PPM confirms 3 more names

| 05/12/2012

Marco Archer by dennie.jpg(CNS): Three more potential candidates who hope to run on the PPM ticket in the May 2013 general election were formally unveiled to the media by Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin on Wednesday. Marco Archer (left) and Joey Hew (below right) will complete the opposition’s slate of candidates in the capital and Ray Farrington (below left) will be taking on the UDP in his home district of West Bay. The confirmation of the three candidates leaves just two slots open on the opposition election team and McLaughlin said the PPM would reveal at a later date the two who will join Farrington and Woody Da Costa in the battle for West Bay. (Photos by Dennie Warren Jr)

The opposition leader said the party had been focusing hard recently on pulling together the kind of team that could provide the sort of government needed for the times that Cayman now finds itself in. He said the country was no longer thriving but in survival mode and it needed a government that could represent all of the people.

Joey Hew by dennie.jpg

McLaughlin said he was delighted with the calibre of people who had stepped forward who were willing to stand on the PPM ticket because they represented real diversity and reflected the whole community and not just special interest.

The opposition leader said that he was aware of the criticism being made about defining policies but the Progressives were working on a carefully thought out agenda that would set out the party position as the campaign gathered pace.

Introducing his “team for the time”, McLaughlin emphasised the varied experiences and qualities that the candidates wanting to run on the Progressive ticket brought.

Ray Farrington by dennie.jpg

Introducing the three men, he said that Ray Farrington (left), who had been behind the scenes of the PPM since the beginning but was now stepping forward, had what it takes to face the obvious challenges in his home town district of West Bay. He pointed to the long service history and commitment to the community that Joey Hew brought and the professional acumen and credentials of Marco Archer.

The opposition leader confirmed that the proposed line up for the PPM in the May 2013 elections would see himself, the former leader of government business Kurt Tibbetts, Lucille Seymour, Kenny Bryan, Archer and Hew run in George Town.

Meanwhile, in Bodden Town, veteran MLA Anthony Eden would be joined by Osborne Bodden, Wayne Panton and Alva Suckoo Jr. For the first time the PPM will be fielding a full slate of candidates in West Bay, which would be led by Da Costa along with Farrington and two more yet to be revealed candidates.

McLaughlin confirmed that the new deputy leader, Moses Kirkconnell, would be the only PPM candidate in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, and because of his belief that both the incumbent independent members in North Side and East End would continue to work alongside the opposition in the fight to defeat the UDP, the party would not field candidates in either district.

Making his first public address as a potential candidate, Hew said that his decision to run with the PPM was because he believed the party could provide a forward thinking, honest government. Farrington said that having been behind the scenes he never expected to find himself running for office, but after seeing where the country was going, he said, he feltthe time had come. Although he did not have all the answers, he said, if the people of West Bay were willing to employ him, he would be both an ethical and honest representative.

“I do not have any personal agenda or company to promote, or axe to grind,” he said.

Archer pressed the importance of party when he spoke about the history of Cayman politics and the decisions that had been made historically by independent members who believed they knew what was best without consulting. He said there was strength in numbers and he believed the PPM had an excellent track record and was filled with men and women of integrity.

Presenting his almost full team, McLaughlin said the Progressives' slate of candidates presented the perfect balance of “experience, enthusiasm and education”, which would move both the party and ultimately the country forward once the PPM was back in government.

See candidates profiles below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    While the PPM has slated a number of upstanding canidates, they need to be weary of a few tickets that might cost a straight vote. You definitely need to ask Kenneth Bryan to bow out of the race now. While Kenneth may have turned his life around he is not politician worthy. Joey Hew is a very well liked and integeral person but serving on committees and bragging about his family background once again does not make you a politician material.

    PPM please take a closer look at your selection as truly don't want to see Mac & his cronies to be put back in (sorry Mike this means you too, you had your chance). 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im a West Bay independent thinker – and voter.

    NO Ray Ray… sorry Bo-Bo ..where u been dog??

