Police seek witnesses to early morning crash

| 26/04/2012

(CNS): One man and one woman are recovering in hospital this morning (Thursday) following a road smash on Sea View Road in East End. Police are looking for witnesses to the incident which happened at around 12.17am this morning. A Toyota Rav 4 was being driven towards Bodden Town and as the car was negotiating a left hand bend it collided with an eastbound Mitsubishi Lancer. The Toyota overturned, trapping the male driver inside, a police spokesperson said. The driver had to be cut from the car by the emergency services when they arrived at the crash scene. The man and the female driver of the Mitsubishi were both transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital, George Town, where they are now being treated and said to be in stable condition.

Any witnesses to the crash should contact PC Holder of the RCIPS Traffic Dept. on 946-6254.

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  1. insane says:


    What is the point if there is any witnesses if the police doesn't do what hey are suppose to do with the information given to them???

    I'm saying this based on my own experience.
    Last week, Friday 20th, someone hit my car and run.
    2 people walking on the road saw who did and took not on the license plate and left a note on my car and with someone else.
    My car was parked on the road and so i got the bad news.
    I weent to police station and made a report, based with the plate number, the police should go after the person, because it's a crime Hit and Run + could have some DIU as it was a Friday night. But no….the police did never went after the guy on that night and till yesterday Friday 27th never went after the witnesses to get a report of what they saw.
    All I know is, I have a 2400ci damage on my car and the police is still under investigation.
    I found where the person lives and went there. The police told me they couldn't find the person. I saw the person almost every day of this week.
    I called police and asked for a police car at his house witch was refused due to the "OFFICER IN CHARGE"  was off on that day and would only return to work today Saturday 28th.

    Why do the police always ask to witnesses to step up, if they don't go after them???



  2. Anonymous says:

    Okay so we know what the truck looks like. How about when a crime is committed can you give us a picture of the suspect.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know old the RAV4 was? I hear it wasn't exactly factory-fresh.

    Long overdue for realistic safety checks on all vehicles not imported through franchised dealers. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    the infamous bend.

    They need to start putting in speed cameras in high risk areas and make it a mandatory suspension for 5yrs if caught doing over 60mph and permanent loss of license when caught doing in excess of 100+.

    • Anonymous says:

      Problem is, the "THEY"you speak of prefer not to enforce the Traffic Laws that already exist.