Bush calls for fiscal prudence at bank meeting

| 28/05/2012

mac new_4.jpg(CNS): The Cayman Islands premier talked about the need for fiscal responsibility in his closing remarks at the Caribbean Development Bank meeting last week. McKeeva Bush said that member countries had to be responsible for developing, enacting and updating sound fiscal policies. He said that Cayman has received some press coverage about its fiscal policies but questioned whether it was “good criticism” or “news of what people in authority can represent, or misrepresent”. Bush asked, “Should we, or any other government, cry foul to criticism?” He also said that people across the region must be responsible for their own well-being, for the decisions they make that affect their communities and for the wise upbringing of their children.

The CDB must be responsible in its development practices and exercise prudent compassion for the collective good of the people of the region, the premier said. Speaking about the work of the meeting he said, “We will be judged for the critical thinking we applied to the challenges and opportunities set upon us by the global economy and supranational bodies, and by our own internal processes and norms.”

Bush described the Caribbean as a global asset. “Anywhere in the world we go, we find our Caribbean people – we have lent our talent to the world, in every sphere of life," he said.

“Through respectful and clear-minded support of each other, we will more firmly take our place in global economics. We cannot ever fail to fully engage with the world; indeed, if we do not engage the world, we cannot hope to thrive.”

See Bush’s full speech below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    With all these investigations against you, who will ever believe you.

    You have lost all credibility . . . . . .


  2. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    Pure Mac-nonsense.

  3. The Thinker: says:

    “We will be judged for the critical thinking we applied to the challenges and opportunities set upon us by the global economy and supranational bodies, and by our own internal processes and norms.”

    Mr. Bush please tell your speech writer not to use so many complex words when writing your speeches. It complicates things! One day you may be asked to explain what those words mean.

    And for the benefit of the writer the above should have read as follows: 

    We will be judged based on the critical thinking we "apply" to the challenges and opportunities "we now face due to global economic conditions." [End of paragraph] forget all the crap about PROCESSES and NORMS especially since Mr. Bush ignores them anyway. He likes "SUBSTANCE"

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree.  I saw another speech using the phrase "cultural genome".  If you can't explain what it means, you probably shouldn't be using it.


  4. Anon says:

    I'm not pointing the finger at anyone but –

    Individuals with grandiose delusional disorder have an inflated sense of self-worth. Their delusions center on their own importance, such as believing that they have done or created something of extreme value or have a "special mission."

    • Anonymous says:

      There are plenty of those around, unfortunately!  Guess there is no such thing as 'humility' anymore.

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh? is Laughter Lounge doing conferences now – cuz he must a been joking ! lol lol lol


  6. Anonymous says:

    "Fiscal Prudence" as he simultaneously talks about borrowing money from CDB at loanshark rates to gift solar power to his preferred people during his election year campaign.  You can't even make this stuff up!

  7. Anonymous says:

    What utter hypocrisy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ironic? Much?

  9. Dred says:

    April Fools….

    CNS you are really late on this whole shinatigans

  10. Anonymous says:

    So, here is a man (leader) that offered his lack of knowledge in financial matters in reference to the loan he failed to secure and lost 350K of public money in the process offering advice. Cayman is doomed. 

  11. Thunder Storm says:










  12. Anon says:

    Would be funny if not so sad and hypocritical.

    There are so many bright, educated people here, too bad they are not in leadership roles.

  13. Anonymous says:

    WHAT!!! Mac talked about being fiscally responsible?  Did he say anything about the Cohen deal, or GLF settlement, or Turtle Farm?

    • Anonymous says:

      Or nation building, or first class entourages, or private driveways, or Christmas lights, or double pensions?

    • Chris Johnson says:

      I think he learnt all about Fiscal Responsibility when he was at First Cayman Bank andwe all know what took place after that.

    • Danonymouse Man says:

      Good Mack talking fiscal prudence! Ok, how much should we spend on travel, paving private parking lots and…………… 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Same world, different planet!

  15. Knot S Smart says:


    And in other news – four women and two men have been sentenced to death in Pakistan for the crime of dancing together at a wedding in Pakistan


  16. Anonymous says:

    Pilar sure writes pretty speeches. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    You're joking right?!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    "……the premier talked about the need for fiscal responsibility…". Correct, Mr Bush. That means among many other things not spending taxpayers' money on vote buying on Cayman Brac.

  19. Macman says:

    Errr….this was a speach by Mckeeva Bush??

    Man if ever I heard of somebody talking out of both sides of  their mouth…unbelievable.

  20. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    Can he even spell the word? He dosen't know the word becuse he sure hasn't practiced it. How phoney can you get? When you elect the uneducated we get what we deserve.

    • Ethics? says:

      While he may be uneducated, this is not the reason for his behaviour.  Just look at the behaviour of the "educated" members of UDP.  That is even more sad and upsetting.

      Ethics, morals and character, perhaps?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I bet he kept a straight face thru the whole speech

    • Anonymous says:

      What I want to know is: did everybody else keep a straight face cause I would have died laughing.  I want to see pictures of the audience.  Denny?