Thieves steal fuel from generator tanks

| 06/12/2012

(CNS): Four men have been arrested by police in connection with around a dozen thefts of diesel on Grand Cayman from generator tanks at a number of cell sites and civic centres. A police spokesperson said Thursday that so far 12 thefts have been reported to them in the past four months and the four arrests were made following three separate incidents. The RCIPS urged the public and business to be extra vigilant following the spate of thefts and to continue reporting any suspicious activity to the police. The police said that the thieves have been stealing the diesel using hand-held or electric pumps to syphon large quantities into portable fuel tanks, usually mounted on the backs of trucks or in enclosed vans.

“We have proactively encouraged owners of cell sites and civic centres to improve or enhance their security measures”, said Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks. "We’re pleased to say that the increased security combined with the extra attention being paid to these locations by the police have resulted in a number of arrests in the past few weeks.”

He urged people to remain on their guard however and asked anyone who sees anything suspicious around cell sites, civic centres, or other locations where generators are kept to call the police.

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