Back-benchers revolt on FFR

| 15/11/2012

cline (258x300).jpg(CNS): The Public Management and Finance amendment bill setting the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility (FFR) into local law was passed in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday afternoon, despite an expected UDP back-bench revolt. The document finally became law with the help of opposition. Cline Glidden, Ellio Solomon and Dwayne Seymour all voted 'no' and there were four members absent at the time of the vote, which took place after the House opened some four hours later than expected. In concluding his closing remarks on the bill before the vote, the premier said, without a hint of irony, that he should be given credit for bringing the bill now that the opposition supported it.

Just a week short of a year since McKeeva Bush actually signed the FFR and made the commitment to the UK to pass it into local law before the end of the last financial year, via the PMFL, the framework has at last been formalized. After missing several deadlines imposed by the FCO to enact the necessary legislation and following a crisis between the premier and the UK minister over the tardiness in its passage and, more importantly, additions Bush had attempted to include in the law, the premier told the opposition that they should credit him with bringing the bill to the House.

He said the opposition had criticised him for signing it but now they were all describing the FFR as the saviour of the Cayman Islands. “They have sung the praises of the FFR so if it’s a saviour for Cayman they must give me credit for signing it. I know it’s hard for them but they can’t say it’s good for the country but I’m bad for bringing it forward.”

Ahead of the vote, the premier had on the one hand asked members of the Legislative Assembly to vote for it but on the other told non-government members not bound by collective Cabinet responsibility to vote their conscience as he was not a dictator.

Admitting again that he had signed the agreement under pressure, he said he had hoped that once he signed it in order to get the budget, he would be able to negotiate with the UK. He said the agreement indicated that its passage into legislation was dependent on the members of the LA

He urged what he described as “officialdom” to stop trying to prevent him from getting things moving, and while the FFR was going to herald in more bureaucracy, he said he had promised people that he would “put projects there and they cannot be denied”. He called on the public to be careful what they listened to and what “officialdom” was saying as he suggested there was an effort to harm the country.

“I am talking about the good of one and all. When they strike me down as they are trying to do, the (people) will fall short of a voice for them … I am the elected premier,” he said, whether they wanted to give him respect or not. “All I’m asking is they allow my government to perform and stop trying to stop me … They try and say I am crooked … When are we going to learn that there are people who don’t want us to succeed. They can investigate me and they take things out of context but I have done nothing wrong.”

Bush said he still believed Cayman did not need all of the details in the new PMFL and the FFR law, as he indicated that if he had said good morning that day it would have been in the legislation. “We don’t need all of this but I am going to do it,” the premier stated before the law was put to the vote.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Afraid that With the new dependency culture and the ever-increasing perks for the mega-rich theh election will change NOTHING!


  2. Anonymous says:

    The headline should read….


    "The backbenchers are revolting!"

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a joke, election soon come.

    Mac knew the opposition would vote for the FFR

    so he instructed his followers to vote no.

    He will now be able to say that his followers can and do disigree with him.

    He depends on the electorate short memory to achieve his whatevers.

    What a mess, please move on, the country needs new leadership.

    • Anonymous says:

      How many of them will VOTE NO to giving away the WEST BAY ROAD and the DUMP in Bodden Town.   No money to get out of the FFR.  Hello Dart.!!!

      I hope the stoogies no that we are well aware, that they do not want accountability, and less to follow Accounting Standards nor proper procurement procedures.

  4. Unison says:

    My advice to those opposing the FFR:  It is beneficial that you have allowed the Foreign Office to have its way despite some bad apples; and, it is unwholsesome that you are taking this so personal when there are other more important things to take personal. I believe there are many goodies that will blossom from this amendment.

    Nevertheless, the country is in need of MLAs that will make a positive difference on the lives of Caymanians and Expats. You have 5 more months to make that difference. You don’t need to build a huge castle in the sky in order to make a difference. It is time MLAs hang-up the big dreams of the almighty dollar and start horizontally reaching out to the community.

    Yes, pass laws that have relational value and will enhance people’s way of life; especially, those in the minorities. Of course, the Foreign Office will at times usurp power over our governance, but that is what they do, we know the history and can we change history?  Of course not!  It is time to think about here. You can start with helping ordinary local people by lowering cost of living, doing business, lowering cost of social programs, conservation laws, and protecting our beaches. Stop thinking about the big bucks for a change and think about those things that you see will be sentimental value to the next generation to come. Big money isn't everything!  

