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| 07/03/2013

_DSC3519-web.jpg(CNS): Government has revealed that it has asked Dart Realty to extend the Easterly Tibbetts Highway along the Harquail By-pass into a duel carriageway to address safety concerns and future traffic volume as part of the agreement between the two parties and the NRA. Cabinet ministers said Thursday that the delayed closure of the first stretch of the West Bay Road is as a result of new negotiations introduced by government as part of what they said was the third and final amendment to the deal. Last week a writ was filed in court against what is known as the NRA agreement but the premier said this had nothing to do with the delay nor had it impacted the talks.

Speaking at the press briefing on Thursday morning, Health Mnister Mark Scotland was the first of the Cabinet ministers to reveal that government had now asked Dart Realty Cayman Ltd to widen the original stretch of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway from the Butterfield Roundabout in George Town to the Camana Bay Roundabout at the junction of Lawrence Boulevard from two lanes to four. He said this was in order to address concerns about the number of accidents on that road and because of the expected increase in traffic volume once the rest of the Easterly Tibbetts is completed through into West Bay.

Deputy Premier Rolston Anglin denied that this new request from government was an indication that there were still questions regarding value for money about the controversial deal, which the former UDP government signed in December 2011 with Dart and the National Roads Authority.

Anglin said that there was no question of the deal not offering value for money and this request from government was “nothing to do with clawing back anything” but about getting more from the deal where possible.

He said the independent review conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which has still not been made public, confirmed the deal offered value for money for the public purse from the very onset and the negotiations for changes and amendments do not change the value of the overall package.

Anglin told CNS that if the developer agreed to undertaken the highway expansion, Dart would be able to recoup the costs of that work via additional concessions in duty, taxes or fees in the future but the overall balance in terms of crown land values and other assets being swapped would not change.

A few weeks ago Cabinet members announced that the third amendment to the NRA deal centred on the exchange of beach land for the road swap. Dart had originally offered beach front close to Victoria House on the West Bay Road as a site for the development of a second public beach. However, government wanted to change that because of the impracticalities of that location and instead were looking at taking a much larger stretch of beachfront property from Dart in Barkers and some additional land next to Smith Cove in South Sound.

Once this change was settled, government had said, the stretch of West Bay Road between Governor’s Way and Raleigh Quay was set to be closed before the end of February. This would then facilitate the upgrade to public beach in time for Easter. However, the expectation that the third amendment would be finalized was not met, the ministers said, because of the new negotiations.

“We were expecting to be able to have an agreement but the issues on the third amendment are not finished,” said Tourism Minister Cline Glidden, who said any confusion was down to an “expectation gap” as the talks were not yet concluded.

The cabinet members indicated that the expansion of the Harquail Bypass from two to four lanes would have been part of the negotiations in the second phase of the Dart proposal, which would deal with the landfill. However, given the increase in traffic and fears of a bottleneck on this stretch of road, fueling concerns that safety would become even more of a problem on an already notorious stretch, government felt it had to push for the road widening sooner rather than later. As a result, the issue was now on the table with the NRA agreement, which meant talks were continuing and the closure of the West Bay Road had been delayed.

Scotland said the public was well aware of the concerns about this stretch of road and, given government’s financial position, it could not take on what would be a major capital project. But government saw the Dart/NRA deal as an opportunity, he said.

The cabinet ministers said that, although the review period was now over, the parties were continuing the talks in good faith. However, Anglin said it was fair to say that both sides “were anxious to reach a conclusion” as everyone was aware of the need for an enhanced public beach and the jobs that would be created once Dart starts the hotel.  He added that, as is the case with any protracted negotiations, there could be frustrations but all parties were committed to working through to a beneficial conclusion. The ministers were quick to insist, however, that, regardless of the outcome, the PwC review had found that the deal already provided the necessary value for money required.

The deal continues to divide the community, however, and the writ filed by four West Bay women last week will still have to be dealt with by government. The activists have claimed a catalogue of human rights and constitutional breaches and are hoping to have a judge rule against the closure of the road and force government to negotiate an alternative with the developer. Asked about the writ, Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said it was being handled by the legal department and Cabinet had received no instructions from them to stop talks with Dart as a result of the legal action.

