PPM chair fears split vote

| 07/12/2012

dennie-warren-jr-event-photographer-20121128-4810.jpg(CNS): Anyone voting for independent candidates in the multi-member constituencies will be aiding the return of “Bush rule”, according to the chairman of the People’s Progressive Movement. Anton Duckworth said that voters who are dissatisfied with the current administration may think that a vote for an independent will help to remove McKeeva Bush from office because they are not voting directly for a UDP member, but they are mistaken. A vote for a member of the new Coalition For Cayman would not be a vote for change but a vote for, rather than against, the incumbent administration, Duckworth said, and pointed to the danger of splitting the vote. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Starting direct campaigning early, he urged everyone who wanted to see a change in government to choose PPM candidates if they are voting in George Town, Bodden Town or West Bay. Duckworth said that in the larger districts the independents would not be returned and people voting for them hoping to create a coalition government would merely succeed in “splitting the anti-Bush vote”, making it more, not less, likely that the UDP would form the next government.

Duckworth further suggested that, despite its claims, the C4C was a political grouping — but its name was irrelevant. Many for those propping up the group were disgruntled former UDP supporters who were disappointed that they could not control Bush once he was returned to office and they were now seeking new political representatives to use their wealth to control.

But, he said, the special interest groups should have been aware that Bush does as pleases and neither they nor the UDP could control the premier. It was this type of politics — the patronage of trying to buy favours in government — which had led to the perceptions of corruption and poor government that was causing untold damage to Cayman’s economy and its reputation abroad. That was the problem, not party politics, he said.

“It appears to me that the C4C group are trying to use their money to engineer a government … which they can influence and control,” Anton Duckworth said during a press meeting held by the Progressives' political party on Wednesday. “That’s the bad old game of money buying power.” It was a game that the PPM will not play, he added.

The party chair said there was a world of difference between the PPM and the UDP and it was misleading to blame a political system and not the politicians. He pointed out that the entire birth of the PPM was about creating a new kind of politics based on honesty and integrity and not patronage.

Listing a number of differences between the previous administration compared to the current UDP, he pointed to the passage of the Freedom of Information Law, the modernisation of the constitution, regular press briefings and the general openness and transparency of the party, as well as the decline in the levels of fear over repercussions and the lack of even a hint of corruption surrounding the four years the PPM were in office.

Party politics was not to blame for the numerous ills the country now faced, Duckworth said, but instead the system supplied a platform of like-minded individuals committed and already prepared to form a government without the need for horse-trading, the compromising of principles or the dominance of one person, as had occurred with “Bush rule”.

“People need to demand far more from government,” Duckworth said. “This was one of many reasons why the PPM came together under the leadership of Kurt Tibbetts, to deliver better government with integrity.”

Given the system of government that Cayman follows, even if the party system was abandoned, once a group of people was elected they would be forced to come together as a group to form a government, which would then be bound in any event by collective responsibility.

He said that the major difference between the PPM and the UDP, as well as the new C4C, was that the PPM was a low-budget grassroots, people-oriented party that was not supported by money from big business or special interest groups. He said the purse strings of the PPM were not held by wealthy people behind closed doors or specific businesses using their money to promote their agendas via government.

Duckworth described the C4C as being funded by a small group of wealthy people who, after their disappointment with Bush, were seeking to control government through other means. He accused them of attempting to cash in on the popular suspicion about political parties when the concept of party was not the issue.

The chairman pointed out that most people across the country agreed that the issue was "Bush rule”, which had to be stopped. On election day, he said, voters should not be concerned about whether people were a political party or not but who collectively can give Cayman better government.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A problem with the 2 party system of late is that there haven't been any solutions offered by the opposition to alert the voters that the opposition deserves leadership of the government.

    Simply changing out parties at every election is not the answer, the best and the brightest need to get into the LA, the dinosaurpoliticians who are reelected out of friendship or because they are good old boys needs to change. The country is going down the drain, retire these dinosaurs.

  2. Polly Tricks says:

    The interesting thing about this type of thread is that one learns that PPM hard core supporters as a blinkered and stupid as UDP hard core supporters.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Duckworth dosent seem to confident in his own party now does he? Message to Anton- the countryis a DEMOCRASY and we voters can chosd who we vote for. So Duckworth, if the votes are split it simply means that voters cannot find credible candidates to vote the party line. As a PPM supporter in BT, I can only vote for Tony and Ozzie as the other two have done nothing to convince me they are credible for the job. Maybe my other 2votes will go 1 each to an independent and UDP.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Duckworth,

    You and Alden talk of integrity, I want you to to guarentee the PPM not to run or fund any spoilers, and then you talk to the people of Cayman about some independents splitting the vote.

    Do you realize that you are stamping all over the peoples basic rights to free and fair representation?

    Regardless of the outcome, if there is a 3rd, 4th, 5th option, it is their and our right to go at it as individuals, teams, parties or any other discription that may be used.

    How dare you or anyone else say that the people of the Cayman Islands sould only be represented by the 2 establishedparties!

    That Mactaggart guy started the same crap you are spewing and both of you need to understand that the people should make the choices, not you puppet masters.

    I have no use for this type of thing, I will cast my votes for the best of the best, not the best of the worst!  I could care less UDP, PPM, C4C or IND,  Cayman needs the best people to do the job at hand, PERIOD!

    So put your opposition of the C4C and UDP in the closet and start looking at the fact and figure out the solutions, as the next thing I want to hear from anyone is just that, the SOLUTIONS!