    • Anonymous says:

      South sound bobo, where the rich boys live. So if he wins the election in West Bay the electorate will have to come south sound if you want to see Ray.

      Keep in mind that you will also risk being treated as a trespasser if you don't have the image of being rich or own a home in the same neighbor hood. Not to mention if you drive the wrong car, a neighbor will call the police and report a burglary if you drive up in your 1995 car  in need of paint. They take neighborhood watch to the next level up that way.

      Sorry about that, but thats how  he rolls. Not sure where you will have to go to see Woody. All these boys moved out of the heart of West Bay a long time ago when they thought they had made it in life.

      How ironic, the very same people who they thought were not good enough to live amongst are the very same ones they are begging to employ them. There is a fundamental problem when the employee thinks he is better than  his employer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kenneth was convicted for selling extacy in a club….and he’s still a club promoter from Jet Saturday night – all you can drink – to a chair in the LA -love it

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM has shown poor judgment with selecting Bryan if indeed he was a drug dealer – but what would you expect? PPM still cant make a decent decision and this is who Farington and Dacosta has chosen to run with.  That does not say much about their characters.  Shame on you guys!

  4. Chris says:

    Marco Archer……a man of integrity, dignity, long term vision, prudent judgement, discipline, dedicated, educated and frugal.

    Grassroots sophistication.

    Approachable but not common.

    Just the kind of representative Cayman needs.

    This man Marco has the potential to be an excellent Premier for Cayman in 2017.

    Not sure what I am going to do with the other 5 votes but Marco is a sure shot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Was he not the Government's Project Manager for the failed new financial accounting system that was never implemented properly, and we cannot still get proper accounts?

      • Anonymous says:

        His job was to implement the project according to the design approved by George McCarthy, former Financial Secretary. He and his team did try to point out the faults that they saw but they were ignored. Marco did his job and implemented the project successfully and should not be blamed for the failure of the civil service today. That should rest with those who led and still lead the civil service.

    • Anonymous says:

      Marco Archer definately has my vote not because I am PPM or supporter of any party but because of the character of the man.  Marco is the kind of individuals that Cayman needs in the political arena at this juncture.

  5. Anonymous says:

    New faces does not bring relatively any new ideas as the new candidates will have to subscribe to the views of the party! All 3 groups are a waste of time if you ask me. Give me Rudy, Curwell, Sam Puck Puck, Pikey any day over either party or anyone associated in the parties. At least we will know what we have with these good men and what to expect out of them. So all the new faces is simply a recycled team that brings only the new face to the arena. Nothing else!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Great ploy to bring the reputation of all politicians down to the lowest level in the gutter where the current bunch fit in.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Its Election season, Folks! Oh boy! I am excited.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anybody know of the new candidates for UDP yet?

    • Anonymous says:

      They are having a hard time getting anyone that wants to run that doesn’t have a record>

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Ryan, Dr Shetti, and Mr Dart….:)

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac, Mac, Mac and Mac.

      In other words, do the others really matter? It's been a one-man-show for years.

    • Anonymous says:

      Their potentials might want too much money. Al said they tried to buy him too.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It's good to be a politician.

    Good for your own business, because now can get contracts and bent the rules.

    Make good money and you don't have to show up for work. Instead you travel a lot.

    And when you get older you just take a fat pension on top of that, like Tibbets, Bush and Eden.

    Trust me people, they are all the same.


    • Anonymous says:

      you said a whole pile of truth right there. if they were paid by the amount of honest effort the put in Tony would be a bag of bones, Kurt would be able to wear size 32 pants, and Mak would have been able to save the $20k for his tummy tuck. Ezzard would be richer than Bob Dart

    • Anonymous says:

      I bet these three give away most of their salaries to help poor in our country….what go you contribute….just vicious comments….say what you want about these three but they have dedicated the vast majority of their careers to service of their country….they have put country first for many years not just in 2012.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wish all three of them were running in West Bay. Joey grew up there and Marco has family and lived there.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Go Marco


  11. Anonymous says:

    XXXXX……no excitement on this slate so far. You see in order to win an election you need to excite the people during a campaign, get their attention and convert that into votes. With the Chuckster and the Action Man out of the PPM who on this team will create that excitement ???