With the final deal and the value for money review that was started by PwC a year ago still not public, suspicions and questions about the details of the deal and the true value to Dart versus the value to the public purse and the community at large persist.

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  1. Route 66 says:

    @ St Peter on Fri, 03/08/2013 – 21:06.

    You are too funny My friend, and hope you dont live in West Bay. I heard alot of ranting and raving about the new roads and cut off of the beach and most of them was from West Bayers. 

    But let me ask you all how many of you all even look at the beach when crossing it or as that matter of fact how many visit the beach on a daily base oe weekend with your families with out it being a easter weekend or a speical occasion like flowers see swim? 

    But here is the real question I wanted to ask.  What if something happened in west bay that they need to evacuate the area, how would it be dont with one exit after crossing the Republic's shopping centre? Seeing there is only the one striaght out of the Bay area. How many of us would kill to get out of West if we was stuck there and something happened. 

    Change is not always bad and if it is to better a place I ask you why not? 

    A lot of us dont like Dart, I get it………..And that's fine too, but the man is spending his money and making things and places for us better, lets just enjoy it and let the fool spend all his money investing  and providing Jobs for our people of  this island. 


    PS let me not see one of you that dont want the roads using it LOL, I am sure you all will be the first. LOL 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now that we know that the water is going to rise we should start filling in all of that swamp everywhere in cayman while the price is cheap. 

    Oh sh@#$%t forgot that the waste manangement facility is going to be underwater in this century. Maybe we should start planning on how we going to get the garbage trucks through that swamp? Should we make the road a lot higher? Maybe Dart can donate a road through all that swamp?

  3. CaymanKinder says:

    Six Lanes to/from West Bay.

    Let us not forget that driving to/from West Bay will still have the West Bay Road and the ETH.

    The traffic flow from West Bay will be distributed amongst the new feeder roads and those people wanting to travel down the West Bay Road to GT/Schools will still able to do so.

    I don't think you will see any difference in the traffic flow around Camana Bay.

    Also, CIG should have made the ETH from Camana Bay to Butterfield roundabout dual carriage way from the begining. The incidents of traffic accidents on the ETH and the West Bay Road are down to really bad driving skills of people on the roads. We should have more strict driving test and more strict vehicle road worthy tests.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What people do not realise is that in reality, its not the Government that is negotiating.  Do you think a man like Dart is so stupid to let them set the terms of the deal.  That is what they tell us so that we fools think its Government.  Dart tells them what he wants and how he will get it and in return for what.  The interim stolen Government then goes to the Press and say " We telling Dart how it go and we want this and that so we get more out of the deal" when in fact, Dart done make his own deal with them that we the public don't know exactly what we will be paying for and giving up.   Do not be fooled Cayman.  We are soon going to be asked to change our nationality to be Dartians and he may soon ask us to pack up and leave his country cos he owns more than half of it anyway.

    We take too much for granted and if you can trust politicians that sold out their own then we deserve everything they do to us!   Pay attention people to what is going on around you.   Look at C4C for example, they say they are not a party so they begin to fool us.  They are a Party no matter what they say.    So they lie to us before the elections and if we are foolish enough to vote them in do you think they will stop lying?   They too will sell this country out.  They are the Merchant class so the benefit for them to win is for their private businesses to flourish not the ordinary people.  Wake up wake up Cayman.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Too bad we didn't implement a 1 car per family rule following Ivan like Bermuda has historically had. Our roads would be far more navigable and useable with far less traffic if there was 1 car per family, with the option to have unlimited numbers of bikes/scooters/mopeds/motorcycles (motorcycles of limited engine size depending on the length of time you have had a license as well as the type of license one has.)