    • Live Free.... says:

      Anon 00:25, if you would pay a little more attention to the news on a whole, you would come to understand that PPM or The Progressives are working on their Manifesto, which would contained what you so desire of them, Solutions. And their would be plans to take us through 4yrs of better representation and good Governance which has been lacking from 2009. So stop thrashing PPM for solutions and be patient. Now UDP may also be working on their own Manifesto as I type, and also working on their candidates for the upcoming Election 2013, and now for C4C, what or who are they? I see no candidates, and they can't work on a Manifesto with out being properly organize with those who would be running under them. I call them Party, they can deny it all they want. And now the Independents, no Party is going to fear them, why? Think about it, they funds would run out before May, did someone say C4C? Yep that's why C4C came about to fund Independents to run against the Veterans, but they don't realize they forming another Party in doing so. Now let's get this straight, no Party is holding your hands to the fire, and saying you are not free to vote for who you want, what they are saying, and it's proving, that when you split your votes by giving it to an independent, it lower than chances of the Govenment in waiting to oust the Government that you so eagerly want out. So be wise, for I would choose an opposition Party or a third Party if there's one to vote for than giving it to an Independent, by known the consequence of the incumbent Government getting back in. I remember in 2009 how people was jumping on the Independent band wagon saying they want to do away with the Party system and wanted PPM out, and they didn't want anything to do with UDP, but what they did not know is, a vote for an independent was an avamtage for the UDP by spliting their votes,1 for PPM,1 for UDP and 2 for an Independents. Why PPM lost? Is because UDP played on the minds of the people that PPM spent to much, which it takes money to get projects done, and necessary ones at that, so that was a weak attack, but the Independents came along, and look at where we are because of them. No Spliting Votes, Choose A Party and Ignore the Independents.


      Live Free….

    • Splitting says:

      Splitting the anti-UDP vote between PPM and Independents puts the UDP back in power, so even if you were genuine in your search for the best people, in the end you will still put the current Govt back and that is the worst thing that could happen.



    • Anonymous says:

      Dimwit, no one is saying that you don't have the RIGHT to vote for for whomever you please. He is just pointing out the consequences of a split vote – the return of McKeeva's govt. to power. smh.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does it really matter who wins?

    If Mr Bush doesnt run the UDP MLAs will still be puppets. In my opinion I predict they want to maintain their power and since so much public disappointment with the Premier, they hope to change the look of the UDP but will still follow orders, in the same way all UDP members keep their mouths shut over the years. If you want to confirm Mr Bush's policies continuing then check any new politician with ANY link to him………nothing will change.

    If UDP, PPM or C4C end up with members in the LA, then the law firms (most have someone running or rep in the teams), Caymanians who have already sold out in order to make a living, chamber of commerce and real estate agents, will ALL be 'protected'… I mean 'represented'.

    What a mess……..we the Caymanian voter who never signed up with a party but need decent representation are out of luck.

  6. noname says:

    Its reasonable to say that our neighboring island competitor, Bermuda has proven to be mature politically and have high respect for grassroots and their history of honesty and integrity.

    They honor one another before anyone else. They employ their own before anyone else.Bermudans are not unemployed while there are thousands on work permits!

    The government of Bermuda focuses on Bermudans and not expats on work permits. They have smart educated intelligent people that are able to put together comprehensive financial projections that  does not pull revenue from  work permits while their people starve and remain jobless, helpless and on social services handouts! That is not nation building.

    Bermuda has a real plan for Bermudans to prosper and remain in charge of their political decisionmaking, their economy and financial industry. And Cayman has no plan! Cayman needs to take back control of their financial industry and stop outsourcing its financial industry to greed lawyers and  to expats. That is the weakest link destroying our people and our politics creating apartheid, the disenfranchise !

    Therefore Bermuda must prosper and be more politically and econonomically & socially stable because of their maturity and their astute business habits!

    They put country and countryman first!

    That's not happening in Cayman, its the rich and famous and Party politics first here!


    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, Bermuda has got it all together. NOT! The truth is that Bermuda is in worse shape financially than we are. If that was a result of a plan then God help them. In 2011, Cayman's GDP rose by 1.1% while Bermuda's fell by 3.5%  (or 4.1% per capita).  


      According to Bermuda's  2012 Labour Force Survey, which came out on October 17, back in May, Bermuda had 279 unemployed non-Bermudians and 3,026 unemployed Bermudians. It is recokoned that the true unemployment rate is near to 14%.


      Bermuda's national debt is at $1.41 billion as compared to Cayman's CI$600m. In 2009 we were shocked when our deficit was, according to the UDP govt's account, CI$81m whereas Bermuda's deficit last year was $267m (up from the projected $146m). This year Bermuda's deficit is expected to be $172m. 

      S&P downgraded Bermuda in 2011, going from AA to AA-. In 2012 Fitch downgraded Bermuda from AA+ to AA. Cayman's ratings have been maintained. In itsreport Fitch noted: “More importantly, Bermuda’s debt/revenue ratio at 150 precent in 2011 is above the AA median, and is deteriorating faster than its peers.”

      The only reason the UK is not involved in Bermuda's finances the way it is in Cayman's is because there is a different constitutional relationship between them.

      As for greater social and political stability that is patent nonsense. There are far more social tensions in Bermuda most often based on race.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Straight Talk to the PPM. I am a supporter of most of the PPM canidates. I refuse to vote for the person based on Party tricks. I will vote for the persons that I know and That I like. So now PPM, what worries me is that Alden is slated to be Premier. No other post or slots have been mentioned. Who will be the education Minister? Who will be the tourisim Minister? and so forth and so on.  Does that mean after talking that Big Mac had taken on too much power with somany Ministries, you would be keeping them as that?. Stop fighting about the C4C and the UDP, as a supporter I am asking for you to give me a reason and show me who will be responsible for what. Or Mr. Alden are you expecting to take on all the various departments and they all have to come to you for approval?. Arden , Edzzar, Kurt, Lucille, Moses, Those are the possible persons to fill the Ministries? But wait, Edzzar and Arden are not PPM, so they have to go through the brain washing that take place for parties, unna boys dont sign off that Alden is Premier, then sorry no chance to get a top spot slot. Go ahead PPM, show me somthing. Who is slated to be what positions. Act as if you are confident to win , and please let the C4C alone, they have there own battles, and not need PPM and UDP shooting them down.

