The Elephant in the Room

| 09/08/2012

It occurs to me that with all this recent discussion regarding the increase in revenue we are still rather successfully managing to avoid the elephant in the room that is growing bigger with every ‘nation building’ project and every paycheck that’s written to those in charge, whose only agenda seems to be plundering the public purse for their (hopefully) last few months in office.

I am of course referring to cutting expenditure and not necessarily putting a bunch of civil servants out of a job.  As much as a ‘nation building fund’ is a wonderful idea – it is hardly appropriate to be exhausting the public purse to increase the pride of a nationthat seems to me to be in this mess because of an inflated pride to begin with.

Just a couple of the recent expenses that could have been avoided:

  • The Premier’s ‘jolly’ to Jamaica to celebrate their independence – let’s not forget at the time he flew to Jamaica we were potentially expecting the arrival of a hurricane
  • The massive delegation of Cayman Airways representatives who flew to Cuba to discuss Cayman Airways – could this have been discussed in Cayman?  Could local businesses have benefitted?
  • Panama Inaugural Flight (in excess of $70k)
  • Awards ceremony at the Westin in order that our premier can keep the title ‘honourable’ for perpetuity. With respect to those who may be deserving of this honour, it’s hardly the time to be concentrating on what some might consider to be frivolous matters.

These may seem minor but they are literally just the tip of the iceberg – and looking at the expenditure cuts (minimal as they are) that the premier is proposing, most if not all affect the ‘ordinary’ Caymanian he claims he’s trying to save. This seems to indicate that he doesn’t consider himself to be an ‘ordinary Caymanian’ because I don’t believe he will be affected (at least not directly) by any of these cuts.

We are told (by both parties) that politicians need their inflated salaries because the politicians find themselves having to pay electric bills for those who can’t afford to pay their electricity. As generous and kind as this sounds, it is a fool’s game and reminds me of the saying, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day but teach a man to fish and he will feed his family for life.”

I say to our politicians (with respect to those with very real struggles out there trying to meet their commitments) that there are better ways to spend your inflated salaries if you are trying to do good for your country.

If you are simply taking more money than the job is worth so you can keep your people poor and helpless, then you are doing an even greater disservice to this country than abusing your positions by taking free vacations.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    Annie Oakley is a straight shooter. Right on target.


  2. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    The Elephant in the Room question could have been put a little differently:

    Do we really need politicians in the first place? 

    What do they do besides create problems for us… and get paid… by us.. to solve them?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who you callin “you people”!?

  4. Anonymous says:

    This post is really well written. First thing it is irrelevant who Annie Oakley is. That is our first problem. We need to figure out who this is and who she think she is !!!

    Let's get over ourselves. if and when I actually hear a reasoned sensible thought emerge from McKeeva I will accept it as such.  

    Until….I applaud all those who are growing more comfortable each day in their skin to speak as this writer did. It is what we need more of. A well presented point of view which was not expressed by a politican. We need to hear all sides of the issue and then think….think….think for oursleves.

    We need not be subservient to anyone….just to our own good conscience and to the greater good of Cayman

  5. durrrr says:

    Don’t forget the new ‘walking track’ – another complete waste of money.

  6. Anonymous says:

    We're just about to give $40M to the UDP's 2013 election campaign.  Mark my words, between now and then you will witness the biggest UDP spending spree and give away of all time.  Sit back and marvel as the ill-conceived, nonsensical, and certain to be positive discriminatory progams roll out one after the other, and the extra money raised in taxes is squandered by a fiscally imprudent, irresponsible government that will sell of the family silver to cling on to power.  My guess is the Nation Building Fund will receive a few million dollars immediately, and then I give it less than a month before the first rediculous proposal rears it's ugly head.  Probably Elio's ring-fence a portion of work permit fees to educate Caymanians for better jobs.  Consider the tautology!  But watch — here it comes now they're collecting more in work permit fees.  We all know that an increased in revenues is pointless without caveats of properly managed and audited controls on public spending.  

    • Truth says:

      To expect anything else from this regime would be foolish.  But then again this is Cayman. Nothing the current "honorable" premeir has said has come true. (except maybe the promise to his voteing block)  There has never been more money given (not payed) to a government entity and never has there been so much waste of money in return.  But here in Cayman "the people" still listen and expect great things.  I know most Caymanians see things differently from the "others" but come on.  It is way past time Caymanians grow up and start to think for themselves.  Or they can continue on the easy road and listen to fools as their only protected place on earth is stolen out from under them.  Question: what country will now openly except Caymanian workers over their own?  Don't ask Bush.  Try and figure it out for your selves.  As for me I see NO change coming until its all gone.  
      Some things are meant to fail for good reasons.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great article, it's hard to know when to stop pointing out the waste as there is more every day. Mark Scotland and entourage at the olympics etc…. etc..

  8. Anonymous says:

    How do you deal with an elephant in the room?  You don't fight against the elephant, because he can take one step towards you and crush you. Rather, you give him what he wants. You go in your drawer and pull out a pack of peanuts to feed on. And then whilst he hogs away, you slip right out the house and run to your neighbor's home where there is no elephants but fat cats. But beware, these cats are very territorial and love to feed often on who they view as mice. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Good idea about feeding the elephant peanuts and running to my neighbours house.  Problem is my neighbour is full of bull sharks and the other is wired shut so I will stay at home and fight the elephant… Caymanian and going nowhere.

    • Anonymous says:

      You tell Annie to get her elephant gun.

  9. noname says:



    We are very pleased with the premier's Performance. He is gaining momentum.

    Get with the program.!

  10. The Parliamentarian says:

    This is one article that Ifind nothing to disagree with.  Stop the ####### waste!

  11. JTB says:

    This post is eminently sensible and will therefore be ignored by Bush

  12. Anonymous says:

    Exactly the sentiments of many of us….Caymanians and Expats!