    Alden I hope you got two real surprises coming out of West Bay for us otherwise this just won't cut it BoBo !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      you want excitement? go see wrestlemania. You want a future? vote these guys in

    • Anonymous says:

      Is C4C going after Cora Grant, dats what I hear on the marl road – don't think she would run PPM cause dey screwed up royally.  she's an independent thinker, probably more so than some of those that they have already tapped.

      Have you ever heard her talk about the injustices towards Caymanians, she holds back nothing. Now thats who we need.

      Don't thing anyone can convince her to do something that's not write. She been royal bank now for about 20 years and ifshe can represent the people like she satisfies her employer, we should be in very capable hands.

      Like some of the other candidates who want to run in West Bay, she wont have to do it for the dough since rbc probably has paid her handsomely over the years and can probably fund her own campaign without having to be obligated to any one. She work hard too and has the respect of everyone in WB, even the opposition.

      Overheard one of them say the other day that if Cora runs in West Bay one of the existing UDP yes men are sure to lose their seat. Neither Rollie or captain is that strong right now. Cora, prettty paulie, pretty royal lady please run, we need you desperately.

      • Anonymous says:

        I heard the same thing about Cora Grant and C4C – but not been able to confirm, but i coming back here when I find out if its true. Shes the only one who could remove one of the UDP members. She wouldnt even have to campaign – word on the street is that everybod voting for her. The million dollar question is she running?

        Some body told me that she had said: yes, no, maybe so. Obviously she hasnt made up her mind.

        • Anonymous says:

          I totally agree that Cora Grant would be an ideal candidate for West Bay. I sat with her on one of the Boards and boy does she fight for Caymanians.  Ya betta not run down a Caymanian in the front of her. She loves her Caymanian people boy, no matter what the political persuasion.

          West Bayers, what else are you looking for? The woman is honest, hardworking, fearsome and says what she means and means what she says.  Give her a try and vote for her in the next election. She wont disapoint.

        • Anonymous says:

          I understand that Cora Grant is Independent-UDP so would fit right in with the C4C people.    

  12. Anonymous says:

    PPM looking SOLID!! Now this is a group that I can support. So far, they have my vote in BT. If I was voting in GT they would still get it, these are the kinds of representatives that Cayman needs!


    Ellio, happy to tell you buddy, you just lost your GT seat. Dwayne, same goes for you in BT.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bless them the first two have been to PR 101 classes and been told that bold red ties make a "I am the boss" statement to viewers.  How late 90's of them.  Ray, on the other hand, did not get the memo.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on a great slate of new and old candidates. These are men are honest and well brought up, coming from good family backgrounds, business men and hard workers and entrepreneurs. A much better party than what we have now. As for the C4C we don't know much about them yet so thay are iffey.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Dear Savannah Resident, Kenneth cant be know worst that What McKeeva has done and doing to these Islands.

    • FCO says:

      The test isn't whether he will be worst – its a question of whether he will be any better given his character.

  16. Anonymous says:

    How much does a spot on the PPM ticket cost anyway??Sorry Alden but most of your candidate choices are simply out of touch with what the true needs of the Caymanian people are nowadays. You all are too inaccessible to your own people behind your mansion walls and gated communities. Its so plain to see through the power greedy motivations of many of those who have already stepped up for this job of great pay, little work and less accountability. Remember, it should be about country before self!

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM doesn't operate like the UDP. The can't be bought, nor do they purchase candidates.

      I have heard Al Suckoo talk about this on the radio. He said that the UDP and other groups tried to purchase him but that the PPM did not try to do that and that the PPM were upfront and honest about how much work would have to go into it and because of the upstanding guy he is and finding the PPM to be like-minded, he decided to join and run with them.

    • Explain that comment, I dare you says:

      Explain that comment, I dare you. Call names, say who on the PPM Team is living in a gated mansion?

      Put up or shut up because you are a liar!

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, the bickering and calling started already…..

