FCO will force FFR into law

| 24/10/2012

British+Foreign+Secretary+Orders+Libyan+Diplomats+kEFrqWGeoCJl (220x300).jpg(CNS): The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is prepared to force the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility into local legislation if the Cayman Islands Government fails to live up to the commitment it made following the budget approval from London in August. Sources have told CNS that the UK is not going to allow the premier to alter the framework via additional clauses or by removing any of its content and is expecting the document to be passed into law during the forthcoming sitting of the Legislative Assembly. If not, it will push the FFR through via an Order in Council. However, CNS has learned that the legislation being drawn up will include changes to the original agreement.

The FFR which the premier signed in November 2011 commits the CIG to certain parameters, rules and systems regarding public finances. It also draws the statuary authorities back into the debt ratios ruling government borrowing, thus ensuring that the entire public sector spending is tightly controlled within a rigid framework. It means that authorities, such as the port and the airport, and government companies, such as Cayman Airways or the Turtle Farm, cannot borrow outside of the Public Management and Finance Law limits and will need to gain UK approval for any projects they engage in.

The premier has said publicly that he dislikes various elements of the framework and wants to change parts of it as well as introduce additional clauses. The UK, however, has been unequivocal about that and is insisting that the bill it expects to come to the Legislative Assembly in November is exactly the same as the document signed by the premier almost one year ago.

Despite this rigid position being taken by the FCO, the legislation is currently under review as McKeeva bush intends to make some alterations. The final bill has not yet been completed and there is no certainty that the document will be drafted during the forthcoming sitting, which opens on 5 November. Government has not said how long this meeting will last and no FFR bill has been circulated ahead of the meeting for public comment.

The constitution requires government to publish any new law it intends to present to legislators 21 days before the House sits. The premier has, however, ignored this provision in the past and so may still choose to bring his version of the legislation to the LA next month. Nevertheless, given the insistence by the FCO on the need for the FFR to be enshrined in local law exactly as Bush signed it, any law brought by the premier could be overridden.

An Order in Council is a statutory provision which forms part of the UK’s reserve powers as the colonial master of the Cayman Islands, enabling it to legislate for any of its overseas territories when it deems it necessary. The move is a last resort and is generally reserved for when the UK feels its interests are at risk.

In the case of the Cayman Islands, the mounting public debt and continued government operational deficits have led the UK to take steps to protect itself from the potential liability for that debt. Having relinquished some control in the 2009 constitution over financial matters, it has begun to claw back that control via the framework agreement and the recent conditions attached to the approval of the 2012/13 budget.

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  1. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Re: “Having relinquished some control in the 2009 constitution over financial matters, it has begun to claw back that control via the framework agreement and the recent conditions attached to the approval of the 2012/13 budget.”

    One more piece of evidence why the British still cannot be trusted!
    • Anonymous says:

      The Britsh cannot be trusted to blindly trust Caymanian politicians and that's a good thing for all of us.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UK never lost any control, just gave you some crumbs to see if you could actually handle your own affairs. How's that working out for you, looks like you failed big time?

      • Whodatis says:

        And how has the UK's handling of their own affairs worked out for them?

        Successfully, or "failed big time"?

        Care to compare debt ratios? As you do so  be sure to factor in the "contributions" the UK has provided to itself by way of its central bank and such. Lastly, don't forget to calculate the yet to be felt long-term impacts of said "contributions" in your final summation.

        • Anonymous says:

          Care to compare obligations with national and international security, diplomatic service, NHS, welfare, social service, mental health, international immigration, international aid, NATO, the UN, the EU, the 'G' conferences, The Commonwealth and the credit liabilities of one our profligate Overseas Territories etc, etc………..

          All you have to do is run the equivalent of a small provincial town and you can't even do that properly. When a town council overspends in the UK, the same happens, the government steps in to regain control. It's no different for Cayman.

          You see the UK has a real economy, (not one based on one or two volatile markets) and has real obligations that you can't even imagine having to pay for, let alone being able to afford. The UK also has a population larger than the capacity of the Olympic stadium, unlike this little rock, which would have room to spare for at least another 20,000, (you would have noticed that if you had bothered turning up for all of your events).

          To even try to compare the two demonstrates your stupidity and obvious lack of knowledge on the subject. Try harder, but this time think of solutions, oh but that's why you're so bitter and twisted, you can't, youdon't have a solution, just a boring diatribe.

        • Anonymous says:

          The UK is currently 18th in the soveriegn debt league. That's real countries with real GDP.

          Compare the UK IMF debt to GDP % ratios against other 1st world ecomomies for the year 2011:

          UK 82.5, US 102.94, Singapore 100.79, Ireland 104.95, France 86.26, Canada 84.95, Japan 229.77 and Germany 81.51. 

          Then consider that it only costs 3% of GDP to furnish that debt, that's roughly the same as the Ministry of Defence budget. Of course, you must also factor in that the UK has some of the lowest borrowing costs in the world as it has never defaulted on its loans. Unlike Cayman, who can't get loans because she is in so deeply in debt and with no way of paying them back, even if she could get someone to cough up. 

          So you see, all real countries have real debt issues, its not a 'UK thing' by anymeans, it's a world thing and a product of the 2008 world financial crisis.


        • Whodatis says:

          @ the posters below,

          We can debate this until we're all blue in the face (actually, that wouldn't apply to me) and we can throw around fancy figures provided by the usual spin doctors … at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding.

          E.g. Apparently, no one cared to tell this "superdad" (formerly) of Britain the good economic news that some of you relentlessly peddle.

          Nevertheless, I am sure some of you inventive folks will find yet another statistic or percentage to offset real life experiences, nationwide riots, arson, murder and looting, and lastly the shared persepctives by the vast majority of British posters.

          Signing off.



          • Anonymous says:

            Muppet, the statistics are the IMF's not our's. Doesn't fit with your version now does it? But then it wouldn't these are impartial results, not the bitter musings of an idiot.

          • Anonymous says:

            Now you are getting desperate.

          • Anonymous says:

            So you're a Sun reader.  That explains everything.

          • Anonymous says:

            Do you like responding to your own posts?

          • WTBI says:

            This is at least the second time you've quoted this father of 12 ( yes 12! ) as a champion of normality and  expert on all that is wrong with the UK.  And reported, of course, in that intellectual giant of a publication, the Sun newspaper. Classic.



          • Whodatis says:

            @ the respondents:

            Wow … what a response.

            Truth hurts huh?

            By the way, how is the source of the report relevant in this instance?

            This is the actual, real-life perspective of a modern day British family in the words of a father of 12 British children. Furthermore, read through the comments below the article. There goes the damning evidence. And no, they were not posted by a horde of whatever some of you deem to be typical Sun readers – unna stinkin' snobs, unna!


            Online commentary is one of the broadest and most democratic forms of expression today … wouldn't we all agree?

            * Obviously, one wouldn't find such reality in The Financial Times – as they tend to focus on "IMF statistics" – which by the way clearly means "eff all" on the (British) ground.

            At the end of the day, if we are discussing the state of the UK's economy and social standing at the moment there is little to be optimistic about.

            That is not my opinion, but the opinion of arguably the majority of Britons living in Britain today.

            • Anonymous says:

              Because a Sun reader such as yourself knows the opinion of the over 32 million plus Brits required to make up a majority! Just a tad presumptuous, don't you think?


              Just to clarify one point – you are not interested in discussing the state of the UK economy. You are interested only in selecting reports from the Sun that support your prejudiced beliefs. 


              Truth does indeed hurt.





