Miller boycotts budget speech

| 21/08/2012

ezzard june.jpg(CNS): Following the premier’s decision to present his government’s budget to the Legislative Assembly Tuesday evening before gaining official UK approval, the independent member for North Side boycotted the proceedings. MLA Ezzard Miller said he refused to participate in the Throne Speech and Budget Address, which had not received agreement from the FCO’s OT minister, Henry Bellingham, as it was yet another example of the  premier's continued circumvention of due process. With the government benches carrying the majority in parliament, Miller pointed to the futility of attempting to object to the proceedings in the LA when all eight UDP members “would simply follow in lockstep” anything the premier does.

As a result, the MLA simply walked out of the Legislative Assembly before the speeches were delivered as he said he could not be a party to further abuse of the system by Premier McKeeva Bush. Miller pointed to the memo circulated by Deputy Governor Franz Manderson an hour or so before the LA session opened.

“It is rather curious that the Premier, having cancelled several previously announced dates and times for convening the LA to present the budget, today makes the choice to present the  budget without final FCO approval,” Miller stated, adding that he had become aware of the statement from the governor shortly before proceedings were due to start which made it clear the premier was delivering the budget in the knowledge that the OT minister had not, and may not give, his approval to the plans.

“I decided not to take part in the process because this is yet another example of the premier's continued circumvention of due process by ignoring the provisions of the PMFL and the FFR, which he signed with the FCO,” Miller said.

“I will, however, return to parliament … to debate and make my contribution on behalf of the people of North Side and this country. Hopefully, the premier, will by then have made the necessary adjustments to get FCO approval on  the budget,” he added.

Miller missed a long and repetitive presentation by the premier, in which he said he had decided to bring the budget before getting official approval as there had been indications from the FCO that they would accept the latest reductions in operation expenses. He said these had been reduced to $531 million. 

Bush said that Bellingham was “off” (the UK minister is understood to be taking his annual leave) but the Cayman government could not wait any longer to begin the budget process so he had made a decision to deliver the budget as he expected it would be approved.

Deputy Governor Manderson indicated in a statement released before the start of the LA that while the budget had not yet received official approval, the FCO had no objections to the Throne Speech being delivered.

Although Bush made his speech and gave some fleeting references to the spending and revenue measures contained in the budget, there were no documents to support the presentation. However, he said these would be delivered to members on Tuesday, though he did not indicate when the appropriations bill and supporting documents would be available to the public.

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  1. Futwo says:

    SHEEP OR WOLF????????

    Ezzard you get paid to attend meetings but you act like a school boy…..if the game isn’t played your way you take your ball and go home….

    Is Ezzard really suitable to be our next Premier???? Do any of you Johnny come Lately’s remember the last time this tyrant was in power back in 1992??? He was a complete disaster Team Cayman was one of the most corrupt Governments this country ever saw. The morning meetings at the Hungry Horse….the fixing of Government contracts…..UDP learnt what they know from Ezzard then improved upon it…..if this man was in charge businesses would be folding and relocating faster than the white people left after Ivan….we will all be back to fishing and planting our grounds quicker than you can spell MILLER….it don’t matter to me I work in the hot sun everyday with my hands I have no problem going back to the “good ole days” but some of you new Caymanians with the big white collar jobs that has given you your million dollar homes and hundred thousand dollar cars may not find it as easy to adapt when the only skill you can do with your hands is tie your neck tie…BEWARE OF THIS WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING

  2. Just me says:

    Ezzard and other MLA's that do this are simply wrong. They get paid to attend these few meetings; that is the majot part of their job> If you don't go to work then you should not be paid. And as for having 'Mock" meetings outside when the LA is in session – they should be charged for making a mockery of our system of government.

    In this case, with the budget address, the Premier is being pro-active. The papers have to get out and into the hands for the members to be able to debate.  Approval from the UK will be obtained; the budget for the most part was approved and just requires minor tweaking. So what is wrong with members beginning to review the books now so that they have the necessary time? No they prefer for the Premier to wait until the last minute so they will have that to quarrel about that he only gave them the papers with 24 hours to read.

    Ezzard, go collect your bundle and start working on your response.  I think you should also be looking for your alternate employment plan. You are not going to be premier – so get over it!


    • hmm says:

      They are also paid to not waste the peoples time and this sham of a budget address was just that! a sham!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    If Ezzard chooses to skip meetings for political reasons, then his pay should be docked.


    No work, no pay. Simple. It would help set an example.

