Captains plan marina sit-in

| 03/08/2012

050 (244x300) (cpt bryan).jpgCNS): Local boat owners who currently dock their tour boats at what used to be the Port Authority marina at Safehaven are concerned about their future since notices have been posted for them to move to a temporary location. As a result of confusion about what is actually happening at the site, who now owns what land and the captains'collective disbelief that the long-awaited marina, which is being undertaken by beleaguered developer Michael Ryan, will ever be completed, they have resolved not to move. Captain Bryan Ebanks expressed fears on behalf of several tour boat operators that if they move they will end up with nowhere to dock their boats and their livelihood in ruins.

“If we move to the temporary location, which is believed to be on Dart owned land, how long will we be able to stay if Mr Ryan fails to complete this long-awaited marina,” Ebanks said Wednesday at a small meeting with several other captains and MLAs Ezzard Miller and Arden McLean.

The captains there were unanimous and stated that they intended to hold a sit-in at the marina in order to protect their vessels and stated that moving would make them extremely vulnerable. Worried for their livelihoods, the captains were upset that they have received no letters from either Ryan or the Port Authority about what was happening and what safeguards were in place for them.

The main concern for the captains is their distrust regarding the completion of the redevelopment. They say that the proposed new marina has been promised for a long time and given the developers current difficulties, they feel it is even less likely that the project would be fully completed. The captains say they now think the goal is to simply get them and their tour boats out of the area of the Ritz-Carlton and possible future Dart developments.

Ryan recently lost control of the Ritz-Carlton and the companies that he used to develop the hotel have gone into the hands of the receivers. There are questions too over the future of the Dragon Bay project,which this proposed new marina was originally intended to form a part of.

Captain Ebanks said he suspected that the Dragon Bay site may eventually end up in the hands of the Dart Group, which has land in the area. He believed Dart had already taken possession of the land across the canal from the boat owners' current docking area at the temporary site they have been told to move to until the new marina is completed.

“If the marina isn’t finished and Mr Dart evicts us, then what happens to us?” he asked rhetorically. “We all know that Mr Ryan is in a difficult position and there is a real danger that he may not be able to complete the project.”

Captain Ebanks said that he believes the tour operators are no longer welcome as they now appear to be sandwiched between the five-star Ritz-Carlton and a likely additional luxury development by Dart, where the captains and their boats will not be wanted.

Miller and McLean, who were present at the meeting, said that because the captains had been using the Port Authority dock for some twenty years, while in situ they had rights but those rights would be lost if they moved. Miller, the member for North Side, also queried whether the land had ever lawfully been passed to the Port Authority from its original status as crown (public) land and for them to pass the land on to the developer Michael Ryan.

Showing the captains the latest plans, which he said he had come across this week, that relate to the development of the Dragon Bay Marina, Miller questioned whether the Port Authority had the right to give the developer the green light to go ahead with this project and evict the captains. “I don’t know on what authority the Port Authority has allowed Ryan to begin this project,” he said, adding that he was trying to find out and would do what he could to assist the captains.

Fears that the project would never being finished were well founded, Miller said, as he advised the captains not to move their boats because possession was nine-tenths of the law, and if they were to move they would lose what little security they currently had.

safehaven notice (450x600).jpgAccording to the notice posted at the site by the contractors (pictured right), the captains have until 13 August to move from the marina to the temporary site, otherwise anything on the site can be disposed of in accordance with the agreements made with the government.

The proposed public marina development goes back several years to the previous PPM administration and the tourism minister at the time, Charles Clifford, who had agreed to the idea of a swap with Ryan of Port Authority land in exchange for a new public marina for the boat operators.

CNS has contacted the Port Authority and the Board and is awaiting a response. Efforts to contact Michael Ryan were unsuccessful.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What makes anyone think that they have a right to keep anything on someone else’s property for free?
    These boat operators trashed the yacht club and every where else they’ve been.
    Follow a page from red sail sports book and buy and maintain your own place of business.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can we clean away these eyesores and have better licensing requirements for tour boats?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another 'easy' thing to check: does the new works in that area have planning approval and did it ever go through an EIA? (I'd ask how the mangrove replanting there is going for Ryan, but that would just be retorical.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why is Wayne Panton so silent over this?  Is he not the one that signed the agreement allowing Michael Ryan to do this?  Is it because as a PPM hopeful he doesn't want to rock the boat and lose potential votes?  Maybe he needs to learn from MAC to take advantage here and champion the cause!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would tell Michael Ryan he is not allowed to do anything else until he gets current with the bills he owes government.

