink the Kool Aid my friend. He is not only a public figure but the leader of this country there is no way that such a thing should be kept secret until he is charged as that would throw this country into a tailspin. Can you imagaine hearing nothing about an investigation and then one day waking up to read the news that the Premier has been arrested and charged with serious criminal offences? There would be absolute panic. Think, man. Think.  


        • Duh! says:

          Come to think of it, didnt Crudas step down without being charged with anything?

          • Whodatis says:

            Yes he did.

            However, he was not hawking £250,000.00 rated access to himself.

            Furthermore, why he nor anyone else has not been charged with anything is as much your guess at it is mine.

    • Empty Chair says:

      Let's get past a no confidence vote, let us push for what is right like northward.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 21:27

        Have you the knowledge to understand the prophetic pharse; a fool shall be known by the mulitudes of his words?

    • Life Is Tough says:

      Just because someone is not found guilty it does not mean they did not commit a crime, it might just mean that proving it is difficult especially with cranky juries.

    • Whodatis says:

      I must say I am pleasantly surprised by the response to my earlier post.

      I only hope that my harshest critics are beginning to understand why I relentlessly forward and highlight certain realities that concern this country and its political affiliations and relationships.

      I am not "anti" any other country, but I am steadfastly for my own.

      • anonymous says:

        Everyone is afraid of the big bully.

        Bullies are always guilty of bullying. There's just one problem:

        "Who will take on the bully and take him down to the ground?"

        • Anonymous says:

          I thought all this spending, spending without us knowing where it was going and the hand outstretched to others under the table was bad, but me thinks the dynamite situation is going to be the one to win out.  That's just downright careless, reckless.  No excuse for this one. In fact, he'll have taken his own self down.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How brainwashed these people are!  It seem that God is always on the lefthanded deal side where the money is made.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well you know, after thousands of years and taking in tax-free billions, he always needs money! He just can't handle money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Christians say:  "Jesus Saves."    Well let me tell you, he couldn't on my salary.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Can everyone please stop referring Mr. Miller as the independent member…..he's abviously PPM!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You were not compliaing when Mr. Miller ranas an 'independent supporting the UDP'.  The man is prudent enough to realize that the UDP approach to governing is undemocratic!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Bring him to me Lord Vader. He will make an "exx-cccellent" apprentice…

  17. Anonymous says:

    and who will take the place as Premier?  Alden, Ezzard heaven help us then!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      YOu idiot, did you NOT read the story? They are asking the UDP to replace him with one of their own. My god how blind can you be?!!

      • Anonymous says:


        the truth is that i'm not aware of any local politician who i would have confidence in to lead the country…..

      • Anonymous says:

        If the Lord is with the Premier and the UDP, somebody better warn Him about the exorbitant “real estate commission”!

      • Anonymous says:

        unless we know who else might be under investigation, there is no point in nominating someone else.

      • Anonymous says:

        One of their own includes Ju Ju…good grief….be careful what you wish for.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know that I have said this more times than McKeeva has been investigated, but my dog is still available.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your prayers have been heard. We're hoping heaven will help us now as well but that might be a tall order.

  18. UDP Supporter says:

    This motion will fail. The Lord is with our Premier and the UDP. These false allegations and rumours will fall by the wayside and McKeeva will continue to do God's good work for the people of these islands!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you attend the seem Psychiatrist as the MLA's?

    • A. Pastafarian says:

      Oh for Christ's sake!………  J.C. could care less about the Premier and the UDP!  He wouldn't lower himself…..

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm afraid you right and I'm afraid God punishin us!

  19. Anonymous says:

    And where is Hon Mary Lawrence on this?  With all due respect, she has allowed ths carnival on her watch.  One would expect her to be more vocal concerning the restoration of dignity in the House.

    • Anonymous says:

      lawrence has been out of her depth for a long time……

    • WHO is that out there! says:

      Ask your self two questions. Who appointed her? And if you

      were making $100,000.00 plus annually for a 

      few days work. What do you think ?  "UUMMM"  

      NUF SAID!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    In my view, our constitution should contain express provision for the removal of the Premier and any member of Cabinet in circumstances where the Governor deems it in the country's best interest or for purposes of national security etc, including circumstances such as this where there is an official criminal investigation. It is embarrassing enough to have the spectre of numerous allegations of criminal activity hanging over the head of our leader, worse yet that he refuses to step down, but it is simply untenable that we are yet unable to do a damn thing about it.

    Yet to me the most embarrassing and damaging aspect of it all is that the original investigation for the Stan Thomas affair is still "ongoing" apparently stalled, and yet we are not offered any explanation for that!

    I realize it must be difficult to determine how we would ever try this matter, as the virtual complainant is in fact the Chief Justice who notified the police. Has any thought been given to this? I think the only way is for the governor to set up a special commission (perhaps this needs to be enshrined in our Constitution too) to adjudicate on this matter.

