Family needs answers over violent death

| 07/03/2013

263469_10151103481591491_1184378356_n.jpg(CNS): The family of a local man who was shot dead in Honduras last October is appealing to the local authorities to help them find out what happened to Seaford Lee Russell. The George Town man’s mother began a protest outside the government headquarters recently, and the family hope that the RCIPS or the governor’s office can help them get information from officials in Honduras, where they believe the murder has been ignored.  Russell was killed in La Ceiba around 13 October in what the authorities there believe was a gang related killing.

While the family has acknowledged that the local authorities cannot conduct an investigation on foreign soil, they are concerned that more could be done to get information from the Honduran authorities, who have told the family almost nothing about the circumstances of Russell’s violent death.

What they do know has come third hand from people travelling between Honduras and Cayman, and the family believes that if this was the son, brother or father of another foreign national or someone who was connected to influential people, the Cayman government or the UK government would be knocking on doors and demanding answers.

“To this date, our family have not received any information surrounding Seaford's murder,” said Russell’s sister Patricia Bryan. “Had this been the murder of a member of the Cayman Islands Government or someone else of political, social stature and status, or someone from another country getting murdered in the Cayman Islands, the world would literally watch the coverage and resources used to get information from Honduras or the Cayman Islands,” she said.

Although the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS), the governor's office in the Cayman Islands, and UK consulates have reached out to the Honduran authorities for information, the relevant paperwork relating to the investigation and the autopsy, the family say they have had no response and have failed to press for the information.

“Reportedly, the governor's office, periodically when requested by me, has advised that the consulates efforts are basically in vain, with no forthcoming responses from the Honduran authorities, despite some indication some months ago that this would be supplied,” Bryan said.

Following several emails to the local police, Bryan said she met with the police commissioner and an investigating officer in December to establish where local officials were with the inquiry with the Honduran authorities but she has heard nothing of any significance.

The family is being repeatedly told by the RCIPS that there is nothing they can do as they cannot go to Honduras and investigate the murder themselves, which Bryan says the family realise but they do believe that more could be done to persuade the Honduran government to reveal more. As Russell was a British Overseas Territory citizen, the family feel that the UK authorities could put more pressure on the Honduras authorities to be more forthcoming with the necessary paperwork and information surrounding the killing.

“If he was an American citizen we can be certain the American government would have gotten some results and answers for their own by now,” Bryan said. “Why then is the UK not able to get more results for our family? Not one shred of information, as have been reported to us,” she added.

Told by a Honduran national who has been living in the Cayman Islands for many years and who was in Honduras in December how Seaford was killed, the family are concerned that other information coming to them second-hand indicates the Honduran authorities are not taking the investigation seriously. 

Bryan said the authorities here need to help the family get answers about how Russell died, why the Honduran police removed bullets from his body before it was inspected by the mortician, the results of the autopsy, his personal possessions and the details of where the current investigation has reached.

The family wants the UK government and the Cayman Islands government to reach out to them and explain how they can get answers from the Honduran authorities.

“We are not asking them to go in and conquer Honduras but to get answers,” she added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Seaford Russell, a man that had is ugly side as well as his great side, doesnt this sound familiar?? Yes a man just like YOU!!! just because your sins are different does not mean you are a saint or 'better' than he was. The bible even says, if you even have hate in your heart you are considered a murderer. Please get this clear, as many of you sound like you want to play God and judge but you are not perfect and its clear hate is in your heart. It is only evident, otherwise how could you not respect that his MOTHER wants answers and JUSTICE for her CHILD she loved and prayed for hoping and beliveing for change.

    How can we not understand this? If you dont have a child now, you certainly have a mother who I am sure has prayed if not stilldo for you. Dont act so self righteous like your child or even a relative very close to you, could not make the same mistakes, could not turn out the same way. Thank God many of us have lived long enough to see the change needed and had the opportunity to change.

