Minister visits St Lucia to talk on-line security

| 11/09/2012

cybercrime.jpg(CNS): Before heading to Sri Lanka for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association meeting the deputy premier was in St. Lucia attending the 8th Caribbean Internet Governance Forum where cyber security was under discussion. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said she was keen to see developments in the prevention of cybercrime. "Strengthening our borders, whether land, sea, air or via the world wide web, is a priority to small economies such as the Cayman Islands,” she said. O’Connor-Connolly, who has responsibility for the ICTA, said there was a need for countries in the region to streamline their legislation for dealing with on-line crime.

“The Caribbean is not immune to cybercrime,” she added. “The global reach of criminal activities on the internet requires that countries cooperate and streamline their legal systems, whether through international treaties or national legislation, to better combat these activities and their wide-ranging consequences,” O’Connor-Connolly said after she returned from the trip.

“In the past, cyber criminals have taken advantage of jurisdiction issues. Cybercrime results in global losses and it is in everyone’s interest toprevent it,” she said. “As a country and the region as a whole, we need to recongise how the harmonisation of international law is related to cybercrime and put in place the proper legislation to share information between countries to ensure that criminals are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and swiftly.

“Without information sharing and the proper framework, we limit ourselves on a regional and national level. It therefore means that the chances of prosecution would be limited or considerably less severe," the minister stated.

The event is organised by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) and facilitates an annual review of Caribbean Internet Governance Framework and discusses key Internet Governance (IG) issues and developments in the region.

Alongside crime the existing internet addressing scheme and mobile technologies being deployed by the regional providers was also on the agenda.

“Rationalisation of Internet traffic flows within the region to improve local internet infrastructures, quality of service and efficiency was discussed. Presently we have an expatriation of local content and hosting services in the Cayman Islands and as an outcome of this conference, this model will be re-examined in regards to this critical national infrastructure,” said Kernilon Owens of the Office of Telecommunications (OFTEL), who accompanied the minister.


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  1. Married to a Caymanian - says:

    Wow, GIS….try to get more creative with your plagiarism.  The quote was straight from a Commonwealth PR statement.

    At least quote a USA source or Canada, but our own reps on the same topic?

    This government, our civil service, and the two-party political system is a farce.  Caymanians, why don't we demand better, less wasteful,and more level headed leaders?


    CNS: The release was sent out directly from the ministry, not via GIS.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought E-lio was the junior minister for E-commerce. We all know this was just an excuse for E-paul to get to go home on a paid vacation. This event just happened to come up before the St. Lucia agricultural show, or the annual road-paving seminar.

  3. bigben says:

    Wise words indeed on such a technical subject. Shame she didn't say them. She didn't even write them. At least Juliana has learned how to cut & paste from people who know about the stuff.

    The quote: "The global reach of criminal activities on the internet requires that countries cooperate" was not written by JuJu but actually written over 5 months ago by Jasper Schellekens here ( as was most of the rest of her cyber-babble.

    Perhaps next time she will skip the trip and let those more appropriate individuals attend via the Internet.

    As for plagiarism, she could learn a thing or two from the Germans who know how to fall on their sword when required (

    Here's hoping that Foolio will wake up and re-energize the e-commerce teams, and remove the barriers to legitimate progress and innovation, which in turn will bring increased skills, productivity, and security.

    • Anonymous says:

      Buuuussssttteeeeeddddddd! I'm pretty sure it was actually GIS that plagarised this quote for her, but that's sloppy work, guys!


      CNS: The release was sent out directly from the ministry, not via GIS.

  4. wayasay says:

    Dear Ms Julie,

    I actually like you as a person and if I were a Bracker would have given you one of my votes over the years, however Ms Julie, you are embarrasing me now.

    This cybercrime thing is about the world wide web and internet information security in connectivity and storage The whole idea of the web is that we can stay in Cayman and connect with interested parties around the world through confrenceing.

    In my estimation, if the company or group that is trying to sell you on the need for us to have security in personal and business transactions, cannot accomplish this via the internet, then you should not be talking to them.