    Come on the man is making a mockery of us!

    • noname says:

      The well deserved mockery is not the fault of Michael Ryan.  And the Blame thing is getting old.  Grow some balls, be a man, and learn to live off of your own work and your own land.

      • Anonymous says:

        Caymanians need to grow some balls and let this man know exactly, start a sit in and do not move.  Call in the international press and let it go viral if this is the only option in saving their business and being able to live in their country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where is the online petition on this? expats and Caymanians agaist destroying local business.  Where is the outrage and foreign press in this?  This is a real big issue, bigger than taxes but there is no outrage typical… I pity the grassroots Caymanians that fail to realise that their precious Cayman is gone from their hands never to be returned unless by a mighty act from God. 

  6. anonymous says:

    I have heard that Dart does not like "Lease Hold" land which most of Ryan's  property is.  Look for our Leader  Mac, to fold for Dart and convert all that area to Freehold"  then dart will purchase even more of the 7 Mile beach corridor.  Folks open you eyes.  See what is happening. Mac must be stopped NOW or dart will "own"us and then can do what ever he pleases.  All the other arguments going on will not matter.  It will all be his!

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree.  I'm glad someone sees the future development potential of Cayman and is willing to bet long and do it well.  He is buying parcels of land that have been listed for legitimate sale for long periods of time.  If you fear the dreaded investor, you've got three choices:  don't sell the land, buy it yourself, find another buyer.  

      • Anonymous says:

        I disagree with you. The crown land that Dart is being GIVEN has never been for sale and should always belong to the Caymanian people. 

      • Anonymous says:

        "dreaded investor"

        Never thought of that as a descriptor for Dart before but it sorta rhymes, it is also how we feel fearful of him, how about "Dreaded invisible investor", that does not rhyme as well but it is a more accurate description.

        Just my thoughts, what do you think about that one.

    • Anonymous says:



      Bull shit, Bryan Butler bought , own and developed 4.5 miles of the seven mile beach, and not one Caymanian said feapp. Somertimes i wonder if it isthe  caymanians complaining or these jealous expats that dont like Dart owning so much more than they do.

      • Leavin' says:

        You do know that Brian Butler IS a Caymanian? The last time I checked status makes you a Caymanian

        • Anonymous says:



          Thats my point, they are both Caymanians, but why you all telescoping this man…Dart?

          • Anonymous says:

            Because Butler paid his import duties and received no concessions from Govt?

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you hear that from a sea shell? Dart has not purchased anything that was not for sale and he has payed for it up front (unlike your CIG).  Blameing Dart or Ryan for your problems is like Bush blameing the Govenor for his incompetence.Your kids and your "Folks" might belive you but no one else does.

  7. Leavin' says:

    these boats have made this dock space an eye sore. There are many that will be glad to see them gone.

  8. Anonymous says:

    There are three things here – first is whether the land is privately owned and the boat operators are squatting. The second is, if it is on Government land, why should they get a perpetually FREE base from which to operate? Other boat operators enter into agreements with private land owners, even if only for a monthly stipend. Beyond that, other Caymanian small businesses don't get free office space from Government or the Crown or any private land owners. Third and most interesting of all, this deal with Mike Ryan  – the development agreement for Dragon Bay – the precedent for all these subsequent concessions to developers and sweet deals was given by the PPM – Kurt, Alden, Chuckie, Tony and Arden. Oh yeah -and don't forget, Wayne Panton as Chairman of the Port Authority agreed to it all too.

    • Anonymous says:

      09 ; 30


      I have to agree with you.

      We caymanians want it all for free. We think because we are caymanians that who ever comes into this country they owe us something. These boat operators are making lots of money….why dont they lease a piece of property from the Gov. or private sector like every foreigner does.

      Stop free loading off people, assert yourselves, and stop the shit…about foreigners. you're making your money from them. Try to work with these people.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Some of the boats in there are inoperable and have simply been abandoned.  It's an eyesore.

  10. Anonymous says:

    why is Michael Ryan even allowed to do any more development on these Islands what he need to do is PAY the millons that he owe this country just may be that would help with the Debt  why isnt government pushing these people to pay what is owed to this country and stop with all the BS  Mckeeva is carrying on with.

  11. Goin'Broke says:

    According to the Government Lands and Survey website Block 12C Parcel 451 currently has Crown listed as the proprietor. The area in question is also currently zoned Public Open Space (as is the majority of the Eastern half including the golf course and most of the condo development!).

    • noname says:

      Captain Brian, there is so much involved here that it is now confusing to even think about what is going on.

