‘5’ aim to repair UK damage

| 18/01/2013

Whitehall_CNT_5apr11_pa_b (253x300).jpg(CNS): Rebuilding the relationship between the Cayman Islands and the UK is at the heart of the mission of a government delegation headed for London this weekend. Rolston Anglin, the deputy premier, said that while there was other important business to attend to in the UK during the short trip, repairing the rift between Her Majesty's Government and the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) was “crucial”. He said that the delegation would be dealing with budget issues and looking at the situation in the London office, but primarily the trip would enable the premier to meet the overseas minister, Mark Simmonds, for the first time face to face, offering an opportunity to mend bridges.

Speaking at a press briefing on Thursday morning hosted by himself and Mark Scotland, Anglin said he was aware of public concerns over what are perceived as government jaunts but this was not the kind of meeting that could be “done over the phone”, as may have been suggested, because this needed to be face to face.

Although Anglin said he could not confirm the full delegation, CNS understands that eight people will leave for the UK on Saturday, including Anglin, Governor  Duncan Taylor, Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Attorney General Sam Bulgin, Financial Secretary Kenneth Jefferson and Rhonda Webster , the premier’s PA, as well as her executive aide, Paul Leonce, and Richard Parchment, who is now senior political analyst to Rolston Anglin.

The eight man delegation will be having various meetings, according to Anglin, but he said it was crucially important to rebuild the relationship with the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as the minority government navigates the next five months, ahead of the general election in May

His cabinet colleague, Mark Scotland, said that it wasn’t just about repairing the damage done to the relationship over the last few years for the current cabinet but to improve the situation for the next government.

Anglin said that he could not apologise for anything that may have happened in the past and there was "no sense crying over spilt milk”. He insisted that the CIG was not going to London “cap in hand” but theteam was “going to have a professional dialogue" on the budget and other key issues, and the government would make a full report next week on those talks when it comes back.

He pointed out that the nature of the relationship with some overseas territories led to friction, and while Cayman and the UK would not always agree, he said it was government’s job to protect the interests of the Caymanian people as far as the relationship was concerned.

“We need to recognize that we are a territory and there is a price to pay for that constitutional relationship," Anglin stated, adding that when matters of conflict arise the CIG had to push the agenda.

Nevertheless, Anglin acknowledged that the relationship over the last few years had gone way beyond the normal course of expected disagreement over policy. It was no secret that the former premier, McKeeva Bush, and the governor had a very strained relationship.

“We would be kidding ourselves if we thought they did not," he said, and indicated that, as a result, the aim was to repair the damage done. But, he said, CIG would promote the people’s best interests with every fibre of their being.

Anglin also spoke about the need to foster and strengthen relationships with other groups in the UK with ties and interests in Cayman.

The deputy premier said the trip would also include some analysis of the situation at the London Office. The contract CIG has with the Tory peer, Lord Blencathra, the director of the office, had been renewed in November, and while there were no plans to terminate the contract, how CIG continues to utilise his services was important.

“When we have a representative in any country, we have to be strategic about what we are looking to get out of it, and in London it is important for us to have access to the right people but we must get value for money,” he said.

Lord Blencathra was contracted by the former premier in November 2011 in a controversial move, as it was the first time a foreign national has headed up the UK office in London.

However, Bush insisted at the time that Cayman needed representation in London to fight its corner regarding the threats to the financial services sector and to fight its corner in the deteriorating relationship with the UK. The sitting conservative peer was contracted at the princely sum of CI$19,500 per month to raise awareness about Cayman in Whitehall’s corridors of power as well as in London’s Square mile and the European arena.

Details of the London trip are expected to be reported at next Thursday’s Cabinet press briefing, as well as the results of the trip by Cline Glidden and Dwayne Seymour to see the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) regarding the situation with cruise tourism in Cayman.

O’Connor Connolly was absent from the briefing as she is understood to be suffering from the flu.

The briefing will be repeated frequently on CIGTV20 government’s own television channel during the course of the week.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Should Caymanians BE ALLOWED to decide what future they want for their country?

    You will only need to read the replies and look at the number of people that give this comment a thumbs down to understand what is at the root of the problems that we have in the Cayman Islands.

  2. another judgmental person. says:

    Most of these comments are very superficial, and add very little to what we all know is a hard time for the country and the current stewards of the country.  



  3. Anonymous says:

    Juju and co know perfectly well there will be an FOI request for the costs of this trip so there is no excuse if they don't keep full records for every cent of our money that they spend. In fact if they really want to banish the ghost of McKeeva they'll make them public voluntarily. 


    If we get delays and then excuses about the records not being available we will know we're still being ripped off.

  4. Peanuts says:

    The team should include Mr. Miller, Mr. McLean and Mr. McLaughlyn. Leave "Driver", Mac's agent and Mr. Anglin. IF THEY HAVE TO GO?

  5. Anonymous says:


    I think it is time that we start to have public discussions on independence. While I would not support any move towards independence at this stage it still needs to be discussed and a working group created to start looking at what would be required to achieve a smooth transition from what we have in place today.


    I don't personally feel that Cayman is ready for independence, but it is clear from everything that I have seen over the past few years that it is smething that we need to take more seriously and explore in greater detail. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman has done nothing to merit even the talk on independence, the financial industry and tourism are two industries that can leave any jurisdiction within 24 hours.  Then what?  these islands are in the infancy stages of development and it had better take the time to mature before rushing to go on its own.  Look around and see what independence has done to many nations in the caribbean that had lots more than Cayman in terms of natural resources and were able to sustain themselves.  Most  of their economy are in shambles and their nationals are running to the UK, here and everywhere that will accept them so that they can have a better life.  Is this what we want for Cayman?  the handwriting is on wall.  Like the closure of the West Bay road, Cayman will soon gain independence from the UK if some people have their way.  This country is on its way down from the top and last one here please turn out the lights. 


  6. Anonymous says:

    Guess they weren't invited to the big UDP party in The Shores tonight.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just more wasted "business" travel….May can't come quick enough now that we have some decent Caymanians in the running.  Hope this is the end of the careers of all UDP members who allowed the travesty of the last administraton to happen.

    • Anynomous says:

      This is a wasted trip.  Nothing and no one can repair the damage between UK and the Cayman Islands, because this is not something that happened today.  We never did get along more than  a hundred and fifty years ago, and now it is just getting worse.