    Think big on the minor things for once, because it is these small things that make up the block-foundation to a stable longlasting castle.    

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mac & these antics make me laugh every day. Such foolery.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am sure that Mac gave them their instructions and like good little puppets they are again just  doing as they are told.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who in their right mind would vote AGAINST fiscal responsibility?

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP apparently. But then again they're not in their right minds.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman is going over the financial cliff and everyone along with it if this party politics gravy train don't stop.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We keep forgetting that our whole nation does not amount to more than a small city in the US or other countries.

    What small city is spending itself dry on grandiouse bureaucracies like Framework for Fiscal Responsibility, and Freedom of Information?.

    Can the citizens really afford these boondoggles?
    Is this not somewhat ridiculous?

    • Rt. Hon. Anon says:

      Yes it is ridiclous. But it is necessary because the current elected MLAs cannot be trusted to:
      Tell the truth
      Avoid conflict of interest
      Do what is in the best interests of the Cayman Islands
      Be transparent with their dealings as Government
      Be transparent with their personal interests and those of family and friends.

      So at least FOI is a thorn in their sides and makes a small difference in trying to keep these people on the right track. We have to legislate to try and maintain common decency and a minimum standard of behaviour. Because if there isn’t a law against, say, an MLA accepting a consultancy fee which is way way higher than could be justified in the open market, or winning a big contract from either Govt itself or an investor who requires Govt favours, then they’ll just keep doing it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is "conceivable" that……but it is actually true that the CIG LOST money, and its the actual upon which you should be judged!

    What all of us want to know is who made money on the side of this deal, arrangement fees, intro fees or whatever, if the answer is that nobody did, then fine, but personally I doubt that! Thats what due process is for, I guess that is why Bush doesnt want it, so thank heavens for the FFR, regrettably too late for the Cohen debacle!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if Bush has any understanding of irony. Actually, I'm sure he has none, along with a bunch of other things like thinking before speaking. Anyway, not long now.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering if all the garbage in the George Town Landfill will be dug up and transported to the Bodden Town site if all this goes through.My guess is this is likely the plan ;after all this new site is scheduled to have recycling and waste to energy facilities.

  12. The Crown says:

    Riiiigghhttt…… Ofcourse…..

  13. Anonymous says:

    John John should get a friend and try to beat Bill up.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Actually we 'Do Need All of This McKeeva'……….to control YOU…….

  15. Sam Putt Putt says:

    Never in the history of human government has so much credit been taken by so few while doing so little. My apologies Mr. Churchill.

  16. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    Two of these three UDP members were part of four UDP members that were trying a "bloodless coup" while Mac was in China, so they now trying hard to work their way back into his good books by voting "no". It won't work BoBo!


    • Anonymous says:

      And  why wasn't the other one there? Miss Julie sent apologies that she would be late on Wednesday to the House; never showed up. Where was she yesterday? I sure hope it wasn't because she didn't want to have to vote on the matter.

  17. Shaken, not Stirred says:

    They are simply obeying their bosses orders!

    • The Truth is Out There says:

      Spot on.  If they really wanted to revolt they would have voted the other way on the no confidence motions.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The backbenchers are revolting.

  19. Knot S Smart says:

    We can be led but we cannot be pushed…

    OOPS. I meant to say 'we can be pushed but we cannot be led'…

  20. Anonymous says:

    I wish you had made the headline "Backbenchers Revolting" 🙂

  21. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    That is the funniest title for an article this year. thanks CNS

  22. Anonymous says:

    CNS is just now noticing that some of the backbenchers are revolting?

  23. Local says:


    IF the FFR was so bad, why would the opposition vote for it.

    Looks like Mac was right to sign it after all.

  24. R.U. Kidden says:

    Say there, honourable premier…………  Have you ever considered trying for a position in a TV comedy show?

    • amusedbutsadCaymanian says:

      but wait a minute: "Say there Honourable"…… I thought he already had the leading Role on the  New Comedy Government channel 'CIGTV – The LA Airings'……. and he's proud to tell you 'It's F.R.E.E. (not !!)

  25. Anonymous says:

    Give me the credit, you all lying, wasn't me was you, deny deny deny


    Sounds like someone is in a lot of trouble