    That's the problem now, all the discrimination and hate against each other. You should have your mouths open when bigger cases of injustice is done here and fight against that, than to open your ignorant small minds towards a hurting family who is just seeking answers and justice for their murdered family member!

    Hopefully you wont be in their shoes one day and feel what they feel, karma has a way of humbling one.

    as for Seaford's family, my sincere condolences and I pray that justice is served one way or the other. I pray that you find and get answers that helps to bring some closure. I knew Seaford and like I said before, like many others he had a bad side and he also had a great side. A real comedian he was and had a super character. I really do miss seeing him around, hailing me everytime he saw me. He was actually the only man I saw that still towed his wife around on a bicycle, I thought that was so cute. May his soul rest in peace and I do pray he's in paradise <3 … Keep fighting for your son if that what you feel you need to do, it's a good fight!!! I would do the same regardless of what anyone says! they called Jesus all sorts of names, the choose a murderer over him but that was all in God's plan, so he could save us all>>>>Including the one Seaford Russell. My friend Always! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    My friend's brother was killed in Cost Rica.  They said he was robbing a store and the store owner shot him.   The family did not believe that story so they went to Costa Rica.  Got there and discovered how prejudiced some parts of Costa Rica are – they hatedark skinned people and refer to them as monkeys.  WOnt even sit in the same seat on the bus as a black man.   This was a few years ago and still no answers.   The help was given by the Consulate to get the body back home to be buried and that was it.   The family had to find peace and move on.  Did he commit a crime, we dont know if thats true or not.  Did he deserve to be shot in the head?  Of course not.    He worked there so he was not there as a gangster but his company turned their back on him and so Patricia Bryan, you are on your own.  Go to Honduras, get an interpreter and a lawyer.  You can find a reasonably priced one who will ask for documents on your behalf.  Try that but it is unreasonable to ask the CI GOvt to do it for you XXXX


    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry to hear about your friend's brother, although as you state this happened a few years ago. However, I would like to clarify the points you are trying to make in terms of Costa Ricans "hating" dark skinned people. Costa Rica has an entire province called Limon, which is made up of 95% dark skinned people. They are completely incorporated to the society and considered by everyone as Costa Ricans. 


      The racism which you are implying I have never witnessed with my own eyes, and before making such suggestions perhaps you should travel there to experience it with your own eyes. In terms of crime, it has one of the lowest crime ratios of Latin America and remains one of the safest countries to travel to.


      Dark skinned Costa Ricans also suffer much more racial abuse from countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico, who do use terms such as "monkeys" towards them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    "Live by the sword, die by the sword" It's a saying derived from a biblical parable to the effect that if you use violence, or other harsh means, against other people, you can expect to have those same means used against you. From what I've heard, it's probably relevant in this case.

    • Anonymous says:

      This saying does not negate a family's grief. Regardless of the sins we commit, each one of us is someone's child.

      That said, while I understand the family's grief and pain all too well having also had a loved one murdered and the crime going unsolved, their public efforts will only bring them pain and ridicule in this community.

      Cayman is a very judgmental place – most people, as can be seen by the comments here, will blame Seaford for his own death – basically saying he deserved it. This is wrong – no one deserves to be brutally murdered and then have their body dumped like garbage. No matter what he may have done in life.

      Also, don't count on the RCIPS for help – they don't even solve the murders that happen here! And if the victim is someone with a criminal record or past, the often act like the murderers did them a favour. I have long since given up on my loved one's murder being solved – although it is well known by Police and others who was involved.

      I can only attempt to come to terms with the loss, as well as the rage and grief, as best I can. And live on to honour my loved one's memory.

      My heartfelt advice is to attempt to do the same. Sometimes getting the answers without getting justice is more painful than not knowing.