    • Anonymous says:

      Naughty children lose their privileges.

  2. Anonymous says:

    UK Debt Bombshell


    This sounds like a case of the “pot calling the kettle black”. Cayman should not be taking instruction from a country that has clearly demonstrated that they are unable to manage their own finances.

    You will only need to look at the feedback to this comment to understand the problem that exists in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      You forget that the UK bailed out and rescued several banks (following the US meltdown) that were under threat and is well on its way to recovering all that money. You also forget that the previous UK government were spending more than they earned in the time honoured way of socialists, who are constantly proved wrong in any country and still fail to get it, You cannot spend more than you earn. The current UK government is putting that right. What has Mac done and what will he do? Nothing..just line his own pocket…while the rest of us sink slowly into the oblivion of yet another third world country…

      Good try, just from a very narrow perspective!!

      • Slowpoke says:

        Yes, just like all those Socialist Northern European countries…

        Oh, wait, they are doing well and enjoy the highest quality of life, hmmm…

        Also, who exactly bailed out all the banks in the US and the UK?  The private sector?

      • Anonymous says:


        Please do not blame the US for your failure to properly regulate the financial services sector in the UK. Inadequate oversight and greed are at the heart of your problems; and the best that you have to offer is to distance yourself from the "previous UK government".


        While Mr. Bush might sink us slowly, the actions of the UK will destroy Cayman like the swift action of a guillotine.

        • Anonymous says:

          Er, hello, the banking crisis actually started in the US with the the bursting of the US housing bubble, peaking in 2006 causing the values of securities tied to US real estate pricing to plummet and damaging financial institutions globally. The 2008 financial crisis was triggered by a complex interplay of government policies that encouraged home ownership, providing easier access to loans for subprime borrowers, overvaluation of bundled sub-prime mortgages based on the theory that housing prices would continue to escalate, questionable trading practices on behalf of both buyers and sellers, and a lack of adequate capital holdings from banks and insurance companies to back the financial commitments they were making.

          The repercussions certainly spread around the world, including the City of London, who are undoubtedly responsible for a whole raft of sharp practices themselves. However, the UK taxpayer bailed our banks out of the crisis and you can be sure that they will never be able to cause such financial chaos again in the future. For a small country such as Cayman, whose entire national wealth has been made, (and lost) on the back of decades of criminal money laundering, shady 'offshore' banking and corrupt property deals, you really are the worlds biggest hypocrites when it comes to financial integrity.

          Whilst we're at it, London wasn't responsible for the Euro crisis and the downfall of european economy's and banks. They managed that all on their own.

          So your ridiculous claims amount to the typical UK bashing garbage that we are so familiar with on these islands. You just can't see that your problems are self inflicted and the result of excessive spending and catastrophic financial and political incompetence.

          You've had your chance to prove that you are ready for more autonomous powers and you've failed beyond all expectation. So stop whining and blaming everyone else, sort out this mess before it's sorted out for you. The choice is actually yours, not the UK's. 

          • Anonymous says:

            1. It appears that you agree with my previous comment (see statement below).

            “including the City of London, who are undoubtedly responsible for a whole raft of sharp practices themselves.”

            2. I enjoyed the part where you stated “they will never be able to cause such financial chaos again in the future.” 

            We have all heard this type of talk before. What specifically has been done that will guarantee (please see your use of the word “never” in the statement above) that a similar problem will not happen again in the future?

            3. I can only assume that you do not live and work in the Cayman Islands. Afterall, why would such an upstanding individual like yourself want to live and work in a country “whose entire national wealth has been made, (and lost) on the back of decades of criminal money laundering, shady ‘offshore’ banking and corrupt property deals”. 


            4. Where did you see any mention of the UK being responsible for the Euro crisis? 

            5. While we are on the topic of “typical UK bashing garbage” I would like to mention that the Cayman Islands tops this year’s list of friendliest countries for ex-pats (http://travel.yahoo.com/ideas/the-world-s-friendliest-countries.html).

            Sounds to me like more of your lies, lies & more lies.

            7. I also liked the section where you stated “sort out this mess before it’s sorted out for you”. 

            Please don’t forget to bring the whip and the rope. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    With all of the corruption and fiscal mismanagement in the UK I am somewhat surprised that they have anyone available to send on vacation to the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      The truth hurts!

      Can anyone say “Operation Tempura”?

    • Anonymous says:



      I love your statement, well said!

    • Anonymous says:

      Blah, blah, blah. yawn

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for the feedback. Your comment helps to highlight the types of attitudes that has been the destruction of many nations and will most likely be the destruction of the Cayman Islands.

  4. Caymaniann says:

    CNS:  "An Order in Council is a statutory provision which forms part of the UK’s reserve powers as the colonial master of the Cayman Islands, enabling it to legislate for any of its overseas territories when it deems it necessary. The move is a last resort and is generally reserved for when the UK feels its interests are at risk." – What about our interests?  We are currently under a system where developers can do massive projects that would impact us and the environment, and our leaders don't have the will, power, or the desire to change things for our better livelihood. Every election they make their promises but the powers that be and the big shots seem to have their own way over us. So will the "colonial masters" do the honorable thing for the cause of our freedom and livelihood without draconian measures. We still waiting year after year…

    • A Nice Cup Of Tea says:

      Go independent then and stop electing morons to your government.  Otherwise stop moaning.

    • Anonymous says:

      Implementation of the FFR by the UK government should stop much of the current wanton and corrupt destruction of Cayman, as neither the CHEC deal nor the "ForCayman" bullshit was properly or transparently tendered (and the UK authorities may wish to examine closely both of those projects in the context of the UK Bribery Act, and bring the full force of the justice system to bear on any politicians or developers found to be involved systematic corruption – just as in TCI, examples need to be made and no-one is too senior or too rich to escape proper scrutiny and punishment, including prison sentences running into decades and confiscation of property).

      The entire UDP administration should of course be removed from office (and preferably from the islands) permanently. Unfortunately that is unlikely to happen.

    • Richard Wadd says:

      I think you are mis-understanding this.

      The FFR will ensure that our so called 'Leaders' cannot do as they please and allow Developments and Projects to go ahead that are not beneficial to us.

      Under the FFR, deals like the Cruise Ship Peir, For Cayman Alliance and any other Major Infrastructural Project will have to pass through greater checks and balances before Government can sign off on them.

      In other words, people like Mac can't just sign contracts because it benefits his agenda, it must be proven to benefit the Cayman Islands people FIRST.

    • Anonymous says:

      So you want the UK to take over responsibility for everything Caymanian?  You are waiting because you wanted the Caymanian Government to do something for the Caymanian people and all they have shown is a complete disregard for the people and totall incompetence at every level.  Your only hope is the UK.

    • Well Yess says:


      What exactly are you talking about?

      Youdescribed what our current local leaders are doing if we can even refer to them as leaders, developers can’t do what they want, our local leaders allows it, They Sell all of us out to the big shots as you say to fatten their own pockets, but it sounds like your blaming the UK for it all?

      U should be asking our leaders about our interests and for them to do the honorable thing and retire

  5. Anonymous says:

    But Big Mac said to Governor Taylor that, "you are in my territory"…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well said… except for this bit:

    "I have NO CLUE under God's Blue sky why we would put someone with so limited education in a position called Minister of Finance. He probably can't even balanace a petty cash book much less the governments."

    WE didn't – HE did – self appointed Minister.

    • Dred says:

      INDIRECTLY we actually did it. We put UDP in and he is their leader and will do as he pleases so while we never said Big Mac we want you for X by placing this PERSON in that position we allowed it to happen.