      Unless the problem is identified and accepted, this will go on until the world ends or we separate.  The problem is that the people of the UK who are living here and also those who are living in UK need to realize that Caymanians are not little people running around in grass skirts and speaking an unknown language.  We are not bowing down to them either.  So if they accept that our blood is just as much English as theirs, then there maybe some softening otherwise it can only get worse.  This has gone back from days of Slavery it is only getting worse.

      • Anonymous says:

        LMAO talk about contradiction in terms.  If you feel like that and have done for 150 years then why TF did you choose to remain a BOT?  If you want Britain to accept your blood is as English as theirs, then why do you continue to be so disrespectful, uninviting and unwelcoming, particularly in terms of Immigration to those English who's blood you claim to share? 

      • Anonymous says:

        It is stupid, uneducated and bigoted comments like this one that make the British so indifferent to this type of Caymanian.

        Firstly, where on earth did you dig up that garbage? No one expects you to bow down, they just expect you to abide by the laws and agreements already in situ. It is you who find it difficult to accept that in the 21st century the rule of law, international agreements and good governance must be upheld. In the short time that you have been required to sort out your own affairs, your governments have taken you from rags to riches and back to rags, they have catastrophically failed to prove competancy in nearly every field of local government and have lost credibility around the world withnon sensical policies and uneducated leaders.

        Corruption at all levels of Cayman society are at epidemic proportions and sadly is now accepted as cultural by most, quoting the 'Cayman way' to reinforce their denial.

        Secondly, once again we hear from a Caymanian that the British MUST accept them as English as we share the same blood. NO, we accept you as British Citizens and you have the right to hold a 'British Citizen, Cayman Islands' passport, because unless you were born in England, you cannot be considered as English, no more than you will accept me as a Caymanian. The difference being that you can seek employment and only have to live in the UK for 5 years before claiming settlement and full citizenship rights of the UK and the EU. And you won't get robbed by the government or treated like a second class citizen whilst you do so.

        To be brutally honest, how on earth would you know who's blood you have coursing through your veins. Honduran, Cuban, Jamaican, Mexican or a little of each, who knows?

        As per usual with Cayman and a significant number of Caymanians, its all about you, what you can get, how little you have to do for it and who picks up the bill. The British people are a very tolerant nation, especially concerning immigration and overseas spending. But be very careful you don't kick the lion too much, she bites, ask McKeeva.  

        Finally,before you start quoting history, at least check your facts with a credible source.

        The British were the first to abolish slavery under the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833  and slavery was completely outlawed in all British Territories, including those run by the East India Company in 1843. Long before anyone else in the world even thought of it.

        By my reckoning that makes 170 years minimum and 180 years for the likes of Cayman, which never had a huge number of slaves anyway. Unlike Jamaica, where most of them came from to work for Caymanian owners, (much like today really). 

        So unless you can clearly trace your geneology back to Jamaican slaves, without a dilution of genes inbetween, (see above) then what the hell would you know about slavery. But then that would make you a decendent of immigrants wouldn't it, the very people you now despise.

        Ask yourself, if Britain is so bad and so indifferent to Caribbean people, why do we have such a huge British Caribbean population and why do you think they stay? After all, most of their own countries are now independent of Britain, perhaps if you ventured off this tiny rock and saw a bit more of the world, especially the mother country, you would understand.

        Until then, do what you do best, bury your head in the sand.

  8. Calabash says:

    Here's the beginning of the 'slush' spending again!!

    How many people does it take to convicne ONE english man!!??

    If our Country's bank account has no cash and our Civil Service has to live with their income reduced, WHY is this world do we need to pay thousands of dollars AGAIN for all of these people to travel when Juliance and Rolston should have done this job BY THEMSELVES!!

    After-all, its was the two of them that got us into this mess (along with McKeva)!!!!!

    I'm furious at such careles, frevilous action that is continued by these same "quick cash" spenders.

    Thank the Lord, they only have TWO months let before their positions are dissolved otherwixe I would personally start a petition to have them removed!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn't it have been better to bring the OTmi here? We could have him stay in the Ritz and put it on Mike's bill. He could have drank Dom and we could take him to stingray city. I'm sure after enjoying 2 weeks here he would say yes to anything we need.

  10. Live Free.... says:

    First I want to commend the Fab 5 for taking a bold step for joining the opposition on voting a no confindence against their own Government in order to removed the Dictating Mac, and for resigning from the UDP, in which they were ask to do, but not of their own will did they leave that Party. And second, I do agree with them meeting Mark Simmonds In person, and going to UK to try and mend the relationship with them, atleast they admit that they had damage the relationship with UK through the then leader of them, Mac Bush for 3.5 years.


    Now I have a problem with this trip as most of the people who comment on CNS. (1) Why Paul Leonce?  I personally don't know him, but I don't see the need for him to be on this trip. (2) Why Richard Parchment? Wasn't he Mac right hand man, this is quite troubling, he of all them should not be on this trip or have any dealing with this Minority Government…Hold on just a minute..Didn't they resign from the UDP??? Well I guess Richard also resign from the UDP. (3) Who is Rhonda Webster? I never heard of her until now, she have no business on this trip also. With these three unnecessary travellers, it is safe to say, what a waist of the people's money!!!


    This was to do with the minority Government meeting with the FCO and Mark Simmonds. On this trip, it should only had been the Govenor Mr. Duncan Taylor, the Deputy Premier Mr. Anglin and the Premier Mrs.Juliana O’Connor-Connolly. The Governor has to be there on this trip with the Premier and the Deputy Premier, for he was the one who appointed the Minority Govenment, rather than dissolving the house, and having an early election. Optional on the trip, which I feel they are needed, is the Financial Secretary Kenneth Jefferson, and the  Attorney General Sam Bulgin, for this has to do with the Finance of the Cayman Islands, and again fixing the damage that was done by the Mac. Was this trip necessary? Yes. Was the other three needed? Definitely No!!! For this reminds me of the Mac travelling with his entourage, I thougt that this came to an end, I guess I was wrong.


    Live Free….

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, Richard Parchment went to Venice with his wife, Mr. & Mrs. McKeeva Bush and Mr. & Mrs. Glidden for theinfamous GLF meeting, so maybe they are saving money only sending him to London….LLLLLOOOOOOLLLLL

      • Anonymous says:

        Mr Parchment wife did not got to Venice with him, whoever write this comment has the wrong information or adding something that is nottrue

    • Anonymous says:

      "Fab 5"??? What is fabulous about any of these people…we have one who lies to police when in an accident with still unidentified woman…one who paves voters drive ways and parking lots with public money….two who shouldn't have even been able to run due to failing to state conflicts…one of which apparently tried to beat up a man with his friends help and then tried to intimidate a security officer….ALL allowed Mac to happen and supported him until he was caught. 

