Mac accuses media of lies

| 29/08/2012

_DEW2505.jpg(CNS): Full story —  The Cayman Islands premier has launched another attack on the local media, this time over reports about the UK’s budget conditions. McKeeva Bush said that the UK would not be “so spiteful as to suspend powers of a government that has produced a budget with an $82 million surplus.” In statement from his office he hit out at both The Caymanian Compass and CNS for reports pointing to the UK’s conditions for approval of the budget as essentially stripping the premier of his functions as finance minister. “The whole matter of these media reports is vicious and deliberate in trying to hurt me and in so doing, harmful to country,” he said. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

In the statement the premier claimed that the establishment of a “Budget Delivery Board” under the leadership of the deputy governor and not the minister of finance was because the vast majority of the commitments to cut costs in this and future budgets impact the civil service. He listed a number of examples, including the as yet unannounced reduction of some 360 jobs over the next five years, as well as pay freezes, voluntary redundancies, a revised health plan and the centralization of both finance and human resource functions.

Bush said that the minister of finance, as with all elected ministers, had no “domain over the civil service” and it was for that reason he was not heading up the board. He described media reports about the functions of the finance minister being stripped from him as a “quantum leap from the truthful explanation” that he gives in his statement. 

The premier stated that the articles were “tragedies" of reporting because they were “viciously inaccurate; and viciously misleading” and said that he was going to “tell the Cayman Islands and the entire world, the truth” regarding the agreement between the Cayman government and the FCO.

“There are no matters existing in these islands on which the FCO would have grounds to remove any minister from office or to remove responsibilities from any minister,” Bush said. “In as far as my responsibilities as Minister of Finance – the Opposition, including the Compass, CNS and others would love to see me so embarrassed and are probably hoping for such an action, not caring what the consequences are for the Cayman Islands.”

However, the premier maintained that the UK has no such authority and no reasons under the Constitution to remove his functions.

Despite Bush protestations regarding the media reports and the comments made by the opposition leader, the FCO has attached a number of stringent conditions on the budget approval and will have considerably more control over public finances going forward.

As well as the budget management board, Bush, as finance minister, will not be allowed to add any supplementary appropriations to this fiscal year’s budget; he must make the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility agreement law and follow it; and finally, the FCO’s economic advisor is to be given unfettered access to the country’s ‘books’ once per quarter to ensure that the budget is on track.

See the premier’s full statement below.

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    What about the lie Mac told about GLF that has cost this country far more than the $2million CIGhad to pay GLF. His lying about GLF not having acceptable financing has cost this country tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars in lost business for the private sector, as well as the strengthening of a very important revenue stream for CIG. One can only imagine the possibilities if we were now looking at an almost completed berthing facility and the arrival of Oasis class cruise ships this fall. Investor confidence would be through the roof with the anticipation of the increased business opportunities a proper berthing facility is capable of providing.

    It is no wonder the UK has hamstrung Mac. He does not understand what it takes to carry out infrastructure projects of this magnitude. One only has to look as far as the Bahamas and their $400million airport redevelopment project. A project that was financed using the same method that GLF was intending to use. A project  where Citibank has actually won awards in 2009 for their financing approach.  A project that our competitors built using the same method of financing that our Minister of Finance said didn't  have "positive proof".

    Well, the proof was right their in the Bahamas, and now our competitors have used what was deemed unnaceptable by our brilliant Premier to strengthen their tourism product while we look like fools.    

    • Anonymous says:

      Man you should stay frustrated for ever. You speculate you have no evidence like them that they had the financing. A letter of intent to go to the market to raise funds on someone’s behalf is not a commitment. Stop talking what? A pile of dodo.

      • Anonymous says:

        What would it have costs us for them to go to the markets to raise the money?



        What would have been the result it they didn't raise the money?

        They would not have been able to build the dock.


        Do we have a dock now?



        Did it cost us anything to not have a dock?

        Yes, $2,000,000 paid to GLF.

  2. Hoping for better days says:

    Blaming one man, blaming any one person is by far the most ignorant of all comments.

    When we start to accept that as a country it is our responsibility just as much as any politician out there, then we may just start to see the light. WE, the people, vote these members of parliment in. WE, the people have given them, MAC, whoever, ultimate power.


    I know how i feel, just like most others….frustrated, angry everyday (but still smiling), anxious for the unknown ahead. But, within all those mixed emotions I feel more than anything else, disappointed, embarrassed that this is how the Caymanian people choose to conduct themselves and in the manner also in which they choose to voice their opinions.


    More than ever, NOW is the time to work together as we all didafter Ivan, as we will do again one day….more than ever, we need to stop being selfish people.


    We are a small nation, call it that. Yet, we are so selfish and vindictive. We expect so much for giving nothing at all…I am young, by definition, old at heart and sometimes I wish i was a child again as to not worry about the seriousness of our current situation in Cayman.