      In retrospect I am not even sure Nostradamus could have seen this collosal a mess up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mac's lost the plot. He won't meet his promises, he won't cut spending, he won't impose any sense of financial responsibility on the CIG despite the dire economic situation, he won't even curb his own lavish spending. His solution to our overspending is to tax and raise fees without considering long term consequences.

    I hope the UK put him on a short leash before he ruins the country.

    • Anonymous says:

      He may have lost this plot but he hasnt lost the BIGGER PLOT just yet. He still has ALOT of Damage to do before he done with our sorry asses.

      • Anonymous says:


        Speak for yourselves, you little bunch that want his power.I sure hope he hurry and get rid of your sorry asses. All you guys ever do, is try and  tear down everything this government  does to help the economy.

        • SSM345 says:

          21:48, And thats the point you dimwit! Our govenrment has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to improve the economy! They have done the complete opposite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Are you really that stupid?

        • Anonymous says:

          Name one thing the government has done to help the economy?  One thing.

          Or if you are saying they were stopped from doing one thing, name one thing that would have helped the economy that they were stopped from doing,

        • Anonymous says:

          Can't believe you wore out that brand new fridge in three years?

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac never had the plot to begin with.

  8. Honourable Absurdistani says:

    You can't spell "STUPID" without U-D-P.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Billy Bush, you should have resigned 2 years ago, but alas the pull of first class travel, hotels, gambling, double dipping and the right to consider your clean hands and pure heart forever honorable was too much for you to walk away from. Not to mention all the "perks" that we all soon find out about as regards your investigations. I hope the damage you have done can be repaired but I am worried about it. Thank you FCO for telling this idiot that this is what you are going to do and remind him of who really runs things. When you are out in the street come next election Billy I really think (pray) the investigations will ramp up so fly fly away and hide with brother Missick.

  10. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE… HURRY… BRING IT ON FCO.  I would like to see McKeeva put under HEAVY MANNERS some more for a change. Then if we could only get RID of the overgrowth of BUSH and the WEEDS in our dying country, then just MAYBE we can start to focus and get on with being more productive. We might just survive afterall.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Keke is gonna be pissed!! Oh yea bangalangalanga UK's gonna get it! If only I could have been a fly on the wall when Keke heard this.

    • Richard Wadd says:

      Y'all underestimate the devious mind of Mac.

      This is no surprise to him, in fact this is probably EXACTLY what he had planned all along.

      Now he can say to the people of Cayman,

      "See, I stood up for you against the FFR, but the FCO (our Colonial Masters) have FORCED this upon us".

      Then the next word out of his twisted mouth will be,


      Eternally Honourable Dictator for Life.


  12. To previous commenter: says:

    Please don't ask the British to use a little of its Force on us. They are incapable of using discretion with positive action. That would mean another TCI takeover and two years of our democracy cancelled, no elections, no voting, just a transition from premier dictator to governor dictator. And I don't think nobody wants a non-elected dictator, the governor for their dictate policies here for two years. Just look at TCI, businesses pulling out, and the many complaints. Sorry if I trample on british patrotism, but the fact remains that the British have made some foolish decisions in history. They could have been the superpower of the world, but "force" control, manipulation, et cetera is all they know best and because of this,  they loss America, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, you name it…. lol.. I can go on and on. Sorry to spill somebody's beans :>) 

    • Anonymous says:

      What a load of crap. Read your history books dummy, Britain was THE world power up until the First world war. That means nearly 300 years of colonial power, religious freedom, industrial innovation, political progression and personal, cultural and national emancipation.

      Nobody would be foolish enough to say mistakes weren't made, but I refuse to apologise for cultures and mindsets of the day and remain proud of a country that gave so much in the development and the defence of the free world.

      And for the record, we haven't lost America, Canada, Australia etc….We have actually gained them as loyal and trustworthy allies instead of retaining them as colonial trophies. They are are equals and we have and will continue to spill blood together, there can be no truer friends.

      And before the nationalists get on their bandwagon, Cayman isn't a colonial trophy and never was. These islands were first populated by the British and have remained that way since, you were never subjected to colonial conquest so the same doesn't apply. However, those Caymanians who stood alongside us in times of trouble are also true friends and loyal subjects, we will remember them.

      • Anonymous says:

        "These islands were first populated by the British and have remained that way since" – wrong

        • Anonymous says:

          Go back to your history books, I think you'll find that's correct. If not, where did the founding families such as the Boddens, Scotts, Whittakers, Ryans, Millers, McCoys etc….come from, Cuba, Honduras or perhaps Mars?

          Those original British families may well have been joined by other nationalities over the centuries, but the British bloodline is there and always will be.

          • Anonymous says:

            The spanish had a fort on one of the islands

            • Anonymous says:

              And? The Argentines invaded the Falklands , but they were always British.

            • Anonymous says:

              Was that levelled several times too or was it taken away and used to build the foundations for the runway?


              You couldn't recognise culture or anything worth preserving even itf it ran over you in a taxi!

      • Square1 says:

        religious freedom….political progression and personal, cultural and national emancipation.


        right tell that to the irish…..

        • Anonymous says:

          That's what progression and emancipation is stupid, that's also why the independent of country of Eire now exists. Its the hardline Irish nationalists and loyalists who can't see beyond the past and move on for the benefit of their people. If a former IRA chief can hold high government office in Northern Ireland after so much bloodshed, then there must be hope and PROGRESSION.

          • From Erin's Isle I Came says:

            "Eire"??  There is no such place, unless you are speaking Irish Gaelic.  The term is the Republic of Ireland.  Otherwise you would write Espana instead of Spain (sorry about the absence of the tilde), Italia instead of Italy etc. 

            • Anonymous says:

              Actually as I am of Irish decent, I was using the gaelic term, you know, the one they use on every school kids atlas. And actually you would write ESPANIA, not Espana, (even without the tilde).

              Despite the obvious stick up your a**e, you make a good point. Perhaps we should insist on the French calling us Great Britain instead of Grand Bretagne or Scotland as L'Ecosse. Even better we should insist on calling Germany, errr, Germany, instead of The Federal Republic of Germany or even The Bundesrepublik of Deutschland

              Do you now see the stupidity of your argument? Of course there is such a place called Eire, especially to those who acknowledge the traditional language of the country. 

              • Mercator says:

                "Espania"??  Says it all.  You missed the point completely.  When you are writing in English the English word is "Ireland" or "the Republic of Ireland".  "Eire" is not in the dictionary.  If you were writing in Irish you would called it "Eire". 

                • Anonymous says:

                  Well Mercator, good job you could read maps.

                  It actually matters not what language you're writing in, it is the significance of the word that counts, especially when referring to a country. As Germany is still Deutschland if you wish to convey to someone who is from that country. It doesn't negate the existence of a country because its not spelt in the English context or even with an English translation, that would arrogant and disrespectful in the extreme.

                  And as I've already explained, (do keep up) ROI was being used in the Irish gaelic context as it is the first official language of the country, English is predominant, but still sits in second place. So, therefore, Eire is not an incorrect word to use when referring to a country in its official language.

                  And, derrr, why would Eire be in an English dictionary? As has already been pointed out, quite correctly, it is Irish Gaelic. Yes, there really are other languages in the world apart from English.

                  And for the record, the correct and accurate use of the English version of Espana, Espania, Hispania or Iberia is actually The Kingdom of Spain. So if you want to give out English language lessons for the purposes of describing a soveriegn nation, then at least get the terminology correct.