    Imagine how much more effective it would have been if you asked them to set this up as an internet based confrence, where they guaranteed the security, and you sat in your confrence room in the Cayman Islands, with your advisors all being party to the discussion. Imagine how much more this could accomplish than a few of you jetting off to St Lucia to boost their convension tourism.

    If the organisers of this confrence could not set up a more cost effective solution that included using the internet, one has to wonder of what use they are to the Cayman Islands in solving the whole issue of cybercrime and internet security. If they cant do this then stop talking to them. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why can't we hold some of these "Forums' here in Cayman. We have the facilities. It would mean our ministers could save on the travel, the island would benefit from the delegates being here in hotels & restaurants, Cayman Airways woyuld benefit and it would be a good PR for the islands. It would be a win win situation


  6. Anonymous says:

    Empty rhetoric and vitreol spouting hate, thats what the Cayman Islands have come to.

    Plus small mindedness and acting like a bunch of sissies.

    • Anonymous says:


    • SSM345 says:

      10:18, I take it you are referring to Mac, the UDP and all their supporters when you say:

      "Empty rhetoric and vitreolspouting hate, thats what the Cayman Islands have come to.
      Plus small mindedness…"

      Pretty short, but a good summary nonetheless. C+ for effort (would have been higher had you added some more flavour and depth to your statement).

  7. Live Free.... says:

    What a waste of Money by the Deputy Premier (Cyber Queen). The Companies that attend these kind of meetings is Internet and Telecommunication Companies, and like some one posted before, a Police Officer from theCyber Crime Unit, not the Deputy Premier. You know what I think? I think she is letting the Caymanians know what her next Job would be when she is removed in May 2013 Election. I don't think she is going to be practicing Law, but would be promoting and selling Mobile Phones instead, maybe working at Lime or Digicel or even ICTA, she seems to love technology, so with that in mind, we all now know what field she would be working in after the Election. Do anyone know where Mac would be working after he is removed also? I feel there is gonna be some interesting answers to this question.

    • Welcome to Cayman says:

      Does she really know how the internet works sufficiently to get anything from this, I mean besides another vacation before the elections call her to account for her actions?  No, clearly not.  This is just another vacation on the taxpayer/s dime.  PS – where's Keke?

    • Polydactyl says:

      I think that her talents lie in modern art. She is an expert on Pissaco.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think he has applied for a job at EBT doing landscaping.

      • Live Free.... says:

        Thanks Anonymous 15:05, now I know where he is going to be working after Election 2013. I would be looking for him to cut my Lawn, I heard that he was a good Lawn man before, I hope he is still good, for I need him to chopped down some Bush in my backyard also.

  8. Anonymous says:

    wow  i can see the cutbacks in overseas travel are really taking effect……………zzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Anonymous says:

    I read the above comments…. what a buch of ass @@@s, not one had the intellegence to comment on the advancement of the on-line security. they just showed their hate for the deputy Premier. God help is in these little Islands!

    • SSM345 says:

       "not one had the intellegence"

      Good one moron.

      • A Cunning Linguist says:

        With reference to the antecedent "…bunch of ass @@@s…", the statement that "…not one had the intelligence…" is grammatically correct.  The punctuation and the rest of the structure was otherwise atrocious, but the part you are complaining of as being worthy of scorn is in fact entirely correct.  You should leave this sort of thing to Dick Shaughneary, as you are swimming in waters far too deep for your capabilities.  That, and it's not nice to insult people by calling them "Moron".  You should be nice to your neighbours.

        • SSM345 says:

          10:20, not sure what planet you are from or what school you attended, but in the language of the Cayman Islands and all other English speaking countries "intellegence" is not a word, nor is it grammatically correct.

          Have a nice day, moron.

        • Troll says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    It's all a bit of a joke juju. Does anyone take the Cayman Islands cyber security seriously . It won't happen until they start taking IT and security in general seriously. It's a shame that the various media outlets took a negative view of the Data Protection Bill last week. That would have required that Govt implement adequate safeguards for data, and imposed a bunch of measures to make them do it (along with private business). Just imagine how much personal data is held on EVERY person in Cayman by govt (immigration – including for anyone flying in and out of the country when your passport is swiped at the airport), at the HSA, drivers license data, criminal records, education records, family services data. Bobo, you and I in real trouble.

