Taylor calm over Mac attack

| 03/08/2012

_DSC7855-web.jpg(CNS): Although the governor said he is “disappointed by the tone and content” of the remarks made by the premier about him this week, Duncan Taylor has remained measured in his response to the premier’s attack. The governor stated Friday that he is committed to the vision of a flourishing Cayman Islands and in the “spirit of co-operation” was keen to work with the premier to address the budget challenges. During a meeting in West Bay on Wednesday night about the proposed tax on work permit holders Premier McKeeva Bush condemned the governor for not helping Cayman but being “hell bent” on its destruction and told him to stop interfering with the political arm of government.

Bush accused the governor of not helping with the budget process and not going to bat for Cayman with the UK. He criticised him for interfering and stalling government policy to divest government assets and said he and his "hit man", the auditor general, were frightening everybody.

In response to queries from the media regarding the comments made at the public meeting, the governor released a statement Friday afternoon stating that he was aware of what had been said but he supported well managed public finances and adherence to international standards of governance to enhance Cayman’s reputation as a good place to live, work and do business. 

“I am committed to do everything I can to contribute to that vision,” he said. “I have worked hard to this end since my arrival in the Cayman Islands two and a half years ago and I will continue to do so for the remainder of my time as Governor.”

He said that while his particular responsibilities include security and policing, as well as supervision of the civil service and promotion of good governance, wherever he believed there was a role for him he would do what he could to help.

“That includes contributing to the efforts of the Cayman Islands Government and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to reach agreement on the budget,’ Taylor said.

“These are challenging times for the Cayman Islands, as for so many countries around the world.  I am keen to work with the Honourable Premier and his Government, in a spirit of co-operation, to address these challenges.”

Speaking to CNS, the governor confirmed that while he is responsible for appointing and supervising the civil servants, a job delegated to the deputy governor, the cuts to the headcount could only be made based on policy decisions by the elected arm.

He said that he and the deputy governor could reduce numbers once the ministers made clear what the priorities are and what services could be cut. Taylor explained that if ministers identified policy changes and specific reductions in their ministries, the deputy governor would then work out how that could be achieved and then bring back the plan for ministerial approval.

Although at Wednesday’s meeting the premier had pointed the finger at the governor for the size of the civil service, he admitted that if the deputy governor tried to make cuts or reductions to services, the elected arm of Cabinet would need to approve them and he was not going to support any job losses.

In the Whitehall system, adopted by Cayman, ministers do not appoint or direct public servants. They create policies, which the civil service then implements in the most effective way to achieve the goals of the minister. It is the ministers that must direct the policy changes which will allow the civil service management to recommend cuts to reflect those changes.

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  1. Cmon son says:

    I'd vote for Kirky before I vote for McKeewa -____-

    Im tired of this dude..

    • Local says:

      Why not ask the Governor what is it precisely the UK is asking of Cayman by way of budget surplus (and why a balanced budget would not be more acceptable given the global economic climate)?

      Also ask the Governor what precisely has be done to be in a position to recommend areas for potential cuts in the Civil Service?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Why stoop to an idiot's level…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t be calm!……get even! And put this bully in his place once and for all……..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here is an idea.  MAC  likes to file law suits against all that speak against him.  Now he has gone on public record calling all those that oppose him "devil worshippers' among other things.  How about a class action lawsuit against him.  Must be at least a few thousands of us?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Did any one relize that the people of Turks did not have a problem with the UK take over that took place. When did you hear the people make a fuss. just because the coroupted few politicains were making it seem about they have no rights does not mean they were speaking for the people. Its the same in cayman, the few loud mouth  are making it seem they represent caymanains all around. They do not. they speak for themselves. UK please demand a vote of no confidence. The count does not start until every person possible to vote has voted. This way the caymanian can have the final say, its either UK take over or a early election. And A UK take over by that means would be until a new Goverment can be formed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh don't mention 'class' cos that will be so misunderstood by those that don't have 'class'. 