                  Out of interest, do you actually know the difference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain, or should we not use one when referring to the other in case we confuse someone. After all, both are in the English dictionary, but are they the same country and on a daily basis do we need to care as long as everyone understands the context when the term is used? 

                  • Anonymous says:

                    One does not need to refer to the Kingdom of Spain because Spain is sufficient.  The need for the reference to the Republic of ireland is to avoid confusion with the term Ireland which of course contains the Repbulic and Northern Ireland, which is as British to me as Warwickshire.

                    • Anonymous says:

                      And that's why the term Eire discriminates and is as Irish to me, (and Irish gaelic speakers) as little green men. 

                    • Anonymous says:

                      You obviously haven't noticed, but throughout these years since independance, nobody really gives a damn except for a small bunch of low IQ retards from both sides of the religious divide. It's still the same piece of wet, miserable land that its always been. It matters nought who is in government, there will never be true peace until the whole population break out of the historical shackles that they impose on themselves.

                      Until the majority in the North vote for independence from the UK, that's the way it will stay, Derry and all. Until then Eire and Ulster co-exist, just depends on who you are talking to.

                • Anonymous says:

                  In English dummy, after all that's what your trying to deny the word Eire with, isn't it? Obviously when writing in Spanish it's Espana, (with a tilde). The point you're missing is that just because their is an English translation, it doesn't deny the country exists. Its not rocket science.

            • Anonymous says:

              It exists to Irish gaelic speaking people, so therefore it exists. Can't see your point there.

          • Anonymous says:

            ….the independent country of Eire now exists…???  It is missing six counties, one of them being 'Derry', now called………? Emancipation…..? Were the Irish not free before they were invaded and captured?  Were the slaves not free before they were invaded and captured. ? 

            • Anonymous says:

              Oh grow up and move on. You're referring to ancient history. I have two great. great grandfathers born in Northern Ireland, one in Londonderry in the late 1700's, they were both loyalist and proud of their British connections. Most of the nationalists in Ulster came from catholic Scotland anyway, how far back do you really want to live in the past?

              And no the Irish weren't free before the British, ever heard of the Vikings and the Normans?

              And no the 'slaves', (presume you're referring to Africans) weren't free either, ever heard of the Arabs and the Romans? They were shipping slaves long before their own, (African) people saw a market value in supplying lower, weaker tribes to colonial powers.

              Oh, but that doesn't suit the nationalist or politically neutered view, does it?

              How can you deny that Eire exists as a soveriegn nation, it has its own President, government and armed forces, it is also a fully paid up member of the EU and the Euro, (much to their detriment). So exactly what's your point, or don't you know why your bitter, twisted and historically retarted? 

        • Anonymous says:

          Which century are you moaning about, because since 1922 Ireland has been independent, if you hadn’t noticed.

    • SSM345 says:

      "democracy cancelled, no elections, no voting, just a transition from premier dictator to governor dictator."

      Sounds like a good plan to me.

      There hasn't been democracy down here for the last 4yrs, don't know where you have been  hiding. Cancelled elections? Sounds like a plan, at least we would not have to worry about voting in the same bunch of jokers. And I would take a UK Dictator over Mac for the rest of my life.

      Businesses have been closing down here for years, again I ask, where have you been?

      When your Governments only remedy is to keep increasing fees on busineess, they go somewhere else, pretty basic concept I know but hard for some amaongst us to grasp.

    • Bling man says:

      Na worry.  Force be on mac, not us. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is what Mckeeva wants….so when he proposes independence he can say the UK forced the conversation

  14. Anonymous says:

    Don't be naive. I too hate UDP party, but this is all about control, folks. Sensationalising McKeeva Bush's resistance to the FFR is just to distract us from their intentions of controlling where the FC's money flow. It is all about what they can get, not us. Do you think they care about our environment, emerald sound, our young people and our next generation. No, rather they are mute. The governor is mute and they claim to be our saviour when McKeeva steps on their toes. Folks don't be gullible 

  15. Whodatis says:

    Is this the same £300,000,000,000 (billion) print-another-pound UK that we are dealing with?

    This is sort of like being forced to sit down and have a respectable conversation with your crackwhore of a mother as she dishes out life lessons to follow.

    Anyway, if the UK's true intention is to prevent Cayman from nose-diving into an economic cesspool like she has, then I suppose this is okay.

    (I am simply adding a bit of much needed – and much acknowledged by every Brit other than those that post to CNS – context to the discussion. Also, feel free to challenge my observations of the UK's woeful economy as the damning examples and evidence are infinite.)

    At the end of the day, if Cayman is considered as hopeless in regards to running an economy – how then should we rate the "mother country"?

    For those of you that are confused … go do your research.

    Lastly … in light of these "reserve powers" of the UK – why am I meant to be voting next year again?

    As far as I recall there was no Simmonds, Hague or Cameron on the ballot paper last time – yet somehow these are the shot-callers today.


    I guess now we know how the Brits feel in relation to the European Union.

    • Anonymous says:

      Was just waiting, knew you could not resist the temptation to repeat your your usual bile.

    • SSM345 says:

      Whodatis, they are merely reinforcing what was already drilled into Mac's head when they were trying the balance and pass the budget, remember?

      Not quite sure why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist here.

      Mac  has also stated that he was going to amend the agreement prior to the LA passing it so its going to be ANOTHER fight that Mac looses and cost us dearly, guaranteed.

      And until we ever become independent (which would be the stupidest move ever, I think you can even appreciate that), the UK can do what they choose you see, because I know its hard to grasp, but we are part of the UK and have been for a very long time!

      It should be pretty obvious, look at our flag, our money, that guy called the Governor, the fact we celebrate UK Public Holidays, our passports, the last names of the "Founding Families" of these Islands and many other things that are right under our noses.

      The fact that our Mother country weants to help shoudl be of some consolation to us all, because if they didn't and Mac was given all the reigns to run this place…….well, I don't even want to start thinking about that.

      • Whodatis says:

        Hi Poster,

        An appreciation for sound economic advice is one thing, but misguided praise for being a shining beacon of an example is another.

        I don't say the things I do for the mere sake of it – believe it or not there is method to what some may perceive as my madness.


        Granted our elected officials seem to be hell-bent on taking the same old money-grubbing route (as has every country today – UK included), however there is always a bigger picture to consider.

        The Cayman Islands should NEVER let its guard down and completely trust or respect the UK. History has shown us this time and again.

        In this instance I feel it is very important to thoroughly review and analyse the source of our consultation and advice. The factual report shows much hypocrisy and inconsistency.

    • Anonymous says:

      the usual finger pointing and aviodance of resonsibility……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Anonymous says:

      My research as requested: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20086872

      Well it didn't take you long to crawl out from under your stone when you got a sniff of UK bashing in the air. Comparing an acknowledged world economic power, such as the UK, to a speck of iron shore in the Carribean is as preposterous as your charming 'crackwhore' jibe.

      Get used to the fact that you aren't an independent 'nation state' just a rock that can't find enough intelligent or honest people to run it's very insignificant affairs properly. When you finally do learn basic economics and mathmatics, to say nothing of history and current affairs, then you may be taken seriously as a governing power instead of a poorly run town council.

      The fact is you are diving into an economic cess pool and have been for years with your uncontrolled expenditure and propensity to garner the truth, even to your own people. Your problem is that you have no way of getting out of it alone, your only salvation is the UK as no one will lend you money at your current levels of national debt. Basically, you're bankrupt and will have to suffer the consequences of living way beyond your means and resources. And that wasn't the UK's fault, except that they shouldn't have given you so much freedom to abuse your finances in the first place. 