      I can tell you this much, this may be of interest to you as you are from ole school.
      THE GOLF COURSE PROPERTY WHERE RYAN has been leasing does not belong to government at all, nor does it belong toRyan. That land was outright stolen from the estate of a local family butting and binding with the property where you were raised by your grandmama Ms. Sissy & Your Auntie.Can’t remember her name. But the land was stolen from the family estate of the man that worked in your grandma Miss Sissy shop!!!!!
      That’s what politicians do to their people. It was not a case of government needing the property for anything whatsoever. It was a simple case where a politician using his power committed an act of “theft” stole the property acres and acres of land from the family…… was done in an underhanded manner, covered up. Everyone is “Mum” on this topic when an inquiry is done at the land registry and lands and survey, no one wants to talk about it! I believe this is the reason government keeps leasing the land because they do not have a clear title. The whole entire picture is completely muddled with corruption and a history of obtaining this property by deception. If the elected official back in that time (not anyone in government now so do not point any fingers and it was not the premier)
      but that official was dishonest, and how it has become government property to lease to Ryan is mystery yet to be unfolded.

      That land is “cursed” as it was acquired dishonestly and there will be no peace concerning this piece of land until government returns it back to the rightful owners that were victims and taken advantage of by an elected official or financial compensation.

      The Compass promised to investigate but has not come back to the public to report any findings. I believe its going to take an FOI to get to the bottom of this.

      Capt Bryan, is there a boat dock or marina near the golf course?

      • noname says:

        I remember yes that piece of land when that elected official outright stole the land from that family.
        This is very serious something should be done about it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Benson greenall original tenant.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If I don't show up in court because of not paying a ticket, I will be picked up by the police.

    Now if I am a wealthy developer, it is a totally different ball game. I can do whatever I want.

    And it doesn't really matter which political party is in charge.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Ryan should pay what he owes government – or  his company of which he was a director should pay up the $6M.  Obviously, he left that deal in a mess and please tell me why this govt. would now allow him to go forward with another development.  If I owed the govt. $10,000, I would likely end up in jail for it.  Stop the madness. Let's all stick together on this one too.  Its time we show this govt. that Caymanians and ex-pats are not afraid of them anymore and we will stand united against unfairness.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Isnt this area Zoned as Public open space on the Development Plan. It also has been vested to the Port Authority! I say they should sit in and gently anchor across the entrance of the Safe Haven Canal, until the Government addresses the situation.

    Enough is enough! Stop kicking us while things are hard!


  15. datisme says:

    Do you own the land?  Why do you still think that youcan act like you do?  Get used to it as your own leadership is doing a great job of making sure only expats will be able to afford it.  if it was government land they would now be trying to collect past dock rental.

  16. Anon says:

    More protests against Mckeeva and UDP administration


  17. Tax E. Dermist says:

    If Michael Ryan owes 6 million and we charge him 10% of his income does that mean we owe him 600,000? Crap, now I’m really broke and confused!

    • MacTaxman Cometh says:

      As a Caymanian (via Mac's mass status grants), Ryan will not be subject to the 10% payroll tax.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I'm not a boat Captain, but anyone with a brain would doubt Ryan's word and could easily see why Dart would purchase that land. 

    I have long believed Dart will not stop until he owns the entire rim of the North Sound.  Eventually there will be no one to object to his developments as Dart will be the adjacent land owner to Dart owned land.  So the only one left to stand up to him will be DOE.  They will and have tried but Mac keeps putting them back in their little box.

    In time I suspect the poor and middle class Caymanians will be stuffed into the center of the island with no view or access to the ocean.  They will be forced to pay for use and a view that was once enjoyed by everyone for free.

    Guys, our island has been mostly sold.  And guess who sold the land…us.  Sad.

    Capt. Ebanks, I say keep applying the pressure and stand up for any rights you may have left.


  19. Anonymous says:

    How come Mac na saying a word about this?  Makes you wonder eh?  Blunder after blunder.  How can Mike Ryan ever do another development here when he still owes millions to the government?  Something don't add up here.  FOI?

  20. Knot S Smart says:

    Instead of Mr. Ryan building anything for Port Authority would he please just pay the $6 million first?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Um, so Mr Ryan owes Govt millions, is in huge debt as I understand it, & possibly not a great person to rely on for paying, & he is allowed to carry on developing in Cayman & not paying bills, yet Govt are taxing expats for revenue. WTF?!

    Can I have my taxes deferred until such time as I am unable to pay them, then get let off the hook please? I can't give free Condos away though.