The fatal flaw of our government

| 06/12/2012

Our country is on a course to disaster. Political partisanship has divided us, crushed our economy, and bullied us all into feeling like we’ve lost the voice that allows us to hold our leaders accountable. This political partisanship is a result of our governments making decisions primarily for the benefit of their own parties, their party leaders, or special interest groups that support their parties rather than making decisions that are best for the people of our country as a whole.

There are many reasons why the party system has not worked well in Cayman – but the fatal flaw of our system is the fact that there are only two parties represented in government. So the party that elects the majority of members is given free rein to run the government without any checks or balances – and the members of the opposing party become irrelevant.

Under this system, our “two-party system” becomes a partisan dictatorship. Our premier and the majority party can propose radical policies – like new taxes to pay for their financial indiscretions – and the opposing party, or everyday citizens, are helpless in their opposition.

There has to be a better way of running our country. There must be a system of checks and balances that will force party leaders to justify their policies and decisions, build consensus outside of their own political allies, and be accountable for their actions at all times, not just on Election Day.

Holding government and all elected representatives accountable is the major driver in the creation of Coalition for Cayman. The public awareness efforts of C4C will help build the necessary national awareness about the need for less partisanship. But more importantly, C4C fills a critical void in reinforcing the vital role independent representatives play in bringing balance to our government and making sure that our leaders are putting the country and its people before politics.

So much is at stake in next year’s elections, and the political parties will do anything – say anything – to discredit the threat that C4C poses to their power.

Often a political party’s single goal is to take control (or maintain control) of the government for their own benefit, because anything short of that will leave them powerless and in their minds without a voice. Despite their most desperate messages, the current state of our country’s affairs speaks to the dangers of giving any one party too much control. We have seen the evidence of this over the last decade. 

Under both parties leadership, our country has incurred record debt – in fact, today every citizen of Cayman is responsible for $30,000 of our country’snational debt. Without checks and balances offered by independent leaders in our LA, the UDP has nearly spent our country into bankruptcy, and their excessive borrowing has forced us into noncompliance with our country’s public finance laws – creating an unnecessarily tense relationship with the UK.

Ironically, the UDP blames decisions made under PPM’s watch for the Cayman national debt – but the fact is both parties are responsible. Under a two-party system that lacks proper checks and balances, over the past decade the country’s national debt has increased more than 500%. And as a result, hardworking Caymanians are left to pay the price. Our citizens and small businesses are strapped with higher fees, and the higher cost of doing business has reduced the number of good-paying jobs. Higher debt has led to reduced government services, concerns over meeting future pension obligations, and the simple fact that right now our Country cannot afford even the most basic of infrastructure needs.

The simple truth is that unbridled party politics has contributed to a lower standard of living for every Caymanian and residents alike.

We can debate political philosophy, refute inaccuracies, and talk in theory all day long, but there is no denying that the current state of our government is dismal, and it is the result of a decade of free rein by both parties. And if we don’t change things now, we will lose our country forever.

The purpose of C4C is to bring an end to the divisive party system. We seek to endorse independent minded and objective candidates who will unite in the best interests of the country, behind good ideas, provide checks and balances that will stall bad policy, restore the concept of working together through consensus and to make sure that our leaders are accountable. Leaders who will always serve the best interest of our citizens and our country.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear C4C,


    Your naivety is staggering.  You are the King Canutes of your time.  


    Those behind or involved with your group are disqualifying themselves from ever holding public office by so clearly demonstrating their poor judgment in matters concerning the country.


    What you are doing is the opposite of helping.  You are all but guaranteeing the return of the parties you complain about.  If you want to unseat the two incompetent parties, start a new one that is competent (and honest) and has a chance of gaining the majority or keeping one of the others on the straight and narrow in a coalition.


    What you deride is not "the party system" but "the parliamentary system" which has been codified in the constitution.  It makes no sense to rail against the rules of the game.  


    Further, the very idea that everyone, or a majority, in an 18 member house will somehow reach consensus on what constitutes "the best interests of the country" is absurd, whether they are independent or not.  Have you never served on a committee?  You can't get six people to agree on where to get lunch!  


    The idea that any one of those members would overcome self-interest, interest groups (by the way, YOU ARE ONE!), or the interests of influential constituents borders on wilful stupidity.  Have you ever followed politics outside of Cayman?  


    The idea that independents can somehow overcome the incumbent parties is disproven by our own history and the history of most of the western world.  Do you honestly believe Cayman can be the one successful industrialised democracy on the planet with no political parties?!


    Let me repeat – you are actively undermining your own stated agenda.  If you want to stand a chance of a change in government in the upcoming election, form a party, form a platform and stand for something coherent, even if it is simply demonstrable competence and honesty.


    You can stand together or fail independently.  The choice is yours.


    Stop embarrassing yourselves and spend your time and money on something constructive for pity's sake.