      I wish Seaford's family peace and hope that in time they will heal. I know it is a hard road.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seaford is known to me what he did here he also did in honduras and you well know it. You want answers, well i want answers too what about those people who he and others hurt, people who worked hard for their money got rob and beaten sometimes even scaring them.

    you think that him and other wanna be gangsters being around their children makes up for all the bad.  parents cry foul because somebody took them out, and guess what  when they die all of their sins come out and not one good damn thing to say about them, they cry and say "oh, he had his faults, but he still made me smile".. you want the life of a bad man or gangster then guess what take the bullet like a gangster, ain't no such thing as doing what you want and walking away. 

    innocent people, children get hurt or die because of people like them, you want answers then go there yourself. he is your brother, cough up your money and buy your ticket.  you need answers then take a journey in his footsteps , but oh i forgot family is always blind sided in any of their siblings faults. 

    peace out!

    • Anonymous says:

      you go girl, tell the truth like it is, no lies or cover up! 


  5. Anonymous says:

    Patricia, by no means did your brother deserve what he happened to him and I truly hope you get some justice.  However, when I was a young 12 year old girl barely entering puberty YOUR brother made sexual advances to me and my girl friends of the same age for years.  I had to get my own brother to sort him out before he would stop.  It was disgusting and the school had to get involved.  Over the years I watched him be involved in illegal activity.  What was done to help him when he was a young boy himself?  Your brother was the prodcut of whateer guidance or lack of guidance he got growing up and he terrorized me and a lot of other young women so you have to accept that not everyone is going to paint him as a victim.



    • Anonymous says:

      "Haters and all, this is what motivates me"

      well, let me give you some more motivation.  Mrs. Dean just scroll down read this girl's heart felt comment what your brother has done, because the funny thing is that he tried to do the same thing to me when i got off the school bus and was walking home.  my brother beat the living shit out of him when i came home with my school shirt ripped open and i told him what he  tried to do.  i didn't need to call police because after that messed up beating he got he left me alone.  

      this is not any new news to you, because what he did, he did to other school girls one of them got pregnant at a very young age.  you say you care for him ,your love for him is sick.  knowing what he did and how he degraded women, and you still love him that makes me want to vomit. i wouldn't spit on him if i had to save him from hell.

      And personally this had nothing to do with your cayman people not caring, it's what he done and the scars he left. 

      Happy bonvoyage Seaford.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well done young lady for making your statements.  I don't know you but I totally understand where you are coming from.  Amazing how your own can stab you inthe back.  You are correct it is not the ones that speak to you directly but it is those shadow dwellers that we have to be mindful and be careful of.  Then the people of the Island wonder why their island is falling in the hands of foreign invaders.  If Caymanians only pulled together, respected each other and looked after each others keeper this country would not be in the mess it currently finds itself in.  Imaging somebody dies and all ignorant folks can do is gossip and speculate.  How low have the people of the Cayman Islands have become.  Like you say there will come a day that we all have to give an account for our thoughts and deeds.  Nobody is exempted in the sight of God (Jehovah).  Guarantee most of these malicious people making comments attend church every Sunday and don't know what the heck the preacher had said come Monday.  No worries Justice will prevail.  You keep searching for the truth as it is your own flesh and blood irrelevant of the life style he lead.  You watch those same people casting judgement their very own family members are engage in some activity as we speak.  Mark my words.  But the scripture as taught us to turn the other cheek and we shall leave it at that.  God bless.  Concerned citizen.

  7. to be or not to be says:

    My brother died in a drive by shoot out in Jamaica, i purchased my ticket  went to the police station with my family members, we were told that it was a possible group of gangs that did the shoot out, and no one has come forward to give any witness statements.   We then buried him and prayed for healing.  sometimes that is the best that we can do.  might be a good idea that your family members can come together and take a flight to hondouras yourselves. 

    in other countries they might show the willingness to help provide information , i really don't think that the UK and the Cayman Islands are going to get involved to much.  Hondouras is like Cuba they don't allow anyone from the outside to just step in and start asking questions that's like a call for lock down and they do get defensive especially when the UK gets involve.

