Electors must reveal new address to keep voting rights

| 27/11/2012

poling staiton sign (213x300).jpg(CNS): The elections office is warning all registered voters that they must inform the office if they have changed their address since they joined the electoral role. Voters must cast their vote in the district in which they are resident by law and as a result they need to inform the registering officers in the district they have left and the one in which they are living in. Supervisor of Elections, Kearney Gomez issued a warning on Tuesday that voters could be taken off the register if they are listed as resident in a district but it is discovered that they have moved. He explained that under the election law an elector can only cast their vote in the district where they actually live and not where they were born or lived previously.

Gomez  said that registering officers will be checking their districts to ensure that everyone on their registers lives where they say they do and if they do not inform them of any change of address before 2 January people who have moved away without notifying the election authorities will be struck off.

“Failure to comply with the law will result in the elector being removed from the list as the registering officer is charged under the law wit ensuring that only those electors resident in the district in which that registering officer is appointed appear on the register of electors, Gomez said.

Other electors on the register can also object to voters being on the list with an incorrect address and challenge their inclusion. Gomez urged people to ensure that their details on the register are correct.

Those voters whose names, addresses and occupation are correctly listed can now apply for a new election card to replace those which expire on 31 December.  Electoral registration cards will not be issued to any elector who it is determined does not reside in the district in which he or she is currently registered,” he added.    It is not compulsory for voters to have the voter card but the elections office said that it streamlines the process.
For more information relating to the election process go to www.electionsoffice.ky

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CNS: Elections Office told me they would not be doing electors cards, " until some time in January".  Not sure why they'd want to delay this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What about someone who moves on 1 january? No right to vote?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. Now we can get rid of a lot of them in the Brac who have long gone and are not entitled to be registered to vote in the Brac and also candidates family members who do not have the required residency requirement to be registered. At last at last.

  4. noname says:


    Biden here, ………this is nothing but a bunch of malarky!

  5. Anonymous says:


    This is disenfranchisement. Plain and simple. 

  6. Sam Putt Putt says:

    I just gave up 3 of my votes to comply with this warning. Oh well, I guess one vote is better than none. I'd sure like to have a George Town address though. They get 6 votes now, right?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the smart and civic minded pubic servants who are paid full time to consider such matters in the Election Office can come up with solutions that do not involve depriving electors of their democratic right to vote.

    • Local says:

      Agreed. Under the Bill of Rights all actions of the state must be "proportionate" – and it sounds like a disproportionate response to strip someone of their right to vote, as oppose to say – disallowing them to vote in any other district than the one the Supervisor of Election deems them to be residing in.

      An question i have is what happens, for the affluent and otherwise, where you live at multiple places – so say you have home in North Side, but also a home in George Town – is there a test that is applied to determine which of the two you "live" at for elections purposes.

      Alternatively what about an individual who has no home, and lives between relatives and friends – across multi districts.

      Oh well.