  2. Annoyed says:

    @ 11:35 Sandfly your name is aptly applied. A Sandfly is nothing more than an annoying selfish insect with a brain not larger than a grain of sand that destroys the enjoyment of island life; it/they run you from the beach, outdoor gatherings etc. You are staying true to your name sake, with your fool-as-fly ramblings, which is crafted to run ignorant potential voters away from enjoying what real sound governance should be, in order for your fellow insects to have a field day on our dime again like what you all successfully did with the UDP in 2009.


    We the people of the Cayman Islands are fed up and are annoyed because we are all suffering from your selfish acts, that is crafted to protect your Band of Merchants whom have orchestrated what we are all living with; A regime dead set on crushing the poor little Caymanian and the those who have become new Caymanians with more taxes than ever before whilst YOUR personal and business interest flourishes as you sit on the various Boards and Statutory Authorities of the UDP. We cannot forget McKeeva Bush saying on Radio Cayman soon after being elected; “All Boards should be dissolved immediately after the General Elections so I can put who I want on them to push my Agenda.”


    I read it somewhere, but with dribble coming from Sandfly and the likes, it is OBVIOUS C$C=UDP!

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is no way you can equivocate the failings of the PPM with the corruption of the UDP. C4C will continue to appear to be a complete joke until they acknowledge that 'parties' are not the real issue – Mike Adam, Alden, Kurt, Ezzard good guys with the country's best interests at heart. You can disagree with the positions either party has taken but when the same people that propped up corruption or stood silently by while it occurred now pretend that they have found religion and blame the country's ills on a word  – 'parties' means they take the public for idiots and they deserve to be ignored.

  4. Reality Check says:

    Rather than Country First lets start with Honesty First. The current UDP is a fiasco, and the C4C by their own admission have served on the UDP advisory boards, but claim that the UDP wouldn’t listen thats why they have formed this advocacy group. The Country needs a honest Government to repair our international image, our relationship with the UK, reduce size of the civil service and get Caymanians back to work and off social services. UDP has failed to do this, C4C have failed throughout the UDP to do this. I would have a lot more respect for the C4C if they had stated they would endorse Candidates in both political parties which were in their opinion “worthy”. If C4C really wants to be a Coalition it must form it with members of both Political Parties and Ezzard and Arden. They not going to win 10 seats that’s fantasy. C4C just be honest and tell us before the election which Candidates within the Parties you will work with to form a Government. If you continue to say we won’t work with Candidates within the 2 political parties we are not going to waste our votes on your Candidates. A Coalition Government is a distinct reality, the UDP will win at least 5 seats, Arden and Ezzard will retain their seats, PPM will retain it’s 4 seats and due to KT and Mr Tony’s popularity in GT and BT probably win at least 2 of the 3 new seats. That only leaves 4 seats for C4C, how are you going to form a Government with 4 votes? C4C you have to get realistic you appear to be very naive you won’t endorse PPM or UDP candidates, you won’t endorse either Ezzard or Arden and you don’t have any Candidates? Put Country First and tell us how you propose the influence the next Government, at the moment Duckie is correct you appear to be a bunch of ex UDP supporters hoping to split the Vote to return the UDP to power.

  5. Philo the Philosopher says:

    All Polititians should be paid a flat hourly wage based on their performance and actual hours worked. They will get a bonus at the end of their term if they haven't violated any rules of the house during their tenure. Any polititian found to have violated any rules of protocol or found guilty of  corruption will be brought before the people in a public place, put in stocks and pelted with iguana feces untill they confess to their sins. After which the people will summons one of the Nation Building Pastors  to show these corrupt polititians how to, GET THEIR HANDS CLEAN, AND THEIR HEARTS PURE!   AND!  As an incentive to "ALL aspireing polititians"  not to violate the rules [as described above] "THEY" will have to attend weekly showings [for three months prior to an election] of a taped version of the "PELTING OF THE POLITITIANS"  


  6. Knot S Smart says:

    This is a very well written viewpoint article.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The fatal flaw in Cayman's govenment right now is that there is only a tiny number of people eligible to vote and  to run for election and an even smaller number who are electable because Caymanians want only to see  born sons and daughters of the soil, no matter how limited their intellect is.. So we get failed lawyers, gardeners, computer technicians, pharmacists, civil servants or retired civil servants, lawyers etc who have been paid off to retire and get out of the way because they are not competent and can run to enhance their pension. We have a tiny pool of people that "born" Caymanians are willing to vote for and so we have the odd (and, alas, ignorant) situation of a poster on CNS describing one of the prospective PPM candidates as a "statesman" although that prospective candidate has been only a civil servant, employee in a (cushy) statutory authority and has NO/ZERO experience in politics when he could ever exhibit "statesmanship'. It's sad but we have an unlearned, inward looking entitled voting elite. It has worked until now but the world has changed and is changing massively and this situation will not be able to survive.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The fatal flaw in governance in Cayman is corruption made possible by very weak anti-corruption laws and no meaningful limits on conflicts of interest for politicians and their cronies.