  11. And they're off!!! says:

    When McKeeva was up for some sight-seeing he said he was 'knocking on doors'.  This group says it is 'repairing bridges'.  Whatever they call it they need to get their traveling in before they have to live in the real world again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wasn't the Venice trip that Richard Parchment and his wife went on (which we paid for) something about bridges? GLF? You have to wonder why he is going anywhere with the new Cabinet. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    From what's happening during last few weeks in this country with the new government, it appears that the people of this country will get the value for their money by having a minority government because it provides opportunity for all the parties work together without bitterness and divisions and everything is more transparent to the people of the country. It also gives the opportunity for whose are given cabinet responsibilities to work more freely and exploit their full potentials in carrying out their duties. The government can be more honest and open and people can understand the real issues of the country without any suspicions.  It is open and creates more checks and balancing. It also creates more harmony and unity among the caymanians. Way to go Cayman……..We need more ndependents in the next parliament (I did not mean those so called independants who are backed by C4C which is trying to influence the government policies by their wealth).

  13. Anonymous says:

    We're snowed in here, they'll be lucky if they can land.  UK shut down, most flights at Heathrow cancelled. Might not be the jaunt they expected!

    • Union Jack says:

      About 20% of mainly local UK flights were cancelled on one day to allow more time for the other planes to land, be serviced and take off.  But don't let facts get in the way of a stupid point.  The only people snowed in live in Wales.  Wales is nearly 200 miles from England.

      • P A Rody says:

        Please look at your map, Wales is zero miles from England as they share a border.

        Where on earth did you get 200 miles from? even Ireland is less than 100 miles from England, and France is less than 25 miles.

        Are you mistaking Wales for Norway?

      • Anonymous says:

        Um, my parents in Yorkshire are snowed in?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hope we won't be paying for extra nights at luxury hotels Stateside like with the Dubai trip.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Some 'Mothers' never get the thanks they deserve boy.

    First she saves us from one of our naughty 'Siblings' who now thinks she owns us because she messed up but still encouraging us to call Mama names while begging herto keep letting us use the credit card without expecting a limit or God forbid to pay any back.

    Some children claim to be Independent all grown up so leave the other Dependent OffSpring, let them grow up, pay their bills and STOP COMPLAINING WHEN MOTHER WANTS TO CONTROL HER FUTURE LIABILITIES!!!

    Respectively question Mother when she's being unfair, sending people to spy on us etc but when we have friends, leaders leading us down a path of unsustainable, ethical questionable practices we must stand up and put the blame where it must go…period!

    And fyi, I am a Caymanian tired of the anti-colonial distraction. 

  15. Anonymous says:

    This will be their last Trip because come MAY we are voting them out! Enjoy your trip because it will be your last! Hopefully they won’t sign this Country away, oh I forgot they have already promised it to DART!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Party of 8, trip number 1.  More to follow.  I would love to be a fly on the wall when the UK slaps this group silly for it's complete lack of competence.  It will be in your face with straighten up and fly right or we the UK will take matters into thier own hands.  They got one shot at it.  They better make it work.  Also the complete expense reporting of this trip should be available online with anything above resonable and customary paid for by themselves, i.e. per diem rates.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It seems to me that Richard Parchment is acting as the McKeeva Enforcer, just keeping the minions in line until such time as Bush can reclaim his throne from Julie (who is probably only keeping it warm).

    Some may be fooled, but not those of us who have eyes to seeand ears to hear. There is too much allegiance, too much history and too much hidden knowledge for us to believe that McKeeva's sworn right hand man suddenly helps Anglin.

    They are all in this together. Watch and see. As May approaches, the charges against Mac will evaporate on technicalities, human rights violations and statutes of limitations. If this does indeed happen, then you know that the Governor is not unaware.

    • Anonymous says:

      "…who is probably only keeping it warm…"




      Perhaps by eating a lot of beans?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Funny that on the same page there is an article entitled "CIG faces cash flow issues" and then above that we read 5, possibly 8 are going to the UK to try to repair damage?  Hello???  First of all the Premier did all the damage while these sat by and allowed him to do it.  Now they want to go over there to try to smell like roses???  Since the X Premier did all the damage, why can't JuJu the New Premier go and try to fix it…BY HERSELF.  And while she is there she could explain why she used the public purse to do personal favors.  If our CIG is broke we certainly do not need to send her AND two Personal Assistants.  We also do not need to send Rolston anywhere until his trial is over or maybe while he is there he could also explain his DUI and lying to the Court.  AND Sam Bulgin and Richard Parchment???  Why are they going again????   Someone needs to stay home and help us find out ifthe deal with Dart and the "selling" of Crown Land and the closure of the West Bay Road and us losing our beach road and beach accesses has all been done legally or not.  I don't think Simmonds gives a toss about any of these vacationers or their relationship with him or the UK…….The May elections will hopefully repair all that and more.    

  19. Anonymous says:

    Pray tell what value Richard Parchment will bring to this delegation/trip. Are we no longer broke ??? Rollie you better be careful because you know where he stands !!!

    And Madam Premier, you taking you Executive Aid (AKA Driver) again !!! I wonder what he will be driving in London ???

  20. Another Anon says:

    Apartheid-era South Africa…..you have no idea what that is. I bet you never lived it yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of my life!

      Someone like you would not understand anything about it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Yes Rolston, we pay a very high price for our constitutional relationship with the UK. Just ask Michael Misick who has to deal with a British diplomat instead of the Turks and Caicos having their own Embassy in Rio de Janeiro. Any poor Caymanian who should happen to lose their passport or get locked in jail in a foreign country would have to suffer the same indignity of having to call on a British Embassy for help instead of an embassy staffed with our very own Caymanians.


    Without debating the merits of who rightfully owns the Falkland/Malvinas Islands, just imagine the shame they had to suffer by calling on the British Army to repel the Argentinian invaders. If they had been allowed to go independent and have their own defense force, they would probably own all of the wine production in South America by now.


    I'm sure Rolston has many other examples, but those are two that quickly came to mind when thinking about the high price that we pay for our relationship with the UK.

    • Dennis Smith says:

      I wonder what it costs to educated and develop a diplomatic corps? We would need an embassy in every major country, lots of communication and global organizational meetings to attend. Travel accommodation and a host of foreign affair activities. Defense might be in the mix and of course a permanent UN delegation. We will have to pull our weight on foreign activities, maybe a stint at piece negotiations in the Middle East. They could us our advice. The entire population of the Cayman Islands could be fully employed in the Foreign Service. Of course we are a little concerned about the current budget and the cost of a few flights to London so maybe we can’t afford independence just yet. Anyway all we need to do is us Singapore for a model, they are very good at making a top impression.