      • Anonymous says:

        How many of the C4C team out of West Bay still live there and how many has left the district because its not good enoguth for them since they consider they so successful? I can tell you – all both of dem. But soon they will both be going to church in West Bay, and driving around waving at everybody like presidents.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously, do you think that anyone would PAY to become a politician? How accessible are you at home to the people you work for or their clients? Big Mac has a guard and a wall around his house, I guess that it OK tho'. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said.

  17. Jumbles says:

    If you stare at the phot of Marco his eyes seem to follow you are you move around a room.  It is terrifying.

  18. Anonymous says:

    All persons putting their names forward for election should remember the words of Mr Farrington quoted above:  '…..if the people of West Bay were willing to employ him….'

    That's right, employed by the people.  Let's not forget that once elected as usually happens.

  19. Savannah Resident says:

    Can someone please answer my question.  How can Kenneth Bryant run for office when he's  been convicted of a criminal offense??? Any clarity on this matter would be appreciated.

    • Anonymous says:

      its cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      what offense?

    • Anonymous says:

      Dunno, but Rolston will have a criminal record after March 2013, what does that mean for the UDP in WB?

      • Anonymous says:

        Half their candidates are considered criminals?

      • Anonymous says:

        For the record, DUI and Careless Driving is "NOT A CRIMINAL OFFENCE" but it's a traffic violation as per the Traffic Law – not of the Penal Code.

        • Anonymous says:

          Is an acid test for a criminal offence. Can you potentially be imprisoned for it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Another convicted criminal recently got the MBE…so a seat in the LA should not be a problem.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I will vote PPM, they are looking good. But it is also just to make sure that:

    1. mac and his cronies dont pullute and sell my islands to personal friends

    2. Now that I, and my family,  have been frightened badly enough to actually vote for the first time and for anyone that is not UDP, I will be very up front and in the face of the candidate(s) I vote for if they start acting in the same manner. You have been warned. 

  21. Anonymous says:

    If Alden can do the following, then the PPM would have my vote:

    Appoint Moses Kirkconnell as the Leader of the Opposition

    Appoint a Caymanian Chairman of the PPM; remove the Englishman

    • Anonymous says:

      8:35, thank you for your carefully considered racist last comment.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are very welcome

      • Anonymous says:

        The word is not "racist", it is "protecting a culture and heritage which you would never understand".

        • Anonymous says:

          I think you'll find that's 10 words.


          And you may spell it " protecting a culture and heritage which you would never understand", but it is pronounced racist.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden can't appoint Moses or anyone else to be Leader of the Opposition. That role belongs to the Governor. The Governor appoints the leader of the party that forms the next largest majority after the party that makes up the government. The leader of the party is voted on by the membership of the party at the party contest (at least that's how it works with PPM). IF Alden were to choose to step down, Moses would be the next choice of the Governor to appoint. However, party protocol would see that a contest for the leadership ensues…if Moses would want such a position and no one else is put forward to contest then Moses would be confirmed as party leader.

      However, this is all hypothetical talk…the PPM believes in Alden as it's leader. Alden, as any other human being has his flaws as well – we know this – and we also know that Alden's positive qualites as Leader outweigh any negative ones by far. History will smile kindly upon this man.

    • Anonymous says:

      What an idiotic pea-brained comment

  22. Extra Terrestrial says:

    Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that the PPM held their public press conference at a hotel ball room to announce to THEMSELVES and 3 reporters (ok maybe 4) that Joey, Ray and Marco were now their candidate of choice. Even more baffling is that they presented their bio to each other! Or did I miss something?? If they can't be prudent with their own party funds what about the govt. Funds? The status quo remains! spend, spend, spend………..no value…………

    • Dear Mr C4C says:

      It was a press conference. Unique idea to your group I know..


    • Anonymous says:

      ET, you really should phone home sometime, you are obviously way out of touch with what a press conference actually means. This was not a public meeting, it was an opportunity for the press to meet with the potential candidates and to be able to ask questions. That is how members of the press get the information that they provide to the public. That is how this article was created. Perhaps you do not remember the PPM having these on a regular basis when they were the government as the UDP normally doesn't bother. 

