Whittaker goes out swinging

| 22/09/2012

whittkaker rosado_0.jpg(CNS): He may not have won but Charles Whittaker certainly went down swinging, having put on an inspired performance against Philadelphia native Gabriel Rosado last night at the Sands Resort Casino in Bethlehem, PA. Whittaker took the opening round with his jab and movement, controlling the distance and picking his shots carefully. Rosado stepped on the gas in the second, showing more confidence against Whittaker's calm offensive to make a close round. The fight really started to heat up in the fourth, with the young contender cutting off the ring and slipping Whittaker’s jabs to land right hands. The cayman contender kept on the defensive looking to land at long range and hook his way off the ropes.

Rosado didn’t ease up the pressure though, forcing his way in with a bodyshot and forcing Whittaker to stand and trade. A few right hands and left hooks broke through Whittaker’s guard while he returned with some flush counters. Rosado landed a big left hook at the end of the round.

The fifth round was definitely the most action packed. Both fighters came out with bad intentions to land big shots. A big right caught Whittaker clean to put him on the canvas for the first time in the fight. He beat the count but was in trouble, with Rosado piling on the pressure throwing bombs to finish the job. It didn’t look good, but two monstrous left hooks from Whittaker stunned Rosado right at the end of the round to turn things around.

Both fighters kept the fast pace into the sixth and seventh and a left hook by Rosado dropped Whittaker at the start of the seventh round. It looked like the fight could be over as he was slow to rise from the canvas, but gamely rose to put himself back in the fight.

Rosado kept the pressure up for the remaining of the fight, stalking Whittaker looking to cut off the ring, while Whittaker moved and countered, using his experience to punish Rosado for his mistakes. By the tenth Whittaker was low on gas and his legs were failing him. Rosado put Whittaker down for a third time before Charles rose give what he had left.

They traded toe to toe, with Whittaker landing some nice counters. He kept trying to get it back to a boxing match, moving back and pumping out the jab, but could not keep Rosado off him. Charles no longer had his legs under him and slumped to the floor for the fourth and final time with referee Steve Smoger calling an end to an exciting fight at 1:50 in the 10th round. Total punches according to Compubox were 96 landed of 394 for Whittaker against Rosado’s 160 of 472.

“It’s disappointing, you know,” Charles said in the post fight interview with NBC. “It comes with the territory. You lose some, you win some. I’m not ashamed. I’ve worked hard. I got here by being my own promoter and I think it was a great accomplishment for me getting here. I give God the glory and I give much love and respect to Gabriel Rosado. He’s a young, tough  kid and I’ll be rooting for him.”

When asked about his future in boxing, he said, “Well, where do I go from here? I’ll go and sit down and talk to my people but, you know, like you say, I’m 38. To go back to the drawing board at this time, I don’t think I have that time and I’ll just concentrate on promoting boxing and working with the young kids back in the Cayman Islands. I wanna send my love out to the people of Philadelphiaand, of course, the American public and also the people of the Cayman Islands. I wanna thank all my fans and foes alike. You know, it's been a good run. I’m not ashamed. I don’t have anything to be ashamed of. I worked hard and I give God the glory for bringing me this far.”

With this unofficial “retirement” speech, it sounds like this will be Whittaker’s last fight. And, as he said in his interview, he has nothing to be ashamed off. Ending his (38-13-2, 23 KOs) career with a bang, the 38 year old veteran gave it everything he had in an action-packed, back and forth fight to put on a great show. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you stand with and for McKeeva Bush and the culture of blatant XXXX which he embodies, then you stand against and not for the Cayman Islands. This would be true even if Mr. Whitakker had "Cayman Islands"  tattooed to his forehead.

  2. noname says:

    After reading all the comments I have to wonder if this man is proud of the people he has represented all these years?  

  3. Anonymous says:

    First off I would like to say that majority of you people have NO idea what Charles has gone through to get to where he is now.  Before you start juding him based on the 2% of information that you actually know listen to his story.  The biggest problem that majority of Caymanians face is the fact that we despise our own people and hate to see each other live well and because of this Cayman will eventually be one of the WORST places to live and it's not because of the Mr. Bush, and not because of Charles, but because we as Caymanians despise our own people.  Charles represented his country well, he fought to the very end and he NEVER gave up unlike the government sponsored athletes that made it all the way to the olympics and then dropped out based on a few minor injuries.  Even when Charles' trainer wanted him to stop the fight, Charles continued to press on and I'm sorry it's more admirable than I can say to most of the Caymanians commenting on here.   Yes he did get knocked down 4 times but at the end of the day what he has gone through to get to that fight last week Friday night is more than half of you will ever have to contribute to the Cayman Islands.   I would really like to know what you people have contributed to Cayman yet you're so quick to critisize, you people truly disgust me.  Instead, look at how Charles has now opened new doors for tourism in the Cayman Islands as always you are stuck in the crabs in the bucket mentality and unfortunately for most of you that will never change!  Good job Charles!! You did your best & most importantly you didn't give up as easily as the athletes at the olympics did!   YOU DID CAYMAN PROUD & THIS CAYMANIAN IS VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What was with the big USA letters on his shorts?? Wasn't he representing Cayman?

