Road closures begin on West Bay by-pass

| 30/04/2012

road closure.JPG(CNS): Parts of the Esterly Tibbetts Highway will be closed this week as Dart’s contractors begin work on a new roundabout at Governor’s Way, which is where the proposed closure of the West Bay road will begin. The Dart Group has announced that the access point to Governors Harbour will be temporarily restricted to the entrance near Lime Tree Bay as the entrance from the highway will be permanently closed.  The group stated in a release at the weekend that a new entrance will be built as part of the new Governors Way roundabout. “Construction of the new roundabout will take approximately 18 weeks to complete,” the firm stated. “There will also be temporary changes to traffic flow on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway during construction.”

Sections of the north-bound lanes will be temporarily diverted and the south-bound lanes will accommodate two-way traffic.  Drivers will still be able to travel north and south on Esterley Tibbetts Highway but the northbound traffic will be temporarily merged into one of the southbound lanes, which will accommodate two-way traffic during the road works.

Island Paving has been contracted by Dart to construct the new roundabout, which is part of the new Esterly Tibbetts Highway that has been agreed between by the National Roads Authority, the Cayman Islands Government and Dart Realty

“The National Roads Authority has approved plans for the construction of a road and roundabout at Governors Way, as part of our on-going supervision of the highway extension,” said NRA Acting Deputy Managing Director Paul Parchment.

“Traffic flow and worker safety are of paramount importance, and we have ensured that temporary lane alterations will create minimal disruption for drivers while allowing for protection of road workers on site,” Parchment added.

The construction of the new road and roundabout will result in the closure of the existing privately-owned Governors Way road between Esterley Tibbetts Highway and West Bay Road. The closure is in anticipation of the land being made available for proposed new Public Beach Park and facilities on the site Dart stated in its release.

“Plans include parking, playground and camping facilities, plus pedestrian and cycle paths to allow the public safe and direct access to the beach. In the meantime, there will be a temporary parking set aside for beachgoers. Parchment said an area for public parking will be made available close to Public Beach, at the intersection of West Bay Road and Governors Way.

Dart admitted it was going ahead with the project even though the Agreement is still being independently reviewed by PricewaterhouseCooper, to assess value for money to the government and people of the Cayman Islands.

The highway extension is part of a proposed plan that will see a stretch of 4,000 feet of the West Bay Road closed and swapped with Dart for land in Barkers and West Bay. The developer has agreed to fund the extension and has given government $5 milllion from a promised payment of $20 million. The deal has caused considerable controversy and several activists groups are opposed to the road closure and are continuing to campaign against it.

Despite the opposition, government entered into the deal with Dart, which will eventually be part of a wider project that includes the development of a five star resort on the site of the former Courtyard Marriott.

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  1. Once a Caymanian says:

    Dartania comes one step closer and Cayman can’t do anything to stop it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thats it??? Thats all the road that will be taken away??? What was all the gripe about?  This is good for Cayman. 

    • Anonymous says:

      No donkey, that's not  it. That's what their closing to start building the new road, the road closure that all this "gripe' is about is the road on the water side not the inland road showing in the map. Lord, see half you talk what you dont know.

  3. Anonymous D says:

    It is amazing how Cayman has changed. You can buy your way and own everything you want.

    Someone (Dart) looks at this as great deal and don't let it pass. Where is the Democracy we were getting with this new constitution? What about the Crown Land Transfers that the UK and Governor are just standing by watch slip through their fingers? What value do you have if you have nothing ? GOD Bless the Cayman Islands and the UK. We have got to make this a home again.

    • Anonymous says:



      Our policies have never changed. Stop fooling the Caymanian people that Dart owns the Island.

      Are you aware that we traded roads with developers  as far back as the 60s where were  you  when we could drive on the west bay road and only three hotels were there. We sold to all thosecondo developers /owners from back then, and not one of you said a word about it.

