Sook expects evan more from Frasers

| 02/08/2012

200m semis    31  jul 12 094 (247x300).jpg(CIOC): Doctor Sook Yin-Eccles is the swimming manager for the Fraser brothers, Shaune and Brett at the London Olympics and she believes that they can only improve in the world rankings. Brett is now 12th fastest 200 metres freestyler on the planet and world ranked 15th in the 100m free and 32nd in the 50m. Shaune is 20th in the 200m and 16th in the 100m. That is a fantastic achievement for the two from such a tiny country as the Cayman Islands. Although this was Shaune’s third Olympics and Brett’s second, they are only 24 and 22 respectively and still have plenty of time for more Olympic glory if they choose to continue to the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. 

“The boys did tremendously, they are in the top 20 in the 100m and 200m free and Brett is in the top 32 in the 50m. So there you go, we are in the top level and coming from such a small country I cannot tell you how proud I am of them.

“There will be more coming from them in the future so watch out for them. This is not the end, it’s the beginning. Our boys are swimming against really seasoned Olympians with more experience.

“A lot of the others come to the Olympics and don’t even make it past the heats. Rio is just going to be the icing on the cake. This was just a taste of something special that is going to happen.”

Sook has received plenty of messages of support from the Cayman Islands. She also hopes that the much vaunted 50m pool becomes a reality. “The emails I’ve got from the little swimmers at Stingray Swim Club and the Camana Bay Swim Club are tremendous,” Sook added. “They are so delighted that local homegrown boys are doing so well. They have been asking me for their autographs and pictures. It has really given the kids a boost and soon we’ll have Ian Armiger coming to be our national director and I think he will revamp the programme.

“Hopefully, the Ministry of Sport will support us and I hope the sponsors are doing their job and asking us what we should do to make the swimming programme better. We are on the map right now, thankfully due to the two Fraser boys.

“I think the Olympic Committee is behind us and hopefully this will get us the 50m pool we so desire.”


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