Jam’s contractor general continues corruption fight

| 18/01/2013

(CNS): A special report concerning the Office of the Contractor General’s (OCG) fight with government corruption in Jamaica has been published onthe office’s website. Calling on the media and the public to read the report about government’s failure to reveal critical information to his office, he describes the situation as a matter of national importance. The government watchdog said this issue had potential “dire consequence, especially as it regards the principles of good governance, transparency and accountability.” The OCG has expressed grave concerns with the failure of the country’s Cabinet over the last seven months, to comply with several requests for information relating to four major public projects.

The OCG has also referred the Jamaican Cabinet to the Director of Public Prosecution for breaches of Section 29 of the Contractor General Act

See the report on the website  www.ocg.gov.jm

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