    • Castor says:

      Want to share what ever you’re smoking?

    • Anonymous says:

      Good luck with those Caymanian consuls. I'm sure they'll be a big help when you're in jail in Brazil.

    • Anonymous says:

      Judging from the number of thumbs down it would appear that irony does not play well on CNS.

      • Anonymous says:

        perhaps you should look up the meaning of "irony", there was nothing Ironic about the post, moronic maybe, sarcastic perhaps.

        Perhaps you could point out the irony?

    • P A Rody says:

      so let's get this straight, you don't think we pay enough on our civil service, even though all reports are the contary and now you want to have Cayman embassies in all other countries?

      that means paying rent and diplomatic salaries and flights and all other expenses for them? Cayman can't afford it's current CS, never might over doubling the cost from your suggestion.

      As for the Falklands how would they be able to pay for a standing army big enough to repel an invasion from Argentina? Falklands has a population of 3,000, Argentina over 40 million.

      Do you putany actual thought in  the vomit of your posts?

    • Anonymous says:

      That is one of the most disgusting an inaccurate posters I have read in a long time.

      As a British Citizen, (like you presumably) I am afforded the protection by one of the most experienced and expert diplomatic services in the world. I am also protected by possibly the best armed forces this world has ever seen and backed up by equally loyal allies who stand together, ready to fight on our behalf.

      How dare you and those cowards like you, sitting safely here on your shabby lump of rock in the middle of know where, comment on the brave forces who went to the aid of their own citizens 1000's of miles down in the South Atlantic in 1982.

      How dare you disrespect those who were killed, injured and continue to suffer from the trauma of that war specifically, but also any war that fights on behalf of the freedom of free nations, including the Cayman Islands and its business interests around the world.

      For the record, its not large numbers of your friends, neighbours, family or countrymen that die defending the freedoms you take for granted, they're ours, our lives, our blood, our children.

      And for your information, those outnumbered forces went there at the request of the Falkland Islands people who were forcably removed from their homes and gathered together like cattle. They were forced to spend countless nights under armed guard in community halls and sheep stations during the cold of a southern hemisphere winter, with little or no heating, food or sanitation. They were treated appallingly by facist forces from a authoritarian dictatorship that thought they could just walk in and take what they want without facing the consequences.

      Are you seriously suggesting that the Cayman Islands can even afford a diplomatic service around the world. With no experience and even less credibility, who do you think would listen and how would you impose diplomatic pressure without a strong international influence through trade and industry. How would you defend your stupid selves if some lunatic dictator or drug baron from the Caribbean or South America decided that you needed saving or that you were in need of political re-education. And who locally is equipped or able to come to your aid in times of international or domestic crisis, the Jamaicans, the very people you despise so much and pay so little too? I would say they have enough on their hands at the moment, they are suffering the consequences of corrupt politicians, drug gangs and independence.

      You can't even run an island with a population the size of a small UK town, let alone organise a worldwide diplomatic service. Pray tell how you would protect those who are legitimate international residents of the Cayman Islands, as the UK Government do for those resident on British soil? The truth is you wouldn't, you don't give a damn about anyone else but your selfish selves, and the rest of the world knows it.

      The reality is that you pay avery small price for your one sided relationship with the UK, especially in blood, security and diplomatic access. Try signing up to and implimenting all of the UN charters, including the right to settle, asylum and the environment, the world might then listen to your bitter musings. Until then keep your bigoted and uneducated views to yourself and concentrate on rebuilding this failing country that you are so proud of.

      • Anonymous says:


        • Whodatis says:

          Nailed it!


          Hatred is a very powerful emotion. So sad to see so many consumed by it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lets get it straight idiot, you aren't and never will be one of our own, stupid sarcasm or not. When someone includes the phrase, 'one of our own Caymanians' then one can fairly deduce that the poster is Caymanian.

          As for your sad attempt and satyrical writing, then give it up, that many thumbs down should give you the hint that you're a failiure and very unamusing. Unless you think it perversely funny that men died defending their citizens thousands of miles away from home, you sad creature.

          As for 'insult the natives', well if you took time to read history, (which you obviously don't)you will find that the only true natives of this rock are the original British settlers, my ancestors, almost certainly not yours.

          PS: if you don't want to be wrongly identified or misunderstood, then identify yourself properly or at least write a piece that is clear, concise and easily understood, even by the 'natives' you patronising p####. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Good satire seems to be wasted on this website. Great comment though, and a thumbs-up!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like some one did not get their usual "nation building fund "money this  month.

  22. cow itch says:

    cant we all play together like one happy family… kisses… hugs… licks… corona… corona! … yeah baby yeah!  (:))>

    • St Peter says:

      You are going to hell…

    • Anonymous says:

      Carefull, Ezzard will have you arrested for advertising alcohol on line.

      Ju Ju and team, don't forget to turn up early, don't call in sick, don't leave the meeting and wander off, please take your BlackBerry away from your ear and stop sending BBM's during work time and please, please, please don't just go fishing instead.

      Oh yea, and leave the styrofoam box with your breakfast/lunch at the door, the minister won't be impressed.

      There, now you can show the FCO that Caymanians can act like responsible employees after all.

      Oh dear, forgot the outrageous expenditure to get your self important carcase's and your oh so important hangers on there in the first place. Where is it next, off to meet the Inuit to research affordable housing? 

      Oh behave baby !!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      They should have stayed home and repaired some of the damage they did and helped do over the last 3 plus years.

  23. Anonymous says:

    When you find yourself in a hole it is best to put the shovel down.

    You know they are going to London to beg more money. This reminds me of the automobile company executives flying to D.C. on private jets to ask Washington for a bailout. The real crisis in Cayman is our debt. Adding to it with larger overdraft facilities just digs the hole deeper. This little island currently pays over 40 million dollars per year in interest on our debt. There should be no new projects or spending until we can reduce this massive burden. Cutting costs and feeling a financial pinch is now called for or we will never dig our way out of this catastrophic mess. Sending 8 people to the UK is a prime example of the mentality toward fiscal management that keeps driving us deeper into debt. Debt enslaves us and allows us to be controlled by those whom we owe.


    Most governments around the world have credit unions for government employees. This is so they can get them into debt and exercise total control over them. It has happened here and is now happening to government itself. Debt is a powerful and destructive force which CIG needs to address and to eliminate taking all measures necessary. Spending more to go to London is not the answer.