    If we continuously jailed all the corrupt politicians and their cronies and only had honest politicians interested in their constituent's well being then personally I would not care if the politicians wanted to form into groups.


  9. SANDFLY says:
    The PPM is all about deception with no legislative footprint when they were in control to honestly ask voters to put them back. The constitutional review was a complete sham ignoring basic human rights such as OMOV, boundary implementation, a smoking ban, retrieve our six million from Mr. Ryan and make reforms so it could not be repeated. The PPM has failed on basic little things. One of the biggest deceptions was claiming criminal and inferiority charges on housing when in-fact there was none, costing our treasury millions in police man hours all for political advantage. In BoddenTown, PPM said they did not have the money to fight for the electoral rights of their candidates in the last election when the UDP’s men got on the ballot in violation of the constitution. The PPM has lawyers at the very top of their party and lost the backbone to fight for their men. A real deception if I ever seen one. After Ivan, we lost a lot of our old people because the government failed to administer therapy to ease their stress levels. I could go on and on but I won’t because the present government is that bad. Whoever, attacking C4C won’t work because everyone knows that anything is better then the two parties of Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum. No matter how you put it, these to party dogs won’t hunt.
    • Anonymouse Man says:

      Sandfly …. you ever heard of the term, "fool as a fly"?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea sure they must be better, no candidates, no manifesto, no opinions……sounds like a better way forward…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Fool as fly..keep your head buried the the sand like good UDP supporter

  10. Anonymous says:

    C$C is hilarious….the entire world has it wrong…apparently parties are not the way to govern….the only way to govern is thru extremely partisan endorsing of 'chosen' ones by the hidden wealthy ones..if only all the other countries with party political systems were as super bright as the C$C lovelies…..this is fantastic…where's the popcorn and soda so we can all sit back and watch this soap opera ride off to an obvious conclusion in May when the UDP and PPM split the votes again……these guys in C$C really have brought our local political scene to a whole new level, although not one that they probably felt they would

    great stuff…keep going

  11. New Caymanian and Voter! says:

    I have been keenly observing the offerings of C4C from their launch. Unfortunately, it appears that their gripe is with the rather atrocious governance style of the UDP and really not with the PPM. I say that because when you pay close attention to either their view points and their defending posts, it is easy to decipher that they hold the UDP has destroyed the reputation of these lovely Cayman Islands over the past 3 plus years.


    I have been living in these islands for the past 15 years, and have paid close attention because I fell in love with this place the instant I stepped foot here. Considering I just recent obtained my Caymanian Status, I feel I can now lend my voice to this madness that appears to be plaguing my new home.


    C4C you have named several prominent and intelligent persons on your Executive Committee. Given the intellect on this committee you must have analyzed the numbers based on past voter turn outs. Considering your gripe is with the UDP because they did not put Country First, unlike from my perspective the PPM, which built infrastructure such as roads to facilitate more productivity and convenience saving millions for the economy in loss time which was being lost in frustrating traffic jams. They built schools to educate the future, created a permanent home for the Government to call their “own” in the new Government Administration Building. As a former Government employee, I worked for years in the Glass House and that structure was certainly not reflective of the stature of the Cayman Islands.


    The global financial crisis caught everyone by surprise. The schools where already well underway, therefore, I frequently ask myself and colleagues, how can intelligent people claim the PPM caused the Cayman Islands to reach the depths of the financial woes we are now floundering in? Especially when the UDP claimed that in 2010 they we able to garner a CI $20 million surplus! Since a surplus was Tabled, the debt the PPM apparently left would have been quashed.


    Having established my line of thought, I respectfully suggest to C4C that if they truly want to rid our Cayman Islands of a corrupt Government that have caused great reputational and social and economic harm to the Cayman Islands, don’t split the Votes by fielding “Independent Candidates” that will have 18 varying agendas that will undoubtedly slow our forward progress out of this pit. Moreover, cause the UDP to retain power because of vote spiting. But endorse and support the PPM whose record stands as putting Country First!


    If C4C fails to utilize sound reasoning in the immediate future, they are unfortunately facilitators of the UDP retaining the Government. If this proves correct, each one of your reputations especially the new young Attorneys will be tarnished and in such a fish bowl like the Cayman Islands, that may prove difficult for those wanting to reach the status of the Chairmen.

  12. Gimme Hope says:

    I agree that the Party System in and of itself is not the problem; the members of the party are – So hold them accountable.

    These islands have swung back and fourth like apendulum for 3 terms between the UDP and PPM and what do we have to show: mounting public debt; a consistent rise in cost of living, crime rate  and unemployment; a failing education system and chaos and division amongst us. No, the system didn't create those problems- But when there is a structure in place that discourages independent thought; individual accountability and the expectation of loyalty to those who pay your  salary (rather than those in your party); then the result will be exactly what we have. We deserve better! 