    • Anonymous says:


  4. madazhell says:

    Love him or hate him – KUDOS to you Mr. Miller for doing what was right and just.

  5. Catman says:

    I am not a major fan of Ezzard’s politics, but I personally know him to be an honest and ethically driven person.

    On this count he is spot on.

  6. Kosher Nostra says:

    For whatever it's worth.  I really don't care about Miller sitting out on the budget.  Point is the country must continue to function, with or without the UK.  Plain and simple.  I don't like it, but it is what it is.



  7. Anonymous says:

    Fudget speech…again….Miller please keep helping getting rid of this XXXXX!


    Whether we accept it or not, but by Mr Miller walking out of the house when the Budget speech was to be presented; he insulted the Deputy Governor, the Premier and the Speaker of the house, and all of the sitting members whether it be MLA or PPM.  It was down right rude, if its not his way or the Highway.

    But my fellow Caymanians look at it this way.  You have a job in your office, and you boss tell every one he will be calling a meeting with staff. .  But your decision is that you do not want to hear what he or head office has to say and decides to walk out of office.   YOU SHOULD BE FIRED.  Mr Miller should be asked to resign for the many times he has instigated the party to walk out of Assembly.

    I will say this much.  Talk about Alden McLaughlin.  He is a gentleman in my books.  Many of you are trying to kick Alden McLaughlin to the ground, but He is a Man with much respect.  He is not loose or slack with words on the talk show.  Mr Arden I do not know which RAIN BOW you are following, but I hope you soon find the end.

    • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Insult to the deputy you are truly lacking in understanding .  Evidently you don't understand that there is no approved budget by the UK, so how can one deliver a bugdet address without an approved budget?  Let me put it to you like I would a five year old, what happened at the budget address was like a wedding taking place without the groom.  I applaude Mr. Miller for not showing up for such a mockery. I find it very offensive as a matter of fact just as I would going to a wedding and staying through the process without a groom.  What would be the point, where was the approved budget?  I cry for my country if this signals what is yet to come.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did it occur to you that the deputy governor could be seen as insulting us, the Caymanian people, by his tagging along with this farce.  Personally I lost respect for the man by his actions here.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love this line 'the FCO had no objections to the Throne Speech being delivered'.

    More like they no longer care what is said because the true budget has been drawn up in London and the Governor will be presenting it when he returns next week and shuts the LA down.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn't have walked out- I would have run.

    I'd rathereat sand than listen to another 3 hour rant from the Premier and Minister of Finance about how our finances are everyone else's fault.

    • Dred says:

      I would rather drag my bum over hot coals.

      This is so pathetic its not funny. Does he really think he can FORCE the FCOs hand at anything? Get rid of your crap vote buying items and lets get a budget done.

  11. Anonymous says:

    You are right . But when are we going to get rid of this uneducated fool. It is time for another petition or referendum . How dare he make this a joke of a gov't that should be solving this fiasco. When will he understand that talkng like he's in church is not hiding things. I feel sorry for Mike Adams and Cline Glidden .You all need to get up and walk out before we lose this country. You all know its the right thing to do. Even you Eugene , whats wrong ? You think you going to slide under this and get elected again? Think about your community, your country. How long do you think we got? The rats feel the water rising and they will be the first in the liferafts and living with their money in some poor country like jamaica . They will be big shots there and cost of living will be low very low. Bye bye Sir Turtle

    This is the time for a no confidence vote for the house to get this honorable premier out before he wrecks the country. Because he will be out its only a matter of time. Its you all decision to make the right move for your country and selves. Stand strong and together for the country our home the Cayman islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      ++++++++++++++, TTTTTTTTTT.

      You'r not serious CG is 1 of his biggest supporters and do not have the b000's

      to object to his leader. Woooof. another was fa me.

  12. Truth Hurts says:

    I wish more politicians had the balls to walk out on this travesty. Clearly Mr. Bush is very happy to ignore whatever laws, rules and traditions he feels like whenever they stand in his way. The process is there for a reason, to provide checks, balances and essential safeguards to OUR money. Mr. Bush's abuse of this process is simply shocking. And we are stuck with him until May 2013.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Ezzard MIller is the only HONORABLE member of the Legislative Assembly and the only person who is educated, professional, and morally and ethicaly fit to represent me and these islands.  Kudos and thank you HONORABLE Mr. Miller for standing for what is right and noble and walking away from what is abhoringly wrong in our Legislative Assembly and our government in general.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the hope you give us that we still have ONE sound-minded and noble leader of these islands.  The rest are useless including the governor and his deputy to partake in the madness.