    • Anonymous says:

      When you the Caymanian people keep voteing in undereducated,  thirdworld minded, persons with NO business sense at all thats just what you get and got.  Its up to you voters.   So far you are all doing a great job of making sure all the money plus is spent on something.  No one knows for sure what because it can not be seen with the human eye.  If your really tired of watching all that money going down the toilet bowl show us by voting in anyone who is smarter than a 5th grader and no one who is not.

    • Anonymous says:

      It's called, "Succumbing to the Imperial Colonialism" by the former "UDP Five"


      • Anonymous says:

        That's called a typical ignorant, uneducated pile of crap.

        These islands are not and have never been Colonial treasure as they were never subject to invasion or conquest by British Colonial Forces. They were peacefully founded by British settlers who exploited the plentyful supply of turtlemeat for ship replenishment, or doesn't that fit with your retarded sense of persecution?

        It was only later that more provisions were available to the population and passing ships through relatively small agricultural output. As the Britsh didn't import turtlemeat, or anything else of major importance from the Cayman Islands for that matter, it can hardly be counted amongst the big or small players when Colonial and Imperial rule is considered.

        You need to remember where the most of your historical and cultural influence eminates from and why you chose not to follow. Yes Jamaica, you know, the land that sends people to take all your jobs, marry all your women, commit all the crime on the islands and clog up your jail. Of course, this being the same pile of crap that persecution and denial junkies like you hang on to when in reality most Jamaicans here on Cayman are hard working, honest and certainly not clogging up your jail, but they are the ones who accept pitiful wages in return for your total disdain.

        So, these islands are administered from London because apart from when the Spanish decided that this bug infested rock wasn't worth fighting over, this has been a British Territory, settled by British people who are loyal to the British Crown, so therefore the entitlement to rule is ours under international law. Live with it, it's not going to change anytime soon. 

        The real invasion came later, by people who settled here and who subsequently engineered policies that enable them, but deny others.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just goes to show the expat enhancement fee was the right idea, these are very interesting times.  Thanks to the fiscal policies imposed by the UK government or this island would be over the cliff long ago.

  24. Anonymous says:

    "…in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight. oooo weeee…"

  25. Anonymous says:

    “We need to recognize that we are a territory and there is a price to pay for that constitutional relationship,"


    While I think that the above statement by Mr. Anglin is 100% accurate I would like him to expand on this statement by indicating what price he feels we have paid in the past for this relationship and what price he feels we will have to continue to pay for this relationship.


    It sounds to me like we are living in Apartheid-era South Africa.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh dear, seems we have a mad hatter. The question is actually the reverse, how much money did UK spend over hundreds of years on this place before Cayman political parties, at the request of Caymanians, decided to start stealing it for their own needs and generally f***ing it up? The issue today is that without oversight from UK, your corrupt politicians and bureaucrats would be making this place into Jamaica 2. Do you really want to go there?? Fine if you do, have a referendum and we will leave. No problem.


      As for Apartheid, you are correct. If a Caymanian writes an unjustified letter of complaint about an expat worker to the Immigration department (he can write even a bunch of lies), who is believed and who gets sent home? Who has a right of appeal on immigration decisions? Who has to employ people who are not fully qualified nor even want to work in order to also employ good workers with the right qualifications? (that written with the greatest respect to some of my very hard working and talented Caymanian colleagues. We really do have some talent here). So yes, Apartheid and inequality does exist against the expats, and it is about time you adopted the standards of equality that you expect from the UK. As well as the passport rights you expect from the UK. Cos damn, you is starting to look like damn fools in the international community.

      • Anonymous Brit. says:

        On the passport point – I'm not even bothered about the CI passport or the right to vote.  I just don't want to be rolled over, especially in a case where there is nobody else here qualified to replace me so they're just gonna have to ship in another, get another permit, and start building relationships with our clients, induction/internal procedures training and the like all over.  I am not qualified to teach people to do my job, although I have shown several how to do the basics.  The rest requires the acquisition of certain qualifications from professional institutions abroad, and I can't really help with that.   I also don't want to have to marry my steady (several years) boyfriend as suggested by Immigration; his family and others like its a simple solution.  We will get married when we both feel good and ready for it, and when its right before God when we make ourvows before him, not to get an easy residency.    I will not create a burden on the state.  I have intermingled with the community, I have a good job and pension, and can provide for myself in retirement.  Had I not been facing rollover every 7 years, I would have bought a place here long ago.

        It all makes no sense, and I can't keep coming and going I'm starting to feel like some sort of nomad!  Eventually I want to settle down.  If I can't do it here I'll find somewhere else… with a sad heart but looking at a new adventure!

      • Anonymous says:

        The best way for you to protest this issue would be for you to go home and get a job in your own country and leave Cayman to the people (locals and foreigners) that actually love this country.

        You must be one of the rejects in your own country why you would want to stay in Cayman with all of the inequality that exists against expats.

        When do you leave?

    • Anonymous says:

      Aparthied South Africa? You complete moron, you don't understand when you're well off do you? And you certainly don't understand the meaning of aparthied, you cheapen the lives lost during that period by cheap, idiotic opportunism.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Another offspring from keke Concentration Camp!


  27. Anonymous says:

    Instead of sending CG and John John to Florida to visit with the FCCA, they should have gone to London to explain why they voted AGAINST the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility.


    Do they believe the FCO has forgotten about that?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Princely sum?! CNS do you have any idea of that value a UK Peer provides to CIG??!!!! Best money Cayman has ever spent. Grow up

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmm, let them fly…….with one way tickets.

  30. Whodatis says:

    Despite the suspicions of many of us here on CNS, I doubt any of them are actually looking forward to this London trip.

    Click here to see why.

    The UK is no fun this time of year.

    For a seasonal country it is amazing the way it completely shuts down and draws to a standstill with the slightest fall of snow. I am not only referring to its airports, but also its trains, roads, schools, government buildings and public transportation. (This is the complaint of its own people – not mine alone.)

    If it is not due to lack of clearing equipment and material, it is because of poor planning and organisation.

    Nevertheless, they are our advisors – good thing we don't have snow!

    • Anonymous says:

      Just like here when we get a heavy rain storm and the schools close??????? Like rain is an unusual occurrence!!! Get over the UK!

      • Whodatis says:

        Actually, I wish the UK would get over us and spend more energy sorting out their own far worse conditions.