    I for one am tired of going to the polls to choose between the better of two bad choices. It doesn't matter where they were; what they have; who they are- there is a need for someone to step up to the plate – andif the C4C can create an avenue for independent, educated individuals with integrity to run in this election  I am with them 100%.

  13. Anonymous says:

    So why can’t C4C endorse the two independents currently in the LA? Or is it that they can’t be bought? Are Ezzard and Arden too Anti Business for you…..maybe they are the real reason the C4C started the thought of a PPM/Ezzard Coalition scared the pants off Big Business…….

    • Anonymous says:

      To link Arden with the Independents after  his serving close to a decade as a member of the PPM faithful doesn't ring true to me. 

      • Anonymous says:

        No what does ring true is C4C……

      • Anonymous says:

        Arden has always been an independent thinker. Finally he had to break free so he could express that openly. Rings perfectly true to anyone who knows him. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    disappointed… the fatal flaw of our government is CORRUPTION.


    • Anonymous says:

      ask yourself what allows that corruption to continue?

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen. Until there are politicians that are willing to change our laws to root out corruption it is all talk and decline.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The fatal flaw of our Government is McKeeva Bush, and most of the C4C group were instrumental in putting him in power in the first place. I would at least like to hear C4C's position on that mistake given the heavily weighted UDP influence in C4C. I understand Billy Reed is an integral part of this group……are you guys hiding him for any particular reason? Why wasn't he included in this "executive committee" given his vast experience in political manipulation? The fact that he is being kept out of site speaks volumes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe it's because he isn't on the inside,  hmmmmmmmm

    • Anonymous says:

      The Fatal Flaw is that C$C think we fool fool and wont see they are the UDP rebranded.

    • Anonymous says:

      I also heard that Davey Ebanks (big former PPM supporter) is with them too.  Both of them EX-party, both wised up that the PARTY is not so fun anymore.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What we need is new competent politicians!

    Get rid of the uneducated corrupt dinosaurs!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am an independent thinker.  I cast 4 votes in the last election, two went to party members and 2 for independent candidates, I do not belong to any party. I voted for who i thought would be good representatives, who had some good ideas. Two of the people i voted for (1 party member and 1 independent ) i dont even particularly like but i gave them a vote anyway.

    The C4C espouse alot things all right thinking people want, like good government, fairness and justice, sustainable growth, prospertiy for our people, jobs etc etc. These generic objectives are also stated by the other parties as well.  So what is different about what the C4C has said so far?  I think the key thing is the stated desire for UNITY.

    The problem i have is that the C4C seem to be doing anything BUT.  They are alienating a considerable group of Party memmbers and supporters and sitting MLA;s by dismissing them outright.  This is not a good way of uniting the people.

    I have no problem with the idea of endorsing candidates. However if you truly want to achieve your stated aim of uniting the country, the C4C should not limit their endorsements to independent people only.  The C4C should broaden their appeal and endorse candidates that theyconsider worthy, regardless of whether or not they are currently a party member.

    You guys should really be paying me for this advice!




  18. Anonymous says:

    Demanding good government is a worthy cause. Complaining about party politics is easy to do but the idea of a government of independents is naive. Political parties are inevitable. Cayman is not going to be the only place on earth without political parties. One can hope that they will start to offer meaningful choices.

    • Anonymous says:

      C$C is after a Power-Grab.  Pure and simple.  Until very recently most of this group of the monied and privleged were closer to Mac than death to a dead man's jacket.  The problem they now have is that they have lost control of Mac.  But they don't feel able to turn to the PPM as the PPM's philosophy and ethics are alien to their way of thinking. They say the PPM is "not business friendly". Translation: the PPM does not do deals or give preferential treatment to supporters.  They say the PPM and Alden in particular does not listen.  Translation:  the PPM cannot be bought and they can't control Alden.

      "Country First"!? Really, now? Where were these self-professed patriots these past 3 1/2 years when Mac and his merry band were plundering our patrimony, being investigated for "finanical irregularites", taxing us to death, driving businesses into the ground and destroying the Cayman Islands reputation for stability and decimating our credibility locally and internationally?  Did you hear Jude Scott's voice calling out for the Premier to step down, did you hear that fine British public school voice of legal eagle Jimmy Bergrstom protesing against the inane decisions of the UDP to tax the financial industry out of existence?  Did you hear Johann Moxam protesting against the oppression heaped upon poor Caymanians?  Did you hear Randy Merren or Emmiel Scott say one single word about what the UDP has done and is doing to small businesses in Cayman?  They been living somwhere else all this time or wha'/

      "Country First"?  C$C needs to rethink their shameless plagarism of this John McCain/ Sarah Palin slogan from  the US  Presidential race 4 years ago.  A much more fitting slogan for this group would be "$$$$$ First".

      • Anonymous says:

        Have you asked yourself the same question? If you are going to implicate them, you also need to implicate the rest of Cayman, each and every citizen, as each and every one of us have sat back and allowed this to happen.  So have woken from their blissful sleep earlier than others, some have spoken louder than others, but in my at the end of the day all that matters is today, and the push for a better tomorrow. 