    • joon says:

      The PPM haven’t named those positions because they haven’t finished selecting their candiates. Don’t you read?

    • Anonymouse Man says:

      You have a good point – Alden Alva, Anthony, Joey, Ken, Kurt, Lucille, Marco, Ossie, Ray, Wayne,Woody, Ray, Ken, Lucille are imminnently qualified to hold any ministerial position. They all have losts of experience in business and they have all had real jobs. They have lots of insight and they are energetic.

    • Anonymouse Man says:

      Closing the road is only one part fo this For Dart Deal. Look at the whole deal and you will see this is the best part of it! That is how bad a deal it is for Cayman. Truly for Cayman has forgot to look at the big picture, they have eyes only for the small stuff. What about the garbage dump, the land swap, the hotel tax concession and all the give ways for Dart? You guys hardly mentions any of these things. Closing the road immediately in front of the old Court Yard Marriot could be acceptable, if there was a balance such as government being given compensation, equal to the value of the uplift on the Dart property after the road is closed. Please look at the big things and stop looking at the small things, that is why we do not have educated people in this country today, because we have too many people who are afraid of dealing with the big issues.   

  8. Live Free.... says:

    I am hoping for the day that Caymanians, not all, would get a better understanding of Politics and the Party System.


    The Party System.


    I hear plenty Caymanians saying Political Parties causes division, well I don't know about that one, because in this World we live in, no one or any person have the same beliefs, for instants…Religion, not everyone is a Catholic or Adventist believer. if that's not a division in beliefs, well then what is it?  This same thing that apply when it comes to Parties, if someone don't like PPM, fine I'm not going to force them, if someone don't like UDP, I'm not going to force them, and if someone don't like C4C or Independents, why should I force them? Everyone have they own beliefs, even me, I'm a Conservative, I would fall under Tories in England, I don't like the Labour Party nor do I like Liberal Democrats, I would not want anyone to force me, I live in a free World, and everyone of us do, so please stop talking about Cayman being divided by Political Parties, even if  I vote for an Independent, ( 1 ) I might not like Tom because of his Liberal stance, ( 2 ) I Like John because of his Conservative Stance , what different would it make? I still not equal when it comes down to Political views. Political Party or no Political Party would change the system or the Landscape of a Political view, when it comes to one individual to another.


    What Happen?


    Why all of this disdain for the Political Parties? Is it because of the UDP one man rule? Or PPM spent to much Money improving the infrastructure or building of news schools? What I see personally from the UDP is a style of a Lobbying Government, I'm not saying that they are, but they actions proves otherwise. One man rule is evident, even though Ellio denyin it, he just can't accept the shame he brought on to himself by not standing up to the Mac. PPM as the opposition, did the best they could to theme this one man tyrant, but some people of Cayman must understand that they are the Minority not the Government! What can they do when they bring proposals after proposals to the House, when Mac just throws them one side and tell PPM he don't want to hear from them, but  from the people. is this the reason why all the hate is out for the Party System? Well I got news for ya, if that was a House full Independent MLA's  we would be in far more mess than what we are in today, why? Because these Islands would go back to 30yrs, when nothing got done, maybe one Capitol Project a year, because they fighting down each other, not as Opposition vs Government, but the Government of that day fighting among themselves. Why? No Manifesto, but the Political Parties needs a Manifesto to go by. So just get out there an choose a Party that suites your beliefs, if not then create a Party that does, wish you all the best at the Polls.


    Live Free….



  9. Naya Boy says:

    Only difference between the PPM and UDP is one is a clear prositute and the the other a well kept woman.PPM's strategy is to let the UK run the government and complain that their hands are tied when people ask them to do something they are suppose to be responsible or accountable for.They love to go around playing the sociopathic politician playing the people against one another while their little inner group or cabal cut up all the private or government business deals or contracts their only problem is they are so narrow minded and inept they end up stifling and strangling commerce in the entire country. The UDP are the exact opposite they want full control of everything so they can manipulate to make money for themselves and family and business associates they on the other hand complain about not having enough control. And will sell the whole country if it means they will make money on the sale.Now the C$4C appear to be a bunch of disgruntled supporters who's political influence and advice has waned or diminished because of the lack of interested or by the very same big clients and interest they help introduce to this political process, they now complained about the various parties are either too corrupt or no longer represents their own interest or agenda.Here is some advice 4 them please get some common people in this little elite group, people who are intouch with our society and who can aleast talk and appeal to people at some level. They better do it quick too because the UDP and PPM's Great Christmas Turkey & Ham Run or Giveaway is about to kick off and the votes and voters will be gobbled up with the gravy before the new year comes around.

    • Anynomous says:

      Naya Boy you are late.  The PPM has always played that "Tied Hand Game"  Check their back record and you will see I am speaking truth.  PPM is dismantled, and a house which is dismantled cannot stand.  Now on the other hand have you heard all those resigning in the UDP as you heard in the PPM since the past year?  We had first Chuckie, then we had Ozzie, then we had Arden and of course undercover PPM Ezzard.  Kurt dont even want to go there again, and wish ythey would stop forcing him>  His poor back must be sore from people riding in on him.  So who are PPM anyway>?