    • SSM345 says:

      07:32, I have just been informed that following what was an interesting conference on cyber security, the Deputy Honourable Hero JuJu has just hired a Deputy Deputeh Premier to tackle all of our Islands cyber security issues……..

      Lets give a warm round of applause everybodyto Pacman.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Since when Oftel deal with Internet?
    In fact when did Oftel deal with anything?
    Waste of space.
    Where was the ICTA in all this or RCIPS?

    • Anonymous says:

      A famous Caymanian orator once said " If you think education is expensive, try ignorance "


      • mmmmm says:

        I trust they were speaking to keke, and he took them literally?

      • Anonymous says:

        Derek Bok, former President of Harvard. Did we give him status? Or were you making a point about plagiarism?

  12. Anonymous says:

    UDP continuing their pointless expensive jaunting around the world, on our dime –

    how is this essential or necessary travel?

    cut your bumboclaat expenses after you done jack up fees for the rest of people to pay!!

    Fire bun dam UDP and their freeloading croonies, man!


  13. Anonymous says:

    How many of the faithful formed the delegation….and of course there has to be the bodyguard chauffeur….Fiscal constraints…wa dat is…?

  14. peter milburn says:

    Another wasted exercise by the Minister.This could easily be done online or at worst get the needed information by email etc.Cost cutting atits best.Wonder how many others went along to learn all about it.?

    • Anonymous says:

      Another arm chair amateurish policy maker at work. He thinks all policy can be set like the dive industry where the policy, regulation and operation is one and the same.

      Time to keep up with the times Cayman and realise that we are no long an island time forgot XXXXX. Policy is separate from regulation and operation.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Is this lady travelling alone, and if not how many lackeys are accompanying her. Also what is the cost to the public purse of this latest round of governmental globe trotting?.

  16. Anonymous says:

    "Yes eternally honorable member JuJu, ithe information does look like spaghetti all mixed up with tomato sauce and dumped in the garbage, have you been a cybercrime expert for long?"

  17. Anonymous says:

    This lady does like to get free travel, Barcelonafor a techies conference on mobile phones, loads of others too numerous to mention, and this time a conference on Cyber crime. What can she bring to (or from) a conference at this sort of level, or any other level for that matter. When I was in business, any trip I made had to be justified, when I returned I was judged by the return in business or information. I wrote up reports on all my meetings, and if I didnt show value after my visit I didnt go next time!

    Any controls on this lady? Doubt it, but I am sure the good lord will judge her.

    The difference is that my business had to think about costs, but the CIG doesnt because it has limitless resources. Doesnt it?

    As to her Boss, well he couldnt be expected to write up notes of his meetings, actually I wonder if he can write at all.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Who pays for these pointless and lavish trips, I hope the Deputy Premier will be staying in a 1 star hotel or even better a tent on the beach given the Country's deficit!! 

  19. SSM345 says:

    Would it have not made more sense to send someone from Cayman who actually has to deal with this sort of thing i.e. police officers in the cyber crime unit?

    Or is it just because JuJu has a law degree they figured she was the best personto attend?

    These irrelevant jaunts need to stop.

    • Anonymous says:

      These irrelevant jaunts will stop next year May when we vote everyone of them OUT!! Cheer up- not long now!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Um, that would be logical… but that'snot something these politicians don't seem to understand. The only reason we're all in the state we're in now is because of their bad decisions, apathy, lunacy and lavish spending habits, and we all pay dearly for it and suffering the consequences.  Until all this is scractched and repaced with a more workable and viable option, where the public have more say and the politicians have to justify every single cent they plan to spend before they can have it/spend it.  I so wish (seriously I do) that  the auditor general had control of the purse strings and not our politicians.  I guarantee you we'd have no debt in no time.

  20. Anonymous says:

    A joyous homecoming for Prince Paul and his magnificent trophy.

  21. ridiculous says:

    Did any of the ICTA staff attend? Are we to assume the minister(ess) will be fighting Cyber Crime right from her office here in Cayman using her MacBook? Why not send the technical people to a technical conference? Im sure Julie isnt a technical Guru!

  22. Anonymous says:

    maybe use skype next time!….julie 'our cyber expert'….zzzzzzzzzz