Water Authority to begin major GT pipe project

| 10/07/2012

_DEW0780-web.jpg(CNS): A major upgrade to the water supply pipeline on Sheddon Road in George Town begins this Sunday which will see stretches of the road closed at night until the project is complete. Officials from the water authority said the crews will be stating the work between Dr Roys Drive and Harbour Drive as well as a small section at the Elgin Avenue junction. The authority said it is replacing the current 8-inch diameter pipeline with a 12-inch pipeline to increase the capacity of the system and improve reliability. "The main pipeline that runs along Shedden Road was installed in the late 1980’s and since that time the demand for water has increased significantly,” said Tom van Zanten, Deputy Director of the Water Authority.

“The water distribution system has seen tremendous growth over the past twenty years and the 8-inch pipe has become insufficient to deliver water efficiently and reliably,” he added.

The upgrade works is expected to continue for a period of around three months but will be carried out in sections to minimise the inconvenience to businesses, residences, motorists and pedestrians. The Water Authority also said it had taken steps to ensure that service to customers in the area is not affected.

“For each section we work on, a temporary pipeline will be installed to ensure that water service to our customers in the immediate area is not interrupted while the main pipeline is out of service,” said Larry Washburn, Operations Manager. “We will also backfill the trenches at the end of each shift as a safety measure. In order to minimise the inconvenience to the motoring public, the Water Authority will perform most if not all of the upgrade work at night, between the hours of 10pm and 6am,” added Washburn.

During the pipelaying work the affected section of Shedden Road will be completely closed for normal trafficwith access only available to residents. All motorists will be required to use alternate routes. Traffic flow will be facilitated at either end using temporary traffic signals or flags.

The Shedden Road pipeline replacement project is part of the Water Authority’s ten-year capital plan to expand and upgrade its water and wastewater infrastructure, officials stated in a release Tuesday.

For more information on the Water Authority and their role in the Cayman Islands, please visit www.waterauthority.ky

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cayman Brac needs pipe water too. With all the qualifications that Ju Ju boasted of today I am surprised that she dosent realize this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What time will Cayman Brac get their pipe water? That is far more important than the Hylton Hotel.Every other day the guys can be seen fixing those old broken pipes, not to mention their weekend deliveries of water. With all the alsphalt and water tanks Cayman is surely decorated.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I thought these pipes were replaced in 2008-2009, y'know, before the last election. Why is it that they always seem to be doing these road works around election time or in the election year?

  4. Honourable Absurdistani says:

    Better coordination between the NRA and Water Authority could also save us some serious cash. It seems as soon as a road is paved by the NRA the Water Authority drives in right behind them to dig it up again. No wonder “weeze broke”.

  5. Slowpoke says:

    As a regular bike rider, I can only totally agree with anonymous "16:56".  It took months and months, to repair the section between the Red Bay and Hurley's roundabout.  It was not  "reinstated" and is instead, a crappy, uneven, rough, pot holed, disaster.

    Then they did "Hospital Road", which is even worse.

    They need to be upheld to a "reinstatement" condition, meaning that it needs to be at the same or higher standard, as when they started ripping it up.


    • Anonymous says:

      WAC will say they cant afford to put it back in the state it was, although they record profits each year

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh Boy, More roads to be destroyed by the Water Authority and NEVER repaved properly. It seems that as soon as the NRA paves a road someone follows behind and digs trenches.

    When this work is done, it should be a mandatory that the entire lane be repaved, not just where the trench was dug.

    • Anonymous says:

      And my drive way if I live on that road…..if that is ok….

    • Anonymous says:

      You want the whole road paved. I bet you also complain about how high you water bill is too. Now thats funny.