  7. Anonymous says:

    That:s why he is a diplomat and not a 'so many years in government and never learnt anything because what I say goes' voted in by ….well, who doesnt know why and by who. 

  8. Peanuts says:

    Old timers say "the higher monkey climb the more him expose him self" Bush has long gone much too high and it is starting to hang out in full view, and it ain't pretty.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why would Govenor Taylor care that Big Mac calls him names or make derogatory statements about how he does his job or even himself as a person.

    Big Mac has proven himself to be an absolute joke of a “Premier” and he is most certainly not “Honourable” in any regard.

    I’d like to be a fly on the wall at Tea Time in the Governor’s house. I’m surethe things said about “the Honourable Premier” could make the surliest of sailors blush.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      In reading the Governor’s statement where he commented on the speech of the Honourable Premier I am reminded of Mark Anthony who at the death of Julius Ceasar in his inspiring speech to the crowd repeatedly described Brutus, one of the conspirators in Caesar’s death, as an Honourable Man. It is ironic for our Premier has decreed that he will take the title to the grave. Certainly he will be remembered for being Honourable if nothing else.

    • Beachboi says:

      Governor Taylor is a diplomat and practices diplomacy while Mac is a child and practices with name calling and tantrums, but this is a country we are talking about here.  Governor Taylor should have made any moves possible / available to him to have Mac stripped of his title, prosecuted for his multiple crimes and banned from holding legislative title current and future.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Taylor, agentleman and a diplomat, discusses and debates the issues. This is the way to go forward.


    Personal attacks have no place in civilized debate. Personal attacks lead to division and hatred; both are cruel and unchristian.

  11. datisme says:

    Imagine a Cayman where responsible, ethical gentlemen like Governor Taylor are in charge.

  12. Whodatis says:

    Setting personalities to one side … there are certain truths that remain.

    Regardless of how poised or dignified the governor may or may not be – the fact remains that the UK / FCO has a long-standing history of working AGAINST the interests of the British Overseas Territories.

    They are sticking to their game plan today as we can see the recent forced introduction of VAT tax onto the TCI against the overwhelming wishes of its community.

    I, as a Caymanian, have not a single solid reason to trust the ultimate objectives of Britain or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office – and all of its agents included.

    I could not give less of a damn about how poised or "gentleman-like" they may appear. In my book – this simply makes them even more despicable and snake-like.

    If some of you are prepared to judge the intentions of an individual or entitiy on their presentation alone – while ignoring the historical and current facts and context surrounding their deeds – then I pity each and every one.

    • Cayman Bracker says:

      Whodatis, I will always applaud you telling the truth like it is. I know many British loyalist will take this article as an advantage to lift up the Governor and FCO as goodness against bad. Tell them how it is Whodatis… keep exposing the evils on their side. Although we are PPM and against McKeeva, we are not dumb…. no twisted events will cause us to think otherwise. Thank you for your contribution.

      • Whodatis says:

        Thank you for voicing your support, Cayman Bracker. It means a lot in the face of the overwhelming opposition.

        Although I am not necessarily a PPM supporter – I am wise enough to not allow my (often) disapproval of the Premier blind me to the other all-important truths.

        I only wish more Caymanians would open their eyes to history and (current) reality.

        Take care, thanks again.

        • Anonymous says:

          Until Caymanian voters like Whodatis and Cayman Bracker get it through their heads that these problems are not with the FCO and the UK these problems are from governmental mismanagement  done by Caymanian politicians.

          It is easy to blame others but until these voters get their minds around their own responsiblity for running this country the red herrings of blaming expats and the English will leave them mistaken and in the dark. The Caymanian politicians of both parties have brought this country to the brink and no one else.


          • The lone haranguer says:

            And we elected them, so the buck stops with us I am afraid.

          • Whodatis says:

            Fair enough.

            However, question for you.

            Where are you from, and who is responsible for the even greater "brink" at which your country now finds themselves? (Yes, I can confidently make that assumption.)

            There is not a western leader today that would not give his right arm to exchange his crisis for our "crisis".