      And we got nothing for the exchange of roads back then, at least we never heard of it.

      Why all this halobuloo now about trading one small piece of our road for the opportunity to boost our economy for ALL CAYMANIANS. is it because  our boy from old bush is Premiere? and Involved with thearrangements.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am in favor of this project and an unforseen benefit will be the ending of high speed chases down 7 mile beach road.

    • Anonymous says:

      And the continued movement of them onto the bypass – where there are no sidewalks and the runners/ walkers/ cyclists take their lives into their hands every day.

    • Anonymous says:

      You really are stupid, if you think this will end that situation. 


  5. Anonymous says:


    Any deal made between him and Dart, is going to hurt us.

    PPM has done better for the country.

    • snap shot says:

      He has to go. We need to now protest the closure of the Esterly Tibbetts  highway so the on going works cannot contine. Closing it off so Dart can get the road to his land will only inconvenience Cayman. We must protest  this injustice.  Those that  rejoice about the Dart project will soon regreat it. Remember Dart is now writing our destiny.

      • anonymously says:

        it is people like you that will get us all taxed

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry snap shot, nothing you says make sense. Whats wrong with Dart getting a road through his own land, which he is paying for.

        How will this inconveience Cayman? I see it as benefitting Cayman, we will not protest against a man that is investing in Cayman. I hope you won't be using the new high way when it is all done….. that would be hypocritical of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ugh…  haters gonna hate.  McKeeva is a polarizing cat, but at leasdt he gets stuff done.  Having been here for two governments and watched the inaction under Kurt, I prefer a little self dealing but "get stuff done",  to the culture-of-"no" that existed under Kurt.


      • Anonymous says:

        Nothing has got done.  Nothing.  Seriously.  This government has no achievements.  There is no good, the okay has gone to bad, and the bad is now life and death for this country.


        The PPM want to make this a country that attracts legitimate investment on commercial terms.  That is something everyone should want.

        • Anonymous says:

          This comment sounds desperate. We have roads .. Schools coming (albeit slowly) a deal with dart etc. At least Mac is trying – Kurt had his term and did jack-all , he got voted out as a consequence .. The trains run on time under Mac and you can bet he’ll get re-elected. What the PPM needs is a candidate where local businesses don’t say “I’m not investing until the next government” .. We can all hold our breath for that one though. That’s the swallow-hard truth.

          • Anonymous says:

            This comment sounds complacent.  No one cares about roads to West Bay.  Schools were designed and driven by the PPM.  I've never heard of someone being voted out of office for wanting to educate children but hey this is Cayman.  The PPM have an enormous number of achievements not least getting us a new Constitution after 20 years of different people trying. Mac is no good for business.  He has put the cost up too high and the tales that have come out of his most recent administration have scared legitimate business away.  Why tender when someone who doesn't even understand your proposal will just veto it and choose his favourite developer?  Businesses don't like having to grease palms, not least because it's illegal.  Frankly your comment is pathetic and ignorant, but the laugh is on you because you are feeling the consequences of Mac being in office whether you choose to realise it or not.

            • Anonymous says:

              your comment is too political  – every government has its issues but this one is getting things done.  The PPM could not get things done and small and large businesses developments  etc all kept their wallet in their pocket under Kurt.  That's the sober, stone cold truth.  The PPM got de-elected because they could not get the job done and Mac came back in.  Since Mac came back in we have had the worst global downturn since the 1930's great depression and the island is running pretty well thank-you.  He is trying hard to make anything work..  He's scrambling ..  he's hustling – and he's getting the job done.  My hat is off to him although I recognize he is no angel. Politics always come down to choosing the lesser of two evils and Mac gets my vote in that department. I think it's healthy that the media have scrutinized his moves, that the government is investigating him because it keeps his aspirations and ego in-check. But I too think he'll get re-elected and likely do a good job for the Country before his political days are done.

              • Anonymous says:

                And your post is not political?

