Suspected dengue cases increase again

| 21/02/2013

(CNS): Seven more patients with suspected dengue fever have been reported to the local health authorities this week officials said Thursday. After no new cases were reported during the previous week hopes that the fever may be slowing down were dashed. Of the seven suspected cases only one of the patients had a travel history to an endemic country. None of the people reporting dengue symptoms were admitted to hospital. From the latest cases only one was from West bay which is where most of the local transmissions have occurred. Another patient was from Bodden Town and the remaining five were from George Town.

The public health department said that only one result was received during this week from an overseas laboratory used by a private physician which was positive for the mosquito transmitted disease.

So far results have been received from 110 cases with 41 positive cases 4 that were inconclusive the rest were negative. There are still 24 results pending.

Of the 41 confirmed cases, 12 have reported a travel history to endemic countries and 29 had no travel history which means they picked up the disease in Cayman. Most local transmissions have occurred in West Bay where 29 people have caught the disease. Only three people who contracted the disease here were from George Town and the other two were from Bodden Town.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We need mrcu to get out of the a/c trucks & office & do some work!


    • Anonymous says:

      MRCU can't do it alone through the use of chemicals.

      People need to get out and clean up their yards so the Aedes aegypti mosquito can not find places to lay their eggs. DEH should be enforcing laws to keep residences clear of derelict vehicles, appliances and general garbage that is seen all too often.