      Unfortunately, I don't actually get your constant referrals to the 'print another pound' UK. Your obvious ignorance in regard to quantative easing is rather at odds with the reality and the policies of other economic powers, such as the US. But then again, I suppose that we can print more money to ease into the economy and support new business lending and mortgages. What have you got, apart from an empty begging bowl that no one want to fill for you?

      Try helping yourselves for a change by selling off those rocks from around your fiscal neck. Get rid of the odious Turtle Farm, sell Cayman Airways and reduce the Civil Service by outsourcing to commercial experts for a start. You can no longer afford such vanity or gravy train institutions, (unless you want to pay income tax of course). 

      And finally, get over your 'voting rights' issues, the truth is that whom ever you vote for will come from the same schools of self preservation and interest. It was your weak minded leader who agreed to the fiscal framework in London, I'd say his cowardice in the face of FCO pressure is here for all to see. It's certainly strange why he only makes his belligerence known when he's safely back in Cayman, where was his bravado when he was standing outside the FCO after getting called in to the headmaster office?

      If your leader doesn't have the guts to stand up and answer for his total mishandling of the country, then why are you surprised that as the country who is left exposed to your self imposed financial meltdown, the UK is considering a final solution to your denial?

      You are now playing russian roulette with the UK's interests as we, (the UK taxpayer) are ultimately responsible for your debt and defaults on them. That's a very dangerous and very expensive mistake to have made, I hope you're ready for the pain that's coming. 

      • Whodatis says:


        " … just a rock that can't find enough intelligent or honest people to run it's very insignificant affairs properly."

        Just about everything you have said, including the above quote, could very easily be said about the UK my friend.

        In fact, considering that the UK is in a far, far greater economic mess than is the Cayman Islands, I strongly suggest you direct your sound advice in their direction – they need it a lot more than we do.

        " Your obvious ignorance in regard to quantative easing is rather at odds with the reality and the policies of other economic powers, such as the US. But then again, I suppose that we can print more money to ease into the economy and support new business lending and mortgages."

        Let me guess, you are well "educated" and informed in modern economics and finance aren't you?

        Tell me, how have those methods benefited the world today? Take a look around my friend.

        Do you even truly understand the actual concept of money?

        Most people just do not get it … or those that do simply refuse to get it.

        * If you think the reports in that provided link negates the crippling, long-term damage of the UK's latest injection of "quantative easing" then you are sadly mistaken. The reality is that no one has been "eased" – instead, the masses have just been f—-d.

        • Anonymous says:

          You poor deluded fool, you actually believe the crap you spew. Its hilarious listening to a Caymanian 'educate' the world on fiscal responsibility and the concept of money when their own country is bankrupt and slidding towards oblivion. Whilst the UK is coming out of recession, Cayman is sliding ever deeper into it, how's that working for you numb nuts?

          And yes, I am fairly well educated and do have a healthy interest in the fortunes of the UK, I have more to lose than a self styled voice of the people on some far away rock. I actually do know how my economy is doing as I see it every day in the value of my home, business, corporate lending, mortgage lending, general business confidence and growth.

          But of course you are confined to your sad little hole somewhere, whinging about a country that you have no real experience of except what you read online.

          When you actually come up with credible alternatives and someone on this island has the guts to implement proper fiscal policies, then why don't you disappear down the hole from whence you came.

          • Whodatis says:

            Re: "Its hilarious listening to a Caymanian 'educate' the world…"

            Imagine how we Caymanians ROFL to hear a Brit trying to educate the world on fiscal responsibility.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whodatis, there are effective and cheap products to deal with acid stomach. You sound so bitter and hateful I'm glad I only have to encounter your mind-spewings online. What on earth makes you describe Great Britain as a "crackwhore of a mother." I suppose that would make Cayman an illegitimate, crack-retarded scuzz-bucket son of a prostitute. See how that feels?



      • Whodatis says:

        Re: "What on earth makes you describe Great Britain as a "crackwhore of a mother.""

        That portion of my post is to be read in the context of economic or financial terms.

        (Britain is a money sucking-borrowing-printing-wasting-corrupting "junkie" mother. Money is the drug she can't ever get enough of – to the point of self-destruction. Nonetheless, "mommy" expects to sit her kids down and dish out sound economic advice … with the needle still stuck in her arm.)

        One either gets the pun or doesn't – it all depends on one's level of understanding of the issues involved.

        As for what that would make Cayman … if we were to follow all her advice and copy her ways, then yes – your description would be spot-on.

        * My aim is simply to help prevent my fellow Caymanians from ever getting the impression that Great Britain is an economically sound, responsible, uncorrupted and worthy example for us to blindly follow or respect. Not a single person could argue against as the reality proves otherwise.


      • Pitt The Even Younger says:

        Whodatis has a British parent, so my thought has always been there is something Freudian about most of his posts, but this one is a cracker in that regard.

    • Annie Port will do says:

      Spoken like an Uneducated Moron … you wondering "Whodatis"?

      Britian was once the mightiest nation on the face of the Earth, who (literally) Ruled the World from an Island of just over 80,000 square miles.

      They are STILL one of the top 5 Financial Powersin the World today.

      We are but a pimple on a fly's back-side, and if we don't get off our "High and mighty horse" and begin to conduct our Government and buisness in a manner that is Accountable to OUR people, then WE are the ones who have EVERYTHING to lose.

      Yes, the UK has their problems, but this is our problem, and it can't and won't be solved by pointing fingers and playing blame-games.


      • Whodatis says:

        Are they or are they not fantastically b-r-o-k-e at this very moment?


        • Whodatis says:

          Actually, scratch that.

          "Broke" would be an improvement for the UK's current state of economic affairs.

          Are they or are they not in great big (negative) economic blackhole?

        • Anonymous says:


        • Whodatis says:

          Judging by the responses below, it appears that the implementation of CAPS lock renders a lie into the truth.


  16. Anonymous says:

    We needed this at the START of his term!  What are you waiting for FCO?  Clip his wings now!

  17. Anonymous says:

    The majority of Caymanians I know and speak to (including some in the Civil Service) understand that you cannot spend more than you earn unless you want to become like Greece, Ireland, and so on. Even UK had to tighten the belt, and the US is going to have to shortly, and they know it.

    Mac promised to sign this into law, in exchange for being allowed some flexibility in 2011. He failed to honour his committments/promises to reduce costs or increase income and is now being held accountable.

    To all the nay sayers here, do you want to live even more frugally? Like they have to in Greece or Ireland now? Do ya really punk? Go ahead, vote Mac in again or go for independence and make my day. Why do so many Jamaicans want to come here? Have you seen how the majority have to live there following years of Mac type corruption and thieving? And not to mention gang and drug issues? If the economy declines further, that is where Cayman will go.


    Yes, there may be some slightly tougher times ahead, but maybe this time you guys could vote some real thinkers in who would be creative about revenue in terms of new ideas, and put a real civil service in place that works efficiently and amend some laws to allow more investment LOCALLY as well as offshore that would create more jobs…. and more revenue. Thatcher did it once for UK, it can be done again. It only takes a brain to see it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you putting your name forward for election?

      • Anonymous says:

        Would love to, not allowed to…

        • Anonymous says:

          And that is the real problem, we have people on this island that could run Cayman like a well oiled machine but instead all we get is a loud mouth that has probably never even read a book. it kind of feels like a set up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, but therein lies the problems. The vast majority of our politicians haven't got brains, so until someone who does steps forward – we're doomed.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why does the FCO always resort to arbitrary use of FORCE to their convenience!  Why can't they use some of that FORCE to implement a decent Constitution here that will represent the PEOPLE'S INTEREST !!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      THANK YOU!