        • Anonymous says:

          Trust me, know one in the UK cares about the Cayman Islands, you're like an irritating bug.

        • Anonymous says:


          I'm sure they would be glad to do so.  All you need to do is vote for independence.



        • Anonymous says:

          Don't flatter yourself that more than a handful of people back in London are even remotely interested in what happens here.

          The fact is that you are incapable of sorting out your own mess, that's why a small team of middle grade civil servants are having to do it for you back in the UK. It is also why the fraud squad are getting to the bottom of your corrupt political system and your former head of government business.

          Big shocks coming soon, hope you blinkered denial freaks are ready, the cost will be huge to Cayman's reputation and any plans you had for self determination. 

    • Loopy Lou says:

      Says a lot that he uses the Daily Mail to get his "news".  Just spoken to some relatives in the UK and it is quite a major snowfall as far as the UK goes.  But that is the rub, the UK does not really get severely cold or extremely hot weather often enough to justify the infrastructure costs of providing for that weather.  It is more sensible to accept that one or two days a year there will be some disruption than have transport system geared up for cold as if the UK was Sweden.  Saying that, recent years have had more extreme weather periods – especially long very cold periods and it might be time to re-address the policies for dealing with cold weather.  What this is not is a point worth making on this thread.

      • anonymous says:

        Loopy Lou, you can make what you just said into a run-on sentence to make the uk governance look good. Ha!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh this will be fun for them Why do you think they are going now? Good experience…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Harrad's is still open. Woo Hoo!!!!

  31. BT soljah says:

    How about Skype you wutless lazy and incompetent and wasteful jokers?

    How can this country ever get better when all the politicians especially those with udp DNA want to fly around on our dime waste $ and carry their loved ones and buddies on shopping trips?

    • Jonas Dwyer says:

      BT soljah, stop showing your ignorance. IF there is a matter to be discussed foe the benefit of our country, it certainly is best to have a face to face meeting.  OUr fate present and future cannot be decided by ,eetings using Skype alone ( get it you just ina dat world) but by creating relationships and having meaningful productive face to face dialogue, look at the World news and see whats happening.  Emancipate ya self bro or you will alway be putting ya self and others down.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is NOT a loved one..He is an "Executive assistant"…feel better now…?

  32. H.A.M says:

    Another sick joke! This delegation includes the same Cabinet Ministers who watched the relationship with the Guv and FCO go to pot and now they see the benefit of maintaining good relations WTF! What were they doing and thing over the last 3.5 years don’t they understand the concept of Collective Responsibility?

    These jokers allowed the former Premier to get away with anything and now we have to pay for another jaunt for the Ju-Ju crew and her bodyguard to rack up more air miles! If the Fab 5 form the next goverment it is a sure sign the apocalypse is upon us. Wake up Cayman they all gots to go!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have flown from Grand Cayman to Miami on the same flights with KeeKee, Richard Parchment, Rolston Anglin and crew.  If there has been a change in our government, why is Richard Parchment still travelling on our dime.  Why is he so qualified that, even if the UDP is not in power, he still gets paid vacation trips  back and forth to the UK.  MARK MY WORDS, CAYMAN ISLANDS, BIG MAC IS OUT, BUT HIS UDP IS STILL IN POWER.  I WISH THE GOVERNOR COULD DISSOLVE WHAT IS STILL THERE NOW AND CALL FOR AN IMMEDIATE GENERAL ELECTION.  THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT CAN SAVE US NOW.

      I have a question for Richard Parchment and that is "What are your qualifications to occupy the position of Political Secretary?"  If your position with the former Premier is an example, then we have much more serious problems than we thought.  I suggested that the new Cabinet was a mistake in the choice of the new Premier and her West Bay crew.  She and them worked closely with and supported the former premier and they turned a blind eye to what was transpiring, so how can they want us to trust them now, when they supported him in all he did to rape the islands of everything, including our stability and name.  Your Excellency, please forgive me, but when you go home to your mansion in the evening, a lot goes on in the dark that you don't know about.

  33. X Voter says:

    3 of the 8 dont need to go so we are wasting 37.5% of the cost of this trip>>>>Same ole UDP

  34. Anonymous says:

    According to the sign that is still in front of Mac's house he is stillPremier.  Why then he he not going on the trip?

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe JuJu now owns his house.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can't we the people write to Public Works and have them remove that sign?  It should not have been there from the begining, if you get my drift!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Is he ever going to be charged for something he was aressted?

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps the people should take it down… then he might get the message.

  35. Anonymous says:

    JuJu is taking two-passport Paul to London to talk about budget restraints? Seriously? And Anglin employs McKeeva's cousin and former Executive Aide Richard Parchment as his Senior Political Analyst? The same Richard Parchment who sent the fax to Stan Thomas? I swear you couldn't make this crap up.

    • Anonymous says:

      They sure have made a clean break from Mac.  Not!!!1

    • Anonymous says:

      You do'nt know awa, it's his cousin too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes the same analyst who couldn’t properly manage a hamburger stand! But he can analyze for the country! This is classi and you simply CANNOT make this BS up.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Begging more $$$ for personal driveway to be paved in cb before may 2013 lol


  37. Anonymous says:

    Richard Parchment is a very nice guy but what exactly is a "senior political advisor"? He was Mac's "gopher" but what can he possibly contribute to the new Premier? And what is Leonard Dilbert, the Premier's Chief of Staff (in reality just Mac's super-gopher) doing now? We need to get rid of these very highly paid don't -need- to-have positions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Richard knows all the clubs and has a little black book with some good contacts in London Town. The trip wouldnt be near as much fun without him.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you picture government as a car….when someone yells "Hold'er Luke!!! We're headed for the rhubarb!!!"  A Chief of Staff grabs the wheel…. as the car rolls into the ditch.

      A senior political advisor mixes drinks.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I am certainly glad to hear that the Uk visit by the elected leaders include a look at Cayman office in London and particularly the continued employment of Lord blencathra an unjustified expense of $19,500 per month.

    The Cayman success has been based on us knocking on the front door, presenting our credentials and asking to be admitted, not to employ some shady character who knows a few people on the inside to take us in through the back door and infuriate all those who control the front door.

    Any repair to the relationship with the UK must include the termination of the emplyment of the Lord and his family because he can take us through the back door.

  39. St Peter says:

    Ok for just this one time I give my approval, and since the Governor is a part of the delegation it appears to be legitimate…

    • Anonymous says:

      Rhonda Webster , the premier’s PA, as well as her executive aide, Paul Leonce, and Richard Parchment, who is now senior political analyst to Rolston Anglin.