    • Anonymous says:

      His gear was sponsored by a US company.

      That is why it said Cayman in the front and USA in the back.

      • Anonymous says:

        He was sponsored by a U.S. company surely it would have had the name of the company on it. It makes no sense to simply say U.S.A. especially when the fight is taking place in the U.S.A. 

        • Anonymous says:

          The USA company that sponsored the gear was Everlast…  As you should clearly be able to read all over the gear!

  5. J.O.E. says:

    As a Caymanian living overseas I'm reminded why I left by reading all the poison here.

    I see visceral political POISON, blatant erroneous IGNORANCE and absolutely NO LOYALTY to our champion.  So rather than join in let’s clear up the main reoccurring points/lies/poison…


    First, all this politically driven poison about the Nation Building Fund and the little amount of money that we have invested in Charles as an ambassador.  Charles received no money for this fight from the public purse he sponsored everything on his own dime, until 2 weeks before the fight.  BUT SO WHAT IF HE DID??? What better advertising dollar could Cayman spend, then having a main event fight/athlete competing for the IBF #1 eliminator on a major Sport network such as NBC Sports.  An even which was (and will be) watch by millions of people.   How much do you suppose a commercial cost to air??? Say like the ones D.O.T. runs at like 3 in the morning when no one is watching.  Not to take anything away from D.O.T., but to make a point that TV commercials/spots cost a lot of money.   This fight was on Friday, Saturday and will replay this week much air-time, much exposure, a real bang for our advertising buck as a nation.  Not to mention all the newspapers, websites, blogs, etc…  Isn’t this what nation building is about, getting exposure for the nation???  If you understand anything about business, marketing, advertising, well then you should understand that Cayman was/is in the spotlight and we’re getting more then every dollar back 10 fold…  As a business owner, I have to say that this was a great investment vehicle and sadly we didn’t invest more due to negative politics!!!  All this was done by Charles an independent fighter and his team.


    Second people say he's un-achieved…  Charles has held several belts in several different sanctioning bodies.  He was once rank number 11 as a whole in the world by the Boxrec and before this fight #2 under the IBF.  Please go learn the facts/stats before again you preach the poison and show your ignorant colors.  This fight was for the #1 eliminator spot how much more achieved do you wish him to be???  All of this competing against nations who have huge budgets and populations in the millions versus our little 40-50K Caymanians (Excluding expats)…  This young man from W.B. climbed out of poverty, achieved his success against all odds. Charles has been fighting for 20 years and has represented Cayman on many different venues/Casinos/Resorts/Hotels around the world…  Again I ask how much is that worth to the nation building being that he received a little money 2-3 years ago to keep him fighting…  A better question would be HOW MUCH DO WE OWE HIM???  Any money/support he received would have been much appreciated from the beginning, I’m sure!


    Oh and concerning his performance in this fight, well as mentioned he received no money until 2 weeks before the fight.  As you should know, training, travel, food, lodging and so forth cost much funds folks, BUT more important and to the point TRAINING COST MONEY; Charles did not even have a sparring partner, because of lack of training budget before the fight and walked in a ring with a guy that had a promoter with a budget in the millions.  Rosado to his benefit had 2 ½ months to train with several sparring partners, he was 13 years younger, had fought two fight just this year and he had much less expenses to incur being he was fighting in his home town, which also gave him the home crowd.


    Let me had a little more for you to think about so you can appreciate the odds that Charles entered the ring under Charles’ last fight was last year November, for which that win gave him the #2 IBF spot, he had no budget to train, he was in his opponents home town and still gave us the best fight of the night, a 10 round bout.  Two more things need to be mentioned if you watched the fight you should have seen that even though Charles was the #2 contender and Rosado the #3, Rosado got most of the promotional time.  Why is this??? MONEY folks, Charles is independent and Rosado had a high power promoter with millions behind him.  The other point, though not as relevant worth mentioning, Rosado did look worst then Charles at the end of the fight.  So anyway I could keep on going on about this, but hopefully this will help everyone appreciate how well he did perform under the circumstances, how much he’s overcame against all odds and appreciate how much Charles has given Cayman and its youths. As a tiny little nation with a very small population and which has given him very limited support, I feel Charles has given us much more then we’ve given him.