  8. delli says:

    There's an old saying "what goes around always comes back around".  it's sad when someone dies and a family member wants to know what really happened,  they really need that closure. but saying that,  the past will catch up on you if you mingle with the wrong crowd and hurt other people.  what do you expect will happen?  i got a good feeling excatly what happened he just messed with the wrong people in hondouras. 


  9. Anonymous says:

    I feel it very deeply for this mother. Any mother out there would stop at nothing for justice for her child. I hope you get the help you need, I can’t imagine losing a child so brutally and not know who did it or why – my heart aches you for and your family.

    • Richard Wadd says:

      The thing about "Justice" is that it's effects are usually quite different for the victim to that of the perpretrator.

      While I sympathise with the pain that this mother feels for her murdered son, I am sure that she was not blind to the type of life that he lived, and continued to live inspite of the family's concerns and many opportunities to change the path he was heading down.

      I am saddened that your family feels the loss, but it is nothing short of hypocracy to paint him as an innocent victim. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow you don’t know do you, first of all Honduras is not the crime capital of the world…but this is not about defending Honduras. I knew the victum and I know his family, Like one of the commenters said family sometimes get blind-sighted by the love they have for someone that they don’t see what this person is into.

        This man did cause a lot harm to people, and his lifestyle maybe what killed him, but what does on get from pointing figures. Here is my two sense, it will not do you any good by asking cayman or uk government to help, the minute Honduras smell foren police they are not going to say anything and they deal with insolve crims murder ever day. So the best thing is for a family member going their and put pieces together by asking people who knew him and know what he was involve with right before his killing like another commenter said. Most all you need patience snd time if you want answers and also be prepare for any news that you don’t want to hear because again people don’t get out of gang easily and if they told you it’s gang related? Honduras is known for killing first then ask questions especially if they betray a gang member or messing with the wrong person period. Good luck and I hope you get a closure soon.

  10. Anonymous says:

    My sympathy goes out to the family for gheir loss. Honduras has a reputation for being the crime capital of the world. Its sad to say this, but does the family know the purpose in which their son/brother were in Honduras in the first place.? it would be wise for the family to retrace his foot steps, find out his purpose for being there. Find out if he was involve in the gang movement. Find out why he was targeted by the gangs.  Maybe he was involved in something he should not had been in. Don't expect our Police force to solve that crime, contact the Honduras authorities first. Contact Interpol, but don't pressure our police force on this one. This is non of their business. Their priorities lies with Cayman's crime, not Honduras. The energy spent by the family accusing Cayman's police, should be spent conducting their investigation in Honduras. Parade in front of Honduras Police Station and Government building, instead.

    • Anonymous says:

      i heard fr good source he was warn not to back to honduras… from honduras he got that warning..

  11. Anonymous says:

    or someone from another country getting murdered in the Cayman Islands, the world would literally watch the coverage and resources used to get information from Honduras or the Cayman Islands,”



    If I'm not mistaken,the same cry for information by the parents of a young nurse from Jamaica who disappeared….presumed murdered…was made to the Caymanian authorities not so long ago…and no further information has been forthcoming since then either.

    It must be a heart-rending experience for any family to have to feel what they are feeling now….They have my every sympathy and hopefully, they will find closure.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My deepest condolences to the family, but I have read several misconceptions here. Virtually no murders are ever really investigated in Honduras. It doesn't matter if the victim is rich or important or a US citizen. The Honduran police have not solved or made arrests in any murders of US citizens either according to the US Embassy, which is one of the reasons that the US State Dept has issued a travel warning for Honduras. There are approximately 20 murders per day in Honduras and I doubt that even 5% of them are ever solved, much less successfully prosecuted. The police announce that it was an "ajuste de cuentas" and that is that. End of story.

    In one widely publicized case of the murder of two university students, corrupt police were the murderers. The suspects were "detained" by authorities and then released for the weekend! They escaped and went into hiding. The prominent Honduran mother has put pressure directly on the President, the Minister of Security, and the various Directors of Police for a year and a half. She is in the news almost daily. If she can't get justice for her son, no one will.