        • Anonymous says:

          No Bobo C$C has facilitated the UDP for the last 3+ years, the Accounting and Legal Firms that have been given phat consultancy contracts to justify that the UDP deals are "good value" and there is no need to bid them competitively. Its C$C thinking that we have been asleep and not noticed them reaping the benifits of corruption. C$C are assuming that their personal experience with the UDP Party is similar to the PPM that is not the case.

      • ex-party supporter says:

        Where was the Opposition party and all of the elected officials? Why do ppm supporters try to attack people who have the democratic right not to support either party?

        Do you realize that Oppostion MLA’S including were elected and paid to do exactly what the poster 10:11 attacks the members of the c4c of not doing over the past 3 years? The c4c is not a party and none of the executive committee members listed in the rant have been elected to office. Wouldn’t it be nice if misinformed bloggers held the parties and the leadership to a higher standard instead of spouting the usual political party rhetoric? Do we need any more proof why blindly following any party or individual is a bad thing for cayman

        • Anonymous says:

          More C$C BS…….

        • John Albert Smith says:

          C’mon Johann be man de man u say u is and place ya name on your postings na! People know it’s you and Kent writing most of the replies and comments defending C$C. When we read ta ya hearing ya voices sound as clar as dey is on deh radio and TVee. Geeze ya fingas must be tenda by now eh? All said n done C$C=UDP, C$C=UDP, C$C=UDP


          So when y'all gonna let the poor ones who really believe in this cause know that y'all talk'n to Rolly to be Premier and Big Mack to be Speaker?! 

        • Anonymous says:

          I am getting tired of reading how the PPM left us in so much debt and also why they are not standing up to the Premier.  Our people are well educated people for the size of our country and most of us follow what is happening in the entire world.  The reason for the dire financial straits of our country 4 years ago was mostly because the whole world was in a financial recession, the likes of which had not been experienced for years.  The opposition could not make a difference, since they were outnumbered by the Government almost 3 to 1.  I agree with the postings that we should rely on the good men and women who really care about the country instead of the thousands and thousands of miles and the millions of dollars which have caused the serious drop in our economy.  Our entire country needs to go back to the days where we will try to find 18 honest and fair politicians (if that is possible) and try to bring our government back into perspective. Remember the days of Mr. Berkley Bush, Mr. Jim Bodden, Mr. Willie Farrington and all the fine men who really cared about Cayman.  THAT IS WHAT WE NEED INSTEAD OF THEY OLD AND YOUNG FOPS.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The Party system is not the problem, Corruption is the problem. Our new Constitution needs to be refined by amendment to close the loopholes exploited by the UDP. We have been unfortunate in that our first Premier under our new Constitution has taken full advantage of the situation and turned his back on the electorate in favor of absolute power. On a positive note, the Premier has highlighted the areas that need to be addressed and I for one will be looking to see what the PPM promises to do to address the abuse of the Premier’s office that we have seen over the past few years.

    • noname says:

      Really, now.  You will be looking to the PPM to see what they will do to address the abuse of the Premier's office?  FYI, the Leader of the Opposition, is a lawyer and was in attendance in London when the terms of the Constitution were being horse traded to suit both the UDP's and PPM's agendas.  The loopholes that exist in the brand new Constituition and which give such indiscriminent power to the office of the premier were signed into force with the agreement of the PPM and the UDP and no one can tell me that as a lawyer, the Leader of the Opposition missed that.  No, I don't think so. Both leaders of both parties had their eyes on the prize of the office of premier when they should have been looking to make that document one that was airtight, which protected the people of these Islands from corruption, from fiscal and reputational abuses, and which should have served these Islands well for generations to come.  It has not survived even one generation before it will need to be overhauled to amend the loopholes and I for one will be giving independent candidates the opportunity to do just that.  The PPM and the UDP both had their opportunity. And you want to give the PPM one more bite at the apple?  Remember how Einstein defined insanity then give yourself a psychological check up first.

      • Anonymous says:

        C$C is that u? Dr Mac is calling your cheque  is ready….

        • Anonymous says:

          so how does this work? i thought the rich white folks that are frontingthis for Mac to get back in power were paying him. I’m so confused!
          I’m gonna have to read that book by A. L. Done titled “Conspiracy Cayman Style”

          • Anonymous says:

            Nice try at twisting but C$C cant sell this no party rubbish and they can’t shake the big money puppet master image. Dr Mac getting something out of this deal.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Here is a simple test for C4C, and I would very much appreciate a direct answer from Jude or his co-chairman.


    There are two groups, both claiming to be acting in Cayman's best interest, yet they are diametrically opposed on the closure of the West Bay road as part of the FCIA deal with Dart.


    Rather than the vague "country first" slogan, can anyone from C4C step up to the plate and state whether C4C is for or against the road closure?