                McKeeva has not actually accomplished anything since he's been in office. Lots of blunders, and flip-flops, lawsuits for breaking contracts etc. But no actual accomplishments.

                Your mentality is the reason Cayman is going down the tubes.

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? What has he got done exactly? He’s leading us alright – straight off a cliff. Even inaction is better than unbridled stupidity, rash decisions that have to be reversed, breaching contracts tht cost us millions awarding contracts under questionable circs and constantly disrespecting the rule of law.

        It is greed that has ruined these Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        "I prefer a little self dealing but "get stuff done"'.

        Wow! You actually said it. That sounds very much like "I don't mind corruption so long as economic activity occurs as a result". That is Cayman's problem right there – banana republic mindset. A large part of Cayman society, including expats, has become corrupt in its thinking. Look at all the thumbs up! Since you have only been here for two governments you are probably not Caymanian. 

        We truly get the leaders we deserve.    

    • Anonymous says:


      You are in la la land. PPM gave our last money to a foreign contractor to build the two new high school. The country and many people suffered since then. Makeeva and Dart's agreement will give all Caymanians and who resides with us many opportunities.

      My heart is so joyful to see the many truckers and heavy equipment workers on the road job.(Makeeva and Dart's agreement) Now they can feed their children and pay their bills…dont you care about these brothers and sisters?

  6. F.A. Cetious says:

    As a Governor’s Harbour property owner, I am appalled that they are allowed to increase my property value in this way!

  7. Anonymous says:

    i'm so glad this continues to move forward.  i can't wait for proper facilities to be built by dart to make the SMB experience that much better.  public beach is pretty disgusting at times as a lot of people do not respect the property.  i think this will all change once the infrastructure is put in place with darts keen eye on detail.  can you imagine a proper board walk withoutdoor restaurants as the sun is setting on SMB.  tiki beach was built way to close to the water and the result of erosion is noticeable.  if your a thumbs down please let me know what i am missing.  and if you are sad that mr dart is going to make profits in the long run i am very sad for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Building something we don't need at the loss of something we currently enjoy for a price that is too low so someone who doesn't need money can have more.  You don't see the problem with this?  I am very sad for you.

  8. Expat Businessman says:

    Does Dart even have permits to do all this yet? Seems like Mr. Bush has given them free reign to do whatever they want.

    • Paul says:

      *rein, not "reign"…lol…probably a Freudian slip, though…

    • Anonymous says:

      Wake up !  The road has been properly gazetted under the Roads Law.  Of course the necessary permits are in place.

    • Anonymous says:

      And what difference would a permit make? what else you want to complain about? give it a break !

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good! This new infrastructure which DART is funding is necessary for the island, the activists are too narrow minded to realize this fact. Thank you DART and Mac for making it a reality!

    • Anonymous says:

      "This new infrastructure which DART is funding is necessary for the island" – Please explain how it is necessary?


      Then, please explain how many current hotels are overflowing with guests in order to justify another hotel on SMB.



  10. Gov Harbour Res says:


    I’ll accept the short term inconvenience is necessary as I believe this project will add significant value to the surrounding area once it’s completed – but with the coming rains Peninsula Way is going to need to be repaved, otherwise there will be nothing but a dirt track to Lime Tree Bay

    • Anonymous says:

      There's no interest like self interest. If the hotel is built the Gov Harbour property values go up i guess.


      Will you take the new dum.. i mean waste management facility too? i hear it will be nothing like the current site and will attract business to the area

  11. Anonymous says:

    All I can  say is….I'm glad that my timeshare is up this year and this will be the last year that i visit Cayman…'s not GRAND Cayman anymore.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can I take it that the full-page ads in the Compass means that another no-bid contract was given to someone to purchase support?

    • Anonymous says:

      At least it didn't go to the Chinese and was kept local.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      Yeah, I’ll bet the other local entities were lining up and beating down the door to spend their own money on this.