    Education should be our main priority at this point. Our people are losing because we are not educating them…the country will continue to lose because our people are ignorant. The definition of ignorant/ignorance is literally: 'Lack of education'.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a sorry situation Mr.Bush has created for himself and the Cayman Islands. And no amount of huffing and puffing, rants, tantrums and generally angry pronouncements will make anything better for him. In fact he's making a bad situation worse with his really quite remarably poor behaviour. So, he has had his key to the cash drawer confiscated and he's, understandably, mad about it and lashing out to blame everyone under the sun except himself. This is not exactly surprising, of course. Mr.Bush has seemingly always liked to be in sole charge of things, and has always gambled on being able to silence his critics by whatever means, but tjose days are long gone (thank goodness). Cayman's electorate has become increasingly savvy and well informed (thanks to entities like CNS), and the old tricks that at one time gained noisy politicians some traction (like castigating and trying to smear other politicians, or members of the electorate, even) are over for good. Today's new generation of voters are interested in credible individuals who exercise dignity and restraint and a sense of decorum, and who are prepared to debate within a working relationship of mutual respect with those holding differing views and perspectives. No wonder then, surely, that Mr.Bush finds himself in today's Cayman like a fish out of water, writhing about the place and gasping for air. Time to call it a day, Mr.Bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Premier please stop giving the press reasons to write unflattering stories about you.  The Pen is mightier than the sword and if you continue to give the press reasons to write unflattering articles they have no choice but to do so.   Mr. Premier I know that you can conduct yourself above board and the people of the Cayman Islands expect nothing less. CNS and the Compass have a job to do likewise yourself.  I ask that you conduct yourself in such a manner that the press will have no choice but  to write positive reviews about you. 

    • Anonymous says:

      What I have to say is this.  People withcommon sence will hate the sin, and not the sinner.   Remember none of us or our families are perfect.  Think and reflect if you have no or do not have a child, cousin or parent who is either stealing, selling drugs, taking drugs killed someone or cheating on you.  Be honest with yourself.  You may not realize it, but it is a pitty some of the bloggers cannot see or feel for themselves the hurt and stress they are causing people.  WHY?

      Have you given some thought about this.  I do not believe you go to church.  Gosh, how can some of you be so angry.  You can only have problems at home to be so visious on the outside world.

  4. Anonymous says:



    Hello Kettle this is Pot…come in over.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Any crank can stick their finger in the air, pluck up some numbers and fabricate a budget with a surplus.  Actually implementing and adhering to what's contained within it is an entirely different kettle of fish.  I hope the guy will be providing a variance statement to the public this time next year to show how the budget compared to actual figures, and why a deficit was achieved instead of a mystical $82m surplus!.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A "well-written and unbiased news paper" in Cayman? RIP, Desmond Seales

  7. Cow Cod says:

    How does one “troll” Mac’s statements???

  8. True dis says:

    Mr. Bush has just declared war on all those who oppose him and his views.  He has had ample time to tell his side and present his case for all to see. NOW its our turn so please show a little class, shut up, and listen to the other side like we listened to you.  If your right then your right but if your not then take a bow, and run off with what ever you have saved up and go away quietly.  Not to hard to see you ending up like the former "honorable" premeir (or what ever he wanted to be called of T&C.

  9. Whodatis says:

    Come on now folks, this is all getting a bit silly now.

    For months many of us were up in arms proclaiming that; the Cayman Islands was in a grave financial crisis, the UK should come and save us, we ought to fall under direct rule, the budget is a sham and will never be approved, etc.

    However, we are currently at a point where we have actually turned a crucial corner, and with the 'blessing' of the watchful eyes of the UK, no less. (Are we now also second-guessing their capabilities to oversee our financial affairs?!)

    Nevertheless, it appears as if what we are most prepared to do is harp on about how uneducated, uncouth, and bullyish is one particular individual.

    Really, folks? Is this the priority at the moment?

    Yes, we know Mac is cut from a rugged cloth however, there is no question that the media has never missed an opportunity to highlight every single possible negative regarding his administration – deservingly or not. However, we have much bigger fish to fry people.

    Will any of this bring any benefit to Cayman whatsoever or help us along the path to securing a better future – in the short and long term?

    We have just pulled through one of the most turbulent periods in the history of the Cayman Islands yet all I am seeing is an encore of the ridiculous name-calling, sarcastic humor, and snide remarks that are beyond tired now.

    I love my country above all else and only wish to see her in good shape. I insist on remaining positive and optimistic with senses on alert in order to find the best path out of the darkness.

    Unfortunately, many of us would rather sit around and bitch and complain about only God knows what.

    Very disappointing.

    * We need to take care how we throw around these buckets of water … there might be a baby in here somewhere.

    • You're So Vain says:

      Yes, we have much bigger fish to fry as does the Premier.

      Good grief.