    Third, I keep reading about the so call issue that he wore Cayman in the front of his shorts and USA in the back.  Well I can't believe I'm even spending my time addressing this ignorance, but it needs to be since it is being proliferated all over as something negative.  So first Charles’ boxing gear again was not even sponsored by Caymanit was sponsored by a US company, because Cayman chose, because of politics, not to give any training funds to Charles for this fight until the last minute.  So yes a USA company sponsored his gear not even our own people.  That alone should make you ashamed to have brought something so stupid to the table, but I'll go on.  Charles has a son in the States and is a resident of the USA so as far as I'm concerned, Cayman is lucky and should be grateful that he’s even still fighting under the Cayman flag with all the negativity, poison and lack of support which is thrown at him.  Not to mention all the energy he spends in helping youths back in Cayman…  Shame on Cayman I say for the way we threat him.


    Cayman I implore you, we should be uniting and not bringing in politics and ignorance every time.  Please think about all the nations around the world, they unite and support their athletes/stars they don’t take every opportunities to tear them down.  Let’s appreciate what we have in Charles and unite; he needs AND MORE IMPORTANT HE DESERVE our support and respect no matter what your political opinions or affiliations are.  As the old saying goes if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything!!!  Don’t be a crab in a bucket, be a true nation builder and lift up those that build our nation and our youths.



    J.O.E. ~A Caymanian looking from the outside in.

    • Loopy Lou says:

      You remind of what some said about Sean Connery – "he loved his homeland so much he used to live there". Well as someone who cares so much they don't live here, I suggest you shut up, because you have not had to suffer the last few years of financial waste at our expense.  You have not seen the political TV slots this man has appeared in, after being paid for from the poisonous Nation Building slush fund.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Loopy Lou
        So you're pointing out that your anger (venon) is politically driven then and really has nothing to do with boxing.  This is about boxing, the man made good points and amongst those that we should unite behind Charles and leave politics out of it.  Just because Charles doesn't share your political views doesn't mean you need to bring it into boxing and undermine all that he's done for Cayman and the youths here.  By the way the whole world is in financial turmoil what are you doing about it???

        I'd like to add that Loopy is a great name for you!!!  

    • SSM345 says:

      09:56, what a load of drivel from someone who used to live here and clearly knows absolutely f**k all of what's been going on. Pull your head  out  the sand before  you spout such bollocks.

    • Moe Syzlak says:

      A simple FOI request in 2010 told me Charles was receiving 40k plus in the form of a grant. I’m sure it’s more than that now. Go ahead, ask. I dare you.

    • J.O.E. says:

      @SSM345 16.35 & Loopy Lou 8:13, Thank you for making my points!
      Both of your posts proved that you are full of visceral political POISON, blatant erroneous IGNORANCE and absolutely NO LOYALTY to our champion.  

      First @SSM345 w/your abusive language and making no points what so ever you proved your blatant ignorance.

      Second @Loopy Lou with your miss quoting of Sean Connery's quote for your own agenda you proved your blatant erroneous ignorance and with making no points about boxing or anything of relevance, besides your political agenda, you proved your visceral political poison.

      Both of you made no attempts with dealing with the points/facts, instead you chose the low/ignorant road.  Not that you deserve this, but just so you know, I'm a Caymanian by birth who use to be a law enforcement civil servant and am now a business owner who moved overseas a few years back, because I was blessed with such opportunties.  Somewhat like Charles I came from strugle and still have a large part of my family in C.I.

      I say all of this to say, I gave my time (& blood) to Cayman; I question what you have done/achieved for Cayman besides being a "Crab in a bucket" and trying to keep down everyone who doesn't follow your political agenda.  I still love and support my little rock and Caymanians, as you should of got from my post.  By the use of your words you have made my points for me and I'd like to thank you for that.  You made it clear that therefore I should not give you the joy of wasting anymore of my time and energy arguing w/the likes of you, beyond this.

      May God bless you both!


  6. Trip Advisa' says:

    What advertising is this for Cayman. You go for that blue collar goes to low end casinos market – that is where we will attract high end overnight visitors, especially with all the casinos we have to offer.

  7. Jerk Chicken Boy says:

    To the people who are complaining and having nothing nice to say, I know it's your right but it's also my right to say all of you should be ashamed of yourselfs. Charles has done more for the Cayman Island then any other person ever could do. What have you people done lately except live a miserable life and be jealous of Charles and his dream to become a world champion. Every article I read has Cayman Island attached to it , so everytime his name is mentioned so is the Cayman Island and that is worth more than every penny ever given to Charles, For those who don't know boxing it is the toughest sport a person can be in very few don't even make half of the way Charles has so give the man credit and do something with your life. Also stop hating on Mac , he is best person to look after the Cayman Island and be grateful you have him.




