Officials warn candidates to check qualification

| 15/03/2013

kearney gomez.JPG(CNS): With questions over the legitimacy of at least two candidates who are planning to run in the forthcoming general election, the elections office is reminding all would-be candidates to check their qualification to run for office before nomination day. Kearney Gomez, the supervisor of elections said that both the nominator and the candidate will be committing an offence if they sign the relevant papers and turn out not to eligible to run for office. The elections boss reminded all candidates who intend to stand for office in the 22 May poll that the onus is on them to ensure they follow the election law and the constitution.

“Both candidates and their nominators are committing an offence and could face fines of as much as $5000 if they go through the nomination process only to find afterwards they are not qualified,” he said. “The candidates must take responsibility to ensure they are in compliance and qualified to be elected. The Elections Office has produce a candidates pack which are available at the office and is an essential A-Z for anyone running for office and particularly helpful to first time candidates,” the Supervisor added.

“We have had a few candidates come and buy one but I recommend all the others come and collect what is a comprehensive package and will ensure there are no excuses about what is expected of candidates,” he added.

The office will also be holding training sessions for candidates after nomination day to ensure that everyone running for office knows what they have to do by when and why.

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  1. Raffaelle says:

    Yes and just maybe these observers can look into why certain election officials family members and friends get election jobs every 4 years paying tidy sums that cannot simply be justified aaah boy Cayman business as usual!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think he means things like having dual citizenship, where ones allegiance is in question.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If election officials were appointed in accordance with the provisions of the Election Law, they would be in a position to challenge others to also comply with the law.
    The Supervisor of Elections is not “a senior public officer” nor are two of the Deputy Supervisors of Elections “public officers” as prescribed by sections 3 and 4, respectively, of the Elections Law, 2009 Revision.
    I certainly intend to bring this to the attention of the election observers when they come here in May. This crap has to stop!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      18:00,who the hell cares about laws. Once they are born Caymanians, the laws – even the Elections Law – don't apply. relax! It will never change in this Cosa Nostra type community.

  4. Hon. Absurdistani says:

    Sorry Kearney but you lost all credibility by allowing Mark and John John to become illegally elected during the last election. Now they are Ministers…


    UK, please bring in the observers from overseas so we don't have a repeat of this debacle!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What questions about which candidates? What a confusing story!

  6. St Peter says:

    I'm not going to read the article but based on the title I believe that some of the qualifications include:

    Must have granny wits.

    Must be able to wuk wit people.

    Must have reached 7th grade in school.

    Must know about re-zoning.

    And must be able to dispense taxpayers money to friends and supporters…


  7. SMH man says:

    As more people enter the race it is becoming abundantly clear that the choices are actually diminishing. 

    The C4C candidates are still denying that their party is a party. They are fooling the public and starting off on a bold faced lie. This cannot be good for Cayman. C4C refused to work with party members so unless they run an entire slate of 18 candidates they cannot accomplish anythign and at best of they are elected will make up the opposition. 


    The UDP – striuggling under the load of 5 criminal investigations, a major split and loss of support, and candidates that no one wants to see in the political arena again.

    Ellio – would sell his soul for power

    Mac – well no need to even comment there, his legal issues alone are enough to disqualify him

    Eugene – He sstill living ?

    Mike – Mr integrity and nice guy my A$$ this dude need to explain what he was doing working for Delroy Howell.

    Other independents – sole purpose will be to split votes and help UDP

    UDP Lite – All 5 sat silent for over 3 years and let Mack bully them into the grave. These folks are finished regardless, there is nothing they can do to save themselves.


    PPM – running on integrity, openness, transparency, economy and jobs. Looks like the new members are all educated, experienced and qualified and honest. I really cant find many faults with the Progressives and trust me I have tried. The Progressives seem to have their act together and I believe that if we are to elect a Government that can help us to restore hope and prosperity in Cayman they deserve the opportunity. 