    • Anonymous says:

      I haven't heard the PPM rail against the road closure or heard them say much of anything against it. Listening on the radio they certainly haven't discussed it.

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM has not stood up and said “we are against the road closure”, some of their members have, but an official position from the PPM is not available from my recollection.

      We can only assume the vast majority of the UDP support the road closure.

      Beyond that C4C is not a party, and is from my understanding and advocacy /public awareness group that puts Country First.  If you take that and reverse engineer it, in order to get “Country First” you would need to have all the facts and data.  You would then have to do an exhaustive Pro’s and Con’s and assess theoptions.  Upon evaluating all the data, one could then make one of 3 decisions, 1) C4C supports 2) C4C does not support  3) The issue is outside of the remit of the C4C.

      That is the way I would go about it if I were the C4C and actually wanted to do the country a service by putting “Country First”

      • Anonymous says:

        PPM and UDP are political parties, they have to say what they think might get them elected, and avoid saying anything that might cause them to lose votes. This is precisely what C4C is rallying against, they want people who will say what is best for country without fear or favour. If nobody in C4C has the balls to stand up and say whether the road should be closed or not, then they should just give their campaign money to charity and crawl back into their respective holes.

        • Anonymous says:

          So what is C$C Position? Does everyone realise that both of the Co-Chairs of C$C either reside or work at Camana bay. What do you think they want to see happen to the dump and the WB Road.

          • Anonymous says:

            You are showing your donkey here, that is an untruth. Not that it should matter.

            • Anonymous says:

              Well if you think it’s untrue go to Ogier and ask if either Jude or James work there the go to the Residences at CB and ask if Jude or James live there…..then report back your findings….you keep holding these bigl money people up as the saviors for Cayman you are going to be disappointed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your asking Jude to respond to your question by posting on CNS? Seriously?

      • Anonymous says:

        Pehaps you missed it, but the author of this viewpoint is C4C. I didn't come to CNS looking for him, he was already here when I arrived. If he wishes to post viewpoints but not defend them then so be it, that speaks volumes more than the viewpoint itself.

        • Anonymous says:

          if there was any comments that were honestly looking for answers, im sure you would get an answer. but I only see zombies blindly atteempting to discredit any and eveything regardless of its merit. Anyone with any intelligence can see what you are doing. kinda sad really

    • L J Scott says:

      CLOSE THE ROAD…..MOVE THE DUMP…..I can smell it from my apartment at Camana Bay

  21. Anonymous says:

    The majority rules, plain and simple. Once the election dust settles, the haggling for a majority will be quickly done, and there will be a majority established. If some of the majority group were elected as independents, their independence will fall away as they find themselves in a position to make a difference. The weaker members of the majority will be courted by the minority who will be willing and able to offer Ministerial seats for a change of allegiance. This is where a Party system provides stability as the Party itself is an ongoing foundation of stability for the newbies. Party affiliated newbies will know there is a stable path available to them and a long term future in the Politics of the Country. A C4C “independent” will have the added complication of the C4C not-a-party in the background trying to negotiate deals and using their candidates as bargaining chips. There is no way C4C can add anything but instability to the Political process in this next election. They are a camel that wants into the tent.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Instead of voteing some one in I think they should hire him.  Then he could be held accountable.  And every tenth year it should be an expat so he/she can fix the last ten years.

  23. Anonymous says:

    adnthe banal cliched soundbites gon and and on…..

    what are your solutions and alternative policies????????

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sounds more like this group is set to blow up Cayman – c4-cayman – coincidence?

  25. Square1 says:

    Can someone please explain the campaign funding disclosure requirements for candidates seeking election?  I already have major concern with C4C and the party system in general, but as a comment suggested, why are C4C writing these viewpoints?

    Point is that it would be nice to know who C4C is sponsoring and thus we can get an idea of the level of influence that this group will have on "independent" thinkers.  What happens when a C4C supported candidate strays from their original independent minded manifesto and takes a consensus approach on something no agreed to by C4C?  What guarantees are C4C getting in return for their support.  Business leaders like this won't just buy the candidates without an ROI, in my opinion.

  26. Agent Double 0776 says:

    Really sick of C4C BS either tell us who you are going to endorse of crawl back to Dr Mac.

    • Anonymous says:

      Given the fact that has been stated time and time again, C4C is not forwarding candidates they are endorsing them, one who put their thinking cap on this morning would be able to understand that the C4C has to wait for independents to come forward and go through their vetting process.  How are they to tell you who they are endorsing if not a single independent candidate has declared, regardless of looking for an endorsement or not.  Seriously get your head out of your posterior and enjoy life.

      • Agent Double 0776 says:

        More C$C BS………..Try Kindergarden Kids the may believe your BS

      • Comon says:

        Stop lying to the people, suppose I told you I have a potential candidate who is willing to reveal all after meeting with you guys several times ?

        • Anonymous says:

          What are you waiting for?  If you have someone that knows all and can shed some light bring them forward.  We want clarification.  Is c$c full of it or not?  Is this something that is ment to decieve us or is it something we don't understand?  I would love to know, and if you have access to some sort of answer, bring it on?