    • Anonymous says:

      Where you have to commend him for trying to be a boxer, in which anyone trying to pursue their dream is commendable, but where in the world can someone demand their government to promote or support their dreams??? There are alot of young athletes here and all over the world, they have promoters, managers, etc., not the government.  We always are copying the ways of the UK, US, Canada, I am sure they don't promote their athletes.  Just because you were born some where doesn't give you the god given right to demand financial for their dreams. 

    • Anonymous says:

      lol. If anything the last 3+ years should have taught us is that McKeeva should not be anywhere near govt. let alone heading it. He has been a complete disaster as premier.  

  8. Anonymous says:

    Charles Whittaker should have taken the advice given to him by then Minister Charles Clifford and his staff who introduced "Killa" to Dan Goosen – a real, well known and credible boxing promoter who was prepared to take Charles on. Goosen even arranged for Charles to fight in an HBO televised event from Los Angeles, California in 2008 but Charles eventually backed out of that fight and lost the opportunity to potentially propel his boxing career to the next level. Charles never really fought anyone of significance. It is sad because he had the potential.

    As a person who is intimately involved in the Cayman Islands Boxing Federation, I saw West Bay politics come into play in 2007/2008 and completely undermine the best opportunity of Charles'  career. Unfortunately Charles didn't see what was happening as the West Bay politicians used him as a pawn in their political game against the PPM and Mr. Clifford in particular. Open your eyes Killa ! KeKe and his crew are all about theirpolitical careers……nothing else matters !!!!

    And by the way, you are either an elete athlete or a politician but you can't be both at the same time. It doesn't work !

    • Hush Nah says:

      Hush nah man Charles, get out there & work & stop wimpering. Charles Whittaker cannot make a living from boxing because he is not good enough to fight top quality fighters so as to demand decent payments. For 2 decades now he has begged CI governments to support him & pay to promote his fights, & selfishly criticizes those that do not support his financial demands. Please Charles, tell us the name of any other PROFESSIONAL fighter that begs their government to pay their "professional" wages & to pay for the promotion of their fights (outside of communist countries where the government owns everything). All decent professional fighters get good sponsorship as well as good payments for their fights, they do not depend on their respective governments to support them. If you were as good as you say you are then sponsors would be sponsoring you & promoters would be paying you good money to fight. All I can say is that "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" & in Charles Whittaker's case the eating ain't too good (proof in that there is not much demand to sponsor Charles or to pay him good money). However I would admire him as an amateur, & as an amateur making no money then it would be acceptable for government to pay him to be an "Ambassador" for Cayman like they do with the other AMATEUR athletes representing Cayman. Makes sense. Hush Nah! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Name one promoter in Cayman that could/would elevate Charles to the professional level he is @???  Your arguement is nonsensical.  Oh and by the way get your facts straight, Cayman has far from been supporting Charles for 2 decades, try maybe 2 or 3 years and the money has been very little in comparison to most athletes.  If we had been supporting him from the start we might of had a world champion years ago.  The value is in the exposure that Charles brings to Cayman as an ambassador.  Stop spreading POLITRICS and get your facts straight or please kindly "Hush nah man"

        • Hush Nah says:

          Anon 15:04, Hush Nah!!!!! You don't know what you are talking about. 2 or 3 years? Get real! Mckeeva Bush was helping Charles Whittaker from his first term as leader of the UDP (2001 – 2005), & even before that, when he was sports minister under the National team government. I agree it is only now that we hear about it because of the large amounts that we, sorry I mean the government (actually, Mckeeva Bush using our money) give to Charles, especially the $100,000 from the nation building fund, but believe me it has been going on for years. Charles says he has been a pro for almost 20 years, & Mckeeva Bush has been supporting him with our money from the beginning, so please stop talking what you don't know, telling untruths, & "spreading POLITRICS and get your facts straight or please kindly Hush Nah man"!!!!!! 

          • Anonymous says:

            @ Hush Nah – 16:49!!!  The Honoralble Thomas Jefferson was the one who encourage and supported Charles in the beginning, just thought you should know.  Charles many years ago moved to the states and got a job to support his career (and family) on his own dime.  You're just trowing out speculative alligations and made it obvious that your venon is politically (POLITRICALLY) driven.  This should not be about politics this should be about all the publicity Charles has brought to Cayman as an ambassador and the youths that he helps.
            So therefore I will "Hush now man"!!!  Since the Bible tells me…
            "When arguing with fools, don't answer their foolish arguments, or you will become as foolish as they are." ~Proverbs
            With all sincerity, may God Bless your envious heart!
            I close & remain,

          • Erika says:

            Hush Nah,

            It is amazing that you say Charles was given $100k from the "Nation Building Fund," but what proof do you have of that?  Very curious to know if this is based on fact, gossip, your hope to slander a person, or you misinterperting information?  You speak like you want people to believe you are in a goverment role but I doubt this country would vote for a person named "Hush Nah."