    • Sunflower says:

      Whodatis would you really give your gardener $800m to play around with?

      • Anonymous says:

        For one thing he would have to be honest and not take money from plant supply companies.

      • Whodatis says:

        Well, certain countries gave trillions of (£) pounds to long succession of Oxford and Cambridge graduates to play around with and look what they ended up with – a far greater mess than Cayman has.

        Regardless, this is not about any one individual. Furthermore, never before have there been so many eyes on the situation yet we still can't manage to move beyond these criticisms and fears of said individual?

        This is like beating a dead horse now.

        Surely it is time to move on – no?

        • The proof is in the pudding says:

          We have had Caymanians dating back to 1925 who were Rhodes Scholars (Oxford UK) and most of them would be ashamed of how our politics has evolved into cronism, socialism, and greed.

    • datisme says:

      Everyone is tired of the ridiculous name-calling, sarcastic humor, and snide remarks.  Also The jet setting, slush funding,  incompetence that is CIGs financial section.  Thank you for seeing both sides.

      • Whodatis says:

        I do see all sides my friend.

        However, if I was to acknowledge that – what role would you and your friends have to play in this debacle?

        I suspect none.

        My point is let us not remain stagnant and paralyzed by our criticism and fears. The sun is rising at the moment and it is a new day … yesterday is not coming back.

        I choose to live for today while planning for tomorrow. I rejoice in the fact that yesterday's fears are no more … why should I hold on to it?

        (Of course, all of the above and my related postings are under the assumption that the majority of posters actually give a damn about the welfare and future of Cayman and its people.)

        • Paper Caymanian says:

          It is always darkest before the dawn. Not always easy to remember.

        • datisme says:

          I and many like me play the role of a good citizen no matter what country we are visiting by following all laws and paying any and all fees, duty's,and taxes that we would hope would go toward the future upkeep of the country or its citizens.  So yes WE ALL give a damn and wish (since most of us can do nothing else)  that "honorable" meant something good to everyone in Grand Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whether real or otherwise, we know that perception is everything, and right now I would not want Our Dear Leader to manage my checking account.

      The Premier needs to relinquish finance.

      I suspect that what is operating with regard to the new board is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. The UK is probably taking the path of least resistance and going around the obstacle.

    • Anonnymous says:

      Well said, Whodatis.  I agree with you 100%, 

      • Whodatis says:

        Thank you, poster.

        It is good to know at least one other person sees the bigger picture … or in fact actually gives a damn about the bigger picture.

        More and more the posters and visitors of CNS are proving correct the suspicions about this forum – and that is quite unfortunate. It was not always like this.

        • Anonymous says:

          You and one other, you must be right on the money then, all the rest are wrong and you are not a moron. You sound more like macidiot every time you post. say bye to your hero

    • Anonymous says:

      Whodatis:  Is the baby McKeeva?  

    • Ed says:

      What evidence do you have that Cayman has “actually turned a crucial corner….”?  You write, “We have just pulled through one of the most turbulent periods in the history of the Cayman Islands.”  Really?  Where is the evidence that the worst is behind us?

      Instead of continuing with your usual rant about the colonial past and the indignities that you and your forebears have suffered at the hands of the perfidious, deceitful British, why don’t you indulge us with your views on something that is actually relevant today – something that truly matters?  You can’t continue to live in the nineteenth century.

      Why not treat us to your opinions and ideas about the Caymanian UDP administration and while you are on the subject, let us have some ideas on how the current problems may be solved?

      We all know by now that if it weren’t for the dreadful Europeans, Cayman would be rivalling Japan and Germany in turning out wonderful manufactured domestic products and would have an economy that would be the envy of the world but that, sadly, is not the way things have happened. 

      On behalf of my white ancestors I sincerely ask for forgiveness for:

      The way they ruined Cayman and at the same time apologise for the other things they caused:

      • For the shocking family values we have in Cayman
      • For the way that some men treat some women here in Cayman
      • For the lack of opportunity there is for barely educated Caymanians to achieve high level positions in the finance industry
      • For the way women in Muslim countries are treated
      • The situation in Syria
      • The destruction of the rain forests
      • Madonna
      • Global warming
      • The extinction of the Dodo
      • The explosion of Krakatoa
      • And especially for Hurricane Ivan.

      There, I feel so much better.  Maybe now I’ll be able to sleep at night and you will have no reason to ever bore or irritate us again.

      • Whodatis says:

        Wow, my post must have really rubbed you the wrong way, huh?

        Feeling a bit exposed are we?

        Anyway, the only direct reply I have to your rather interesting and delusional post is … up your dosage, my friend.

        I sincerely hope you make it through what is clearly a difficult time in your life.

         – Whodatis

        • Jung At Heart says:

          Which begs the question, what dose are you on to spout the stuff you do?  I think you might need more of the anti-psychotics because your world and the real world are two different things.