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you seriously believe that the C4C is waiting and waiting for independent candidates to come to them? Allegiances have already been made but we are not privy to the names. If C 4 C wants the best for Cayman, they will not pave the way for McKeeva to get back in power by splitting the vote. I wonder why we haven’t heard much bad mouthing of the C4C by the UDPs – they are just loving this scenario. C4C need to show us in no uncertain terms how they can pull enough votes away from UDP to split the hard core UDP voter allegiances.

      • Anonymous says:

        You might pull the wool over the eyes of some but not me. I am aware that C4C has been actively seeking out candidates and promising them financial support for their political campaigns. That has nothoing to do with waiting for independent candidates to declare.

        Tell us about C4C's "vetting process"? If there are certain criteria the public should know about them.   

  27. John Albert Smith says:

    For a “Think Tank” and “THE” new political watchdogs in the Cayman Islands, I find C4Cs Viewpoint rather childish! It is written as though a 15 year old did it; sitting down trying to piece together what his/her parents were saying about politics from only their perspective without actually living through it and establishing facts or looking at it from a different perspective. I really expected and wanted more C4C!! Considering all that I have seen and heard from the you guys, it appears you are doing nothing more than delivering the same BS I bought into with the UDP in 2009. As they say “not again Bobo.” I’m surprise to say the PPM is looking like the right and only choice in 2013 right now!

    • Anonymous says:

      How can you say the PPM is looking like the right choice? On what grounds?  They have said that they will not produce a manifesto until Feb. So are you telling me you are going on their past record? Or are you saying it is the "young guns" that they have rolled out. As the past record stinks of incompetency and arrogance, and if a name of a new comer is enough for you to throw your support one way or another, I would think the logical thing would be to see who all the players will be including the independents and go from there.  So the only thing I can disseminate from your post is that you are a PPM fan.  And there is nothing wrong with that if that is where your loyalties lay. Misguided in my opinion but acceptable. 

      • Anonymous says:

        …said the disgruntled former UDP supporter.

      • Anonymous says:

        When is the UDP or C4C going to issue their manifesto……March 2013 after a good review of the one PPM prepares? BoBo if you really want to see incompetency and arrogance I suggest you look at the UDP and C4C. The misguided seems to be you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Once again, C4C is NOT forwarding candidates, therefore C4C will not be producing manifestos

          I pray to everything holy that the poster 17:21 isn’t a person who is running, as who ever it is has the thickest skull ever!

          • Anonymous says:

            So if C4C is not producing a manifesto on what basis do we vote for C4C endorsed Candidates? Do we Vote for Candidates just because they are not PPM or UDP? So much for putting Country First. C4C you really need to go back to the drawing board with this gibberish. So if someone does not understand this ridiculous political strategy of the C4C they have a thick skull? I am a college graduate and I don’t understand how this is going to work, but I guess us thick skulls should just vote for you because you are rich and successful?

  28. Anonymous says:

    “political parties are not bad it’s the bad people in the party”. Are they the same bad people that sign up blindly to become a member of whichever party and THEN find out what constitution they must abide by? Talk about sheep that will just follow their “leader” to Wonderland! We need independent thinkers who are not afraid to stand on their own merit, those who are committed to working together to support a common objective – doing what is right for the people of these islands. Plain and simple.

    • Anonymous says:

      C4C if you keep insulting the voters who previously voted for the political party candidates by calling them zombies, koolaid drinkers, sheep and idiots do you really think they will vote for you. You self proclaimed critical and independent thinkers are more arrogant than either Ellio or Alden.

  29. Anonymous says:

    If it walks like a duck, talks like a is a ……?

    • Anonymous says:

      … Maybe it’s a goose!
      And maybe it’s the goose that will lay the golden egg.
      Yea, quick! lets go get it while it’s young and just out of the egg, wring it’s neck and cook that sum beech before we get a chance to see what it is.

  30. WHAT A JOKE says:

    Splendid rhetoric but if, after the May 2013 elections, “Independent” members who had won a seat, were to be the deciding votes for the PPM, or the UDP, to achieve a majority vote in the MLA, would they be prepared to accept positions as “Backbenchers”, or would they align themselves with one of the two opposing parties, and use that as leverage to demand Cabinet positions ?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that is why theycall the group Coalition For Cayman isn’t it obvious?

  31. Anonymous says:

    C4C are talking the truth look at the facts and what the parties have done. Anybody with sense should not refute the observations made in the article. Thanks C4C for the bold steps taken and good luck.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Currently in our Country, if you are not part of a party – you have no voice…. If you are part of a party that is not in power – you have no voice…… If you are part of a party that is in power and you disagree with the views of the leader – you have no voice…. Why have we found it acceptable that the majority of citizens in our Countrycurrently do not have a voice? C4C is providing a forum for those previously silent voices and ideas to now be heard!