    • kaya says:

      come on!  This isa very intelligent comment. I wonder who would rate this person as a troll. If you care for Cayman, wouldn't you want a constitution that will benefit Cayman and give us more democracy?   

      • Anonymous says:

        You all had time to read and comment on the constitution, if you didn't, then stop complaining.  Armchair commentary is useless….are you getting up and doing anything to help?

        • Anonymous says:

          kaya's unable to do anything to help. It is high time for the FCO to fulfill their word on how much they love cayman and have a solemn interest here. Enough games and enough taking us for natives. Come down your glorious white horse and show us serious solutions to mend the corruption here!  WE ARE NOT FOOLS! 

    • hate trolls says:

      ppm's constitution is the best constitution. you go alden!

      • Thad says:


        and I understand him and kurt received a special honor for it. It reminds me of obama receiving noble peace prize for what?!

    • R.U. Kidden says:

      Note to 09:00:

      The FCO always uses force???  I've never seen anything like that!  I wouldn't mind them using some of that "force" to implement a decent constitution, but that is really the responsibility of our leadership…… although it hasn't done very well at it.   Besides, our leaders don't seem too interested in following it….. or enforcing it.

      • Anonymous says:

        And… that means we arrive back to the same question, why isn't the UK, mama super power step up to the plate and "enforce" a new one, which they very well know could better the lives of average Caymanians???

  19. Anon says:

    Thank you to the UK. At least they are doing something beneficial for Cayman than does NOT involve furthering their own interests first or lining their own pockets further.  Or travelling around the globe at our expense.

  20. Frank says:

    This is a good thing. A good step to curb McKeeva's outlandish spending. I know this will not sit well with him at all…..and that is also a good. thing. One step in the right direction.

  21. Dred says:

    Please hurry. I do not want ForDart Alliance or ForChina Alliance docs signed. Let's stop these two great monumental mess ups.


    • Anonymous says:


      So dread,that is what your gripe is all about? stop all development for the country to please the likes of you,

       You guys are  so pissed off, and so much hate, you really don't care about the other 55,000 residence living here. its all about you and what you can get. and if that dont happen then lets destroy it.

      We will move forward with or wirhout you…have a nice day!

      • Anonymous says:

        Um, many developments have been proposed by the current administration.  Dred only rejecting two of them.  I am sure that indicates he is behind others.  Stop exaggerating and get over yourself.

        • Dred says:

          Actually those are just the two most important but he has so many mistakes to address its not funny.

          I mean we should not forget:

          Cohen & Cohen

          Mega Quarry

          Oil Refinery


          Did I miss any? Do you see any of these as good schemes???

          • Anonymous says:

            Um, I was trying to stick up for you Dred! 

            But no, aint much of anything Mac has proposed that I like.  I see the majority of his hair-brain schemes as certain destruction to Cayman.  I am behind you on every point you make and would add you forgot the $2 tax on a packet of cigarettes and the recent increase in the cost of alcohol, all of which are hitting the poor man hardest, and every cent of these taxes is just more pocket money for McKeeva. 

            I'm a BTer too.  I often wonder if I know you – I should be shaking your hand – I like the way you think and express yourself here on CNS.

            But I do actually support the Shetty project, the SEZ and the private businessman's idea to develop an area of Frank Sound Road… provided its nowhere near the Botanical Park as if it was, I would then be dead-set against it!

      • Dred says:

        Huuummm. Where should I start…

        You know my mommy always told me never do a battle of minds with someone who's unarmed. I feel this is such a case.

        Why should I not like a McKeeva backed idea?

        Well this fairytale all start back on UDP Day – 1.

        —-People who should not be seated—-

        GT Candidates/Supporters using cards on election day which is against the law. Thank you my fine RCIP for sweeping this little tidbit under the carpet. You are such good janitors. I guess we all need a purpose in life. We had numerous witnesses and evidence.

        BT Candidates who SHOULD HAVE BEEN DISQUALIFIED allowed to be seated in LA. My special thanks goes out to the Judicial group who said while it was legally wrong it was not in the people's best interest. So if I go break into some rich guys house and give the money to all the poor people I will not be punished? Huuummm. Still trying to wrap my head around that. I wonder if this has anything to do with any grants? I don't know but for some reason the LAW was looked past because of the people's interest and the PEOPLE were not asked what they wanted.

        —Legal Issues—

        Premier has 3 OPEN Cases against him. Our dearest police is waiting desperately for us to forget so they can sweep this under the carpet. You know a lot of things are getting swept under this carpet. Wonder if we couldn't put Mount Trashmore under there also. Maybe our issue is that we have the DOE doing garbage duty and not the RCIP. I personally have seen flimsier evidence put people away.

        BT Candidates wins case of assault with a morality defense. Yes you heard me correctly. Not that he did not have an altercation but that the guy should not have touched his sacred vessel. God it makes me sick even typing that. Possibly the worse defense I have ever heard and it worked AND I WONDER WHY.

        WB Candidate pulling a Shaggy with DUI charges. Thsi is still unfolding but I am betting he probably gets a GOLD STAR on his DL for being such a nice guy.

        —Botched up Stupid Schemes—

        Cohen & Cohen – How much did we throw away on this crap? 400K

        East End Mega Quarry – OOh yeah it was a Cargo Dock riiiiiiight!!

        North Sound Refinery – Tourist destination with Oil Refinery. Sheer genious. Let's place it in the North Sound shall we right beside one of the most sensitive ecosystems close to Stingray City, near to Rum Point. Hell can we place pipes to the various dive sites also. No need for 7 Mile Beach cause we are about to give that away (damn I gave awaythe subplots).

        GT Berthings (This is a 2 fer) – GLF contract cancelling even when his own guy approves it. That's precious. Bet he is not with the 2013 team for WB. Cost 2.3Mil. How nice. We need some place to spend all the millions we are making.

        —Brilliance in Finance—

        Economics 101 – You can not tax yourself out of a recession.

        – Rising duties across the board on all items by 3% – Sheer genious. Should give him a nobel prize.

        – Rising duties on fuel – Ooh man that was the one I should have lead with. This is the most brilliant idea of them all (Total sarcasm)

        – Increase business fees – Oooh joy. Sales are dropping and cost are rising. That leads to profits right?


        So if we loose jobs and rise prices people are going to be happy right? Highest unemployment rate in history.

        —Giving away the country and killing the rest of us off—

        – For Dart Alliance – So. We have the beach we never liked having. Have no idea why people loved to come look at it. Let's create the most oneside deal we can and yeah throw that piece of crap in to sweeten the pie shall we. Hell let's also move the dump to BT to spread infection all over the Island and he since we are not going to get to polute the North Sound let's polute the water table and bird habitats.

        – For China Alliance – So. We have not given away enough. Let's take a 150Mil idea and turn it into a 300Mil idea and then give it all away to the Chinese so they can make a small fortune. Let do it over our lifetime and our children so they can suffer also.

        Did I miss anything? I want to make sure I have the full breath of his INDOMIABLE GENIOUS. Nobel Prize winning Genious.

        You know how stupid you guys are? Please ask me. He raise fees which cause you to loose your jobs then asked you to rally to support him and you know what the punchline is?? come ask me. I'm peeing myself here ask me…..YOU CAME!!!! You baffons came to give him your support. Question for you….you get that job yet?

        But hey don't worry. I see a fridge in your future…..

        I would speak about more but unlike you…I still have a job to go to in the morning….