    Nonetheless, it is painfully shameful that the there is yet any indication of whether and when this investigation will be completed or why it is taking so long. At this stage, everyone knows about the investigation, including who the witnesses are, so there can be no real fear of prejudicing the investigation at this stage. If we are left to our own speculative thoughts, one may have to deduce that it maybe that the matter has languished because there are those at the upper rungs of the prosecutorial service who owe the Premier the debt of gratitude for their Caymanian Status and the very posts that they occupy, which would be a travesty, firstly because I believe them to be honorable people and secondly, such a conclusion would only exacerbate the damage to the image of our islands.

    Consider this, on that matter alone, the complainant is the Grand Court. This isn't a matter where a junior police officer conducted an investigation and gathered evidence that he thought made out a prima facie case. This is a matter where one Grand Court Judge discovered what he believed to be evidence of official corruption and referred the matter to the Chief Justice, who must have come to the same conclusion. Consider also that the chief justice was once the most senior prosecutor in this country and one of the best we have ever seen. Do you think that there is anyone better to assess what is prima facie evidence of official corruption? So, let's not kid ourselves and waste more time discussing whether there is sufficient grounds to demand that the Premier steps down or should he wait until he is convicted to step down.

    What we have here unfolding is a debacle that could destroy the credibility of this jurisdiction permanently and it is a national disgrace that there are people who can't see past the party politics to realize the magnitude and the gravity of the situation we are in.

    Governor, I implore you to help us protect us from ourselves. Do not stand by any longer and watch us drown in our own feces. You can and must act to bring this sordid affair to a close now. Unless, of course it is intended to give us enough time that we self destruct?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Chief Justice referred the Stan Thomas matter to the police in a neutral, judicial fashion in accordance with his duty, without any presumption of guilt or innocence.  You rightly say there is a test to satisfy, but the assessment of the evidence as against that test is not a partisan exercise.  The fact of how this came to be referred does not prevent any step from being taken in relation to it.

  21. Anonymous says:


    Obviously some investigations are more tedious or time consuming than others- not saying that what the opposition and independent member is calling for is not an option, but the FOCUS should be on asking the Governor to ensure that an expeditious but thorough Investigation occurs. It appears that the focus is primarily on the Premiers removal as oppose to getting these allegations behind him and the country. This type of pressure in my view is not necessarily helping the investigations, I am very sure that the investigations will be done properly and the results known- in the meantime, if the premier is in office and he chooses to obstruct or otherwise interfere with the investigations, then he will cause another, ultimately to his detriment. The country should simply watch closely and let the powers that be do their job without creating unnecessary attention to the country. Yes each and every one of us have our opinions, but these allegations is so concerning that it is incumbent upon all of us to let the investigation take its natural course without applying any type of "people or political pressure. And for those that might disagree.  READ THIS.“This is my opinion”


    • Anonymous says:

      If the premier would come clean and co-operate like Arden did, it could be cleared up quickly. Unfortunately, his denying that he knows of any investigations will just prolong the process, which is what he wants.

      • Anonymous says:

        Regardless of how much damage it does to the Cayman Islands and our people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for your opinion. My opinion is that investigations should only take time if there is substance to and good cause for the investigation. In my opinion this is the other reason why the first investigation has taken over two years and is STILL not resolved.

  22. Anonymous says:

    ROUND AND ROUND WE GO…….. Where this stops nobody knows, OK PPM you should demand from the Governor to stay out of the legistative building till he resigns, the people are behind this. HE HAS TO GO NOW!!!!! 

  23. Anonymous says:

    I can not tell a lie !

  24. N Somniac says:

    How immature and weak are the opposition?  Patience is a virute.  A pointless no confidence vote will only increase Mac's position at a time when patience will make his weak position even weaker.  How foolish.

  25. Nik says:

    Ezzard: "reputational damage" Like?????? What country in the world don't have investigations?!

     These politicians are not going to stop putting fuel on the fire until they declare full  British Rule on us like they did in TCI!  It seems the UK heads want the same $$$$$

    • Anonymous says:


      you are so right, and  along with the Caymanians that are following them, are so blinded with hate for the Premier. They cant see they playing right up the alley of the British.which has the intension of destroying us. But again they will stop at nothing just to get Mac removed.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Is it Thursday yet!!!!!!!!!! 

  27. Anonymous says:

    Is this the best that the Opposition could do ? Lord help us. Come on Alden you can be more forceful than that. McKeeva must be smiling now and thinking about how many bills and motions they can pass while you all are outside under the tree with your boycott.

    We need a strong opposition now ! Chuckie, Wayne, The Lion, Mervyn and other strong orators need to band together with the Opposition, including Ezzard and lets clean house !

    • Anonymous says:

      Outrage doesn't go very well with sun and coconuts.  It's quite hard to be angry here.  It would always look like an attention-seeking overreaction.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you were in Opposition what would you do?

    • Anonymous says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. The UDP drones always vote together and so it makes no difference if the opposition are there to vote or not!

    • Anonymous says:

      And what should they do instead? No solution, I thought so.

  28. Big Whopper says:

    Just take the previous one out the trash bin….uncrumple it…and voila were cooking with home gas..