        • Ed says:

          Thanks for your concern but my life is wonderful, as I don't have a chip on my shoulder.  Please don't ever refer to me again as your "friend".  I doubt that we have anything in common other than a love of this country.

          Your post didn't affect me in any way.  It's just that the drip-drip effect is wearing and tedious.  You have never, in all the time that I have been aware of you, offered one single suggestion to do with the problems we face.  All you ever offer is an irrational and distorted view of history and society.  Be constructive for a change!

          It must be pretty clear to you by now that you are in a minority of one.  It's not just expats who give you the thumbs down post after post.    

    • Fire his Axx says:

      You talk like the disaster is over.  Mac's still in power, there's no economic recovery on the horizon, the budget that's been approved will bankrupt the nation, crime is "down" to only hundreds of burglaries a year, there's no dock, the tourism product remains over-priced and under-delivering, the increase in fees will drive away the last of the business… but no, you say it's over.  WEll it is over, but not the way you say.

      • Whodatis says:

        Well clearly it is you we need in power, isn't it.

        As does the USA, UK, Spain, Greece, Portugal … you get the idea.

        Re: "WEll it is over, but not the way you say."

        Feel free to leave then (be you Caymanian or otherwise), some of us are not as convinced as you are.

        However, do send us a postcard from those greener pastures.

        Good luck finding them as well.


        • Fire his Axx says:

          That was my postcard Crusty, and no the plane's door didn't hit me in the ass on the way out, I tripled my salary back in the world (seriously), and I still get to surf CNS and hit the "troll" button for your posts (and mine too for that matter).  I truly do wish Cayman luck, but I don't actually believe it's coming.  Stand by for a troll push.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whodatis, have you considered that the people inviting direct rule are not necessarily the same people who are lamenting the fact they now have direct control of our finances? I for one have never welcomed the idea of direct rule and I am very concerned about the present situation.

      It is a gross overstatement that "there is no question that the media has never missed an opportunity to highlight every single possible negative regarding his administration – deservingly or not". The Compass was previously very generous and kind to Bush and his administration while it  viewed the PPM with obvious distaste. News 27 has also been kind to him and of course Radio Cayman is obliged to be kind to him. His only consistent critics for the past couple of years have been CNS and Rooster.  

      "We have just pulled through one of the most turbulent periods in the history of the Cayman Islands". We have not pulled through anything. We are worse off now than we were 3 years ago.


    • Whodatis says:

      Ok folks,

      So is the general consensus that of we should focus on the negative and continue to lambast, ridicule and downcry the situation that we face as we did earlier – regardless of the recent period of intense negotiation and consultation with the UK?

      Are we now to wake up every morning and dwell on worst case scenarios until … eternity?

      The gist of my post was simply a suggestion to do otherwise. However, the reaction has ranged from me being a McKeeva-hugging fool to being the proverbial "angry Black man" mad at "Whitey", to being ignorant to everything under the sun.

      I propose a cessation to the over-the-top bitching on the forum and as a result receive a textual smack-down by those clearly offended by such an unreasonable proposal. Who, by the way, clearly have no reservations about pulling any and every despicable, irrelevant card.

      Lol … stay classy folks.

      It must well and truly suck to be you … not everyone, only those that are offended at this very moment.

      • WTF says:

        Your posts are incomprehensible.

        McKeeva, is that you?

        No, seriously, is that you?


  10. ANONYMOUS says:

    The article in The Royal Gazette included in a previous blog clearly indicates that some people at government level in Bermuda consider bush has lost a great deal of the authority attached to his position as Minister of Finance.

  11. Cody says:

    Unrelated to the article, I think people are having a bit too much fun with the new "troll" button, because I see 5 or 6 "trolls" on comments which do not strike me as trolling at all. People need to get caught up on their internet culture. lol

  12. You're So Vain says:

    That statement – LOL!!!!!

    He thinks people are trying to embarrass him – Pssst
    Dude – you do a fine job of that yourself multiple times a day.

    Go hide in a cave or play on the freeway.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Verbal diarreah again?

    Be glad when this baffoon is gone!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dear MAC – some advice


    Make certain the words you speak are sweet because they will taste good when you have to eat them.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The Premier's command of grammar and punctation is just breathtaking. I'm in my 60s and have never seen English written like that before, have I missed something?

    • bear baiter says:

      That's OK, I'm in my mid 70s and it's new (and embarrassing) to me too!

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm in my 50's, same as McKeeva, and this only proves that there was no "generation gap" in ignorance. It's a personal problem.