            Also, I have never blamed an expat or "the English" for our current state of affairs. On the contrary, I have on many occasions blamed both political parties and administrations prior to their inception. Therefore, kindly refrain from that line of argument as it has no place in this particular discussion.

            Regardless, nothing you have said negates the historical and ongoing nature of the FCO / UK as it relates to the BOT's – which was my focus – so … I really fail to see the point you were attempting to make.

            Feel free to try again though … we're open 24 hours a day.

    • datisme says:

      What was the trauma in your young life that caused you such a inmitagated and overwhelming fear of all things UK?  So much built up hatred that a person that lies,has been proven incompetent too many times and is a complete a$$hole to anyone he sees as a threat has become your hero?  Seek help.

      • Whodatis says:
        1. I do not "fear" the UK.
        2. I do not "hate" the UK … or any one or thing for that matter. (Since when has highlighting truth equated to "built up hatred"?)
        3. McKeeva Bush is by no means my "hero". (Kindly refrain from putting words in my mouth or loyalties in my heart. Then again, perhaps you are unable to assess the situation beyond classifications of; UDP vs PPM, or "love the UK" vs. "hate McKeeva". )
        4. Seek common sense … and a proper understanding of actual history. (Thereafter you are more than welcome to try again.)

        You take care now …

    • Jung At Heart says:

      Whatever the sources of your other issues, it is becoming increasingly clear that your subconscious wrestling with your half-Caymanian, half-British heritage is a significant driver for much of your anti-British sentiments as part of overcompensation in an attempt to establish what you perceive to be a more defined personal identity.

      • Whodatis says:

        You do realize that a reply wholly based on your personal opinion of the state of my self-identity does absolutely nothing to negate the points raised in my post, right?

        Either debate the issues or sit down and enjoy a hot cup of stfu tea.



        • Pit Bull says:

          One of funniest exchanges on CNS for a long time. "STFU tea" how pathetic.  The point Whodatis failed to see was that the comment WAS addressing the point so many make to him, that his sense of perspective is so skewed that he has very little of substance to add to any debate.  I used to think that Whodatis was a flamer, but unfortunately I think he actually believes this stuff.

          • Whodatis says:

            Good ol' Pit Bull … always on time.

            Let us examine the facts, shall we?

            I read the news story, skimmed through the comments and submitted my perspective on the matter.

            I attacked no one, I forwarded no personal insults – I simply touched upon historical issues and facts. I even removed the characters from the equation and approached the matter from an objective standpoint.

            What was the result?

            A shower of personal, ad hominen and ridiculous attacks on "Whodatis". Not a single poster managed to even touch on the issues or points that I raised – yourself included.

            (I can only assume that many felt as if my words were directed at them. Which is quite unfortunate … and telling.)

            Why is that? Ask yourself.

            Simply because – I spoke truth.

            Call me what you may, take your little pop-shots, throw your little "thumb orgies" … but at the end of the day … truth is truth.

            Truthfully yours,


            • Pit Bull says:

              I like the fact you always have to have the last word.  Generally the sign of a rampant ego.  Now will you be able to let that one lie?  I bet you are itching to type something aren't you . . .

              But yet again your little post misses the point.  Your perspective and reading of "facts" are extremely subjective.  Your conviction that you are speaking "the truth" when you are stating your opinion is at the heart of most of the criticism about what you say.  That, and the opinion of the vast majority that what you write is a pile of verbose crap written in the style of a freshman politics student with a poster of Che on the wall.

              • Whodatis says:

                I was about to properly reply to your post, but after seeing that it included at least a dozen "you's" and "your's" – I knew it would have been a complete waste of time.

                Again … nothing but personal attacks and a complete disregard for the actual points of my initial post.

                I'm done.

        • St Peter says:

          Whodatis – I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing with your argument as I have no opinion on your discussion. I dont know why, but how your words were arranged above, brought to my memory a story from long ago.

          There was this local man who did not have the opportunity to go to school but he was said to have memorized every word in the dictionary.