    Look at the qualifications

    Lawyers, Technology, Economist, MBA, businesspeople, Socially conscious, not supported by big business, not one accusation of corruption, brought the FOI law, brought the constitution, bill of rights and comissions to promite good governance. Tourism experience the list goes on. 

    PPM gets my votes this time and I encourage everyone else to support them too.


    • Anonymous says:

      PPM mismanaged and spent our money and left the UDP to clean it up. They may be honest etc. but cant manage a P…s house in a brewery.

      • Here we go says:

        Do they teach you all to just respond with the same garbage at C4C boot Camp?

      • Anonymous says:

        Can you honestly compare spending on a new govt admin building, school, VL building etc…. to money spent on lawsuits to not build anything? There is good borrowing and bad borrowing. Having something to show for spending and being below 20% of spending in interest payments is a situation most householders are not in, never mind a country. Try to talk sense.

      • Anonymous9 says:

        Ha Ha that's a good one.

        Not sure why Mac, his supporters and you people keep harping on "UDP making a financial mess…" before they got there.

        Did you just get here? Coz from what I've seen over the last 20 years (when I started paying attention), this financial mess began well before the last PPM government!! Dingdong! This didn't JUST happen in one administration and Mac did sweet FA to stop the spending and waste. 

        Next you'll be telling me that 8years ago we were all fat 'n happy. Previous to the PPM we were  wallowing in success! You are a nutcase if you think this was all caused by the last PPM government. This place is just like Aesop's fable; The Ant and the Grasshopper. Remember that one?  These people need to learn to make hay when the sun is shining. And just because you have it doesn't mean to have to spend it!!! They should have banked some!

        WAKE UP!!

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM – integrity, openness, transparency, economy and jobs. Educated, experience, qualified and honest. 

      I have no issues with your statement. What I'm struggling with is that with all those positive attributes, they actually FAILED us the last time around. Why? They lacked ABILITY. 


      • Anonymous says:

        I think you are missing the important fact that the PPM has revitalised itself this time around with some young, bright, energetic, educated people who are also have integrity.

  8. Anonymous says:

    OK, I'll be the one to ask. Which two? Which section of the law?

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably those with US Citizenship.

      • Pain-n-Plane says:

        the ones with citizenship in other countries can do so in according to the constitution, as long as their linage is caymanian.  refer to the 2009 constitution for details.


        • Anonymous says:

          Actually that is not what the constitution says. It is only if you have only a RIGHT to another citizenship by virtue of your birth (but not otherwise). There is a difference between having a right to something and possessing and exercising that right. If you take a foreign passport as an adult you have by your own act shown allegiance to a foreign power and are therefore disqualified under s. 62 of the constitution. 

          • Anonymous says:

            So were there any from the last constitution that breached it?

            • Anonymous says:

              I understand that at least two persons who ran in the 2009 elections were U.S. citizens and, yes, the 1972 constitution contained an identical provision to s. 62 of the 2009 constitution. Nobody raised the point that time, but the stakes are higher now.    

  9. Anonymous says:

    "in compliance" and "qualified" are two separate things.


    Many of our elected officials are "in compliance"; however, they fall short in the "qualified" area.


    Thus the LA circus of incompetence and corruption.


    I sincerely hope that the people of the Cayman Islands can improve their lot on May 5 by choosing a better breed of politician.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ha!!…few of the candidates that have declared ARE qualified for the job. They may be legally qualified but not capable. Cayman please vote for those that can do the job. Not just because he/she paid your light bill or gave you something or is from this party or that party. But chose those who can go there and do the job. If we all vote like that cayman will be okay again. Simple simple.

  11. Richard Wadd says:

    Another set of Laws without 'Teeth', and no-one with the 'Gonads' to enforce.

    Yada yada yada …

    Your silence during and after the last Election was deafening Kearney!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    If they had been as dilligent in the US, we would never have had to put up with Obama.