  23. Anonymous says:

    Cayman needs more MLA's like a hole in its head.

    In fact, a much better idea would be to decrease that number by 10 or more.

    Why does Cayman continue to kill its economy using the club of its oversized, inefficient, and expensive government?  18 MLA's to server 15,000 voters?  Come on!

    If the great US had that big a proportion, there would be over 500,000 members of Congress (435 Representatives, plus 104 Senators, with 300 million voters)

    If the 539 wizards in Congress could make as big a hash of the US economy as they have, imagine what 500,000 of them could do?

    How much does the CI Government cost each person?

    Assuming the CI budget is $600 million (it is more) and Government spends $400 million of this on itself, and about 55,000 people live here, the cost of Government is about $7000.00 for each person.

    Which means a family of 4 is paying $28,000 each for Government.

    The highest priority of each Caymanian, therefore, must be is to down size its government, and do it fast.

  24. Anonymous says:

    what does the ppm stand for????…… i still wait to hear about their alternative policies……..

  25. Anonymous says:

    More profiles of prospective candidates who are incompetent to provide detailed solutions since the issues are framed in vague political counterpoints . Current issues are campaigned as overly generalized statements to get the higest clap-trap effect, but  are useless in providing informative detailed solutions. 


    The real profiles of these candidates for all parties are more like that of your drinking-buddies and so the next "winner" will be the who is the loudest and has the most well paid cheerleaders instead of serious analytic thinking taking place. Get ready for more of the same superficial leadership brought to you buy those who own Cayman from thier checkbooks. If they win, you win…right?

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you figure that when some of the candidates don't drink and/or don't hang out in bars?

  26. Anonymous says:

    C4C is a joke.. The PPM is making all the right moves… I was hoping that the C4C would be the change I was looking for but with Ex UDP money funding the C4C how can we trust them?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Sadly a lot of these faces are new to the public, Archer was unheard of other than a few mentions in the OMOV campaign. Joey stands a good chance and will get my vote, if I lived in town, he should be able to bring some business ethics and speed to government. Farrington should not run in west bay – he fled the district years ago to prestigious south sound… Why should we vote him in when he doesn’t even know the day to day tribulations?

    Muddy waters meh say!

    • Anonymous says:

      Guess your job doesn't mean you have to be close to work in order to do your job efficiently if there is an emergency outside of regular hours. But then again you probably don't have a job, in your words "can't get a job" and rely on handoutsfrom Mac to keep you going. Or maybe your business gets nation building fund jobs all the time?

    • Anonymous says:

      Mike Adam runs in GT and lives in West Bay.

      Kurt Tibbetts runs in GT and lives in Savannah.

      Arden runs in East End and lives in Savannah.

      Julie and Moses can't live permanently on the Brac and attend the LA.

      • hahaaa says:

        Rolly runs in WB and lives in Upper Deck

        • Anonymous says:

          Ya, Rollie really needs to behave himself, running around like a fool and drinking all the time. He needs to stay at home and look after his family, especially those beautiful girls.

          So much misconduct for a minister, if he is not careful West Bayers will not support him, in fact he is not as popular and has lost a lot of ground. If he loses the 2013 election its all his fault.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, I used to live at Cayman Courts too, next to CIHS (now JGHS) with the druggies hanging out at the back and the kids escaping school over the fence. Real exclusive – not!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hi Folks,


    One thing is for certain the REGISTERED PARTIES ignored the ELECTORATE for the last 3.5 years,

    SUBSTANCE Over Process prevailed and the Opposition SAT and watched the economy shrink.

    C4C  for suregot them on a move.

    What next, caus they are good at finding fault with each other.

  29. Justa Thought says:

    The people of George Town elected “Dr” Frank McField. The people of West Bay elected the elusive Captain. The people of Bodden Town elected Evander Seymour. The people of the Brac elected the Foot Washer of Watering Place and the people of North Side elected Mr. Independence. Quite clearly the quality of representation is not an important factor come election time.