          One day he walked into a hardware store and said to the salesman "I would like to purchase an apparatus with which to inflate my immediate means of transportation"

          The salesman looked at him dumbfounded and said "We dont sell that"

          "Ok then – I am asking for a bicycle pump like that one on the shelf by where you are standing"



          • Whodatis says:

            So long as all parties came to the same understanding in the end … such is the wonder of human communication and interaction.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Sometime when you open your mouth tells people your education level, my advice keep your mouth close Keke!

    • Anonymous says:

      Lots of people don't have education but choose to try and educate themselves about this life and people.  Some do not try.  That's ignorance. Then choose to blame their ignorance on those who chose to try and educate themselves, without education.

  14. Anonymous says:

    If Duncan Taylor believes in good governance and is here to oversee such, someone needs to wake him up and let him know this ship is sinking while he is asleep at the wheel.  What is it going to take for him to realise there is no such thing here as good governance, only a dictatorship and I predict anarchy before too long.  Get with the program Mr. Governor……start sorting this mess out.  You have the power and the people behind you to take some of these matters into your own hands and get England involved…..and you have some time to do that before the next swim meet.   

  15. P A Rody says:

    Do you think Mac saw the Guv'ners irony when calling him the "Honorable" Premier


    • Anonymous says:

      The Governor is the Queen’s representative, he is a diplomat. He is not going to try to ‘defend himself’ against political accusations, or stand up to the Hon. Premier as someone suggested. He is secure in the knowledge that he is doing what’s right, he will carry on with dignity. He knows (I hope) that this is what most of us understand and expect of him.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is an old saying which goes something like this "give on enough rope" and you will see the out come.  Not just for the Premier but to all people within the Cayman Islands like TCI they sat around and insulted and tried to play hard ball with the UK and when the UK had enough they put their foot down and up.    I for one don't want to see any kind of taxes but as sure as I am alive and writing this taxes or massive reduction in spending and job cuts in the cs will come very soon.  So there is absolutely no need to take it any further just implementwhat the UK has suggested before we are forced kicking and screaming to do it. 

  16. Expat says:

    While cuts are needed in the CS, more must be done to assist anyone laid off into the private sector, more unemployed Caymanians will just lead to even more hatred of the expats.

    With the new highly discriminatory tax, many expats will leave and it will be difficult to replace them, so in the short term there may be more jobs for Caymainians, until the businesses start moving away to cheaper jurisdictions.

    We had an accouting job open, no Caymanian applications and out of the 8 expat application 6 have withdrawn them since the tax was annouced, and the other 2 were very worried and also looking elsewhere.

    There are even rumours that the whole department will be moved.

    I just hope the Caymanians remember to blame Bush, and not the expats for leaving when the housing market and work permit fees dry up and th CS will be cut dramatically.


    • Anonymous says:

      Just can't understand why the business people are asking for more permits to in place of expat tax.  Can someone justify the need for more permits, when permits are what has 2000 people jobless and the expats are in the jobs that some of the 2000 filled.


      Stop the madness, fill the vacancies with the caymanians who trained most of those expats.  They are given work permits on the premise that they are this, that and the other thing, yet. when they have to do the job, who, just who is expectd to show them what to do? 


      Stop bringing friends to help move the goal post another mile down the road.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just start cutting from the top. You'll cut fewer people for more savings and a large percentage have secondary incomes anyway. Problem solved.

  17. BORN FREE says:

    Yes, the Governor is calm over the "tone & content" of the premiers disgraceful attacks, but that is because he (the Governor) is a gentleman!

  18. Anonymous says:

    “…disappointed by the tone and content…”

    What do expect from a political class made up of incompetent and corrupt "Beverly Hillbillies"?


    " Duncan Taylor has remained measured in his response.."

    Thank you sir, you, like the Auditor General and the FOI Commissioner are showing grace under fire.


    "… supported well managed public finances and adherence to international standards…"

    "… promotion of good governance…"

    These comments fly in the face of the well entrenched incompetence and corruption in the Cayman political classI.