  16. Red Flag says:

    Thank you CNS, for a good job on reporting the goings on in the Cayman Islands.  I get up every morning and read my local news source on the internet and and shake my head at the crap our federal opposition gets up to down here in Australia.  After a deep breath, I click on to CNS and the Caymanian Compass to get a little relief from my own depression as misery loves company and by God, you guys alway deliver.  McKeeva Bush makes me so glad I live where I do, I can almost forgive some of the shenannigans of our politicians.  XXXX  Even though I do get some comic relief from his rants, I do feel sorry for the people of the Cayman Islands for having to endure his tenure as their elected leader.  I guess I'd better read as much as I can now as it appears that come the next election, I will again be stuck with the B.S. down here in my own backyard….and that is not very funny either.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry – whether it”s McKeeva or the oppostion, you’ll continue to get your relief. He’s not the one we have here. Come next election, I’m hoping for a coalition government, with some fresh minds.

  17. Slowpoke says:

    Today, we are all liars…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wait, I'm confused….if there is a 82 million dollar surplus, why did the Civil Servants get a pay cut?

    • Anonymous says:

      The UK demanded expenditure cuts – hence the need to reduce the cost of salaries for the Civil Service.

      As an aside The UK also demanded revenue increases, hence why there will be an increase in the fees Government Charges.

      I hope that helps.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because the UK has demanded the surplus.

    • JTB says:

      The surplus is intended to make a start on paying off the $600m or so of debt the Government has run up.

      • Anonymous says:

        To be fair, the $600 million debt was not created by just the UDP.

  19. Anonymous says:

    People of integrity have nothing to fear from the press.  People of integrity have nothing to fear from public opinion.  People of integrity . . . . ., well, you get the point?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats long gone!! – Integrity is like virginity – you can only lose it once!


  20. Fire his Axx says:

    CNS, thank you for posting The DisH's statement.  I recognize the near illiteracy in it, but he's been buying big words again from someone in his delivery of BS and blame; no doubt he's not going to pay for them either. 

    Keep up the good work as our source of truth from the Cayman Islands.

  21. Jabberwocky says:

    The premier’s statement is a classic case of twisting the words and context of third part commentaries to paint a rosier picture of his predicament. Nobody said he was being removed as Minister of Finance. However, they did appear to suggest that his power to act in that capacity is now so diminished by the controls ” imposed ” on him by the FCO, that the title no longer carries it’s implied status.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Yellow Journalism:


    In response to N. Somniac, who considers the Compass cowardly:  The failure of the Compass to defend the right of CNS to attend Government's recent press conference, is actually called "yellow journalism", which seems to be a Compass speciality.  This isn't the first time that ourdaily paper has gloated over exclusionary press conferences, and tried to enhance its own "prestige" and "exclusivity" at the expense of other media, rather than defending those barred, and denouncing such Government decisions as an attack against the right to a free press. Such exclusions are an attack against all media, and the Compass has the principled duty of refusing to attend unless such press conferences are open to all media.  But, if the Compass is guilty of yellow journalism, it's also thanks to its periodic refusal to print all the facts, especially when these are critical of the Government of the day.  This selective approach to the news seems to be tied to the number of full-page, full-colour ads paid for at the time by Government.  In fact, in terms of ethics, as well as editorial quality, content and policy, the Compass qualifies as inferior to the worst suburban weekly "rags" I've read anywhere in North America.

    • Anonymous says:

      Beautifully said!

      The Compass is far too concerned with weather stories on the front page and cowardly dinner conversations with Mike Ryan and the Premier instead of hard-hitting, investigativereporting to keep the politiians honest and the people informed. It's a joke.

      I would pay a dollar a day for a well written and unbiased newspaper than to pay 50¢ for the Compass which is nothing but press realeases and tripe. Heck – I'd pay $5 or $10 a month to subscribe to CNS because their news is more factual and unrelenting on the government by asking questions that need to be asked and giving us insightful viewpoints as opposed to the garbage editorials that Compass prints.

      CNS has filled the void for reporting in Cayman. Because of them, the politicians are running scared.

      • Anonymous says:

        Believe it or not, the Compass's reporting is vastly improved to what it was in the 1990s thanks to the challenge first from Cayman Net News and then CNS.  

  23. Anonymous says:

    Big Mac, don't forget about newspapers in Bermuda. They are telling lies about you as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Intresting comments from Bermudians in the Royal Gazette,Cayman seems to be in a better position despite recent problems.

  24. SKEPTICAL says:

    The damage was already done mr bush. Irrespective of the media commentary, do you imagine that the vast majority of thinking people in Cayman had not already sussed out that the Terms and Conditions imposed by the FCO, appear to leave you as Minister of Finance, virtually powerless. And not just thinking people in Cayman – the international perception of your status may also be diminished. This could be a time when it is better to keep a low profile, rather than prompt those presently unaware of the issue to ask – ” What is this all about “.

  25. Anonymous says:

    The good thing about the comments here that peopel have been posting regarding Mac, amounts to just 170 persons. This # is insignificant to the number of votes required to win. Because if you noticed its the same 117 or 178 persons who continue to debate on an issue that is stale. Untill the blogging reaches over 4,000 Mac has no fear of losing the election.