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree – the fact of the matter is that there are way too many cars on island. I personally know families who have one licensed car for every individual in the house. Is this truly necessary? What the government should do is better the public transport, reduce fares, extend the services and implement fixed bus routes like every other country in the world. Increase the availability and reliability of public transport on the island, create jobs in the process and then limit the number of cars per household. It doesn't necessarily have to be one car per household, but it certainly shouldn't be 3 and 4 per household. An island as small as ours simply cannot cope with it! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Heavens, no! We certainly do NOT want to imitate Bermuda in that respect. That is one reason why the quality of living here is better.     

  6. St Peter says:

    I still dont see why we cant justmake the Dart road be a private road for his properties and end before it gets into West Bay, then for the old road make a roundabout by the West Bay fire station and put up a big gate to keep the West Bayers in West Bay.

    Then we would not have any traffic problem coming from West Bay.

    Oh Dear, The Bayers gonna launch an attack on me now. Just like the Brackers did when I suggested a few days ago that they could come to Cayman if they wanted to see how cruise ships look…

  7. Anonymous says:

    The fourth and final amendment will include the paving of parking lots in Cayman Brac that were left out the first time around.

  8. Kmanlady says:

    I agree, my understanding is that the single lanes in front of Camana Bay are to be 2 lanes each way. Have those extra 2 lanes that is now landscape with palm trees etc part of the FCIA deal? If there is going to be 2 lanes each way from Bank of  Butterfield round-about to Lawerence Blvd. they should continue all the way down to include the extension of ETHW….

  9. Anonymous says:

    Waiting 30 mins in traffic on a 5 minute drive is one bit of Cayman we can all do without.

  10. Anonymous says:

    by the time its finished, we'll all have a road each…..just like political candidates, everytime i read the news another one has announced….is there something in the waters that's made us all nuts?

    • Anonymous says:

      Does this smell of CIG moving the goal posts after the agreement has been signed…?

      • Truth says:

        I think there are too many cars on our island. Two cars per family should be enough.

  11. Anonymous says:

    An easier solution for the traffic mess would be to leave the West Bqy road open, reduce the speed limit to 25mph, and leave esterley Tib road as is for now.


    Whadaya say Mark?

    • Anonymous says:

      well this suggestion woud cost less and take less time, and tick  less people off so realistically who in government is going to go for something like that?

  12. Anonymous says:

    "..about getting more from the deal where possible."


    Folks, the first deal was MAC's deal. now Mark, Rollie and Juju are "amending" the deal to see what THEY can get out of it.


    This is nothing more than a campaign financing tactic – get Dart to dish out more money to the Fab Five's cronies, in hopes of getting themselves re-elected.


    Mark and Rollie were there from the start of the FCIA with Mac, why didnt they ask for this and insist on it as part of the "NRA deal" from the outset?????

  13. CYNICAL says:

    The seriousness of the bottleneck issue at Camana Bay roundabout will be increased when you have cars in two lanes racing to be first at the roundabout, and get “pole poison” for the exit onto the single lane section. Assuming this leads to an inevitable accident, what on Earth sort of backup would that create back to the Butterfield roundabout ?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are right. However, Jackie Doak has stated on more than one occasion that the Camana Bay section will be increased to 4 lanes when "there are 4 lanes on each side of it". Hopefully that won't disappear like the "new" public beach at the Victoria House site. 

    • Chris Johnson says:

      This racing has already started coming south from West Bay and then hitting the roundabout at Fideliity Bank. It will substantially increase one the extention tto Morgans Harbour is complete. The problem is the logic in having a single road each way through Camana Bay itself and it is too late to change it. Bad planning and such a road could have been designed to the west of the current location with a slip road to the shopping and occidental complex.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I still dont understand how Cayman loses with the original deal? A road gets built which the CIG cant afford, public beach gets improved and another stretch of road gets closed, big deal. In 6 Months time when all this is done people will have forgotten all about it, it's just another case of wanted something for nothing 'Because I was born here'.

    • Anonymous says:

      yep…the classic caymanian entitlement culture…..

    • Anonymous says:

      No one wants something for nothing as you describe it. If you had been here long enough you would realise that all persons "born here" as you derisively refer to them want is the dividend that they are entitled to given the remarkable toil and hard work that they and generations before them invested to create the foundation on which you now find yourself standing – mocking the very people who worked (with many expatriates) to make it all possible for you.