    "… reach agreement on the budget,…"

    How can you agree with competence and corruption?


    "… the Honourable Premier…"

    The Premier is not honourable. I can say this and you cannot (for obvious diplomatic reasons).


    "… policy decisions by the elected arm…"

    This policy is governed by incompetence and corruption.


    "… once the ministers made clear what the priorities are…"

    The political priorities are incompetence and corruption. Income tax for the expats just keep the unsustainable party going for a few more short years.


    "… bring back the plan for ministerial approval…"

    The ministerial plan is to keep the incompetent and corrupt party going for as long as possible.


    "In the Whitehall system, adopted by Cayman, ministers do not appoint or direct public servants. They create policies which the civil service then implements in the most effective way…"

    This principle is ignored by Cayman politicians who continue to micro-manage the minutia of Cayman life in order to enrich themselves.


    Mr. Governor, the only positive hope for the Cayman Islands is a new generation of educated, trained, hard working, and ethical Caymanians. They exist, I have had the pleasure of knowing some of them, and I sincerely hope that they have the courage to step up to the plate and challenge McKeeva and his corrupt and incompetent stooges for power. It will, of course, not be easy;it will be very messy. I see a lot of blood, sweat, and tears before Cayman can be put right.




    An expat who wishes the best for Cayman and all of its people

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Governor:


    My sympathies because you are caught between a rock and a hard place. The Cayman voting people have, over the years, elected governments that are both incompetent and corrupt. That this the democratic choice of the Caymanian people. You must bow to that.


    My respectful recommendation is to advocate full independence for the Cayman Islands as a country. If Caymanians want an incompetent and corrupt government, let them have it. As a whole, they seem to value refrigerators and paved driveways over good governance.


    The United Kingdom should let them go; they deserve what they elect (both UDP and PPM).



    An Expat who left the Islands several years ago and who mourns what is being lost.

    • Whodatis says:

      Sounds like you are describing the UK itself or any other "great" western democracy, my friend.

      However, I am certain you will disagree or claim to not realize this – for your own selfish reasons, no doubt.

      Open your eyes … then take your head out of your narcissitic and cynical ass.

      See? Darkness turns to light … and the air is much fresher, isn't it?

    • Dicktator Must Go says:

      I hope our Governor does not listen to your suggestions.  What does Cayman have to be independent with.  If we go independent the standard of living for 80% of the Caymanian population will have to trey to move to someone else's country to be able to eat food.  I am a registered Caymanian voter and have never supported the party system.  The people who sold their support for paved driveways and appliances are not the entire Cayman Islands, they are the people who will sell their mothers if they could get something for it.  I have been beggfing for assistance in paving our road, which is not for me, but for the residents of a road that has over 35 residences (that were supposed to be up-scale), but the dust from our street is killing plants and everything else in its way.  Our dictator wants to be independent so he can become the first of everything in Cayman, but thanks to him, even the people who helped bring the Cayman Islands to prosperity, are looking elsewhere to move to.  When we lose all those residents due to the stupid tax, what will happen then?  McKeeva needs to XXXX deal with the developers like he did one time.  This is what happens when you give ultimate power to an un-educated, self-important boob, who would sell his own soul to the highest bidder.  I see things he has said in print and I reflect back to Michael Misick of TCI, so please Mr. Taylor, send him to join Misick in the Dominican Republic.  We cannot go on with this devious madman any longer.  You are here to help us, then HELP US. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm born Caymanian and proud to say that there are still honest, hardworking, competent  'Caymanians' with integrity. It's unfortunate that the majority rules, as this leaves the innocent to suffer for the guilty.

      We as 'minority'  Caymanians are saddened by the state of our lil islands that we love and cherish so. To icing the cake, we are being prostituted out by our government all because of hunger for power & money. The saddest thing of it  all is that when our islands are totally distroyed, there are some of  us who will have to continue to try and survive in the mess as it is our only home. However, the ones that got us in this mess will have a nice lined pocket to seek a new life elsewhere. Fortunately for 'expats' they will be able to escape as well.