    Take the FB group for example over 5,000 ppl joined in within a matter of days . Now thats significant. It meants that most person who are anti Mac is not significant to the voting process. 

    • anon says:

      No matter.  Mac has been rendered 'impotent.'

    • B. Onneste says:

      Aren't most of the 5000 people on Facebook anti-Mac???

    • SSM345 says:

      Ummmm….unless you have been living overseas recently you would note that Macwill not be getting into power ever again.

      Take the OMOV referendum, where his WB stronghold was divided on that issue alone by a mere 27 votes, the rest of the island voted in favour.

      Now take into account the amount of previously un-registered voters, around 8000+, who will be making the effort to get registered this time round because the island is fed up with Mac and his antics and  there will be fresh faces to choose from in May.

      If you continue to praise this imbicile and his followers, you, Mac and the UDP alone will be responsible for the penultimate downfall of Cayman. Your lack of understanding of what is going on in this country is truly mindboggling.

      A Caymanian.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sooooo, that's really good news then, right?  I mean we don't have to worry about losing our mac daddy. We can count on his superb leadership qualities for 4 more years.  That's good to hear, and probably good for him so he can tuck away a little more in the ole retirement stash.

      Geee willikers, if he can hold on until they come out with that live-forever pill, we can have him forever.  And maybe the whole wide world can benefit from his leadership qualities.


    • Anonymous says:

      Oh dear, someone else who can't count.

      And apparently is able to see things that no one else can!!.Like that the anonymous comments are all written by the same people. And that the press is gunning for him. And the FCO…


      Mac…is that you again???

  26. Anonymous says:

    The only surplus I am aware of is surplus amounts of bullshit that keep coming from this man's mouth.  Can't somebody, anybody shut him up?

    • Anonymous says:

      Great comment.

      Wonderfully succinct and obviously posted by someone with a true grip on reality.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Mac, if the media is telling lies den wha happen wid mi solar panels?

  28. noname says:

    if you really want to see wasted money, take a look at what a swimming instructor makes nowadays in cayman.

    working for the government must be nice

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hey mac, your fired, get over it. XXXX. Did you think we wouldn't notice that a 5th grader was at the helm, easy to take money for vote buying but the rest of it was really hard nah true? Thats why you make up the numbers as you go along. I do, however have one thing to thank you for, I have never seen or heard of so many people so eager to fill out voter registration forms in my life to guarantee that you are never put in a position of responsibility for the Caymanian people ever again. The next election will be a landslide and because of news groups like CNS we shall not forget what you are. A thing as simple as an internet newscast with the ability to comment has made all the difference while CITN and the Compass ignore the facts and gloss over the crimes we have witnessed these last few years. I look forward to assisting CNS with donations for the legal fund and look forward to seeing youmake a fool of yourself yet again.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Mac, you are so childish. Three budgets to get it right and approved (and even then we all know there will never be a surplus), your hand slapped for being late, for overspending, for not implementing what you signed for years ago and you still bitching at everyone else?? Especially those that report your oh so obvious failings???


    Sort your own kitchen out before sticking your nose in others. If you are really tired, then go and lie down, but call elections first and stand down from politics.


    I think that Mac thinks we should all be grateful to him for his "sacrifices". Hey buddy, get real, it is not going to happen. Ever. XXXX

  31. Anonymous says:

    keke if you loved your country you should have been honest to the people not hide anything, if you did that the people would have trusted you! but hiding things only hurt you and instilled a bad taste in peoole mouth about your leadership. I hope this will be a lesson to be to new leader in 2013! just be honest even though it may hurt, atleast the people won't loose trust in you like UDP!



  32. Sam Putt Putt says:

    I believe that the Premier has demonstrated that he is most capable of embarrassing himself and requires no help from the Opposition, the Compass or CNS in this regard.

  33. Anonymous says:

    CNS, now that he's saying you were inaccurate, do you have any evidence to support your initial claim; or to rebuff his arguement?  That is what respectable and credible journalism dictates. 

    If the premier is insisting you made a mistake, it is not okay for a journalist to just say he's denying it/lying.  It is your duty to make sure the readers, society and the rest of the world knows your initial claims were based on credible concrete evidence. Furthermore, you need to highlight such evidence so there can be no doubt in anyone's minds about what is the truth.  XXXX However, seeking confirmation from the FCO goes a long way to dispelling any inaccuracies on either side.

    Show me the evidence CNS, or were you just reporting something you heard?


    CNS: The article Mac stripped of finance job was based on an interview with the opposition leader. Readers now have the evidence of the conditions themselves, which are very telling, the opposition's interpretation of it and the premier's response, which we have attached in full. The reading public can now decide if the reporting was inaccurate or if they believe that the premier is lashing out at the messenger.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not clear whether as the premier claims the budget delivery board will be appointed and controlled by him or whether he has indeed been stripped of control of the budget. However, it is curious that the Minister of Finance is not even the chairman of the budget committee. Saying that the some of the budget pertains the civil service and the Deputy Governor is the Head of the Civil Service is not a sufficient explantion of why he should be the chairman.  