  10. Anonymous says:

    My confidence in Mr Duckworth or the PPM would be greatly enhanced if instead of bashing the others like c4c if the PPM would offer some solutions to the country’s problems to alert the voters that the PPM can lead the country. To this point in time I have heard no solutions from the PPM what will they do to fix a mess they helped to create? Right now all they seem focused on his the blame game or excuses. Step up or shut up

  11. Anonymous says:

    16:23 you hit the nail on the head. I know my fellow Caymanian is smart enough to see through these political wantabees. They are UDP in a new fine wrapping. They know admiting this would prevent them from moving forward but this is one gal that cannot be fooled by them.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Finally the PPM seems to wake now….where have they been for the last 4 years while we suffered?? Where?? No they realize they might have to work for their seats they jump up. Too late BoBo, Too late

    C4C thank you!!!

    • Say What? says:

      PPM have been in the hosue call for no confidence motions against the Premier, protesting the cargo dock in EE, Pushing for OMOV along with Ezzard, Pointing out where the Govt has wasted money, eg. Cohen, Cruise Port. Working in their home districts to improve peoples lives. Where have you been ? 


      Any day of the week PPM is outnumbered in the house but in combination with Ezzard they have been more active than the Government. How many motions have Jon Jon brought to the floor?


  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mr.Duckworth for being  a steady hand at the Helm of the silent and decent Cayman majority.

    We can only hope that you will be able to persuade voters that a vote for c4c is a vote for UDP and a vote for UDP means another 4 years of corrupt dictatorship.


  14. Dear confused says:

    I have to repost the following post for it’s relevance:


    Submitted by New Caymanian and Voter! (not verified) on Fri, 12/07/2012 – 00:13.
    I have been keenly observing the offerings of C4C from their launch. Unfortunately, it appears that their gripe is with the rather atrocious governance style of the UDP and really not with the PPM. I say that because when you pay close attention to either their view points and their defending posts, it is easy to decipher that they hold the UDP has destroyed the reputation of these lovely Cayman Islands over the past 3 plus years.
    I have been living in these islands for the past 15 years, and have paid close attention because I fell in love with this place the instant I stepped foot here. Considering I just recent obtained my Caymanian Status, I feel I can now lend my voice to this madness that appears to be plaguing my new home.
    C4C you have named several prominent and intelligent persons on your Executive Committee. Given the intellect on this committee you must have analyzed the numbers based on past voter turn outs. Considering your gripe is with the UDP because they did not put Country First, unlike from my perspective the PPM, which built infrastructure such as roads to facilitate more productivity and convenience saving millions for the economy in loss time which was being lost in frustrating traffic jams. They built schools to educate the future, created a permanent home for the Government to call their “own” in the new Government Administration Building. As a former Government employee, I worked for years in the Glass House and that structure was certainly not reflective of the stature of the Cayman Islands.
    The global financial crisis caught everyone by surprise. The schools where already well underway, therefore, I frequently ask myself and colleagues, how can intelligent people claim the PPM caused the Cayman Islands to reach the depths of the financial woes we are now floundering in? Especially when the UDP claimed that in 2010 they we able to garner a CI $20 million surplus! Since a surplus was Tabled, the debt the PPM apparently left would have been quashed.
    Having established my line of thought, I respectfully suggest to C4C that if they truly want to rid our Cayman Islands of a corrupt Government that have caused great reputational and social and economic harm to the Cayman Islands, don’t split the Votes by fielding “Independent Candidates” that will have 18 varying agendas that will undoubtedly slow our forward progress out of this pit. Moreover, cause the UDP to retain power because of vote spiting. But endorse and support the PPM whose record stands as putting Country First!
    If C4C fails to utilize sound reasoning in the immediate future, they are unfortunately facilitators of the UDP retaining the Government. If this proves correct, each one of your reputations especially the new young Attorneys will be tarnished and in such a fish bowl like the Cayman Islands, that may prove difficult for those wanting to reach the status of the Chairmen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Prediction:-  as former supporters of the UDP, the C$C are putting pressure on the Premier to step down as leader of the UDP next time around.  If any of the C$C candidates get elected, they will form a coalition with the elected members of the UDP, but with one of the C$C "independent" members as the new Premier and some as Ministers after the Elections.

      • Anonymous says:

        You should know by now not to trust ANYTHING Mac says. The truth is totally alien to the man who is now just having fun as the PPM worry about the C4C's real intentions.

        One thing the C4C will do is help get UDP back in power, and Mac sure is enjoying the moment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Preach it brother

  15. A Voice of Reason says:

    Has anyone asked the question why is the UDP so silent about the C4C? Well here it is! Bush just announced that he may not seek a Cabinet Office next time around, he is resigned to do what then ?

    Here is the answer!

    Mac has made a deal with the C4C which is that they will begin to support and even endorse UDP Candidates. There will be a change of focus now by the C4C since some of its members are already disgusted by what has taken place. 

    The deal with the UDP puts Mac in the speakers Chair and Rolly in as Premier. 

    I know there will be a million denials and refusals and the PPM will be blamed for this post and everyone will be talking about Country First etc but everyone should just watch and see what develops. 

    C4C is not about Country First its C4C First – this is nothing more than a POWER GRAB and if the good people of Cayman fall victim to this scam we will pay for it forever.

    Mark My Words and watch this unfold

    • Anonymous says:

      you need to ease off the meds and stop watching so much x files. your conspiracies are just too much. perhaps you should speak to someone in the C4C and get the official position before you blog so much nonsense.

      • Anonymous says:

        lol. The "official position"? We have heard that, what we want is the truth and they are obviously not the same.  