      Unnecessary jaunters in this delegation.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t let JuJu wash his feet! Who is running the Protocol office these days? Surely they will stop her this time.

    • Anonymous says:

      What protocol offiice?  The one that should insist the "Premiers Residence" sign at Mr.Bush's house be removed?

      • Anonymous says:

        We should not expect too much from the Protocol Office. It is staffed by those not easily placed anywhere else in the civil service. It could and should be closed down to save money. Another office (like office of the chief of staff of the Premier) we got on very well without for years.

        • Anonymous says:

          Remember the Protocol Office vehicle license plates?


          They were, for those of you who have forgotten, "P001" and "P002".


          The two characters following the "P"s were, of course, zeros. But from a slight distance……???

  41. Anonymous says:

    London????? Delegation?????


    How much is this going to cost?


    When will these government ludites learn to use a video conference?


    The drive to cut unnecessary government spending must be led from the top.



    • Anonymous says:

      I hope London gives them all a good slapping on their backsides (with the exception of the Governor of course), and sends them back with their tails between their legs.  They deserve nothing less.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Yeah more air miles for Paul!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    At this juncture in the development of the future of the Cayman Islands, a pledge by government to full and unerring TRANSPARANCY in ALL dealings, both foreign and domestic, would be most beneficial to the people who once held their heads high and were proud to be Caymanians.

  44. Anonymous says:

    They need a reality check!

    In person yes, but eight people? Front end of the plane and high end hotels, Why?

    Part of the reason for this visit is to tell them that CIG is out of cash, can they not understand that one of the reasons is this total lack of understanding that care needs to be taken in how you spend it because there are no more sources from which you can earn it!

    Why didnt the "Premier" make this trip alone, that is all that is necessary if the Premier is worthy of the name, she could still have fitted in a shopping trip by staying an extra day!

  45. Truth says:

    Even if they "aim" high no one could blame the UK for being more than a little sceptical listening to a proven XXXXX, free spending vote buying, Caymanian leader talking about prudent spending.

  46. Anonymous says:

    The Premier’s PA (Personal Assistant) AND her executive aide AND the Deputy Premier’s “Senior Political Analyst” ??? I can understand the list of officials because I believe there is serious mending of fences to be done with the UK but the Premier needs to carry 2 assistants? And what does a senior political analyst do in this scenario? Three tickets to the UK is not chump change – or should not be to a government that cannot pay its operational expenses. Come on, “Fab 5”, give us a break with unnecessary travel expenditure. Please don’t give us more of the same.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shee need two assistants because she don't know sh!t

      • Anonymous says:

        On the contrary..I have it on good authority that not only does she know $hit..she's FULL of it…

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh she not full of S$%t, but instead, she is full with being vendictive. THAT smells a lot worst.

    • Anonymous says:

      Political Analyst??  The must be campaigning for election in London??  What a hot Mess!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Well we can cut out Paul and Parchment to start with as they have nothing to bring to the table

    • Polly Tricks says:

      Parchment can work faxes and is a dab hand at assisting revisionism.  Paul has a gentle touch.

      • Anonymous says:

        And you can't beat Richard when it comes to takingthe blame for anything.

  48. Naya Boy says:

    The Taxman ooooooooooh the tax mannnnnnn i like the part where they say with every fibre of our being they must be looking for a soulmate in Soho, coming from a person who was on TV calling London and FCO all sorts of Nasty tings just 5 months Me nah no how we and dem gwinne wuk dis out. Oh well off to jolly Old England to further run down our all ready broke treasury with our Executive Aide and Senior Political Analyst ooooooooooh yeah can you digg it. My question is who is running dis ya place??????

    • Anonymous says:

      "My question is who is running dis ya place??????"


      Answer: the inmates of the asylum obviously.

  49. Brittodabone says:

    "He pointed out that the nature of the relationship with some overseas territories led to friction and Cayman and the UK would not always agree but he said it was government’s job to protect the interests of the Caymanian people as far as the relationship was concerned."  So what he is saying to me is that as a Brit in Cayman I ought to look to the UK to protect my interests because the local government does not wish to represent my interests.

    • Anonymous says:

      You hit the nail on the head, but surely you knew this already like the rest of us?  They just love to treat us Brits like foreigners/aliens, hence us getting rolled over like everyone else, from our own British Territory.  How stupid is that?  Regardless of what was agreed between the UK and overseas territories regarding reciprocal citizenships, if they really wanted to mend fences with the Brits, the government would extend the same courtesy to Brits and not be rolling us over.

      • Anonymous says:

        "…from our own British Territory". Ummm…not its not YOUR own at all. It belongs to HM. And no, its not "regardless" of agreements for non-reciprocity. Britain cannot simply disregard its commitments and undertakings. Caymanians would never have accepted British Citizenship on any other basis.

        For decades Caymanians were treated like any other foreigner in the immigration line at Heathrow even though we held British Passports.

        They are talking about mending fences between the Cayman govt and the UK govt. and not with some pompous, entitled local Brit expats.

        • Anonymous says:

          The few thousand Caymanians that were about when they voted to remain a British territory and become British citizens, did so because they weren't the smug, self interested, greedy, lazy, unreliable, morally corrupted and sometimes down right dishonest individuals that now claim to inherit their hard won lands. This was a time of a smaller population with Christian values who claimed their historical loyalty to the British Crown. They were uncorrupted by the wealth and influence that came with the off shore financial sector and didn't feel that they were entitled to anything that they hadn't earned through honest, hard work.

          These people knew that to go down the independence road would see their beloved islands turn into a satellite of Jamaica and bring the same chaos and instability that now blights that beautiful country.

          For your information, at this time the British people had contributed to and fought in two world wars on behalf of the free world, including the Cayman Islands. It was going through a transition from empire to commonwealth and needed a long period of time to re-adjust to the new world order. Unfortunately for some, that meant that some rights were suspended, (including immigration). But with millions of their citizens dead, disabled and missing, with the destruction of large parts of the country's infrastructure and the huge debt burden of war hanging around their necks for decades to come, I think the Brits can be forgiven for being just a little insular and protective after such heartbreak and catastrophic loss. Thank God that these islands have never witnessed such a wholesale slaughter of their youth and forever may that be the case.

          But when you accuse a Brit, (or for that matter an American or a Canadian) of being entitled and pompous, take care his grandfather wasn't one of those who died defending your freedoms or maybe even your land alongside your forefathers.