            CNS:  AG to probe nation building Attachments on the bottom. See page 4 of Nation Building Fund Recipients 2010-11. 

            • Erika says:

              CNS and All the "Anonymous" writers (who seem to have alot to say yet you won't put your real name on your post).  I read your story (link) and there IS NOTHING that shows Charles was given $100K for personal use from the government, but the the link shows a grant was given.  It appears that the grant was for the boxing event at Camana Bay on June 15th.  http://ringsidereport.com/?p=10822. I again ask what proof do you have that Charles was paid $100K?  Wouldn't this be an event that brings money back to the tourism department and to local businesses? 

              * Let's see what the money could have been used for: (venue, chairs for people to sit on, hotel rooms for the fighters, food money for the fighters, and transportation (airfare and rental van) for the fighters?)  So basically the government paid for a boxing event SO WHAT?

              Yet Clifford paid $1.1 Million for a promoter to come over do 1 show on TV.

              ** Let's see what the money could have been used for:  (venue, chairs for peopleto sit on, hotel rooms for the fighters, food money for the fighters, and transportation (airfare and rental van) for the fighters?)  So basically the government paid for a boxing event SO WHAT?

              BTW, out of that money that Goosen received he brought over all his family (wife, kids, parents, brothers, paid for reporters (over 10 were flown in), and for his staff (and their spouses).   What do you think, wouldn't that also be an event that brings money back to the tourism department and to local businesses?  

              The difference is Charles didn't spend the grant money stupidly and most of it came back to the country.  Clifford and Goosen did their show and guaranteed that your country didn't get $100K back from that "expense."  Where is Clifford's Nation's Building Fund Recipients?

              You can all believe you know something (based on what you believe) and I will continue to show you the facts that are all over the internet! 

              • SSM345 says:

                Yeah, because you must believe everything on the internet…….great argument Erika.

    • Anonymous says:

      So what you're saying is Charles should of sold out long time according to you and not be an independent fighter.  I guess we wouldn't be hearing from you if he had went the other side.

      Oh, concerning your statement…
      "you are either an elete athlete or a politician but you can't be both at the same time. It doesn't work !"  YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVEN'T HEARD OF MANNY PACQUIAO one of the greatest and a politician.


      BUT with that said I don't believe Charles has any asperation to be a politician, but merely supported what he believes in.

  9. Anonymous says:

    He represented Cayman well. Any one would like to go welcome him at at the Airport like the true CHAMPION that he is.


    The man is a true example to the youth of Cayman. Well done Charles.


    Credit to the man Help us lift our youth in Cayman.

    • BORN FREE says:

      The free ride is over. For too long he has depended on Mac's handouts, it has to stop now that he was put into retirement. It is time he got out in the real world & made money for himself instead of relying on Mckeeva Bush & the UDP for handouts! Why should he he get OUR hard earned money? As a "professional" fighter he should be making his own living & stop depending on the taxpayers money! The free ride is over!  

      • Anonymous says:

        He could get a job as Mckeeva's bodyguard since JuJu already has one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Had Charles Whittaker been an expat you political critics would find some technicality under which you would transform him into a most intriguing role model.
      Whether you are an ignorant expat or an ignorant Caymanian that does not support their own. None of you are qualified to define Charles Whittaker; who he is nor what he has accomplished. We are really getting very tired of people trying to define others, and create new identities for our people, especially those who are at the forefront are most targeted.
      All too often the person taking the authority position to define someone else is not even qualified spiritually, morally, socially nor culturally to do so.

      Congratulations Charles, we are very very proud of you, you are putting Cayman on the Map over and over again.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The funding of Charles has been well worth it because representing Cayman was always

    part of his program.

    There have been others like Kareem,Mothersill and a few before them that I would question

    before I send auditors at Charles.

    We have had Musicians who have never writen a song about Cayman or never travelled

    until government funded trips came allong for our so called legends to perform in Cuba,

    Panama and New York,some of these I may add even got included on our Queens

    honour's list.

    These are career choices and if you have  given nothing then you should recieve nothing,everything they ever did was for personal gain not for the country.They spent

    years seeking world fame and glory and when it all failed they fall back on our government as we applaud them for trying.


    Charles, on the other hand promoted Cayman from the start until a few nights ago.

    Goodluck Charles,well deserved.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Although the "killa" got killed…I was still happy to see him on tv.

