BB gun was stolen in East End burglary

| 29/11/2012

Crime-Scene.jpg(CNS): The BB gun believed to have been used to shoot at two people in East End, one of whom was injured from the pellet, was stolen from a property in the district during a burglary on the 23 November, police said Thursday. During that break-in two firearms and a quantity of ammunition were stolen and one of those firearms is still missing, a police spokesperson explained. However, during yesterday’s arrest, the police recovered a BB gun and a .22 magnum rifle as well, which was stolen during another burglary on 9 November also in East End. Police recovered these two weapons after two reports of people being hit by BB gun pellets while walking in the district.

The first incident occurred at 6:53pm on Tuesday 27 November, when a woman reported that as she was walking along East Boulevard in East End, she was hit in the back with what she suspects to be a BB pellet.  She told the police that she had seen two males, one of whomappeared have a gun under his arm, as they were leaving the location.  The police attended the area but no one was found and no injuries were sustained in that incident.

The second incident occurred at 8:05pm on Wednesday 28 November on Fiddlers Way off Sea View Road, when a young man and his companion were both walking along the road and heard an explosion described as a gunshot. Shortly afterwards, he felt himself shot in the back. He received a minor injury and reported the matter to the police, who responded and mounted an operation that resulted in the recovery of a BB gun and the arrest of one suspect.

The police said that BB gun was one of two weapons stolen in the 23 November break-in but a second weapon was also found. No charges have yet been made against the man who was arrested and Bodden Town CID is investigating the offences.

Anyone with information on these or any other matter can call DS Mason or the Bodden Town Police Station at 9472220 or CRIME STOPPERS on 800 TIPS (8477).

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  1. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Well, unlike the RCIPS, none of my firearms were stolen.

  2. Soapbox Sally says:

    Of course i do not know the exact situation but the way i interpret this sounds like the firearms and ammunition were not adequately secured in the owner’s propety. I thought licenses were granted on the understanding that owners responsibly store them in a lock box that is secured to the property to avoid exactly this. In my opinion the person that was burgled and lost his firearms should immediately lose his license and not get it returned. He or she has proven that they are irresponsible by leaving firearms and ammunition unsecured and available for the bad guys to help themselves. I hold them primarily responsible for this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    you all need to put much tighter restraints on those even owning guys legally. obviously they are not secure enough. maybe a minimum standard security case up to usa standards? not a tin cabinet. no wonder they stealing them so easily.