  33. Anonymous says:

    What a load of croc.

  34. Anonymous says:

    If C4C is about independents and non-party politics why is this article written by C4C?  Should it not be by an individual that is speaking as an independent?

    Smells more and more like a party to me.  I have no problem with that but own up to it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Coalition for Cayman the word Coalition indicates more than one!

      It is a viewpoint from the Coalition, so if you we’re to apply the above you would the understand it is a viewpoint from more than one individual.

      They said they are a coalition that supports independents, is that such a hard concept to grasp?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Since I know the C4C has at least one member that knows accounting I'll ask this, if you have 10 voters and you know 4 will always vote a certain way and you split the remaining six, what will the result become? The answer ofcourse is that the four who are loyal to their party will be victorious even though more people voted against their candidate than the ones who voted in favor.

    I think your heart may be in the right place, however, I am much afraid that your group will cause more harm than good by splitting the vote of the non-UDP supporters and handing power back to the current administration for 4 more years.

    I fear that scenario moreso than the impotence of the opposition in a 2 party system

    I also believe one of the most attractive features of the Cayman Islands is that we have a stable democracy and a stable Government. Yes we may complain and call radio talk shows and vent, but we are certainly no Egypt.

    If we end up with the house comprising of more opposition and independents than Government members, I am much afraid that we will see the Government of the day being changed on the whims and fancies of who's in bed with who in any given month. What will that do for investor confidence and our image of a stable democracy?

    It's the question of the evil you know vs. the one you don't. I know the UDP and the PPM and how things currently work, I'm not saying it is perfect, but you spell out some pretty strong words there in your opening paragraph that I'm not sure I can completely agree with.

    The Cayman Islands still have the highest standard of living in our hemisphere, we have one of the lowest crime rates and for the most part, the Government fulfills its moral obligations by looking after the less fortunate in our society. Perhaps we should start seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty and count our blessings.

    As noted earlier, your intentions may be good — but that is exactly the stuff the road to hell is paved with.

    Signed not Kent McTaggart

    • Anonymous says:

      If Cayman wants real change it has to change the mindset of the voters and what is expected of and accepted from the leadership it elects. If we are happy with the dysfunction and mismanagement of the country keep swapping UDP for PPM every four years and realize that you should not complain because “da wha u get”

    • Anonymous says:

      Although your words flow well and seem to make sense, however if you peel away the layers you come to a view that being a victim is acceptable. For some that may be ok, but I personally would rather pull up my sleeves and help these guys make a positive change than to sit by and say “I told you so”.
      As for fulfilling its moral obligations to the less fortunate, I completely disagree, they are failing them as they are keeping them in a position that they continue to need social handouts.
      My understanding is the C4C is looking to endorse candidates that will replace handouts with pay checks.
      I may have only been here for a couple decades, but I believe Caymanians want to do for themselves rather than rely on others to pay their bills.

    • Messenjah says:

      C4C. Right idea for all the obvious reasons. However, the wrong people involved, for all the obvious reasons. And guess what guys? We the voters see it.

      If the committe that was named by the C4C actually sat down and decided on the strategy forward , then they got it all wrong from the beggining. How can you launch a party/advocacy group or whatever you wish to call yourself the way that you guys did? Either you have the wrong marketing team or the "committe" lacks the political experience necessary to pull off such a feat. An educated guess tells me its both. To me, its clear that you need more understanding of the Caymanian voters and their needs. You will not win on the premise that the voters hate the udp and the ppm. If you had the right mix of people that represented all SES then you would garner more support and votes. Remember this: lower SES people have a higher turnout of voters than the higher SES demographic.

      So , please go back to the drawing board, get input from Caymaniansthat are hurting, socially and finacially, rethink your criteria for endorsement of candidates and maybe just maybe the people will start to listen.

  36. here we go again says:

    C4C has the same structure as a Party. Political parties are not bad its the bad people in the party. Ask yourself this question. Wasnt McKeeva an "Independent" at one point? Do you really think that joining a party made him the Premier he is today ? or was it his personal attributes? Stop blaming the party system – Big Mac would be the same man he is today regardless of where he stands politically. Use common sense for once! Stop spreading false doctrine and be responsible to the voters because they are not idiots or sheep that will just follow you into "Wonderland"


    • Anonymous says:

      You think the other three in WB got in on their own?? No! I dont think so and that is how the party system fails us!

      • Anonymous says:

        Let’s get our facts straight if you want to have an honest discussion about the Political atmosphere in the Cayman Islands. The three in WB were all Independent Candidates in a “Coalition” prior to them first being elected! The truth is undisputable. So will this be C4C post 2013?!

    • Anonymouse Man says:


      C4C blames the PPM and the UDP for the Country’s financial debt. They blame political partisanship for dividing us and crushing our economy. They blame our problems on the fact there are only two parties, but C4C don’t even want one. This is as much as I can read of this article. I thought you guys had sense, but you guys have a lot more money than sense.