          If there are still a few Caymanians that can trace their unbroken ancestry back to those brave, loyal and wise people, then I hope they step forward and return the values of their forefathers to these islands before those who have followed destroy all that they had fought for and were proud to be. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Giving 20,000 people British Citizenship is not the same as giving 63+ million people Caymanian Citizenship.

        I did not hear your cries during all of the years that Caymanians were not entitled to full British Citizenship. 

        The best way for you to protest this issue would be for you to go home and get a job in your own country and leave Cayman to the people (locals and foreigners) that actually love this country.



        • Anonymous says:


        • Anonymous Brit. says:

          20,000?  Are you for real?  Why do you think there would be a sudden influx of Brits if this rule was relaxed?  There's only around 5,000 now and that includes all those who um, 'flocked here' over the decades preceding the recent Immigtation rules and rollover – when life was good, land was cheap, and politics, the recession, foolish development projects destroying the natural environment and a broke government were not issues – that's less than one tenth of your total population.  I was a few thousand miles away when Caymanians and other BOTs were not entitled to citizenship (as indeeds Brits weren't entitled to citizenship at BOTs either)… that's probably why you didn't hear my cries!

          And for your information that last paragraph was completely inaccurate and totally unjustified.   This Brit who is treated like a foreigner by your government, is not treated such by your people and actually is one of those 'foreigners' who loves this country more than his own, more than most foreigners I know here, and even more than some Caymanians.  



          • Anonymous says:

            You appear to be the owner of a crystal ball as you can forsee what will happen if we give 63+ million people Cayman Citizenship.

            Would you be suprised to learn that most Caymanians do not even want the EU/British passport and have no desire to move to the UK? What normal thinking individual would want to leave somewhere like Cayman to go and live in the UK for any extended period of time?

            The vast majority of Caymanians would happily give up their British Citizenship if it meant that we would be treated with the respect given to most dogs. 

            It looks like we will have to accept that we will be treated like second class citizens in our own country.



            • Anonymous says:

              You appear to have missed my point completely.  I never suggested we simply grant the entire population of the UK Cayman citizenship, only those who work and wish to invest and remain here, provided they are capable of looking after themselves and cannot eventually become a burden on the state.  If the entire population of the UK would want to move here don't you think they would already be here from all the decades preceding these insane immigration policies when the gates were wide open to them, properties were cheap and the living was good?  Yet why then, do we only have around 5,000 Brits here now?  Surely if you were right, history dictates that most of the population of Britain would be here already.  My crystal ball might not be too good, but it seems way more accurate than your own my friend.  I work and live with Caymanians, I socialise with Caymanians, I fish with Caymanians, I teach Caymanians.  Each and every one of them has or wants to have a British passport and simply cannot understand why I, as a British citizen would have to be rolled over.  Sounds to me like you have a huge chip on your shoulder my friend – its very sad to see.

        • Anonymous says:

          Muppet, you wouldn't be giving 63+ million citizenship, only those who had a legitimate reason to be here and only if they wanted it. As most Brits don't even know where the Cayman Islands are, or don't care anyway, it would only apply to the few through controlled immigration as it is now.

          I think the poster has a point, why should I as a British Citizen who has a legitimate reason to reside in Cayman, (through a properly applied work permit system) is of good character and contributes fully to CI society, be treated the same way as a non British Citizen who doesn't hold a UK passport. Why is it that I can own property here, pay all my purchase taxes as required, including stamp duty, (which Caymanians don't pay) encourage tourism, pay the required taxes and employ local managers through renting my property, which in turn adds to the wealth of the country through tourist expenditure locally, yet get zero rights in return?

          And therein lies your morality. You are quite happy to build houses and condos, sell them to anyone who can afford it, take their money, then call them 'foriegners and expats' and treat them with total disdain. You fail to offer equal rights to all and you ignore the basic right to settle even though the personal, emotional and financial investment in this country is huge. I wouldn't be proud of that, its disgusting and contemptable.      

          Alternatively, if a Caymanian came to the UK and found work, (and there's nothing stopping you, except your appalling work ethic) he or she could apply for full rights of UK citizenship after 5 years subject to the same, simple criteria. So why is it good enough for the UK to welcome those who wish to legitimately settle in the UK from Cayman after 5 years, but not the other way around. Also, why as a full British citizen do I have to apply for naturalisation to obtain a passport that I already have? Because contrary to some local opinions, the passport for the Cayman Islands says 'British Citizen, Cayman Islands'. It is therefore a British passport. go figure.

          Most Caymanians don't hold a British passport, many preferring to retain links to their ancestral past in Central or South America or other Caribbean islands. Where do you think their loyalties remain. How many of those isolationist, xenophobic bigots continuously married 'foriegners' or who are decendants of immigrants coming to Cayman within the last 50 years and consequently can't claim that their families are generational Caymanians anyway?

          And why is it that the UK abides by international agreements, but Cayman somehow thinks they are above all that? I'll tell you why, it's about short term financial gain and not the long term benefit that an influx of skills and training that a properly administered immigration system can bring, (look at New Zealand or Australia for example). In turn, British money would follow and British business would hire those Caymanian's who had benefited from such training and investment.

          Instead all you seem to understand is protectionism, isolationism and greed all of which are doing irreparable damage to your reputation, economy and future.

          • Anonymous says:

            You are nothing more than a racist and a bigot. You don't have a clue what you are talking about and your comments expose your hatred for Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      In political terms "the interests of the Caymanian people" actually means a small group of people who might vote for me in the next election.

  50. Anonymous says:

    So the traveling begins.  Havent anyone heard of video conferencing (face to face).  I do it with family and business contacts all the time.  Stop the bleeding ….more travel expenses and time spent traveling is not what Cayman needs right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or just flying Mark Simmonds out to the Cayman islands?

      • Old Sea Captain says:

        Just another free vacation for everyone before the May elections. Guess they all need the break after the events of the last month. What in the world could they possibly hope to achieve by taking this trip? They can do nothing at this late stage to bind our new government that we will get in May. These people will be gone and hopefully their free travelling five star vacations that they take on the backs of us poor taxpayers. Please fly down whoever you'll plan to meet with at least they may take a trip to stingray city and we might collect a few dollars from them. Is everyone insane, can't we see that this madness needs to stop? Please cancel this trip, thanks.

      • Anonymous says:

        No way. Psychologically they need to traipse themselves to HIM, hat in hand to beg Massahs forgiveness!

        • Anonymous says:

          Dont you think they want to show off how beautiful Caymanians are too?  My God the world must be laughing at us when they see some of our representatives. Say what you like but Mack sure dressed and looked like a professional Representative.