    That is the sad truth about Honduras. There is no justice for anyone. I hope that the family can find peace.

  13. Anonymous says:

    He was shot in Honduras.  Lots of people get shot in Honduras.  Sorry but we have better things for the police to do.

  14. patricia bryan says:

    My aplogies…"thank you" to the people/commentors who are on the same page and/or have some understanding as to what my family and I are asking for from the authorities, and for your compassion at the lost of my brother. I speak for everyone on my mother's side that we appreciate the sentiments.

    Also, thank you, CNS, for putting this article together so, so very well, which is better than my mere, simply, emotional letter. God bless all of you – haters and all – because all you do on either side, to a person like myseflf, is motivate me…

  15. patricia bryan says:

    I can honestly tell you who commented to this article that yes, I am somewhat hurt. Hurt at some comments made at my brother’s character and about his death. Also hurt that my Caymanian people can be so heartless and ruthless, yet remain hidden as ‘anonymous’! But hey, that is normal isn’t it? I can bet that if any of you know me, you wouldn’t have the heart to say these things to me. Please take the opportunity tell me personally and identify yourselves. And for you who truly knows me…you will know…I sincerely do NOT care, what you have to say. UNTIL such a death knocks at YOUR door, then you should consider not the dead but the left behind to mourn.


    MY BROTHER, yes, MY brother, was not the WORST Cayman had on its streets, yet there was justice for others. He certainly won’t be the worse to come. I take issue is of people not having enough education, comprehension and knowledge to READ the words and understand the contents of correspondence surrounding me and my family's out-pour. Seaford was a man of the streets who did not always live a good life, heck I can admit that, but he is stil my brother and he did good for many, even some of you who may comment on this letter.


    I stand behind every word I wrote in my letter(s) because knowledge is power, and when one knows, one knows. For those of you who simply do NOT know, then get yourselves informed. And/or educated. In closing, there is a Higher Power, and just as MY BROTHER'S body was delivered, in one piece (contrary to rumors), to be brought home for my family to bury him, so it will prevail that we will know what happened to him in another man's country, and the perpetrators will pay, maybe not under man's hand but under a stronger, power-filled, in-control hand, one we all have to answer to. So tread lightly and don’t throw stones so easily.


    One thing I pride myself on…my mother taught me to not cast stones. And not once have I ever rejoyced at the death of another's child, whether the person was according to man's standards, good or bad. Yes the Government and the UK can do more…more has many different definitions. Again for the uneducated, uninformed and ill-knowledged. But as a writer wrote, they do not want to waste money on my brother. Another writer mentioned about karma. Sweetheart(s), it’s called ‘revenge’ and the word of God tells us He says revenge will be His. I can assure you my brother’s death was not the revenge you may feel you know it is.


    There are many stories surrounding mybrother’s death, but remember, what you think the family doesn’t k now, we may know. With that being said, you all can continue to write and post your negativity. You are entitled. Just as me and my family are entitled to write and say what we want, and seek answers. And so we will. It may intimidate others in my family, but the comments won’t sway ME. I loved my brother very much; knew who and what he was, yet still loved him, so much he didn’t like it at times. But that was not ALL he was. Yet as human nature goes, it is always the negativity that prevails over a person’s life.


    It is people like our own Caymanians who have caused our country to get to the despair it has, yet the blame is on the next succeeding Govt., Dart and many others. It is the way it has been because we fight against one another so WELL, and no one is ever given chances!! Look back on the young lives lost over the past few years. All because some made mistakes and were never again given chances. Almost every family in Cayman has a black sheep.