  12. Asuckoo says:

    I want to add my personal support for Charles, not only is he a skilled boxer he is a well grounded and proud Caymanian. When it comes to boxing he has dedicated his life to promoting the sport in Cayman and has inspired many of our young people to trade a life on the street for a life in the ring. Charles deserves our praise and respect for what he has done, and unless you have stepped into a boxing ring and braved the challenges of the ultimate contest you really should not criticize him as it is no easy task. Charles is a good friend of mine despite our political positions and always will be. I am proud of what he has done for our islands and hopefully in the future we will see his efforts pay off when the next generation of Caymanian boxers step forward. Well fought bro you showed the world what Caymanians are made of and despite the odds and challenges you fought to the end. 


    Al Suckoo

    • Empty Chair says:

      Charles Whittaker & his team should be ashamed, not about his loss but about his shorts! The front had on "Cayman Island" & the back had on "USA." Couldn't the nation building fund dollars be better spent than that? Cayman Island???? We are the Cayman Islands! Surely Charles & Mckeeva know better, or do they? And why was "USA" on the back? It was disgraceful, & shameful, & the beating he took made it worse. That was plenty licks. OUCH!

      • Anonymous says:

        Hello! If McKeewa had something to do with it why are you surprised Cayman Islands was spelt incorrectly? Does Keke ever get anything right?

      • Erika says:

        FYI… The shorts were sponsored by Everlast so your country dollars weren't spent on his shorts.  But in the future if you would like to sponsor his shorts maybe you should contact his "Team" and give them the money!

        • Anonymous says:

          He is given the money. From the public purse. The point is that Cayman didn't get much bang for the buck. 

          • Erika says:

            So you are mad the country supported him (financially and vocally) and you feel you are owed something? Hypocrite much? I think you may need to re-evaluate your priorities and what your real issue is. The bottom line is the following:
            Charles has been fighting for 20 years representing Cayman Islands. He has been a role model to kids to make good decisions for their futures. He has never turned his back on his county, his family, or the Caymanian’s. He has struggled, he has been lucky, and in the end he has been fortunate enough to do the one thing that makes him happy. He has fought easy and hard fights. Every fighter loses, every fighters wins but the fact your country man stood on tv and took defeat with dignity shows his true character. You can be bitter or you can be proud but in the end Charles doesn’t need your approval because it appears from every post on every story about him the same people say the same negative things. I hope when you look in the mirror you see your lack of success and you realize you are 10% of your potential and you are wasting away in bitterness.

            • Anonymous says:

              Where did I say I am owed something? Please don't use words like hypocrite since you clearly do not understand its meaning.  Who says I am unsuccessful, or bitter? I am neither. If this is the sort of ignorance Charles has for his support then I feel sorry for him. 

              • Erika says:

                Definition of HYPOCRITE
                1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
                2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings
                Definition of IGNORANCE: the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness

                I for one am neither (which has been proven in my post with actual NEWS STORIES) but your cowardice is proven. I don’t hide behind the name anonymous!

                Definition of COWARDICE: lack of courage or resolution

  13. Anonymous says:

    I cant believe that we have so many negative bad minded people in this ya Cayman. We should be proud of Charles, after all he is the best that we have here in Cayman. Charles is coming from humble beginnings and he has tried very. Your comments are certainly not helpful to the youth that are having a life like what Charles had. Charles I watched you from beginning to end although you do not even know me, and I think that you thre some very good punches. One thing you did not back down, you stood tall like the typical old fashioned Caymanian. For all you yhat that make such negative comments, why dont you try to do better, or send your kids to do better. One thing Charles was dressed like a professional and spoke like one, and he put Cayman name on NBC. Although I am not UDP its disgusting how ya all blame Mack for everything, so what would happen if he had a won and is a udp member? I am embarrassed.

  14. Chelsea Rivers says:


    Let me set some of the detractors straight, as I have reached a boiling point due to the ease with which many come to this site to anonymously slam and slur the efforts of those who are actually DOING something with their lives. 


    Charles Whittaker has beat the odds. Do you understand that? If you don't, then you know nothing of this man, where he's come from and what he's been through. That means you have no right to comment on his success…or failure. Least of all, the right to criticize him with such venom and disgust. 


    So for those who don't know, let me tell you what I do know about him…which is admittedly not as much as many. Hopefully, those who do, will come here and proudly tell other pieces of his story. He deserves that much.


    The man you watched Friday night is a fighter. Despite what you think. He fought and clawed his way to be in that ring in front of millions of viewers. But that's not where he was heading. As a child, this man was also a fighter…but the kind that got into trouble and became a nuisance. No one thought he would amount to anything. He was a bully and a bad kid. On the track that Charles was taking, he would probably be a career criminal today, a lifetime resident of Northward or worse, dead.


