Port bid will be open

| 07/03/2013

cruise ship beautiful.jpg(CNS): The tourism minister has confirmed that government will be going ahead with a full open competitive tender bid for the cruise port facilities in George Town, which will be open to all of the cruise lines that have expressed an interest in partnering with government on the critical project as well as developers. So far, at least four different cruise lines have expressed an interest in the project but they will not be getting any special favours as the project is going out to competitive bid. However, Cline Glidden noted that the lines would have a built-in advantage over other potential developers and the UK has said that, as long as local procurement legislation is followed to demonstrate value for money, it should be a local decision on how the government approaches the project.

Speaking at Thursday’s weekly post cabinet press briefing, Glidden said the UK had acknowledged thatthe solution for the cruise port development might lie outside traditional methods and as long as there was an open and competitive tender following international best practice and the project moved forward following local legislation and requirements, it would be a decision for the Cayman government not the UK.

The tourism minister explained that, despite the advantages the cruise lines may have, the tender which government is now preparing will be an open one. He said that all of the cruise lines appeared to be willing to compete in a proper process, so it will not just be the four cruise lines that have said they want to be part of the project.

“It will be an open tender allowing anyone to bid,” he said, adding that it was fair to say that the lines would have the distinct advantage of being able to offer passenger guarantees. However, the minister said the bid had to be open in order to allow the best possible solution to emerge. Glidden added that by all indications the cruise lines would be involved in the bids and government valued their interest in a partnership, but the tender would not be restricted.

Following pressure by Mark Simmonds, the UK’s overseas territories minister, on the former premier, McKeeva Bush, to get the cruise berthing negotiations back on track, government has been trying to find a way to use existing resources and information to put together a package for an open tender.

Once the talks stopped with China Harbour Engineering Company and CIG, several cruise lines moved to try and take advantage of the opening. While they may in the end prove to be the best solution to the on-going cruise berthing project dilemma, it is clear that the UK is not prepared to allow the CIG to enter into any more talks outside of a competitive bid.

Meanwhile, referring to other port business, the minister said that commercial boat owners had been caught up erroneously in the new boat fees introduced on luxury vessels but this was being addressed.

Glidden said that commercial operators were not intended to be caught in the new tax net and that the possession of a Trade and Business Licence for commercial boat owners should have been sufficient to ensure that they were not charged the new fees designed entirely for leisure craft. 

Glidden said there should have been a clearer specific exemption carved out for boats that are being used in a business operation and the government was now dealing with the issue.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A dollar short and 4 years too late to save my business and its employees. It sickens me to see what these once honest Islands have come to. Greed, crazy waste, Cronyism, INSANE fee hikes….Sick! Sick! Sick!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks UDP and UDP Lite for wasting the last 4 years and finally pretending to do the right thing and go through a proper tendering process. We know it is not a coincidence that the election is coming up. You have done nothing but cost us money the whole time both of your governments have been in power. This will not save you now. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sad very sad how people don't understand the important  role that transportation is to the cruise ship dock function. Why is it important? If the total amount of people only came to GT then no one else would make money . The turtle farm the bars and rest. outside of town, hell  is the only place people that most people think about. But what about real estate? When we show people the 7 mile beach and they get out of the bus and walk on that sand that sells more real estate then most real estate agents. People want ," show me what you talking about" . Just like all investors the "show factor" is very important. When you take them in a bus you reach a higher number. You get people talking about what they saw and what they like.

    So when one says , how are you going to dispatch me? Its very important . Come see for yourself the chaos that we go through in a day of 4 ships or more in the season. We sometimes are moving 600 -1500 people at the same time going all over the island. It shouldn't be this hard but it is. The ships crew help very little . Tickets say what time ,who with but how do you find them? What number, what color? Look at it from the customer 's point of view. It is difficult when you have old people or when you have people who don't speak english. Sometime people come from places where they don't ask questions beacause they arefrighten . Many many reasons so infrastructure is important and common sense has to prevail. A simpler way of dipatching people from the dock is essential. Instead of people yelling and sticking a sign in front of people . 

    So I hope that the cruise line will be get the contract and that they lower the numbers of people who don't understand the chaos they cause with no one in charge.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why would anyone trust the Minister as he has 3.5 years of blinding following and pandering to to one man rule under Mr. Bush. Look at his performance handling the port under Decco and GLFperiods in theb history of developing this port. He was not transparent then so why would we possibly trust him now. We all know what he was doing withn GLF, the chairman of the port authority and others behind the scenes and they all got found out by their Premier.