    • Anonymous says:

      am from west bay – i thought farrington was living overseas – have not seen him in ages. how does he even know what the needs are of the people whom he wants to elect him?   too snobby for me, can't live amongst us, then dont ask for our vote.

      Where is he living by the way – Cayman Kai? Then run in NS, since you are probalby more involved up that way. know farrington has not been visible in west bay – no community service done down this way by either him or dacosta.

      you need all the luck you can get, cause you have not paid your dues in west bay.

      • I love it says:

        Your comments show me that the UDP is worried. You guys jumped all over this didnt ya! You know these guys are going to shake the UDP to its foundation.

        • Anonymous says:

          The opposite is true; especially in West Bay because Wood and Ray won't cut it down there. They are just wasting their money but the economy needs a good shoring up, so we welcome their spending.

          If that's the best the PPM can do the entire slate of West Bay UDP will be voted back in.

          But I love campaing season, its good entertainment so the more the merrier.

      • Anonymous says:

        Looking fo yo free stuff?

      • Anonymous says:

        UDP crony at large, is that you Foolio?

      • Anonymous says:

        Some people don't blow their own trumpet. You don't know what people do or give if they don't broadcast it like the UDP. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Trust me, come election time,all of  the candidates will blow thier own trumpets, over and over again. the electorate want to know what you have done over the past couple of years to make a difference to your fellow man. It should not take a paid MLA salary for you to volunteer of your time, especially in your own district of West Bay.

          If you can't say that you have made a  difference, when will you ever? Neither Dacosta nor Farrington can cut it West Bay – the district is not good enought for them to live in –  they gone live with the rich people.

          Some Caymanians not happy unless the hob nobbing with the ex pats – it makes them feel portant. Well, hope both Farrington and Dacosta get their ex pat votes cause we are not voting them in West Bay.

          Still can't determine where either of them stay – not West Bay for sure. As for Mike living West Bay and running in  Town –  that's up to the  Towners how they want to vote – but Mike is loved by everyone and could probably win an election anywhere. Mike is good people.

          The same does not apply to Farrington and Dacosta – guess by the time campaign season comes around you won't be able to turn around without seeing one of them driving around West Bay – for now, they are no where to be seen.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hmmm. I wasnt aware you had to pay  dues to to live in west bay. WOnder who to.

        • Anonymous says:

          You pay your dues to the UDP, by way of a vote, especially at the end of election day when you are REALLY drunk and need to be "assisted" to vote. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Paying thier dues mean that they have done absolutely nothing to improve the life of someone who is disadvantaged  or in need, at least not in West Bay where they looking for that vote.

          Does either even know how many Bayers don't have a nickel to buy food for their families. But then how would Farrington know, when he lives in South Sound. How can he relate to what's happening with the poor in West Bay?  He has always had a silver spoon, in fact probably more than one.

          Have not seen Woody in West Bay since he lost the 2009 election – guess he is due now to show up though – election round the corner.

  30. GT Voter says:

    Am voting for my good friend Marco Archer. Now this is what you call a 'Statesman' that you see in this Archer boy. He'll set you straight. Well done PPM.  

    • Anonymous says:

      How has Mr Archer shown you he is a "Statesman", 21:35? Just asking.

      • GT Voter @ 09:46 says:


        @ 09:46 My learned friend. My experience with the Mr. Archer over the years has shown me and many others (such as you will learn) to continue to climb the high road of a great public figure on becoming an excellent “Statesman”. If they can crown the Premier, Mr. McKeeva Bush a “Doctorate” I/We sure can crown Marco Archer – GT candidate come May 2013 a “Statesman”. He will become a will respected leader in this new field and a will rounded promoter of the public good. So step on board and grow with the new batch. 

        • Anonymous says:

          That's what's wrong with Caymanians, too begrudgeful and envious. I say congrats to the Premier on his Honorary Doctorate. The people of Jamaica recognize the good that he has done and has chosen to  honor him.