    Thank God that any of yours who were taken by force was done so other means than my brother was. I strongly believe in this situation happening for a purpose. And I will stand on the mast of the ship as it sails out to sea on the journey to discover that purpose. Many of you are not open-minded to see this. Write away. The worse is done and that is that my brother is no longer with me and his children. I have expressed myself and will continue to do so; all the while holding my head up amidst it all!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not know you nor did I know your deceased brother. In your own admission, your brother did not live the best lifestyle; then you try to justify it by saying he was not the worst either. Emphasis will likely be placed on the bad things a person has done verses the good – it’s human nature. When you’re bad and bad things happen to you people generally have little to no sympathy which is KARMA not revenge. You are clearly bothered and hurt by the comments on this board as you’re not receiving an outpour of public support with your “mission”. I.e. I recall going to a funeral back in 2010 for one of the guys who was shot and killed during our gang killing spree. Although I didn’t know him, I was very good friends with a close relative of his and felt compelled to go and offer my support/shoulder to cry on. While I was getting dressed to go; my husband says to me – why do you even care about going to the funeral of that piece of sh*t? What did everyone expect with the life he led someone was bound to take him out. This is precisely what you are dealing with now so try to come to terms with the real possibility of never getting the answers you seek, healing and moving on with your life. Honduras is a BIG country with problems we don’t even dream about on our little island. I will leave you with this lil note “The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves”.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am the one whom wrote mentioned Karma, I don’t know you but I did know your brother and his reputation. I also have a family member who unfortunately decided to be a little sh…. And has played a part in our gang problem on the island, he is now seriving time in Northward. Yes we as a family love him but as far as I am concerned he committed crimes against us caymanians and is played a role in our crime problem here on the island. Even so this is my son his is a bad apple and yes we may have played a role as we didn’t see his friends change when in high school ( so I apologize to the public for this). When he gets out we will still love him but let me tell you this if we feel he is not reformed guess what he is on his own and will not be welcome in our family home. And I must add we will be the first to assist the police to return him to NW..

        Finally you must understand us honest hard working caymanians do have bad apples in are family, we have to except it and admit it, not cover up what they are doing. I do feel sorry for your loss on one had but as I said Karma is a b….

      • Anonymous says:

        honduras is so big that they cant solve their own problems with crime muchless deal with another countries death.. there are american,candians all kinds of ppl dying in that country.. and all now they dont catch who do it.. XXXX

  16. St Peter says:

    Will someone please tell me:

    Why did he go to Honduras?

  17. Anonymous says:

    condolence to his family , but murder is so common in Honduras that it has become a part of life . the united states has deported thousands of gang members back so the murder rate is out of control.the poor cayman police would not know where to start, Honduras had about 7,000 murders in 2012 think about that.

  18. DemsdaFacts says:

    Has anyone asked "What was the manner of his death?" Without going into details, he died "execution style". This suggests this man, though he may be someone's Son, was a Bad Man, who made several Bad Choices and ran in some very Bad Circles. I read one of these posts where someone referred to Karma. They would not be far from the truth. Here's another one from a popular book, quoted whenever "convenient" – "You reap what you soe".

    Why should I, as a tax payer, cover the cost of finding out how some "Gangster" lived and or died? Call me insensitive if you like, but I fail to see how anyone can justify why my cash straped government would be required to fork out even more cash on an excercise that the Family could and should otherwise do themselves.

    Other than the Family, who are obviously grieving but also looking for someone to blame, is anyone else demanding that the facts surronding this death be investigated? The answer is – "No", they are not. Thank you CNS for being sensitive to the family, but like some recent rants on FB, this isnt News!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry for the family, but Honduras is a hell hole and it is not the fault of the Cayman government that no information can be gotten. Their statements about the government are irresponsible.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hell hole is the word.  That is why half the people are flocking here in full force.  Be careful Cayman who let in

  20. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to this hurting family but the RCIPS cant even solve murders here in the Cayman Islands!!!How is God's name does anyone expect them to solve one in another country?

    • Anonymous says:

      I sympathize with the family but with all the murders in Honduras of their own citizens I highly doubt they are paying attention to the murder of a visitor to their country who was most likely involved in something he shouldn't be. Sometimes you have to hold the victim responsible too. You know the saying if you live by the gun you die by it. I can understand them wanting answers etc… but to me they are just beating a dead horse.  

