Rare iguana mowed down basking on Brac road

| 22/02/2013

C2 post mortem (300x292).jpg(CNS): Another endangered Sister Islands Rock Iguana has become a road casualty on Cayman Brac. Charlie as this latest victim was affectionately known became the sixth iguana killed in fifteen months on the Sister Island’s roads. The Department of Environment (DoE) is urging drivers on the Brac to pay special attention to the roads and adhere to the speed limits after Charlie was mowed down on the Bluff Road’s newly paved asphalt, on 5 February, which the department explained is attractive to the local reptiles.“Rock Iguanas, like all reptiles, are cold-blooded animals. They rely on the sun to heat their bodies, to digest their food and to move from one place to another," a DoE spokesperon said.

"The newly paved asphalt provides a perfect place for them to bask. Sadly, the rate at which they are being killed prevents them from learning the consequences of being on the road,” the department added.

The Sister Islands Rock Iguanas are critically endangered (IUCN Red List, 1996). There are now less than 100 known breeding individuals remaining. These animals are unique to the Sister Islands and the DoE asks that everyone do their part to help protect our endemic species and prevent them from becoming extinct.

Below is a map of the road kill sites as of February 11, The numbers refer to tagged iguanas and the ‘unknown’ mark refers to an iguana that was not previously tagged.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    We now have too many green iguanas. I'm sure there is inbreeding so who can tell. We are not scientists. A couple years ago they were endangered now theres too many. Could you environmentalists please make up your mind? You are now telling the public that we need to cull them .( Another way to hide they made a mistake) What you mean iskill them. No problem I have a friend that has 2 dogs that are like ninjas. One will corner them while the other grabs one then the other grabs one end and they split it apart. I will guarantee they will eat 6 a day. So if you need help we can set aprice of $10 a piece . So much per hour whatever feels enviromentally right to you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Simple put them in an protected environment, humans and animals do not live very well together….



  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s sad to see another blue killed especially since their numbers are dwindling. That said, do you know that it is a scientific fact that iguanas can and do commit suicide? I can just about agree with it considering that I was about to pass one of those pesky green iguanas and right at that final moment, it runs in front of my car. There was no way to avoid it either.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not a Blue.  It is a Rock, a mere sub-species of a Cuban species.  If you don't believe in evolution you do not believe in sub-species.

    • Anonymous says:

      Isnt rock iguana different from blue? Article states it was a rock iguana. Just wondering.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Who gives a flying crap about the stupid iguanas? I’m sick and disgusted just by the sight of them and the fact that they are starting to take over my yard and are all over my house. Why are we not as passionate about solving the murders of people and those who are missing and not found as some people are about the welfare of animals these days?

  5. Anonymous says:

    How stupid are people?!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes they try to get out of the way and if you are going too fast you cannot adjust to get them.

  7. Animaliberator says:

    This is the result of the green iguana being on the open kill list, regardless of how or by whom. Most people do not know or do not care to know what species they are killing or for whatever reason. Iguana=Kill. The government can not be bothered with a humane way to cull the green iguana by appointing a licensed hunter like they do in South Florida which has proven to work very well, except for the iguana's of course.


    Iguana's absorb most of their required heat through their feet hence them being on hot asphalt, rooftops etc.  and to state that they will eventually recognize the danger of being on the road is in my humble opinion a load of BS. Half the human race is not road smart so go figure.


    All roaming animals such as iguana's, chickens including the occasional cat and dog that cross the street require and deserve respectfrom us humans. Too many people just don't seem to care about anyhting other then themselves hence the reason that they simply run over them and think nothing of it. For those who do, well, good luck to you too and hope you make it to the next day as well.

    • Truthseeker says:

      Except there is not a problem with wild Green Iguanas on Cayman Brac. 

    • Anonymass says:

      Boy, the Brackers must be fool if they don't know the difference between a green iguana (none wild on the Brac) and their own iguanas. Or maybe you just can't tell the difference between theislands?

      Thanks for your vote against the 'reduce unneccessarry government expeditures' campaign. I look forward to a robust debate amongst your supporters (13:1 at last count) of the need for the Government to pay someone to kill green iguanas. On Grand Cayman. Because that will help protect the not-green iguanas on Cayman Brac.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you pluralize iguana, it is iguanas.

      There is no need to add an apostrophe. You did it quite well with every other plural word in your post so perhaps you ahve some special affection for "iguana's".

      • Animaliberator says:

        Well thank you very much for this correction, how silly of me. In case you haven't noticed, I have a special affection for all animals, wish I could say the same about humans.

  8. Anonymous says:

    one less to eat our plants. Bye Charlie.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Iguanas that get hit or run over by cars will probably die no matter what speed the vehicle is traveling at. It is not rocket science to know that they cannot survive a hit from a vehicle. Also the damn lizards can’t expect to just run out in front of vehicles. Please people stop talking nonsense of speeding vehicles killing iguanas it the stupid animals running out and getting hit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Kewl…solar powered reptiles on the Brac…unfortunately it seems the motorists on the Brac are cold blooded too.

  11. Kadafe says:

    seems logical to me to reduce the speed limit in the area that these rare iguanas congregate.then as a backup cme in and fill up road with speed bumps so people will have to drve slower.im sure thosewho love to see theiguanas wont mind to take a few more minutes to drive through there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree.   The south side of the Brac is a constant speeding zone.  Not all drivers excessively speed, however several drivers seem to use the south side as a quicker way to get from one end of the island to the other.    There should be no reason to drive on the south side unless you live or are working there, and I am guessing that most south side residents wouldn't mind a reduction in speed.  

      Let us not forget that iguanas don't "dart out" in front of traffic, they waddle.  Yes, they can waddle quickly, however a reduction in speed (something theBrackers should do themselves) would probably save iguanas.   

      R.I.P. iguanas.   I can remember a time when we would see nearly as many of them on the Brac  as Little Cayman.   L.C.'s roads — for the most part — don't tempt a person towards higher speeds, and that combined with FAR less drivers, make for a great tourism experience to go look at and photograph iguanas. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Speed bumps do not stop these animals from running out infront of vehicles and when they do that and get hit or run over they die its plain and simple. These animals sun on the side of the road and if spooked they just take off running in whatever direction suits them and BAM they get hit in the middle of the road.