          We need to honor more of our own, but noooo, if I don't have, neither can you bobo.  We keep our own selves down by our lack of support of each other. That's why the expat community is thriving, they look out for one another.  Caymanians could take a page out of the expat book.

          Congrats Dr. Bush, there are those who will always love and appreciate what you have done for this country and we will demonstrate that in 2013 when we return you the the LA.

          The only thing, you really need to have a woman on your West Bay team, that's my only complaint.


      • Anonymous says:

        I have known Mr. Archer for some 7 years.  He has proved to be extremely honest, diplomatic, cogent, and morally grounded – all qualities of a true leader.  He is a wonderful husband and father and is highly respected by those of us who do know him.  He may not be a familiar face in government but isn't that what the people have been asking for?  Furthermore, he is a CAYMANIAN! 

        If I know Mr. Archer at all, and I think I do, I know that he did not make this decision lightly and it has nothing to do with lining his pockets, making friends, or traveling the world on our country's dime!  His intentions are for the good of the people of the Cayman Islands.

        To all of you who are down on Kenneth because of his history – he has gotten up off his behind, has a lovely wife and 2 daughters, made a life for himself, and is trying to do the right thing now.  How dare you judge?



        • Anonymous says:

          Oh, but that's what we do best, that is judge others. Kenneth may be all you say and I am happy that he is no longer dealing drugs, but he does not belong in the hallowed halls of the Legislative Assembly.

          His past will dictate his future in this one and he will lose the election as a result of previous bad judgment and behaviour.

          15:21 bet you can't say that you have not judged anyone recently, perhaps  our Premier, now Dr. Bush.  Even those words makes you want to cringe and throw a temper tantrum full of judgment.

          Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

          • Anonymous says:

            You're absolutely right – Kenneth has a past and has made bad decisions but does he get any credit for turning his life around? You so quickly write him off yet, have you heard his plans or visions? I'm not saying he's the man for the job, all I am saying is that he deserves to at least be heard. 

            Correct again – I do cringe at those words and I'm actually sick to my stomach that such a man can be given such high ranks.  The difference is that Mac has shown his colors and they are flashing neon bright!  It's not judgement – it's reality.  He's a terrible leader.



  31. Anonymous says:

    The order of priorities in the last line says it all: party first then maybe the country will follow. Nuff said!

    • say what?! says:

      I have genuine compassion for persons with learning disabilities, and your comment clearly indicates that you have one. So I will try and clarify the last paragraph for you. In order to get the country back to good standing, you first need to assemble a great team to create and then implement those plans that will put Country first. I sincerely suggest that you read something not less than a couple of times so you can understand fully before making a fool of yourself and C4C.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks, but your "complementary insult" does nothing to furhter your learned cause.

    • boy says:

      You C4C guys and gals will cling to anything that gives you some hope at redeeming yourselves after your party launch failure.

    • Anonymous says:

      That would be the correct chronological order, dum dum.

  32. Anonymous says:

    These are outstanding candidates. PPM, I had written you off but you are beginning to inspire some confidence.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Looking good PPM. Let's show Cayman what we are made of

  34. Anonymous says:

    Looking good PPM. Let's show Cayman what we are made of

  35. My Sweet Lord says:

    You gotta hand it to the PPM, they are looking very strong. We asked for new young blood & the PPM are giving it to us. The young ones will be guided by the very best, D. Kurt Tibbetts. I wish them all the best. My advice to the PPM is to work closely with Arden & Ezzard and this will be a winning combination. 

  36. Anonymous says:

    Finally TWO people -Archer and Hew-I can vote for in GT.

    But Kenny Bryan, no way.

    Alden, Kurt and Lucille…noo way, the old guard needs to change and Alden is a megalomaniac and scares me a little with his arrogance

    • anonymous says:

      Perhaps you should consider that Joey and Marco have chosen these people as their running mates. Both of these men are respectable and intelligent persons of integrity…perhaps they see the balance of qualities that they WITH their running mates offer to us as a “team”.