  34. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with this man, we will never see a $85,000,000.00 surplus, as he made up the

     $ 25,000,000.00 surplus which we never saw months ago, XXX, cant he get it ; he is no financial guru, no pun intented he is just THROWING DARTS AT THE BOARD, hopeing that one will get him a bullseye. Leave it to his W.Bay cronies to belive him as they say " He dont have much education, but boy him have common sense" . Thats the mentality of his supporters.

  35. Anonymous says:

    "a government that has produced a budget with an $82 million surplus".  I think he means a government that had its budget rejected and was forced to re-write it to include a surplus which has been generated by causing more harm to the local economy and a surplus that we all know is highly unlikely to actually materialize unless the UK keeps a close eye on the cookie jar? I don't think that sounds like a government that deserves much respect from anyone.

  36. Whodatis says:

    Whoops … wrong post in the wrong section.

    Sorry folks, you're gonna have to get your kicks elsewhere today – who knows, maybe I'll post another before the day is out.


  37. Anonymous says:

    The FCO must have removed the appropriations for the government TV channel that Big Mac promised would be up and running from last June.

  38. Fire his Axx says:

    Mac:  You could produce a budget with a $10 billion surplus because it's all just crayon markings on a cocktail napkin to you, but come time to actually IMPLEMENT a financial plan and suddenly the PPM and media aways seem to intervene to force you to deliver up another massive shipment of FAILURE in the guise of a massive deficit hidden in the non-existent accounting records of the nation. 

    You need a break from the stress of all this.  Leave the financie stuff the the UK – they'll handle the heavy lifting from here.  Please just tell everyone in West Bay that the free appliances will be a little delayed this election time (unless the church you had stash for you, er…, I mean gave all those millions to, is going to let you spend that money on washers and fridges again).  Interesting times, these are.

  39. The proof is in the pudding says:

    The proof is in the pudding Mac.  Balance the budget and tighten your belt and prove Mother England wrong…Otherwise just be quiet and get on with your job please.

    We all know it is unsustainable to have such a large civil service and so many people on government welfare.  It is just too much local government and vote buying for 15,000 people and it is wrong any way you look at it.

    "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government." Thomas Jefferson

    • Anonymous says:

      So the media is telling lies, again.

      Sounds like they need to be governed by some rules – the principal one will be – tell both sides of a story.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hmmm, well I would say if our politicians could only speak the truth and practice what you are preaching rather than mislead the people and telling lies, then we wouldn't be in this predicament in the first place.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and all that.  The politicians are the cause not the media.

  40. peter milburn says:

    Get over it Mr.Premier.If you cant take the heat then get out of the kitchen.Its goes with the job

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Peter I take issue with you on this one. I think the Minister ofFinance should stay in the kitchen where he can do as little damage as possible to the economy of the country. Now that is food for thought!

    • Anonymous says:

      From a comment made yesterday evening on 'The Panel', something along the lines, 'if they want me I'll be there, otherwiseleave me alone, I am tired'.  Shadowing for a long time now, the Education Minister looks set to run as head of UDP next.

  41. Anonymous says:

    What more does this man have to say or do before the UDP disciples realise what an embarrasing self serving fool he is.

    I would seriously question the sanity of anyone who votes UDP next election.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Same world, different planet.

  43. The lone haranguer rides again! says:

    Is he cracking up?

  44. N Somniac says:

    I thought it was quite cowardly of The Compass not to deal with the barring of CNS from the press session.  I can see no more important story for credible newspaper.  The Compass showed us by its failure what it really is.  Thanks, Compass, for the story about the tourist who happens to be called Michael Jackson.  Wield that press power well.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Where is his speech writer?  Can someone not give him somthing else to WHHHHHHHINE about?  He is a stuck record. Blah blah blah…ZZZZZZ

    • Anonymous says:

      23:50, if you had the choice of Leonard (zzzz) Dilbert, Charles Glidden or Richard Parchment  (nice enough guys) to write your speeches, I think you would, like Mac, write your own.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I hope the head of govt finance do his job unlike the other time he was lost!
    Personally someone like him should have lost his job! One minute we had $ & the time the country was broke! That also says allot about his finance skills lol

    110% bracer

  47. Anonymous says:

    Everything the media & people say are lies lol, sound like the truth hurts you! You are a looser but you can’t accept it lol

    • Anonymous says:

      When the new schools open, English Teachers, please teach your students how to spell loser. The word is used often on this site but seldom spelt correctly.

      • Anonymous says:

        Throw in an explanation of the difference between "your" and "you're", as well as "their" and "there", and our high school graduation rate could go up by 50%.