      They and their forefathers did not accomplish what they did for you. They did it for themselves and their children. Their sense of entitlement is well grounded. What do you base yours on, a lie on an immigration form?

      • Anonymous says:

        So Cayman is the only country where people have toiled?! C'mon there are far worse places in the world where people still toil and do not have the same sense of entitlement. Cayman's 'toil' is dwarfed by the toil in many other countries, such as the toil by the countries who sent the first settlers here to name one.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, but Cayman is the only place where the locals who toiled have peacefully ( so far) allowed foreigners to knock them off the foundation they built.

    • Anonymous says:

      What about in 10/20 years time? This has been our problem. Short term thinking. Short term gain.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have (perhaps deliberately) forgotten the other aspects of the deal, including giving away crown land and the massive concessions to all of Darts hotels for decades. There is way more to this deal that what you stated, including major impacts on future government income. 

      • Anonymous says:

        You mean land SWAP, the crown gets land in return for other land.

        The concessions are because of a short sighted government trying to balance the books now for campaigning purposes. Cayman is still not losing though, just getting something now rather than waiting and getting a steady income for years.

  15. Whodatis says:

    Excuse you … but are you referring to the non AAA "civilised" world?

    Try again, buddy.

    • Diogenes says:

      Since when is a credit rating a measure of civilised behaviour ?   But if that is what you are asserting, then do bear in mind Cayman's rating is 3 notches below Aaa.  But what the hey, if you start with a completely illogical premise who am I to point out that it is also logically inconsistent.  Or is this just a contrived way of dragging the UK (incidentally 2 notches above Cayman on a credit score)  into any argument (not that you ever do that, right?) 

      • Whodatis says:

        What place does "civilised behaviour" have in a discussion regarding business deals?

        (Fear not, we know the true motivation behind such random comments, but we'll let it slide. We know better than to expect much more from certain types of folks.)

        Lastly, the UK is not the only country that has recently lost its AAA rating, buddy.

        Quit being so damn sensitive … geesh!


  16. Anonymous says:

    If I were Dart I would just pull out of this deal completely and leave Cayman to itself, let them spend the next 10-20 years piling more trash on top of the GT dump, sit back and watch their roads go to waste while they spend up the last of their money. He should turn Camana Bay into a private gated business community because when the money runs out and Cayman has no ends left for handouts it will be no different in Cayman as it is in Jamaica and other island where people cannot walk the streets safely.    


    • Anonymous says:

      I would not be surprised…. the level of incomptence and ignorance encountered by the dart team must be mind blowing…..

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why don't you ask all the Caymanians that sold their family land to foreigners..

  18. Anonymous says:

    I believe the government legal analysis is that McKeeva had his fingers crossed behind his back when he signed the deal, therefore it's not binding and they can demand more at the last minute even after Dart has upheld his end of the bargain.

    It's just as well Dart is here because nobody else would do business with the CIG.

    • Anonymous says:

      He will give up eventually, or let Cayman dig themselves in so deep that he will have to bail them out after which he will be in charge..

      • Anonymous says:

        He is in charge already.  You wait till all Caymanians get their letters to leave Dart's Country and only his cronies will remain here!   


      • Anondarass says:

        That might not be such a ‘Bad’ thing … Kinda hard to do a worse job than we have over the last 10 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are right that nobody will do business with CIG.  My brother did the Coe Wood boat ramp project in Bodden Twon and has yet to be paid.  They had big opening with political speeces etc, but he has had to go in debt to pay his workers and build the boat ramp.  And he is still in debt from that project because he has not been paid.

  19. Anonymous says:

    why doesn't anything around here ever make sense?????

  20. Anonymous says:

    Would it not be fair that Bodden Town get a road that will address the issue of garbage trucks running  early in the morning from 3-4 am in the morning? Heavy diesel trucks spewing out exhaust? The smell of garbage on elderly people will cut their lives short. We need a road outside of the coastal road from bodden town thru savannah. 

    We need a road joining the east west arteriel road from newlands to the waste management facility. Dont make them trucks go thru midland acres !!