      • Anonymous says:

        more likely they realise the stupid Caymanian electorate "wotes straight" when told to like simple little sheep, so they have no choice but to run with a party

    • Anonymous says:

      Surprisingly enough, kenneth bryan seems to be the one with the most passion for our country in this group.

      • Anonymous says:

        Believe you are correct and he has also been down many paths and hopefully able to communicate with the people.

    • Anonymous says:

      If Kenny Bryan can turn his life around the way he has, unlike many, he deserves a chance.  If somebody is not given a chance to learn and progress then doesn't everything stay the same?  Doesn't everybody start from somewhere?

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you assuming that people who are given preferential treatment from the day they were born are better qualified than those who struggled in life without thier parents getting them out of jail. I'm sick of treating people who were born with a silver spoon as though they would be leaders that would make changes, when they will keep things just the way they are and that includes keeping  the preferential treatement in the family.

      • Anonymous says:

        You only defending Bryan cause you a PPM supporter. Make him run with the UDP and the poor boy would be assinated with mean spirited words.

  37. I love it! says:

    Progressives on the move, there is hope on the horizon. Please Cayman, do not vote back in the UDP and do not split up votes for the C4C. The PPM deserve this, they have worked hard to create a team of educated, honest, hard-working, loyal, dedicated candidates who want the best for Cayman and who can do the job, 

    C4C please stop calling for division and join the PPM in this fight against the real enemy. The UDP is who we must rid our island of, the PPM made some mistakes but with the likes of Wayne, Marco, Al, Woody, Joey, Ray, Moses, Alden all extremely smart and experienced businessmen with education to back it up I dont see how we can go wrong. Ms Lucille, Ossie, Kenneth, Kurt, Anthony all have their minds on the unemployed, poor and disenfranchised people this is the perfect compination of Economic and Social development skills, this is the Government we need, this is where we must put our votes in May.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ppm deserve this?? Are you serious?? This is the party that put us in massive debt and gave the UK reason to step in. We need to get rid of both parties. They moved our national debtt from $70M to $700M in just 11 years. Cayman wake up…here is our chance for real change not old brooms dressed up in new clothes.

      • Agent Double 0776 says:

        The PPM was in power for only 4 years yet you blame them for 11 years of debt……is that you UDP or is it C$C…..very typical blame PPM for everything….same lame excuses for a failed UDP/C$C Government.

      • BORN FREE says:

        Come on now Big Mac (Anon 22:43, we know that's you Mac), you know very well that it is you that has us in the trouble we are now in. It is because of you that the UK has come down so hard on us. If it was the PPM they were worried about they would have implemented the FFR from THREE years ago, not now! Come on Mac, it is because they DO NOT TRUST YOU whythey insisted that YOU sign the agreement with Minister Simmons, IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU big mac why the UK are clamping down on our borrowing & spending, they DO NOT TRUST you, & they have every reason NOT TO TRUST YOU Mac! They are suspicious of your "deals" with investors & developers why the FFR is now LAW! Don't blame the PPM, the UK did not have any reservations about their governing, but they sure as hell have a lot of reservations about you, Big Mac!

  38. Anynomous says:

    All these new slot machines that the PPM is bringing on board, I am wondering who is going to steer the ship?  Not Alden, not Ezzard, Not Arden, Kurt and Eden could not care less so long as they get to sleep.  Moses, oh yes Moses forgot all about you. No you cannot lead either.   What are we going to do.  I think we are going to have to leave things as they are.

    • Anonymous says:

      So, if these people can't be  leaders or steer the ship………………….why don't you go steer the ship?

  39. Anonymous says:

    let the games begin.

    • Anonymous says:

      And may good fortune be ALWAYS in your favour. (The Hunger Games)

      Yes, Cayman is in a fight for it's life. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Good job Progressives.  Educated, passionate, honest group.  My family and I cannot wait to vote.  The only mistake the PPM made was giving us good roads, a well needed new Government Administration Building, a beautiful school  and they managed to do it and also kept theirintegrity  and good character.  Surely they deserve another 4 years!! They are the hope for Cayman!!