    But one man saw the potential in a very bad boy and took every opportunity to funnel that negative energy and anger into a sport that would help him channel his badness into a more positive life. The late, great Dalmain Ebanks took Charles under his wing and molded a winner out of him. Until Friday night, Charles had 12 consecutive wins under his belt. How many do you have? Where's your title? Have you been in an internationally televised event…ever? 


    So before you respond to the need to spit on him with your toxicity, get to know his story and what makes him the man that he is. Appreciate that you could have been his victim in an alternate lifetime, had he not persistently and hungrily pursued a path that was suited to him. Unlike many of the wayward youth these days, Charles was given a golden ticket to be someone! He literally fought his way out of poverty and violence to be a role model for kids today. He has travelled the world, seen things most youth of Cayman can only see on tv and met people to whom you could never get up close and personal.


    Charles, a mere Caymanian in your eyes, beat the odds and allowed himself to be mentored and guided away from the life of crime and emptiness.  


    Love him or hate him, you have to give him respect for his commitment to be someone. I don't agree with his political affiliation either – but respect that he is loyal to those who support him. It takes financing to make it – were any of you willing to give him money to follow his dream and represent our country in the world of boxing? Didn't think so. I attended almost every local fight he had – but admittedly didn't give him anything extra to help him along. 


    The Cayman Islands can afford to support its athletes – regardless of what is said about this country's finances. Given the excessive and ostentatious spend on other non-essential things, we should embrace those who make us proud. We should support those who help put our nation on the map in a global forum, other countries do. But most of all, we should celebrate our people who were on a very different path, who were thought of as hooligans and thugs, but who had the presence of mind to stop before it was too late and to be someone else. 


    Charles is not perfect and he's clearly getting older – but that is no reason for anyone to try to detract from his successes and choices. When you can stand up and show yourself as a better person, given his rough start in life and little chance at becoming anything of note, then you can speak up. 


    Maybe this wasn't his best fight. Too bad if it's the only one you've ever seen. The biggest fights are often personal. 


    I, for one, was proud to know someone in that ring. I was anxious for him to win but remained proud when he didn't. You watched because he came from your country or from the country in which you live. It obviously meant something to you – and if he had won, you would be singing a different tune. Such are the finicky windsocks which blow this way and that, depending on the wind. If you cannot say something nice, say nothing at all. None of us are any better than Charles. 


    So please, get off your high horses and show the man some respect. He has earned it.

    • Whodatis says:

      … and there is the real TKO!

      Well said C.R..

    • Anonymous says:

      But was it worth so much of our public money?  NO!

    • Anonymous says:

      Seems to me that all he cares about is the paltry purse.  That deserves no respect.  He is politically affiliated and a true lover of this sport would not do what he did in the 'vote no' campaign

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said, there are too many armchair critics on here

    • Anonymous says:

      The writer of 13:19. I am so glad that you wrote such a good article for Charles. After working so hard these are the kind of comments that Charles and his family need to read. For all the negative writers just go and take some punches like what Charles took. In my book he is a winner, as there has never been another Caymanian who went where Charles has been. Again I say congratulations to Charles and his dear mother whom I personally know as Beu Beu. Also thanks to Mr Dalmain and others more recently who encouraged him.

  15. Money Maker says:

    The funding of Charles Whittaker has been a national disgrace.  It is clear that he has been pumped with money from theUDP government and then asked to do UDP bidding.  When this money started to flow he was an already over the hill, run of the mill journeyman fighter.  Fighters by his age at that either have made it and can fund themselves, or never will make it.  Yet the UDP government opened the money taps.  Oddly he found himself ranked highly by the IBF but none of the credible boxing rankings.  The IBF has had serious problems with bribery for rankings in the past and its rankings have no meaning.  The Auditor General must look into this funding.

    • Married to a Caymanian - says:

      And the fact that with all the support, it was a true disgrace to see the MISPELLING on his shorts…..The Cayman IslandS.  Come on folks, just a little literacy???

    • Erika says:

      Hey Money Maker,

      How do you make your money? 

      Do you have any proof to your allegations? 

      BTW, if someone did bribe their way to a title don't you think that same sanctioning belt would have looked out for the person paying them?  Or do you think they would purposly take money away from that person and give to the opponent?  Sometimes common sense isn't common but it appears ignorance is.!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well he gave it a shot and I'm sure we can all say way are proud of that. Now time for a real job.

    To say the honest truth what I am really dissapointed about is the fact that he or his crew did not even have the intellect to bear a Cayman flag and don't let me get started about his trunks…"Cayman Island" at the front and "USA" at the back!!! Really?? It's "Cayman Islands"!!! and is it now located in the "USA"!!! So much for promoting Cayman poor people up north are now probably trying to figure out where this place is not to mention that maybe just maybe some big or half decent promoter might have said "The Cayman Islands? May be should go there and scout some talent."