  29. Anonymous says:

    Miller and McLaughlin:  Unless you know a number of UDP MLAs will cross the floor, another vote of no confidence is a fundamentally flawed next move.  All you'll do is rally the monikered necktie troops around the leader as with the last no confidence vote.  Sometimes it's best to let the turkey stew in it's own juices to get the best result.  Don't let your lust for blood cloud your judgement.  Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

  30. Shock and Awe says:

    Iceberg Zone!!! Full Speed Ahead!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Can he save us from himself?  Cause that's kind of what we're looking at here.  If he does resign then you will be right.  

  32. Anonymous says:

    Whoa was just watching Star Wars and the noconfidence vote is brought before the galactic senate or whatever it is, where is a Jedi Knight to save the day when you need one but nope I hear ominous Darth Vadar music playing in the background and a voice of my mother quoting oh what a tangled web we weave when etc., etc., meanwhile while I am born Caymanian I am beginning to wonder if status holders who have been in this country for 25 years or more should not be allowed to run for these positions, new blood and all that surely it has to be better than the self canceling phrase of professional politician as most do not display professionalism!

    • Empty Chair says:

      How can we expect the other members of the UDP to ask their leader to step down when they are intertwined with him? Furthermore, they know that their election was due to running with him. Not one of the other UDP elected members have the courage to stand up to their boss, it will never happen. They apparently care more for theimselves than they love their country, that is very obvious, & we must never forget that.

  33. Cayman islands says:

    Ezzard u will never be premier keep dreeming
    Osten u willnever be anything just wher u are
    God bliss our premier

    • Anonymous says:

      Learn to spell

    • Anonymous says:

      Is that you Mr Jordanian ambassador.

    • The philosopher says:

      They kicked you off  Rooster 101 so now you are trying your luck here. Be careful they don't

      ban you  from here too!!  How do I know who you are?  SIMPLE!! You write and spell like you

      speak.  "BADLY"


      • Anonymous says:

        LMAO! So true! I read it in his voice and accent in my head and KNEW it was him! Too funny!

    • M.R. says:

      Ezzard should be Premier. He and Alden are the only one who THINKS for themselves!  My only concern is that people who thinks for themselves and are outspoken need to also listen to the people, because McKeeva THINKS for himself too, but does he listen to us?

    • Anonymous says:

      The voices of McChavez Bush supporters are just as loud as his voice, as he believes that hollering loudly about where he came from and where he has landed is becoming very stale.  The truth is that he is an ignorant, XXXX belligerent man, who should have never been put in the position he is in.  Ritz Carlton is bankrupt!!!  Hmmm, XXX

    • I is a college student says:

      Did you attend the same school as Mac? Fantastice spelling! Hope you speak better than you spell!

  34. Peanuts says:

    Caymanian voters must show their disgust at the next election, my recalling the postition taken by the Three UDP cohorts in West Bay, the Two UDP cohorts in George Town, and the Two UDP cohorts in Bodden Town the Lady on the Brac,during this disgusting eposide in Cayman's History. Remember "Birds of a feather flock together".

    The question that the authorites need to confirm, is that none of the UDP cohorts are also involved in the criminal investigations? 

  35. Anonymous says:

    UDP backbenchers should know that the public will be watching them to seeif their self-interest is greater than the good of the country…do the right thing UDP if want to have a hope in the next elections.

  36. True Caymanian says:

    The premier should not resign as he is the best and only person who can save our Islands

    • Anonymous says:

      God help us. Dear God Almighty please help us.

      • Anonymous says:

        you sound like the other udp supporter…the true jordanian….

      • Anonymous says:

        God helps those who helps themselves.  Do the right thing for your country, and good will flow from it.  Do the selfish thing, and this place will be laid desolate and bare, because nothing good can flourish when people are afraid to do the right thing.

        • Anonymous says:

          ^"God helps those who helps themselves…"

          ironically, the first thing that came to mind as I read these words was McKeeva Bush!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you for your sage advice to the UDP supporters of our country.

        • Anonymous says:

          For the sake of clarify, I wrote the above post to support the efforts of the good people of this country including the opposition and independent MLA, in their efforts to do the right thing, and certainly not the efforts of the ruling party who refuse to put country above party interests.  I felt it necessary to clear this up so that no one mistakenly believe that I was in anyway supporting the ruling party's actions, far from it.

    • A Guilty Pleasure says:

      Anon 19:10, You are a "True Caymanian"?????? Really?

    • Anonymous says:

      True, he is the only person who can save our islands for others, not CAYMANIANS.  He is so pure, where is his lilly white gown?  The supporters will miss their appliances and envelopes at the next election.  My envelop was always empty, so I sure wont miss the handout.  I would prefer an hand-up.

  37. Anonymous says:

    He won't step down, his personality cult he describes as a political party will remain by his side, XXXXXX. So many other politicians have tolerated his behavior for so long that the UK will be loathe to appoint almost any other loyal UDP member in his stead – XXXX. Many opposition politicians could be put forward, but they were not elected to be the Government. Only viable option then becomes direct rule. At that point Mac's drones call it modern slavery, introduce a racial element, and blame it on the white man. Great!

    • Anonymous says:

      The truth is he can't afford to step down and lose that second pension.

  38. Anonymous says:

    and with no pay either. I wish , but he will still get paid or half.