        • Anonymous says:

          Is the truth defined by what you want to hear?

          • Anonymous says:

            No, your "official position" is defined by what you think the people want to hear. You take the people for idiots.

      • Anonymous says:

        If C4C would clearly explain there purpose and positions maybe they would have had a better response from the public..but the puppet master image is not appealing to the electorate. The UDP is controlled by special interests individuals why would we want more of the same.

    • Anonymous says:

      Udp not saying anything because their house is a mess and the Big Boss is off island. Instead of trying to work together to get rid of the udp, all the ppm want to do is attack c4c and their supporters who clearly aren’t in favor of either party. All the politicking or negativity has started by ppm who have convinced themselves of all the BS they talking but the claim to be the party of honesty n integrity LOL. Work together and get rid of the common enemy udp.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear from a good source that the PPM is funding a new show on local TV hosted by Jessie Ventura.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I was in wb lastnight I hear keke already starting to give away fridges, stoves etc,
    He one step ahead Santa Lmao! Kooks like keke have our smart ones brain washed for may already Lmao!


    • All it takes says:

      All it take is for one person to make a police report! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? Many police reports that have been made that have come to no fruition.

        • I doubt says:

          I doubt even one person in WB has mustered the courage to report an incidentof vote buying. Not even one!

          • Anonymous says:

            What's the point? There was a police report re the candidate 'reminder cards' well supported by eyewitnesses and photographic evidence. It was buried.  Nothing came of it. The police/prosecution are a joke.     

    • Anonymous says:

      13:05  I dont know why your husband can chat so.  He got four for your house, and because you wanted four more you are complaining.  Please why don't you satisfy with what you got.  Dont come until after 12 mid night for the stoves.  We are not giving them out until midnight.

    • Anonymous says:

      THAT’S A GREAT NAME for Mack’s appliance giveaways: BRAIN WASHERS

  17. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Duckworth,

    The vote will split only if there is no meaningful difference among the candidates.

    The PPM would not have to worry about a split if they clearly identified in very specific terms what they promise the people they will  do aboutcritical issues such as the corruption, cronyism and patronage that are eating up money and preventing this country from going forward.

    C4C has said nothing about tackling corruption, and the UDP – it is sufficient to say that they are the UDP



  18. Anonymous says:

    Well I guess judging from most of the comments here so far, it very much disproves popular consensus that CNS is full of PPMers!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I know one thing that the PPM is not, and that's a special interest group with a specific agenda  to formulate policy to benefit a few struggling busnesses or people that hitherto were all happy with the UDP admin, until Mac became too big a prob to manage with his Papa Dart support and others.  then on top of that to find candidates or puppets to carry out their Master's wishes?  come on guys, can't you see what you are doing ?  you are only succeeding in confusing an already disillusioned electorate further, to allow theUDP another 4 years!  God help us, and i hope you can live with this when you and your kids have to run from their birthplace in search of calmer waters.  PPM step aside?  of all the audacious things that Mr.. Mctaggart has said, this one takes the cake!  when you have a properly formulated political party now 11 years old, with good support, good leadership and good candidates who genuinely care about country and people, in the process of starting an election campaign to remove a dictatorial regime, you would ask them to step aside?  RECKLESS!!!   i suggest that C4C go bak into its embryiotic state and stay there and await the outcome.  it will be in all our favor – not just a chosen few.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only ‘campaign of deception’ so far is the claim that the PPM can properly manage the affairs of the Cayman Islands. Anybody remember the last time PPM and Alden ran the country? the economic crisis was coming even ray Charles could see it. All they did was incur record debt because of arrogance and refusal to listen to anybody now we have to pay the bill. What has changed since 2009?

      • Reality Check says:

        Where is the evidence that PPM mismanaged the affairs of the Government? We had 4 prosperous years under the PPM, but again you blame the PPM for the failings of the civil servants to accurately forecast revenue.

  20. SANDFLY says:
    The PPM is all about deception with no legislative footprint when they were in control to honestly ask voters to put them back. The constitutional review was a complete sham ignoring basic human rights such as OMOV, boundary implementation, a smoking ban, retrieve our six million from Mr. Ryan and make reforms so it could not be repeated. The PPM has failed on basic little things. One of the biggest deceptions was claiming criminal and inferiority charges on housing when in-fact there was none, costing our treasury millions in police man hours all for political advantage. In BoddenTown, PPM said they did not have the money to fight for the electoral rights of their candidates in the last election when the UDP’s men got on the ballot in violation of the constitution. The PPM has lawyers at the very top of their party and lost the backbone to fight for their men. A real deception if I ever seen one. After Ivan, we lost a lot of our old people because the government failed to administer therapy to ease their stress levels. I could go on and on but I won’t because the present government is that bad. Whoever, attacking C4C won’t work because everyone knows that anything is better then the two parties of Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum. No matter how you put it, these to party dogs won’t hunt.
    • Anonymous says:

      Foolio is that u.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sandfly you are well named, your head is in the sand.

      PPM has advocated for transparency, non-corrupt representation from day one. You can't produce any evidence contrary to their claims. You realize that UDP are so despised that you can admit that you supported them last election. The ONLY true alternative to UDP is PPM and you know it but are too ashamed to admit it

    • Anonymous says:

      What a load of cra@p.

      The new constitution does not ignore basic human rights but for the first time brought them home to Cayman. The review process was fairly intensive with many meetings, two leading constitutional experts on hand for question and answer and much information being dispensed. Constitutions do not implement boundaries, but instead provide for a Boundary Commission to do so which this one did. Don't blame the PPM for the Constitution the large majority of those voting voted for it.

