Wolfhounds on the hunt

| 24/10/2012

men2 (231x300).jpg(CRFU): The CRFU Heineken 7’s marched on at South Sound Rugby Pitch on 13 October. Whilst the rain from thefirst weekend of action had long dried up the prospect of playing in the usually stifling Cayman heat didn’t arise as light winds and an overcast day meant perfect rugby playing conditions. In the men’s division it was the Peter O’Neill Wolfhounds who came out trumps a second week in a row with wins over the Cayman Pal Thunder and team Maples. Maples, who were ravaged by the Wolfhounds in week 1 thanks in no small part by a handful of tries from speedster Dave Acutt put up a more determined defense against the Wolfhounds but it was the Cayman Pal Thunder who seemed to cause the Wolfhounds the most difficulty with a dogged tackling and counter rucking at the breakdown. (Photos Caroline Deegan)

It was however yet again the likes of the Murphy Brothers, Paul and Jon who were simply too strong in attack and overcame the Thunder.

In pool B of the Men’s division a reversal of fortunes saw the CML Ama Tsotsi, ravaged by injury, playing week 2 of the tournament with a skeleton squad. The Ama Tsotsi succumbed to the Queensgate Pigs Trotters yet still managed to see off the plucky Patron Barbarians. The win for the Pigs Trotters saw them march into their first final of the 7’s series in what promised to be a very tough match for the Wolfhounds who had so far had a relatively easy run of games.

men1 (500x401).jpgThe 5th place final of the day was secured by the Barbarians whilst the Ama Tsotsi, finalists from week 1 had to settle for 3rd place over the Thunder.

The Men’s final between the Pigs Trotters and Wolfhounds did not live up to top billing as the Pigs Trotters collapsed under huge pressure from the Wolfhounds to see a lackluster shut-out loss with the only consolation being 12 tournament points for the 2nd place finish. Wolfhound captain Dan Bond led from the front for the Wolfhounds turning over ball at the breakdown to give his speedsters ample opportunity to attack the Pigs Trotters try line.

women1 (464x500).jpgIn the Women’s division the Global Captive Management Cayman Storm continued their impressive run of wins over the Global Captive Management Pigs Trotters and Global Captive Management Iguacaneers (joint Iguana and Buccaneer team). The Storm, with a good mix of strong runners are proving too much to handle for the Pigs Trotters and Iguacaneers who have both eventually succumbed to continual pressure up the middle of the park and out wide as the Storm are able to retain ball possession to see out the games.

The Iguacaneers, yet to secure a win put up a much better attacking performance in week 2 but couldn’t find their way to the try line as was the case in their week 1 performance. Whilst the Iguacaneers defensive qualities continue to impress, a lack of out and out fliers is stifling their opportunities to put points on the board. The Pigs Trotters meanwhile, whilst suffering a host of injuries are managing just fine with 2 wins over the Iguacaneers as they look for their players to come online as the season progresses. 

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