Community urged to take more care of elderly

| 30/09/2012

41_01_52---Elderly-People_web (234x300).jpg(CNS): Given the vulnerability of the country’s older citizens, the minister for community affairs has called on the public to double its efforts to care for senior residents. In his message to mark the star of older people’s month this October Mike Adam commended non-government organisations, such as the churches and the Meals on Wheels programme for taking on the social responsibility of caring for the aging population, as he urged others to protect the elderly and learn from their wisdom. Director of DCFS Alicia (Jen) Dixon said there is a tendency for the community to marginalise seniors.

“There are many who think that seniors can no longer make a difference or have an impact and as such they do not include them in activities or in any kind of decision-making,’ she said.
“Our senior citizens have contributed significantly to the development of our islands and still have much to offer, especially to our children and young persons. Like all of us, our older persons want to know that they are needed, valued and that there is someone who cares for them and is looking after their welfare.”

This year’s theme for Older Person’s month is ‘Shaping the Future for Our Senior Citizens’ Beginning with the United Nations designated International Day of Older Persons on Monday, 1 October) and the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS have organized a number of event to bring attention to the fact that older persons have much to contribute to the community.

Although October is dedicated to honour, respect and care for the Islands’ elderly, a key part of the celebrations is ensuring that the resources allocated for their care, whether by government or others, are used for the intended purpose. 

“There are many seniors who continue to make a difference through work in their churches; volunteering in education; in health and other spheres of life," Dixon added.  “This month we want to ask persons to show care and make our seniors feel like they are a valuable part of the community and the family,” she said.

See the minister’s full message below and for more information contact DCFS at 949-0290.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman Islands have many laws, which is never enforced, and this is no exception. Section 5 of The Maintenance Law (1996 Revision) states as follows: Every perosn born in wedlock is hereby required to maintain his or her father, mother, grandfater and grand mothers, and every person not born in wedlock is hereby required to maintain his or her mother, the person registered as his father or her father and if there be no person so registered, the man, if any with whom his or her mother openly cohabited at the time of his birth, provided that such man recognised and treated such person as his child during his or her infancy, in case such father or mother or other person as aforesaid,or all or any of such persons are unable by reasons of old age, or bodily or mental infirmity to maintain himself, herself or themselves.

    That should cover all…so just enforce the damn law. 

  2. SANDFLY says:

    Don't blame Mike it's Mac. Poverty has set in with our elderly just like it has in WB and the same person that's incharge of our government has don'e nothing to stampout poverty there. I have been told the fish stinks from the head. It's the same way in the administraition of government services. Don't be fooled or misled. Traveling all over the world and not doing his job at home is failure of leadership.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There should be a law in place so that family cannot sell off an elderly persons assetts without paying for their upkeep – whether that be in a nursing home or by family members.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I believe there is a law in place where family of the elderly could be charged for not taking care of their parents etc.. Maybe if the law was enacted then the government would not have to take care of so many elderly!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      08:36 and my friend if the family of the elderly can hardly take care of them selves to find food and shelter, pleastell me how are they going to take care of the elderly.  What you people donotrealize is that these people are the ones who built this country, allowing you to have a job.  Now you turn your back on them, shame on you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Politicians such as in nCayman Brac needs to first set an example. Although I do agree that  some Caymanians do not have any love nor care for their elderly and think that it is the Governments responsibility.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mike Adam: if you cared soo much pass the Disability Law

    • Anonymous says:

      What Mike Adams need to do is to stop letting his welfare departments do as they choose, with whom they choose.  As I have heard and read so much about those departments, I think it is time someof them retire and be put on a pauper list,.

      • Anonymous says:

        remember this come election nd dont vote for him again. This is not good job performance.