      Smoking bans and recovering money from debtors are not constitutional issues. On that last issue you are being completely disingenuous. The fact is that the previous UDP govt. gave Ryan the concession of deferred duty and the PPM govt. collected quarterly instalments from him which continue until the present UDP govt. was elected and then it immediately stopped in June, 2009. That was not due to any constitutional deficiency but to a lack of political will on the part of McKeeva Bush to enforce payment clearly because of the relationship between him and Ryan. 

      As for the affordable housing fiasco it was the Auditor General who found that there were substantial reasons to suspect corruption. After 4 years of supposedly investigating the matter the police claimed that there was "insufficient" evidence to bring criminal charges against the Minister responsible. That was no exoneration. However, it is fact that the housing was inferior.

      Yourarguments are so contrived that you clearly have an ulterior political motive and there is only one person that I can think of who would try to claim that the affordable housing fiasco was completely above board when anyone with commonsense can see that it wasn't.       

    • Anonymous says:

      A key part of the PPM "legislative foot print" was passing the FOI Law and  the Anti-Corruption Law. We have yet to see the latter put to good use by the Commission but FOI has been the bane of the UDP's existence and has revealed much that would otherwise have remained covered. Thaton its own is a good reason to elect the PPM. 

  21. Anonymous says:

    Where all deez bald heads comin from now? Mi Neva seen dem till now!

    Must be scared!

  22. needlecase says:

    I may get blasted for my comment-

    But these guys both UDP and PPM, work together to get themselves re-elected every four years. Every term, one side dogs on the next side and divide the country, knowing too well that it will always amount to them getting when it is their turn.

    When the new Constitution was ratified, I honestly believe there was a deal made between Kurt Tibbetts and prospective opposition to have a two-party political arrangement made in order to benefit all parties involved. This was done under the tables whilst the constitutional talks was going on. That is my personal belief.

    To this day I am strongly against a two-party system in the Cayman Islands, and it doesn't amuse me to hear of a third alternative like C4C. To me, it is just another power-grab with the same agenda. The candidates may be honest and sincere, but once they get in, power has a way of changing people. Since we began this two-party thing in the Cayman Islands, I have never seen my country so divided.

    It is all about the party, their interest, being dogged on for 4 years, and getting re-elected when it is their turn!  They conspire it because they know our hands are tied.

  23. Baldric says:

    I don't want to hear about  PPM, UDP and C4C – as a concerned voter the intials I'm most interested in are LED, LCD and HDTV.


    If somebody will start up the LED Party you got my vote.


    I don't want revoluion I want resolution – 1,366×768 will do nicely.


  24. Extra Terrestrial says:

    He said that the major difference between the PPM and the UDP, as well as the new C4C, was that the PPM was a low-budget grassroots, people-oriented party that was not supported by money from big business or special interest groups. He said the purse strings of the PPM were not held by wealthy people behind closed doors or specific businesses using their money to promote their agendas via government.

    Oh Mr. Duckworth could not be more accurate in this statement!!! Daaaam skippy!! Finally, some truth! His statement only goes to further prove that the PPM has no real aspirations to get the Cayman people out of low paying job, low budget homes, low standards of living and low self-esteem due to the high cost of living and the poor economy. Say what you want about the UDP, but if you run in their circles they “took/ take care” of you (at least until recently). I do not condone the way the UDP conducts themselves, but the PPM only represents the polar opposite. They do nothing effectively!!

    The PPM helped stifle the economy during their last term buy pure indecision and/ or outsourcing of any major works (consulting or professional services). Heck I have been made to understand that event their political propaganda was printed and produced overseas for the last election while local firms had the ability to do the same. They further compounded our economic situation by undertaking the construction of not one, but three high schools at a cost of one hundred million dollars each!!! Just so I am clear, the cost of one school could have covered the cost of all three schools and be left with some ten million dollars in pocket if it was left to those who knew what they were doing. Two of the schools contracts were awarded to a newly formed Canadian based firm with all or most supervisory positions being held by permit holders. This left McAlpine, Arch and Godfrey and Hadsphaltic to squabble over the GOAP and one or two other jobs at the time. Those three firms employed hundreds of Caymanians. How many did Tom Jones employ and for how long? Pack it up Duckworth, pack it up.   

    • Live Free.... says:

      E.T. Do you have a Comprehension Problem, because of what you wrote against the passage that you copy and paste, for it has nothing to do with your comment.


      What Mr.Duckworth is saying, is that PPM is not into this buying votes, Lobbying of business for money. Quote: The PPM was a low-budget grassroots, people-oriented party that was not supported by money from big business or special interest groups. In which they stands for up to this day. A zero corruption Party.


      So before you go posting, please read and understand what the Article is all about and stop twisting it, you must be a part of C4C.


      Live Free….

    • Anonymous says:

      There seems to be a complete disconnect between the passage that you quoted and your commentary. Obviously being a low-budget grass roots movement does not mean that you have no real aspirations for the Caymanian people.

      Incredibly you seem unaware that your own mindset is corrupt: "Say what you want about the UDP, but ifyou run in their circles they “took/ take care” of you". It is only the "until recently" that sticks in your craw. So long as the gravy train was flowing you didn't care one hoot whether the govt. was corrupt or not. You a part of the culture of amoral greed that is destroying this country like a cancer.

      As for contracts being awarded to a Canadian company I believe these were put out to public tender according to normal procurement procedures and TJI was the lowest bidder. Of course your corrupt mindset would have preferred an 'under the table' deal because you are one of the boys.

      Your post goes to support the common claim that people who support the UDP do so not because they truly feel it is in the best interests of the country, but because they hope for personal gain as a result.            

  25. noname says:

    Mr. Duckworth is scaremongering on behalf of Alden McLaughlin.

