Waiting for Josephine hospital magazine appeal

| 31/07/2012

Josephine pic.jpg(CNS): When Carol Hay’s domestic helper of 21 years (Josephine) was diagnosed with cancer in February this year, the roles reversed and Carol became her caretaker, accompanying her to all her doctor and testing appointments at the Cayman Islands Government Hospital. After many hours spent in various wait areas of the HAS, Hay noticed that there was no reading material and made a promise to do something about it. She called this new charitable venture “Waiting for Josephine” after spending countless boring hours in waiting rooms with her beloved helper.

Hay contacted the Health Services Authority (HSA) and spoke to Sharaine Chin, the Information Manager. After getting the approval of the hospital’s CEO, Hay and Chin approached Books & Books and the Cancer Society for their help.

Now in her quest to supply the HSA with a constant supply of reading material, Carol is appealing to the public to donate all their old magazines to the drop off points at Books & Books in Camana Bay and the Cayman Islands Cancer Society’s office on Maple Road (beside the hospital). In Cayman Brac, Connie Godet at the District Administration will be heading this magazine drive.

“I feel this magazine appeal is being given wings by a higher power as everyone I’ve spoken to has been onboard with this much needed project,” Hay said. “Having Books & Books and the Cancer Society behind this project will result in a successful campaign.”
CEO of the Hospital, Lizzette Yearwood added,”we are extremely grateful to Carol for this much needed initiative, which many other families and visitors will benefit from in years to come.” 

The public is encouraged to drop off their magazines in assigned bins at Books & Books and the Cancer Society. From there they will be taken to the hospital and sorted into piles for weekly distribution. There are over 15 wait areas in the George Town Hospital alone. Add the district clinics, the dental and vision centres and these amount to a lot of waiting areas that would benefit with a constant supply of magazines. Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac will also receive magazines on a regular basis. 

“Because a lot of people take the magazines in the waiting areas, it is important that they receive a constant and plentiful supply,” Hay noted. “Most of us subscribe to at least a few magazines, and we may also occasionally purchase one at the store. We read the articles, clip the recipes and file any important information – and then we're left with a pile of old periodicals sitting in the corner. 

“Don’t toss them out, the ‘Waiting for Josephine’ project wants them and it is also a great way to recycle. Please support this hospital magazine appeal by donating your magazines once you are finished with them,” she said.

(Josephine Lindo passed away unexpectedlyfrom complications related to her illness on 17th July – just a few days before the launch of this appeal.) 

For more information contact:

Carol Hay: chay@britthay.com or 526-6932
HAS: sharaine.chin@hsa.ky or 244-2857
Cancer Society: info@cics.ky
Connie Godet (Cayman Brac): connie.godet@gov.ky

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Poster 9:30

    I think you will find that people often take magazines in wait areas – I'm as guilty as the next person for "stealing" a magazine from a waiting room!  One gets engrossed in an article and they want to finish it at home so they take the magazine with them.  Nothing wrong with that as it's part of the recycling effort as well.  The thing is, we need a constant supply of magazines so that the wait areas are always supplied. 

    Before the "Waiting for Josephine" magazine drive officially kicked off, people had heard about the appeal and I collected about 150 magazines in early June.  I personally took them to various waiting areas at the hospital and a week later I also found that most of them had vanished.  That did not deter me but made me realise how much people appreciated them and the need to have a ample and constant supply.  Please don't be deterred, I encourage you to continue to donate your used reading material to the Cancer Society and Books & Books.

    Lookat it another way.  If they stick around months at a time they will become extremely dog-eared and dirty so no biggie if someone takes them. 

    Carol Hay


  2. Anonymous says:

    We used to do this years ago with our magazines.  Within 24 hours they had all been removed, stolen, or thrown away.  We decided not to bother anymore.  Please make sure the cleaning staff are not throwing these away!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great idea!