      • Anonymous says:

        and ridiculous rather than rediculous.  Someone on here once tried to pass this off as an English thing but after watching McKeeva and a fair few politicians say REDiculous, I am now pretty confident this is a Cayman thing not a British one!

        • Anonymous says:

          The person also claimed they were a teacher! See where the problem lies….?

        • hattra says:

          Definitely NOT a British thing – the correct British spelling is "ridiculous" – from the Latin "ridiculus" (ridicule) – I think the person claiming otherwise also claimed to have once been a teacher – not in any school that I went to!!

        • Anonymous says:

          As a Caymanian who was fully schooled in the govt. schooled system I had never come across this spelling until I saw it on CNS. At first I thought it was a fad spelling.  

      • Anonymous says:

        But if you teach them how to spell then who will vote for the independant (sic) candidates?

        • Anonymous says:

          I think you mean who will vote for the UDP candidates. Their base is under-educated.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not an English teacher but shouldn’t it be spelled correctly not spelt correctly or am I mixing English and American

    • Anonymous says:

      He isn't a "looser" (a common mis-spelling in emailing). A "loser" possibly!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Hurt you? Hon Mac and in so doing, harmful to country. How can this be??? What are you going to do now, slap us again?

  49. Mac with cheese says:

    Just as I thought! The Premier hit the nail on the head. The media has distorted his truth!  And it is a pack of lying liars. If I were him I'd do as much travelling as possible (before the overdraft has to be reduced). See the world Mr. Premier you have done an excellent job and deserve a break. Take the Deputy Premier with you and all of your cabinet members and go chill somewhere. Take as long as you want. You need to heal. And you need to fully recover from all this hurt caused by the evil media. It might take years for you to get over it but that's alright. Cayman will try and manage without you. And your wisdom. Just leave a few speeches so we can remember your inspiring commentaries.


    And a copy of the miraculous budget you received written on a tablet of stone.


    Everyone thought was b.s.


    I'd like to be the first to welcome you goodbye.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Mac says it was really a promotion, and now Franz reports to him as his Deputy Budget Director.

  51. Anonymous says:

    So the media made this story up?

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      When anyone simply has a different view from McKeewa, then you are the enemy. If someone or Media simply asks a question of McKeewa, then you are theenemy. Once upon a time the NetNews, EyeNews, Rooster, CNS, Compass etc. were all good friends of McKeewa, but that was when they never asked a question of McKeewa and were interested in how the PPM were running the Country and were asking the PPM questions. BUT never did anyone hear the PPM threaten anykind of lawsuit against any Media outlet.

      McKeewa comes in like a little boy in school that has something said about him and he runs off threatening to tell the teacher, but in this case he runs off threatening Lawsuits for the slightest reason – sorry, it's not even for the slightest reasons, it's the actions of a spoiled bully!

      At least he still has Cayman27 & Radio Cayman on his side and according to McKeewa on the Panel, he will soon have his own Radio "Station" – I suppose that won't turn against him.

      Peoples, gather the information that Chavez, Castro and people of that "ilk" have their own Radio Stations – does not bode well for the future of Cayman!


      • Kath says:

        ha! I wonder where the money for his radio station will come from… the Nation Building Fund I suppose.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah that's prolly why he wanted more pocket money in the budget this year, I mean, Nation Building Fund (*rolls eyes and kisses teeth*)

  52. Anonymous says:

    Yes, McKeeva, you have produced a budget with a surplus. But the budget is merely a plan.


    The crux of the matter is the government's ability to execute the plan successfully.


    The Cayman Island government's track record is not very good at executing its budgets successfully.


    The FCO does not trust you to keep your financial promises; thus the quarterly oversight and request to cut the overdraft allowance.

    • BT_MLA says:

      It's not really a plan. More of a scheme.


      Mumble mumble. Sacred vessel.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Poor Mac.  He belittles everyone that dares oppose him, but the media is proving much more resilient and him ca'an tek it.  Beat de bully, lick im wid de facts!  Let him howl.  Let him rant.  Come May next year he will pant when him ga run home from de election results.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier and his band of "yes men" reminds me of the story "The Emperor's New Clothes."  The Emperor was prancing up and down the street stark naked.  The on- lookers were so embarassed with unbelief that one befuddled one in the crowd declared how lovely his clothes were.  Out of sheer embarrassment they all chimed in about his beautiful clothes except one brave little boy.  He spoke in his most eloquent British accent, The Emperor has no clothes on!!  Everyone finally gasped, swooned and declared, He has no clothes on!!  THE POWER OF SUGGESTION IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE UDP CAMP. Next year May they will lose the election and they all will be declaring "WHAT A GREAT VICTORY- CLEAN SWEEP"

  54. NeoSurvivor says:

    Show us the vetted audit, Mr. Premier.   Then, we have a baseline for discussion. 

  55. Knot S Smart says:

    Whine.. Whine.. Whine…

    Mac whines more than my poor old grandmother…