        By the way….713Mil budget. Highest in history of the Cayman Islands. Now tell me this. Where did this all go? What did we get for thsi money? Vacations?

        Okay already I am going to bed now.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Yay for the UK finally showing some back bone – Cayman might survive after all. 

  23. Anonymous says:

    Big Mac told me that the clause he was adding was very minor and should not be cause for concern. The FFR will be passed as agreed with the FCO, but at the end he would just add one sentence: "All of the above rules must be followed unless the Premier, in his capacity as Minister of Finance, thinks otherwise."


    KeeKee say wha wrong wid dat?

  24. SKEPTICAL says:

    Well if necessary, hopefully the FCO will proceed with implementation of the FFR Law by way of an Order in Council. It is about time that bush was brought to heel and made to understand that, as they used to say in the good old days of ethical business and professional practices – ” Your word is your bond “.

  25. Anonymous says:

    This will not be popular in Cayman.

    The trouble is that Cayman has been living beyond its means for the last few years,
    and cannot continue to.

    Caymanians are a proud and formerly independent people who have lived the
    good life long enough to forget the miserable conditions that existed before.
    Especially the young people, who have gotten used to the gravy train.

    This move by the UK may be enough to ignite a protest large enough to
    motivate a majority towards independence, which would surely send the
    country down the road of Jamaica.

    Suddenly the ruination of Cayman is now much more of a possibility.
    We must do our best to keep a level head.

    • Anonymous says:

      What?  Not the country that will be going down the road of Jamaica……keep travelling wherever you are!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I didn't want to hear it but you are probably right, and that is just how the Premier is going to spin it too…..

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree with your sentiments except your expectation that this move by the UK will be unpopular in Cayman.  The only person who will make it like that is Mac and in turn, his dwindling supporters who blindly follow and believe the crap and vitreol that pours out of his mouth.   He will try and make the UK look bad, and he will try and turn the people against them.

      The only protest we should be having in Cayman is against the extravagant and lavish spending and the general foolishness of our own governments.  I actually think many of us have now opened our eyes and will welcome this move by the UK.  Someone has got to rein Mac in before its too late, although I fear it already is too late; Cayman is going to suffer for decades as a result of the failures of our polticians today and yesterday.  I am glad the UK will step in if necessary. 

    • Dred says:

      Are you kidding me?

      Where have you been living?

      Let me put it to you in another way. Mac has made such a monumental FU of this whole thing that WE THE PEOPLE would prefer the UK to step in over another day of him in office. Only the mentally challenged follow this man blindly. Want an example of what I mean?

      Okay. We go into a recession. Started during PPM and is still ongoing in many corners of the world including here. This baffoon, cause that's the only name that comes to mind, raises taxes for his BS programs and flight plans such as his BUY THE CHURCH VOTE FUND and his numerous trips. These hikes when compounded ontop of the recession causes many business to either consolidate and leave or just close down which in turn placed many Caymanians out of work. Then the baffoon rallied the out of work idiots to back him as he "tries to create jobs for them". NOTE TO BAFFOON. STOP THE DAMN HIKES!!! This will help stop the bleeding. Want to know why crime is on the rise in Cayman? Look no further than the UDP party because of their cripling economic program that threw fuel on the recession fire.

      I have NO CLUE under God's Blue sky why we would put someone with so limited education in a position called Minister of Finance. He probably can't even balanace a petty cash book much less the governments.

      I end with this. If Big Mac is in office the day the UK steps in there will be an almost endless party in the Cayman Islands. To YOU it may seem a protest because you look at is with Big Mac glasses on but for us it will be a celebration because we will know that WE HAVE OUR COUNTRY BACK. This has been the worst government I have seen in  my 40 plus year on this earth. This is almost like Chavez.

  26. Anonymous says:

    People this is sad  we must hold our leaders accountable before it's too late we are going over the financial cliff.

    • Anonymous says:

      Take a year before new jail can be built and $1 million….oooh….idea….!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    And the saga continues…

    Mac you are not getting re-elected, just CUT the civil service already! So many are not needed and They (You!) will bankrupt this country!

    • Anonymous says:


      And how much are you stealing from the Cayman people, to cause bankruptcy…. are you paying your fair share???

  28. Percy Thrower says:

    So we are really inviting the British Government to intervene as they did in the TCI. Well in all fairness after the disastrous performance of the Bush, could we expect anything else? His henchmen, thick as brushes, have no balls. Please FCO rescue us asap. But we do need Simmonds as he is Lord Ashcroft’s mate and not a person we want around our islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish they would intervene like they did in T&C.  T&C's fortunes have been quickly turned around in responsible hands, and its probably the only way we can turn around our own fortunes (by welcoming a UK intervention here).

    • Anonymous says:

      HELLO, British Territory, no invite needed.

  29. Once again says:

    Our glorious leader demonstrates that he has no regard for the future of these islands and instead is willing to play Russian Roulette with a potential UK take-over. I really home the village idiot realises that he is playing with fire here. I also wonder if the rest of his cabinet has located a bottle of testosterone somewhere and sprouted a pair. The UDP has not only failed the people it has also failed those brown noseing opportunistic "pigs at the trough" who used to tag along blindly supporting everything they did. The last time I saw anyone squander what they had achieved so fast was the last time someone gave Mike Tyson a check for $100M, and these jokers seem to operate on the same principles and strategy that he used, "brute force and ignorance instead of brain and skill"




  30. Watching says:

    Pass the popcorn…

  31. Anonymous says:

    Very good. You all in the UK do what you think you need to do to save this place from an economic disaster.

    • Anonymous says:



      What a joke!… the UK can't save herself!…take your head out of your derriere. They wish they had someone like Mac to guide them.

      Already since your false budget in January, you have laid off public servants, cut salary by 10% across the board, shutting down factories, cutting back on poor people's assistance.

      Borrowed in the tune of 36 billion pounds to support  your lame  economy, and you got the nerve to say we are heading for  an economic disaster. Save the  BS!

      We are heading for a boost in our economy, only if you would lay off our elected government. accept that this common uneducated man can run a country better than the UK can..the proof is in the eating,and you are eating steaks arent you? enjoy our economy..have a blessed day!

  32. Anonymous says:

    This is the whip that the Premier needed for so long.  Put him in his place, find a corner for him to stand in.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the "whip" MB has wanted. Placing my bet on an Independence Referendum being on the May 2013 Ballot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Preferably far from Cayman and at his own expense.

  33. Peter Zufrie says:

    This is my first posting to CNS and I start with some bold predictions:

    * the FFR will be passed into Law – either by the Premier realising that he is facing a loaded gun and changes his mind at the last minute and does introduce the Bill to the Legislative Assembly or, the UK Government passes the legislation and hands it down to Cayman;


    * neither UDP or PPM will form the next  Government from their own candidates elected to the Legislative Assembly;


    * another year 2000 type Government will be formed over a "turtle-meat" dinner as was done after the 2000 General Election – but there will be concerns about the stability of such a Government, BUT if it survives the first year, it will prove to be decent Government;


    * the present Premier will become Speaker of the House;


    * the new Government arising from the May 2013 General Election will find it very hard tolive with the FFR as it is presently worded and will seek to make changes to it;


    * the FCO will agree to some relaxation of the FFR terms for the new Government because it will find such a new Government to be more reliable and trustworthy than the present UDP Government;


    * the new Government will continue with the ForCayman Investment Alliance projects with Dart – including the re-location of the West Bay Road; and


    * those Members of the Assembly that are friendly with CNS at present will no longer be friendly with CNS if they become Ministers in the new Government.