  21. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t the family hire a PI to investigate this? We don’t need to spend any money out of the Gov purse to investigate…. The problem with us caymanians is to that is our child is a bad apple we will never admit it.. As far as we are concerned the child is the best and can do anything wrong. My question is what was he doing over there? We I can tell you and it wasn’t a vacation… I don’t wish death on anyone’s family but karma is a b……

  22. delli says:

    I had a family member that recently died in cuba, when i got to cuba i was given information on the circumstances surrounding that death.  If the RCIPS cannot or is not willing to do more it might be a good idea to go there yourself and see the police commisioner, try to get the police report and review the documents. Also pay a visit to the hospital for paperwork surrounding his death.  Good luck! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to be cynical, but the key word in the above post is "pay".


      However, even with a big bribe I don't think the family will have any accurate knowledge of what happened.

    • Anonymous says:

      believe me for the right amount of money, the doctors will make copies of the file for her.  

  23. Anonymous says:

    .It is sad that a soul has gone out in eternity so brutal …But really what do they want the government to do for them..Futher more he was not the best of person in or comunity growing up sad but true.. Maybe they should take a trip to Honduras to seek the answers themselves..What you think about that???? 

  24. Anonymous says:

    Having lived in Honduras for a number of years and having close family connections there, it's highly unlikely that any positive information will be forthcoming in this homicide. You have to realise that every week in Honduras, a least two dozen homicides take place all over the country with about 90% of these crimes go undetected. This does not include other serious crimes that also go undetected. In a country like Honduras, "money talks and absolutely everything else walks". I once had to make a report to the police in Honduras and to get them to come to the scene of the incident, I had to buy fuel for their "jaloppy police vehicle" and had to pay them personally for their service, which was most unprofessional. All things considering, the family is somewhat lucky to get the body of their love one back on Cayman soil, as many disappearances take place in Honduras without ever a trace again. Honduras is an "extremely big country" for which many area's are not even inhabited. Good Luck to the family though.      

  25. Anonymous says:

    Comparing this story to another of a Canadian friend whose mother died in an accident in South America, this makes me very sad. I know Cayman doesn't have an embassy/consulate in Honduras but my friend was overwhelmed by the level of help from the Canadian officials in their case. Surely there can be some sort of official request from the UK as well as Cayman regarding Mr. Russell. His family, especially his children, deserve some answers. 

    • Anonymous says:

      the Cayman Islands have tried might not be enough for some people, but it is the Hondouras police who is only giving bits and pieces of information.  the real fuss is that the police in hondouras has not arrested anyone that killed him and they have either given up or no longer pursuing the matter.   He is a caymanian.  do you really think that the person/persons who killed him that a witness is going to rat out on their own people, you better think again. 

      Find inner peace, you are one of the lucky ones who actually got your brother body back to actually bury him, it might not be enough for you but for some people who have lost their loved ones you are considered lucky to have that.  it's a hard road, you want answers and you might not get them , i wish you all the best either way.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Very sad. Can empathise with the mother. remeber that girl who got killed in ARUBA. USA left no stone unturned to find the killer, but in Cayman nobody gives a damn.

    I know of some folks who had a relative get in trouble in Cuba immigration (at the airport whiel transisting).Copmpletely false accusations by the Cubans. When the family approached Cayman authorities – the matter was ignored and pushed around.

    • Anonymous says:

      Aruba is quite diffrent while they may give information more freely, do not think for one moment that the USA or the UK can demand such a thing in Cuba or Honduras i remeber seeing in the news a couple years ago a american citizen was jailed and thrown in prision for cursing.   The guy's family pleaded with the president (bush) to intervien and to get him released, the president was so scared sh–less thinking to himself "you actually want me to go up against Fidel Castro (just seeing the expression on his face on TV, had me laughling) while i must say he is a lot of talk he did try to negotiate but he was shot down, the guy served his time and he was released. 

      These spanish countries are hard balls, be thankful he wasn't killed in cuba you would have never got his body back.