    Stop the nonsense.

    People can vote for Ezzard and Independents as well as anyone else.

    The  newly elected goverrnment can Form a coalition after being elected just like the UK government. and it is a big door stopper for corruption in the party!

    Voting for Independents or a coalition will indeed Force these bigots to work together for the people and not for party! Parties are always controlled by righ developers courting the party leader and controlling him! 

    Mr. Duckworth you are talking absolute nonsense! and you should be ashamed

    to be used by the PPM to scare people by telling them out right lies!

    • Anonymouseee says:

      You, unfortunately, will be one of the ones shocked that UDP gets re-elected after spliting your anti-UDP votes. Mr. Duckworth is presenting a sound description of the possible reality based on the facts of what transpired during the last election. If you think that this type of data (which I’m sure they studied) can be ignored, then you have another thing coming.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Duckworth is giving an accurate analysis of the situation.

      Party politics does not create corruption, corrupt individuals do, whether they belong to a party or not. As for parties always being controlled by rich developers, to be fair while there is much evidence of that for the UDP there is no evidence of that in respect of the PPM. Of course nothing is to prevent wealthy individuals, be they developers or businessmen, from controlling independent candidates who may more vulnerable because of the financial risk of running for office without the support of a party.    

      The idea that voting for Independents or a split of UDP and PPM candidates in the hope that somehow a coalition would be created is what put the UDP in power last time, and it will do so again.

      Either C4C is utterly naive to real politics or it is cynically exploiting the current disenchantment with both the PPM or the UDP for personal political control by a few individuals. Either way, I have no trust in them.  


  26. Choices says:

    Do I want:

    1) A corrupt government?

    2) A government that achieves nothing and spends money like water?

    3) A rag tag bunch of "independents" with an uncertain agenda?

    Depressing isn't it?


    • Anonymous says:

      PPM achieved a great deal.  Most people say they tried to do too much. Perhaps given the collapse of the golbal economy that indeed was their downfall.  But no one can seriously argue that they were an ambitious, energetic administration that had the vision to build infrastructure, schools, a new government adminstration builing, a new vehicle licensing headquarters, a new library in George Town ans well as provide a library for he first time in West Bay.  In addition they rebuilt or renovated all the government builidngs in Cayman which were damaged by Hurricane Ivan and co-ordinated the rebuilidng of many homes for people in the aftermath of the storm.  They revamped the education system and passed FOI legisation.  They removed the fear of speaking out and generally made government more transparent.  They introduced weekly press briefings.   And you know what,  there was not a whiff of corruption amidst all the govenrment contracts that were tendered and awarded.  With the exception of Chuckie (who is now C$C) who took McKeeva's papers and gave them to the press, not one of them were ever accused of wrongdoing in office.

      So the choice for me seems clear.  We can have Mac back with the full knowledge of all that involves.  Or we can vote for C$C most of whom used to support Mac and have the rich and famous directing a govenment based on patronage..  Or we can try a new and improved PPM which has had an infusion of new, young blood and is now being called with good reason, the Progressives.  I have always been impressed with the integrity and the ethos of the PPM.  I like the way the new tream is shaping up and am looking forward to hearing their views on the issues and to reading their manifesto,.

      • Anonymous says:

        They were hopelessly naive and paid absolutely no attention at all to financial services which is the most important area of the Cayman economy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yea and you saw it coming and lasting this long…..come on this blaming the PPM is getting ridiculus. UDP have collected more revenue than the PPM did in 4 years and they have spent it all. Can you tell me on what? Don’t say schools and office buildings, because that’s not true, UDP got loans to pay to complete those projects that’s why our National Debt has increased.

      • Anonymous says:

        The global economy has nothing to do with it.  If they had a balanced budget, the country would have been fine.  It goes back to spending only what you take in.  Basic sound economic practices.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't forget the $10 million needed to rebuild the Brac after Paloma. Better than the UDP's so-called nation building given to supporters. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Surely you do not think changing the tag name of PPM changed anything? Infused with what? Really? Do you really see Kurt, Alden, Lucille, Moses, Ozzy,….let me say that one again, OZZY….as new blood?

        This is the same old PPM and they will do the same old stuff. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks. And UDP is just the same just different names.

        ALL Caymanians, please think this time around, just switching back and forth between these two tribes is not helping us. We are going further in debt by the hour. From $70m since they started these two tribes in 2001 to $700m today. That’s $700,000,000 not including unfunded pensions.

        Let’s vote for who we believe can get this country back in order and who is capable of jumping on a plane, going internationally to really represent us (and not only at the casinos). People who have experience in business but also have the ability to understand the little man’s problems. Those who can do the job at hand. Let’s think this time Cayman and get it correct for all of our futures.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is easy to point to the achievements of the PPM (new Constitution, infrastructure, FOI etc.), but what has the UDP achieved in the past 3 1/2 years?  Both of them have spent money like it grows on trees. The difference is that with the PPM we can at least point to what it has been spent on – roads, schools, govt. admin building as opposed to extravagant foreign travel with entourages, paying multi-million dollar settlements for breach of contracts, paving private parking lots, 'nation building' giveaways etc. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    C4C has been born out of frustration with both the UDP and the PPM.


    Duckworth, if you are afraid of splitting the anti-UDP vote, then disolve the PPM. Problem solved.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then we would have a "One Party" system.  LOL.  At least a cording to the C$C.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wrong!!  Before the two party system, we didn' have a one party system.  We had people who presented themselves to serve the country.  If the people voted for them to serve the country they were elcted and certain individuals given portfolios based on their expertise.  It worked fine and served the country well.