    Fellow Caymanians, do not be fooled by this suddenly squeeky clean charade when they have never been clean or transparent.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I certainly hope he does, I am looking forward to him running the island, lord knows he would do a better job they the people we put in charge..

  6. Anonymous says:

    when will the tendering happen???? when?????….this is the most important information that the media should be demanding of these muppetts

    • Anonymous says:

      "Port bid will be open " is a great headline if those in charge of the evaluation are independent professionals experienced in the process, not Mac's leftover lackeys who have no idea of the industry establised procedures which have to be followed.

      Fed up with politicians and govt. officials who attend meetings and make decisions on how our money is spent without any knowledge of the principles involved.

    • Caymanian Voter In GT says:

      Amen. 15 years of this…. Snore. Gee, who loves our career party politicians now?
      Boy oh boy they all loved receiving fat salaries for years and years as we watched the ships sail pass.

      Again, we do NOT need mega-malls attached to the dock.
      Please! Someone send Glidden on a Royal Caribbean or Celebrity ship so he can see that ALL duty free and ALL shopping choices (jewelry, perfume, etc) are now offered on the ships so the point is MUTE to build retail in the port. Instead, try to revitalize George Town and offer decent island tours and we will once again be a favorite destination.

      Stop your lips flapping already and pour the simple cement!

  7. Anonymous says:

    C4C are you going to back the Chinese to build it this time too?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I hope that taxi and bus operators will be part of the group that helps decide where they will be dispatched from. Because the system is not working

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't see any reason why the taxi and bus operators should not handle the entire cruise pier negotiations. Afterall, the test they take for their license is more difficult than the test to become a politician.

    • Cayman. Concern says:

      You mean NOT …. Our current taxi bus system is a crony cartel and the new leaders have to stop this union type protection and revamp the system.

      When the public finds out the facts of the taxi dollar total purse soaking our tourists they, too will be appalled and demand change.

      We need change at ALL levels.

      Better Cayman soon come I hope. It starts by throwing the career party politicians out and truly getting good governance

  9. Anonymous says:

    The cruise pier would have been build years ago if the Cayman ruling class was honest and competent.

    • Anonymass says:

      If they were honest, it wouldn't be built. But they are competent. At geting what they want.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I hope they get it done & get done without corruption & not breaking the govt & employ Caymanians!


  11. Anonymous says:

    watch Dart put in a bid… and get it.

    • Anonymous says:

      hopefully… they should have used him from day one….

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP were originally pushing for Decco to get the deal. Their appointees to the Port Authority Board went to Central Tenders Committee and tried to have them endorse what they had already done. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't think so. Darts few remaining loyal contacts are unlikley to be in power much longer and more likely to be working in Caymana Bay with the others who have opted to jump onto the bandwagon.  

  12. Anonymous says:

    All I can say to the minister is that, please don't go flying around the world to find someone to build the port. Make them come to Cayman!!!!! they aren't going to build it for free, so don't waste monies flying everywhere..


    • Anonymous says:

      Is there anywhere left for them to fly…..dey been everywhere mon!

  13. Anonymous says:

    It is really inconceivable that our government would consider putting that dock out there exposed like that. This last week was testament that they are putting it in the wrong place.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't you South Sound developers have enough of a battle on your hands with dumping fill into the South Sound? Do we really have to listen to the so called "Captains" Red Bay BS again?

  14. Whodatis says:
    1. What about the EIA report?
    2. How will this project impact Seven Mile Beach, one of the most beautiful and precious stretches of white sandy beach on the entire planet?!
    3. What will the entitiesbe bidding on? A simple physical construction comprising of a basic extension into the sea to which cruise ships will dock – or a over-developed, standing-industry-killing project complete with retail space, casinos and hotels???!!!

    For once, can we have all cards on the table before wheels are set in motion in this country?

    The year is 2013, CIG … your people expect and demand more from you today.

    Get with it, or get out!

    • Anonymous says:

      A transparent RFP process would address all concerns. Let’s hope the big global infrastructure firms are notified so they can finally bid.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please be advised Cline Glidden and your government; before you can negotiate with anyone you must deal with the CONTRACT signed by the former premier with CHEC! Have you settled that contract dispute yet? If so, what did it costs the people! I'm sure CHEC will seek a stay of any further negotiations until a settlement is made. So why the heck are you blabbering about this pier when you have to clear up the problems your prior boss created. Please Cayman don't make these blabbering politicians pull the wool over your eyes. Nother can be done with the piers until the contract with CHEC is concluded.