    Roll-on May 2013 and let's see how accurate the above predictions are!

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe if McKeeva runs ahead and sign any agreement with Chec, Dart or any other entity  contrary to the FFR which he already signed  then said agreements will be null and void because it is contrary to the FFR.  It does not matter that it has not been passed into law- he would be in breach of the contract with FFR and he and not Cayman Islands Government would be responsible.  I really don't believe that Dart of Chec would be so reckless and stupid to do this.

      • Anonymous says:

        Makeeva signed nothing, and yes it is already signed and part of the deal has been going on for 5 months now.

        The documents were signed by the officila government (Governor's ) . stop lying and fooling my people.

        • Anonymous says:

          Who says I'm lying!   And as for me fooling your people….. are you God?

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe, but I believe that Mac would be so reckless and stupid to do this.

    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      Those are some interesting forecasts, Peter.  If I may, I shall make a forecast, too: 

      Things won't be greatly different.  Just different faces!

    • Anonymous says:

      "turtle meat dinner"….ummmmm!  Why you had to mention turtle meat? Making me hungry now!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Britain must not be allowed to micromanage the day to day affairs of the Cayman Islands. If Caymanians go through elections, then they should not have universal suffrage to bring in a puppet government that will rubber stamp everything made in London.

    It is time that Britain came down its horses, the government in London needs to consult otherwise the FFR should not be like a bottle of Coca cola just to be opened and to be consumed. This law must fit within Cayman and only Caymanians are best placed to operationalise it.  Every politica entity in the world must give and take and there will be occassions when Britain must do this.

    Just as Clinton once said If one candidate is appealing to your fears, and the other one's appealing to your hopes, you’d better vote for the person who wants you to think and hope!”
    If Caymanians believe in old Caymanian commonsense, they must not let their arms to be twisted in favour of someone whom they never elected in the first place.


    • Anonymous says:

      What a load of rubbish.

    • Anonymous says:


    • SSM345 says:

      21.32, go back to sleep, what a load of crap.

    • Richard Wadd says:

      Spoken like a half-educated moron. Have you ANY CLUE what you have just said?

      If you want Independence, then no one is stopping you.

      However if you want to live under MY ROOF, then you follow my rules, or get your A** out.

      One can't have both.

      All the UK is doing is ensuring that WE don't go down the same road as Turks & Caicos, and the only people that are against the FFR are those who stand to benefit from the practices of a Currupt Government.

      The reason we are being forced to implement the FFR, is because of our own Government's refusal to follow the Financial Rules and Guidelines that we have now, hence why we are in such deep Economic Debt.

    • Anonymous says:

      hmm yes why listen to a government with hundreds of years of experience? Cayman should be grateful for the advice it is receiving and not foolishly dismissing it!

    • Anon says:

      It is a sad day when Britain feels it has no choice but to step in.

      It is a painful reminder that the current Premier can barely manage to get out of a paper bag, let alone manage a government. He is only interested in his own self interest, and when the going gets tough, he plays osterich and dissappears around the globe first class with his buddies, wasting yet more money. Not that anyone here needs reminding. Just look around at all the empty shops and apartments, and all of the failed and closed businesses. Compare that to the mountain of debt we have, and then ask yourself what good the Premier has been for the last four years.

      What we have seen these last four years is monumental waste and abuse of our precious resources on pet projects and vote-buying cronism. No wonder the UK felt it was necessary to step in. I think the ordinary people of Cayman are thankful – however those with their snouts in the trough are the ones running scared.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Bush, spend your personal money, take a trip, and don't come back…. or perhaps you are tripping already it seems from your little pathetic rant above…

      You should be hanging your head in shame – you have done this to us.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can always unilaterally declare independence. I'm sure there are plenty of looney tunes and wackjobs in the UN who would back it.


    • Anonymous says:

      Operationalise, really? That's almost as dumb as the rest of your non sensical post. This is a British Territory so consequently the FCO makes the rules, you don't, you just have to play within them. If you want to borrow money, (and god knows you will need to) then you will have to play nice.

      What's that, Cayman a political entity? Oh don't make me laugh, your 'politicians' are a laughing stock, they can't even run an island the size of most UK provincial towns properly. They are no more than a committee of self serving, hypocritical, hot air blowing, corrupt (allegedly), gravy train jumping (definately), thoroughly incompetant idiots. And the UK/FCO knows it.

      To quote Clinton, (a proven liar and a cheat) just about rounds up your political mind set. 

    • Anonymous says:

      McKeeva has proven without a doubt every single day for the past three years that he is hopelessly incapable of  micromanaging the day to day affairs of the Cayman Islands so unfortunately someone has to do it. Too bad Britain is not getting paid a huge salary and two pensions for doing so.

  35. Frustrate Knavish Tricks says:

    Just pass the Order in Council now and save a lot of time and hassle.  Mac has had his chance to honour his agreement. 

  36. BORN FREE says:

    Big Mac said that he did not agree to & would not be implementing all of FFR, & now the FCO say that they will "force FFR into law if the CIG fails to live up to the commitment it made following the budget approval from London in August." Big Mac thinks he is the boss, but we shall see now. But this wouldn't be the first time time that he says one thing & then has to a complete 360! This time he is playing a game that he cannot win, but I only pray that he does not make us all lose with him. I hope he & his UDP cronies all go down by themselves.

  37. Anon.k says:

    I guess the uk uses Cayman and OT's for experimentation with its policies. They had it plan to truck this down just like their intentions with our constitution which we were not satisfied with

    • SSM345 says:

      Do they receive the news in West Bay at all?

      Some of these posts by the blinded UDP supporters would make you wonder if they ever leave that district, open there eyes and minds, and actually digest what is going on in the world around them.

      F**king scary.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think Mac should declare WB independent of Cayman and UK and go rule it as he sees fit. He can tax them to death and start his own WB civil service where all of the WBers either work for him or collect unemployment (and fridges) from him. 

  38. We didn't start the fire says:

    Normally, an offshore territory would resent this type of intereference, but Cayman is not a normal situation. I would anticipate the U.K.'s involvment at this stage is welcomed by most islanders. The Premier (where is he… by the way? …is most certainly over his head with regard to finances.  And definitely ill-equipped to govern the territory without adult supervision. Enter the FCO so it is not with resentment but with a sense relief most will consider this recent move. S.O.S.!!! MayDay!!! Save us from our self-serving, money-squandering, absentee dufus of a leader.

  39. Anonymous says:

    go FCO!…and put this bully in his place once and for all…….

  40. Anonymous says:

    Thank God we have a colonial master to force our Premier and his toadies (including two of his lazy, not bright Chief Officers (COs) in his ministry) to damn well do what is necessary for fiscal common sense and to make them comply with the Public Management and Finance Law, which the same COs have fought against ever since its inception because it gave them "too much work" and kept one of them from essential church activities.

    Pet Ball.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Finally someone telling him how it's going to go.

  42. Thunder Storm says:

    If we Caymanians do not stop this mad-derailed-run-away-brainless-man, we will suddenly f

    ind ourselves in the 'poorest class' and our country in the hands of UK,


    We CANNOT wait until May 2013 to get rid of him – we stand the risk of losing EVERYTHING!!

    Praise God the FCO has the balls to ensure mad-a$$-mac does not elude them but its a

    shame and disgrace that at this time in the 21st century when we should be dealing with

    educated professionals, we find that we are still making pirates run our country!!


  43. 4cayman says:

    Good, I hope the UK follow through on this.

  44. The lone haranguer ridesagain! says:

    Thank god for the UK it may save us from ruination yet.