Police issue warning over e-mail robbery con

| 20/07/2012

Crime-Scene.png(CNS) Officers from the Financial Crimes Unit at the RCIPS are issuing another warning about the latest email scam that is circulating in Cayman. Not uncommon, in this online con the scammers pose as holidaymakers who claim to have been left penniless after being robbed at gunpoint. The fraudsters claim that they and their family have had cash and credit cards stolen and need help to pay their hotel bill. Detective Inspector Ian Lavine of the FCU said the public should never give out their bank details via e-mail. "If anyone receives this e-mail they must not respond," he said. "Do not reply but report it immediately to police."

Anyone who wishes to speak to an officer in the Financial Crime Unit should call 949-8797

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do some of them start off with – "I have a friend in high places in the Cayman Government who will pave your driveway for free" ?

  2. Stiritup says:

    Is this the email in question?

    "I am a struggling Cayman Islands poltiician on critical personal government business in Las Vegas.  I have been hanging around ATMs for the last few hours hoping that developers who might be interested in property investment in Cayman might appreciate the value of my "consultancy" skills and hand me $20,000 or so in cold hard untraceable cash.  Sadly it has not happened.  Could you please send me money to help?  You can drop it off at my nice apartmentin the Ritz.  I can take it from there."

    • LCB says:

      Doesn't "Robbery" require the use of force?

      Sounds more like attempted "theft" or "pecuniary advantage by deception".

      Oh well.

      • Gilligan says:

        Did you just see the word "robbed" and fail to understandwhat the other words all around them meant? The only alleged robbery is in the email, and that robbery did not happen.