Television station releases armed robbery footage

| 28/05/2012

robber.JPG(CNS): It took the three masked men who held up the television centre last Thursday just a few seconds to clear out the cash drawer in the WestStar customer service department on Thursday during an armed heist. The CCTV footage released by Cayman 27 shows the men coming into the office and a customer getting down on the ground as one of the robbers pointed a gun at him. A second customer is pushed out of the way. Two of the men are brandishing weapons, while a third man, wearing blue surgical type gloves and dressed in a camouflage jacket, pushes cash into a yellow bag. The robbers left in a waiting getaway car parked outside the station.

Although police made several arrests following the robbery, all of those suspects were eliminated from the enquiry. The heist, conducted in broad daylight, came just three weeks after masked armed men held up the George Town branch of Scotia Bank on Thursday 3 May.

Police statistics reported a significant decline in the first quarter of 2012 in robberies when compared to 2011. So far this year there have been ten armed robberies in the Cayman Islands.

See video footage here.

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  1. Annonnymous says:

    I noticed one of  them was left handed….putting the cash in the bag!!  I gotta look ain for more clues>>>>dont hope for the police to solve this….

  2. Anonymous says:

    There will be no arrests and the incident will go unsolved. Guaranteed. (Before you press TD, check out recent crimes.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Although highly difficult, checking the local supermarkets camera footage to see if anyone bought gloves and swine flu mask in the last three days might be a good idea. Suspects might have displayed a certain uneased in mannerism when purchasing. Difficult task for officers indeed but worth a try.

  4. Pressure! says:

    So… "Two of the men are brandishing weapons, while a third man, wearing blue surgical type gloves" I guess the ones with the weapons didn't wear gloces then?

    In that picture, I wonder if he left a print where his hand is? If everyone is fingerprinted – not just expatriates and visitors to the Island – then we'll have a database of everybody's finger prints and probably have a chance at solving these crimes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lets go about this like CSI . Ok here is what I see –

    1.) Dust mask: how about the hardware store being using there records to see who bought these mask in the last week then try bringing up the camera footage of that day, that time because every pruchase is recorded right.

    2) Those army clothes had to come from somewhere like Reflections or something, do the same, that kinda purchase should have been recorded.

     Its the small stuff that needs carefull attention to.

    Also those blue latex gloves, They had to be gotten from somehardware store.



    • NeoSurvivor says:

      Not necessarily.   Blue disposable gloves are usually nitrile gloves (more chemically resistant) and are often used by people allergic to either talcum or latex.   Medical supply or even medical relatives.    

      Not trying to argue with you, just adding to the spectrum of clues.  

  6. NeoSurvivor says:

    Well, it should be easy to establish the height of each of the three robbers who went into WestStar station, based upon a grid overlay and measurements of the doorway they walked through.  

    It would've been useful to have had audio as well as video, to give the public the opportunity to recognize voice(s) and/or voice spectrograph matching, once suspects were identified.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you are a business owner who has or is thinking about having CCTV it would be in your best interest to view this and other videos from robberies.  What is the one thing you see or rather can't see??  If you are going to invest in CCTV, do not think that as long as there is a picture it is good enough.  Yes, having a camera visible does provide some deterant but as with anything else if you are going to do something, do it right and stop taking the cheap approach.  If you have difficulty recognizing someone that is known to you on the system then the system is useless.  Spend the money and get a quality system that will help you ID the person(s), stop being cheap!!!  One would have thought that being a TV station the one piece of equipment that should be of any quality would be a camera!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why are most of these robberys done on thursdays? What cruise ships are in port on thursdays? Does cruise ships workers come ashore? Do they have local friends? These cases will never be solved unless we ask questions and answer them.

    • Mr Bean says:

      I believe the Disany ship was in…Maybe it was Micky, Pluto and Donald.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cruise ship workers? Really…

    • anonymous says:

      Probably because they're thing "Guess what, chaps, I'm a little strapped for cash, and with the weekend almost upon us, what's a fellow to do?" (Just a suggestion to the CIPS to counter any possibility of profiling, you understand, not that I'm suggesting they do that sort of thing.)