      So please don't class us all together as corrupt, as there are still a few good apples in the basket covered/hidden by the wrotten ones desperately desiring to be rescue.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Weak response and more buck passing.

  21. Anonymous says:

    That's because our Gov knows how to conduct himself in public, as do most British politicians.  He knows his etiquette, he's polite and diplomatic and can get the point across clearly and concisely without twisting things out of proportion.  An Abassador for his country… unlike someone I know.

  22. NeoSurvivor says:

    Governor Taylor is a class act;  He understands the value of civility and decorum, as should all of our politicians.   To stoop to insults is to concede a loss in the debate, because one that has done so is no longer discussing the points of the debate, but lowering themselves to an ad hominem attack.  

    In order to make ANY progess within this shambles of a budget, one must first agree to speak to and about their peers in a civil manner.   Otherwise, the discussion becomes personal, as we have seen time and again.     No progress can be made in an atmosphere of animosity.  

    Premier Bush, please PLEASE work with the resources available to you.   You cannot prevail via insult, nor can you any longer convince the populace to follow your 'vision' with such tactics.  

    I do not believe that the UK wants to "TCI" the Cayman Islands.   I think they demonstrate that they would go to great lengths to avoid such a dramatic move.   They simply want good governance and accountability.    They are not going to approve a budget that is mostly whimsy, nor should they. 

  23. Anonymous says:

    It's  called class.  Hell, it's basic maturity

  24. Anonymous says:

    Come on Govenor Taylor, stand up to the bully and stop letting him say things that are not too complimentary of you. You are in in a position to stand up to him whereas we we are not in any position to do anything to stop him. We want you to not only "bat for Cayman" but please bat for us. How can you let him say things about you and you don't even rap his knuckles even though you should do more than that.

    Caymans favorite Governor has always been Govenor Thomas Russell and believe me when I tell you that you could fly past him in popularity if you stand up to the constant bullying by the Premier of all of us, and do something. 

    Thank you Mr Govenor!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Taylor: Mr Bond
    Bush: Mr Bean

    • Anonymous says:

      that is insulting to Mr. Bean

    • Anonymous says:

      You leave Mr Bean alone….how dare you use Mr B and Mr Bean in the same sentence….no……we love Mr Bean!!!!  Mr Bean for Premier!

  26. Jarrett Nicholson says:

    It's to bad the yahoo in charge doesn't have the reserve and calm our governor has. If it was up to me the FCO would be paying mac a visit in person.


  27. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    McKeeva is not perfect and he is who he is; but at the end of the day, if I had a choice to trust an "Englishman" or any "UK Man" who arrived to my shores – over Mac, I would put my 100% trust and faith in my Caymanian to steer me through rough and unchartered waters any day. That's a fact !!!!!    


  28. Anonymous says:

    I’m off on holiday. When I come back, please can my taxdollars be spent on gagging the welcome band at the airport and putting in a new queue fortaxpayers. The new queue would be compulsory and have no immigration officer at its head. That way I can just turn round and leave.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Well done duncan, just like wednesday night, you never sink to the level of your opponents…..

  30. Anonymous says:

    Where is the opposition?


  31. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Governor for your measured response. No need for educated, intelligent and right minded amoungst us (Caymanians and Expats alike) to stoop to the level of the premier!

    Let's continue to do our part to bring about a sensible resolution to these trying times. That includes all of us attending the upcoming meeting on monday evening to educate ourselves by asking qestions and by offering solutions.

    A Caymanian of many generations….and a Civil Servant also.

  32. Another Anon says:

    After all that was said about the Governor by MacBully, the Governor still refers to him as ” the Honourable Premier”. What a classy guy….the Guv that is.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Well done Mr Taylor. Anyone that goes againist the "Big Mac" is going againist Cayman. Gee so only those that are infavor of him and his ways love these islands. wow what a sad day cause these dear islands are not loved that much 🙁

  34. Anonymous says:

    Because he has class.