    • Anonymouseee says:

      You’re right that the C4C was born out of frustration with the UDP and PPM.
      Frustration with UDP because their campaign money didn’t control the UDP and Mac the way they had hoped; and
      Frustration with PPM because they know that they would never be able to purchase control of the PPM which has ethics.
      C4C sure is frustrated; but for all the wrong reasons (despite what they say otherwise).

  28. Anonymous says:

    The ppm continues to confuse me. They say that C4C are all ex udp members that have seprated from the the udp party and are out to split the vote. If this is the case, then any vote spliting will effect the udp. This ppm type of calculation is the same one that has gotten us in the financial mess that we are presently drwoning in. I will be supporting the people who i know can manage my countrys buget and future, so that my children will have the oppurtunity that they deserve. Thank you C4C for stepping up for our wonderful country and people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Okay agreed, except that there are no C4C candidates.

    • Dear confused says:

      You are an example of why what happened in the last election is a real danger to this one. UDP voters vote straight. Independant voters vote independant and/or split their votes between the 2 parties. PPM voters are encouraged to think and vote for the best candidate because PPM trusts that they have selected and put forth the best candidate.
      It comes down to simple math: the person or group that gets more votes than anyone ese wins. EVEN if that means that the combined votes of the other 2 candidates are MORE than the person who won.

  29. noname says:

    PPM need to focus on its message and stop worrying about C4C. All they do is attack a group that currently has no candidates. Are they scared or do they not have any solutions?

    • Anonymous says:

      Their solution is to spend the country out of recession. I have never heard any constructive solutions for the issues our country is facing from either udp or ppm. They seem to have no solutions and therefore the only political strategy is to keep making others look worse. Vote for us because the others are worst than us. Solutions please! Tired of reading bashing press releases.

      We are currently experiencing serious issues on all fronts in our country. It’s time for these organization to focus on the country rather than political competition. If your ideas are superior to the competition you will most likely win the election. So let’s move on Duckworth!

  30. Jonny Comelately says:

    Perhaps if the ppm had done their jobs properly over the years there would not be any rivals for the hearts and minds of voters in 2013. Not everyone who dislikes the current govt likes or trusts ppm. They need to understand whythat is the case and work to winning support instead of bashing those who do not support them. You have six months to do so.

  31. Localish says:

    As the Opposition why are the PPM so focused on c4c? They have 5 seats in parliament and should be focused on designing solutions or sharing them with the public instead blaming others and making excuses for their poor performance over the last 3 years. It can be argued that the PPM have been a worse opposition than UDP has been as government. Is it possible for Messrs Duckworth and McLoughlin to focus on proving why they deserve another chance instead of bashing individuals or groups that want accountable representation? Please Stop acting like the UDP and be about solutions instead of the traditional rhetoric and mudslinging then maybe people will trust PPM.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Duckworth's crystal ball must be showing sightly cloudy; and now  pulling out the old political why you should vothe their way. I call this scared of the independents.

    I f you want our vote , please tell us how you are going to put over 2 thousand people back to work.

    How are you going to stop Dart from taking all the Mom and Pop stores.

    How are you going to reduce the government fat.

    How are you going to reduce the import duties on small businesses.

    These are some of the things we the people want to know, instead of rambling about splitting votes, if you answered this and other questions you would not have a problem with the votes.

    At this point we the majority of the voting population and out here, are existing and not living.

    • Patricia X says:

      The shops in Camana Bay are much better.  It is called providing what customers want.  

      • Anonymous says:

        No, it's called 'stocking everything customers would like to buy if only they had the money'. 

        Don't know who you work for (civil service maybe?) but Camana Bay prices are way out of my spending range. 

      • Anonymous says:

        See a lot of people walking around Camana Bay since that's all they can afford there. Not a lot of shopping going on as the prices are way too high and the average person can not afford the merchandise.

        It's a nice place to go hang out though.

  33. Anonymous says:

    What audacity Mr. Duckworth! Your clowns created the tone of public dismissal in 2009 which resulted in the majority favouring UDP. Now that the tone may be generally against UDP, you tell the public to ignore any credible option which might be available other than the two parties??!!  If PPM were credible as a Party and had a cohesive slate of capable candidates you'd have nothing to fear. What you have to do is ensure that PPM candidates can convince the public to favour them, not promote the fear of 'vote-splitting'  at the expense of independents who may offer a real alternative.

  34. Tickle My Pickle says:

    This island is too small for party politics

    • Live Free.... says:

      Hey Tickle My Pickle, Bermuda is smaller than the Cayman Islands, and they been using the Party System long before Cayman, please go back under your Rock. 

      • Tickle My Pickle says:

        That doesnt mean it works

      • Anonymous says:

        The party system works, now if we could only get the people who make up the party to do the same thing that would be peachy.

    • B. Onneste says:

      I agree, Mr. Tickle.  A democracy doesn't work very well here…… as anyone can see!

  35. Anonymous says:

    They haven’t even started campaigning or behaving like an opposition, and they are already rationalising on how they might lose. Call me old fashioned, but aren’t incumbent politicians supposed to focus on winning the election in a landslide by winning the hearts and minds of the voters? Whoever plans to run has a lot of catch up to do, and not much time. For one: only days left to get the thousands of unregistered voters on the list for May.

    • analystD says:

      Any political grouping worth it’s salt will look at ALL aspects includiing the possible reasons that they could lose. If they didn’t they would be like Mitt Romney’s campaign who blinded and deafened itself to any less than positive assesments – this is why they and their supporters were in such shock after the US elections.

      PPM keep doing what you doing. You’re regaining my support.

      • Anonymous says:

        Follow blindly my friend, follow blindly….just look out for the cliff.