    • Will Ya Listen! says:

      Presumably you live in Midland acres.

    • Anonymous says:

      We need we need we need, we want we want we want, what ever happen we do..

      • Anonymous says:

        We do need we do need we do need, we do want we do want we do want…


        Happy now?

        • Anonymous says:

          we DO pay outrageous import tax, land  purchase tax etc, ie we DO pay for the governmnet to represent the interests of  all of people of thi slittle country.  not just one corporation who is apparently negotiating  to not pay said taxes/feees in the future themselves.

          • Anonymous says:

            How can you begin to compare that with paying taxes for life, everything you mention is a one shot thing not ongoing costs such as Income and Property taxes. In some places like the US people pay taxes on their homes every year that are equal to or more than what you guys pay only once when you buy a house. And import duties can easily be minimized by how you shop, such as all the Caymanians that shop in Florida to avoid paying taxes on stuff in Cayman. So don't give me that I pay taxes so I am paying for the government crap. One of the problems you guys have is that your government gets the bulks of its funding from things like work permit fees and business registrations from foreign companies not to mention tourist taxes. What they get the voting public is minimal, face it without things like Work Permit Fees, the CIG would have to implement income taxes in order to survive

  21. Cheese Face says:

    The road is unsafe because people can't drive here. Just ask the idiot in the gold Toyota # XXXX that pulls out of Prospect Drive every morning onto the wrong side of the road and flies down to the car wash to cut in, I have seen people have to change lanes to get out the idiots way.


    On the plus side, another idiot nearly did hit him when he was pulling out to do the same.


    This is a SCHOOL ZONE you inconsiderate twonks.


    • Cheese Face says:

      And again this morning, same Gold Toyota SUV, but hey, I guess if no one is there to stop the fool he/she will continue to put the rest of us at risk.

  22. Anonymous says:

    adding extra lanes to esterly tibbets highway will do nothing to stop bottlenecks…… and will actually add to traffic problems 

    cannot believe the press actually swallows this nonsense….

  23. Anonymous says:

    ' this request from government was “nothing to do with clawing back anything” but about getting more from the deal where possible.'

    classic caymankind doublespeak……

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds to me like Dart did his part and built the new road in good faith and now they are holding out on the road he was supposed to get in return and asking for more after the fact. Classic Cayman style ask them to do their part in good faith then suck more and more out of them before they do their part.

  24. Anonymous says:

    dart should just say no…… this caymankind style of negotiation/extortion is truly sickening for business people of the civilised world….

  25. Anonymous says:

    Leaving the single lane low speed narrow road in front of Camana Bay. This will become a bottleneck and traffic problem in the future. Lets not forget the new crosswalk going in. What happened to pedestrian overpasses? Doesn't take a genius to figure out if you take two lanes from west and two lanes from the east and push them into single lanes with turn access that we will have many days of parking lot activity on these " bypasses" NRA is a joke and a waste of Govt Funding. The uncontrolled paving in the Brac was a disgraceful waste of our tax dollars, and we dont even hear about it. Save the $$ and shut it down. This come May, Vote these XXXX out.

    • Anonymous says:


      Came here to saythis – the section through Camana Bay is the bottleneck and it will only get worse and worse.

  26. Anonymous says:

    So does that mean a new PWC report is being prepared? When will we get that? After the election? Please Cayman let’s not put any of these UDP, UDP Lite or any of the other Dart Affiliated Candidates into the LA.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I hope the wb eyes are finally opened & make the right decisions on May!


  28. Anonymous says:

    I believe this is an excellent idea it would help tremendously with traffic flow. But Mark what about the road from the waste managment facility to the east west arterial by newlands. Surely people who live by the coast line of bodden town to savannah deserve at least a 2 lane road way for garbage behind the existing road? The smell and the noise alone is detrimental to ones health. Why can't that be done?

    • Anonymous says:

      It's election time….. maybe a certain paving company will get it done for you. 

  29. Anonymous says:

    Who exactly do this lot think they are fooling?