    Good try Charles but for now time to come off the people's payroll.

  17. Anonymous says:

    it was a good fight on tv. i did however think charles was too calm (maybe nerves) he just didnt look interested. the comentator said  he was probably the most laid back boxer that night he had ever seen. it concerned me a little he was emotionless.

    he won the first round then maybe the second or third then it was all downhill really.

    its not nice to say he hasnt fought anyone though. we know he has and a lot of fighters out there will knock you out given half a chance i know. however this honestly was the best fighter he fought by a long way. a different league really from the others and it showed to be honest.

    outclassed and too fast for charles. hungry like a wolf and never gave up.

    charles never really gave up i know but was outclassed it the truth be told.


    well done still.

  18. Anonymous says:

    He lost before the fight starts how on earth did  he decided to fight such big fight even live on TV   for $6000,00 Who is His Manager ? manager needs to go.

  19. Christopher Goddard says:

    Charles, you have taken boxing in Cayman to a new level.

    As a Caymanian in boxing you have gone where no other has gone before.

    We thank you for your contribution and we look forward to your continued contribution to the youth boxing program here in Cayman.

    Good luck and Godspeed.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Classic case of one fighter entering his prime and one on the way out. You fought a brave fight Charles the disappointment was the $6000 that you ended your run on.all the best in your futture endeavors

  21. Anonymous says:

    After the rant about the purse, I’m glad he lost spoilt ,
    with government money and too politically affiliated

  22. Anonymous says:

    You should be proud of yourself Charles, you fought a good fight!

    God bless.

  23. noname says:

    You have nothing more to prove, Charles. Congrats on an impressive career. You carved out your own path where no Caymanian before had. You have plenty to be proud of.

    Please recogonize this and step out of the ring. You are man of many talents. Use them in another arena and continue to be a success in a different way.

    Best wishes

  24. Anonymous says:

    You are still "King Charles",you fought a good fight,well done,you have made Cayman proud a true native son of this soil.Long live "King Charles.

  25. Son of Thunder says:

    Finally the truth be told. Charles has fought no one of any significance in the past, & for his first challenge & for the world to see he fails miserably. In fact, he was royally thumped. Help him Mac in his time of great need, more 'nation building' funds needed.

    • Erika says:

      If that is true then Rosado hasn't fought anyone of sustance either.  They fought the same or similar fighters. 

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully we can cut back on how much he gets from the public purse.

    • Anon says:

      Good point. While, I commend these athletes for their hard efforts, I think it's time for them to come home and start working like the rest of us that are paying for them to follow their dreams.

  27. Tel O'Thetape says:

    What a lot of excitement over an exceptionally mediocre undercard fight.  Maybe in the post fight interview we should have asked how much of our money was squandered on this manand what qualifications he had to comment on the relative merits of electoral systems.

  28. Y U T E says:

    His first big fight against a half decent opponent & what happens? He was totally outclassed, that is probably why he has avoided top fighters all his career. However, I must hand it to him, for all the pounding he took & 4 knock downs he kept in the fight longer than expected. But as usual it was much a-do about nothing as far as Charlie was concerned. Is it no wonder that his UDP government have to support him!He would starve otherwise if he had to depend on making a real living from boxing.

  29. Anonymous says:

    As Caymanians that's what we all have to do; give it our all!

    Congrats, Whittaker, now you can decide whether you want to give  politics a chance.

  30. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:


    Killa was scared stiff before he entered the ring, you could see it!

    He made the world believe that he was not used to the big occasion and looked shocked from walking into the ring until he meekly bowed out of professional boxing!


    • Anonymous says:

      Absolutely disgraceful this country is to its people. So what about his background. Half the people rushing into church on Sundays are leading a double life anyway. This man has chosen to break a pattern and channeled his energy to what .he loves and knows best.  I like to see some of those negative commentators go into the same ring and see how long they would last.  That is why this country is suffering with their negativity, nonexistent life, and hostility towards those supposedly beneath them.  Why does this country throw politics into the mix?  It is nothing to do with UDP or PPM but should be about a people coming together and supporting each other rather than slandering unnecessary.  People making derogatory remarks should be ashamed of themselves.  Still the Caymanians cannot see why the foreigners are simply just laughing at you all thinking what a brunch of sell outs and malicious spiteful people.  Why don’t you all just stop whining and get a life and look after each other like your fore parents had done so and  managed to put this lovely Island on the map.  They must be rocking in their graves right now.  Goodness I hope you have a consciences as you all seem to be rushing into church 24 7.  Start focusing in bringing your country together.  You may get people liking you again.  From a non Caymanian who loves the history, culture and its born and bred people