  30. 4Cayman says:

    Why can’t we leave a little bit of cayman for Caymanians? We are so busy and rushed to be like other countries when everyone is running from their own country to come cayman’s shores. Why don’t the government see this? When we become like every other country including the crime, etc….what will we have left?

    • Anonymous says:

      Face it Cayman has already become just like other countries except for the Taxes but that will be comming soon..

  31. Anonymous says:

    This is a nice story but it leaves a stretch of single lane roadway between the Thompson Realty Round about and the Caymana Bay Roundabout which will be a major traffic bottleneck and how can you have a pedestrian crossing on a dual carriageway with a 40mph speed limit. Or will traffic be diverted from Esterly Tibbetts at Thompson round about to the original West bay Road with it newly lowered speed limit?

    Have I missed a piece of road being converted to dual carriage way?

    Your type where it is described as a duel carriageway may turn out to be eeriely prophetic.


    • Anonymous says:

      People either forget or they chose to ignore that Dart has promised to make that a four lane road as well when the road to the north and the south become 4 lanes..


      • Anonymous says:

        That's really interesting – you are the only person I have heard saying that.  Do you have any evidence of it – if so post it, as there are clearly a large number of people who have never heard it either.  It would deal with an obvious and sensible concern posters have. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Not exactly sure of where to get proof from but I've read it in posts on here, I will look and see if I can find any arcticles mentioning it and post the details on here.

        • Anonymous says:

          Jackie Doak has made that comment more than once, I will have a look for it online and post it. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart reps have said that section of road will be made into four lanes when the roads either side are. I guess that means they will do that section too. 


    • Anonymous says:

      The median thought Dart will be made smaller to accommodate two lane going both ways from Dart RAB to Century 21 RAB which will then complete the two additional lanes the Dart want to build now this is not hear say this is going to be done.

  32. Anonymous says:

    ….but I thought Mac said we had good value for money…guess not eh? 

  33. Anonymous says:

    But what happend when you get to the roundabout at Camana Bay?? we have 4 lanes coming in north, straight in to 2 lanes and a cross walk to stop traffic even more?? what the heck are the UDP thinking, well nothing for the past 4 years except how to f-up the Cayman Islands..

  34. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad one of them finally admitted it:


    "and this request from government was.. about getting more from the deal where possible."


    Why would you feel you needed to get mor if the deal was already a good one and the Government was alredy receiving value for money??? This tripe being spewed by Anglin and Scotland never ends. Where is the "Premier"? She's so afaid to speak because she doesnt know what is going on with her own government.


    Shouldnt they have known from the start that, if they close a section of WB road that the bottleneck by Camana Bay would be horrendous?? And now they have allowed Dart to install a pedestrian crossing which will bring HIGHWAY traffic to a HALT every 2 minutes. What a pile of dunces at teh NRA to propose this kind of traffic "solutions". And Mark, a roads engineer by trade, needs to lose his qualification over this kind of stupidity.


    What do they expect from going from 4 lanes on north side or Camana Bay, to two lanes and a pedestrian crossing at Camana Bay, to 4 lanes on south side of Camana Bay? You think you saw accidents before.., you betta buy another two ambulances.

  35. Anonymous says:

    That stretch needed to be 4 lanes wide in the first place.  Now if only people who feel the need to do less than 40mph would keep left we would be in business

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem with deaths on this highway is not due to people to feel they need to drive less than 40 mph it is with the people who feel they have to drive more than 40 mph or drink and drive. If this is made into a 4 lane highway I suspect we will not see any improvement in the number of deadly accidents.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Blah Blah Blah, it doesn't matter what deal is struck, what the PWC report says or what info is made public there are still going to be people hating on this as well as everything else, which is why the CIG is so mum aboutit. They already know people are going to complain and protest so they are not bothering to try and convince them that this is good for Cayman they are just going to do what they feel is best. It sounds to me like they are doing everything they can to get the most out of Dart because they know he wants the land but they don’t want to push him away, that's what you call negotiating. The CIG will be the ones doing the asking not the people, the Caymanian people as a whole would never come to an agreement as a people all it would be is district against district brother against brother MLA against MLA, Wanna Bee Politician against Wanna Bee Politician  and nothing would ever get done. These guys are going to have to ignore all the hoopla from these save this and save that groups and make the choice that they think is best. That’s why they are called the leaders of the country, because they have to make choices that they think benefit the many.

    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.


    • Anonymous says:

      The problem here is that for the last four years the need of one or few has come before the needs of many!

  37. SKEPTICAL says:

    What about clearing the legalities, and getting DART to also put in the two extra lanes on Bobby Thompson Way

  38. Anonymous says:

    Great idea, let's create even more of a bottleneck through Camana Bay, the deal should include a dual-lane carriageway right through Camana Bay or otherwise what is the point?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Aaaa hahahahahaha, hahahahahahahaha


    Man, you can't make this stuff up!!! (Chuckle) So, Jackie and Dart, you said this deal showed value for money at the very first report by PwC, then why o why are these five clowns now trying to get a better deal out of it?


    Are they shaking you down? Will you stand by your earlier comments? Or is the deal becoming more fair with this new request?

    • Anonymous says:

      Re Troll button:


      "CNS, we have now added a ‘troll’ button so that readers can help the moderator and other readers to identify internet trolls. These are people who post comments not to voice their personal opinion but in order to change or inflame the discussion or produce a particular emotional response."


      How is this comment "changing", "inflaming" the discussion or trying to "produce a particular emotional response"?


      Arent they common sense, rational questions?

      • Anonymous says:


        Don't expect people that have no common sense to show common sense. you are wasting your time..

  40. Anonymous says:

    Finally, this is what we have been asking for all along! Some proper negotiation on what the country gets in return. I don't agree that we should give away more in concessions but we really need ETH  to be completed to four lanes as originally planned. It won't take much as the space and some of the base is already there. At least if we get that, it is more than we already have. Jackie Doak has stated that the road in front of Camana Bay will be changed to four lanes when "both sides of Camana Bay have 4 lanes", so perhaps they will do that too. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sure they will be back peddling on that one.  Remember Dart is not here to do what is good for the Cayman People is goal is to own us.  His own little country.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thats a goal I am sure he will reach thanks to the bumbling idiot running the country now..All he has to do is wait until they sink so low that he can bail them out in turn for control..

    • Old Sea Captain says:

      Every time the government has a press conference they tell us that Dart is giving us something else. Heres' what Dart need to do in order for the Caymanian people to get a fairly, halfdecent good deal.

      Build two cruise ship piers, complete the east to west arterial highway from Prospect to Colliers two lanes each direction, complete the Esterly Tibbetts highway from George Town to West Bay two lanes each direction, build a new airport terminal and extend the runway a quarter mile into the north sound, pay off the national debt, and leave $1Billion spending money in the treasury.  

      See how easy it was to balance the deal out for us to get a good deal, we didnt need to waste the $300,000.00 on PWC. 



      • Anonymous says:

        I thought at first this was a joke, but then I realized that something like this is actually what the Caymanian people (some) would call a good deal. But I would still find it highly unlikely that they would all agree on it unless he was giving each and every person money directly.

      • Anonymous says:

        got new for ya bobo…SOME PEOPLE would STILL complain that they didn't get enough…

  41. Anonymous says:

    What's going to happen to all the traffic when it reaches the Camana Bay roundabout?

  42. Kadafe says:

    Why not ask them tobuild the dock that we need? The population of west bay has not changed.. If we are able to get more out of this desl i think we should aim for the most important issue., namely the cruise ship dock!

  43. South Sounder says:

    "some additional land next to Smith Cove in South Sound" ???  WE DON'T WANT ANYTHING FROM DART, TELL HIM TO KEEP HIS LAND

  44. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean that the two lane section by Camana Bay will be four lane, Two each way or will it still be the bottle neck of the road system?

    It looks like the politicians are trying to dress  the deal up a bit.  But do they have the nerve to do what is right for the people and keep the West Bay Road open with no closure!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Build our road Mr Dart. We appreciate you being here and contributing to our country’s development. Please do not let a few naysayers stop progress.