Social injustice and political corruption

| 18/03/2013

Cayman’s news media houses are finally reaping the fruits of our political discontent which they cleverly helped to sow over the past four years. And politics with their assistance has again been turned into a game played only by the rich and their proxies. The cliché of freedom of information and freedom of speech is again only relevant if the candidates can pay them to be read, heard or seen.

This is a tremendous advantage for the established political parties although many have called for their death and burial.  With the financial assistance of their elite friendship, networks the Coalition for Cayman or Cash or the Rich is generating more cash topay newspapers, radio talk shows and the TV than the UDP or PPM.

The vast amount of money spent by these new politicians to achieve ideological dominance of the political stage, while necessary charities like the Human Society and Meals on Wheels go without, makes it very clear that their concern in this election is for nothing other than political power. For, the manner in which endorsed candidates of the C4C are seeking election makes it clear that their goals are not to create real opportunities for the middle classes or protect the wages and rights of our construction, hotel and other wage earners but to gain further social and economic dominance. 

The C4C, rather than respecting the amounts of money the Election Law permits each candidate to spend, is evading the law without shame by making huge purchases of everything needed just ahead of Nomination Day. It is therefore no wonder that the new political pundits in the ranks of the independents can call for the death of the political system. Perhaps, after discovering more modern means of election spending avoidance or evasion and political insincerity, the C4C should become more transparent by changing their slogan from Country First, to “We First”. 

Certainly our political culture is not being improved by these new politicians. We see the same food and drinks and other enticements being served to the people. And if getting the attention of the public in order to get your message out is the main strategy of any politician, then the political party system, called by whatever name, is very much necessary and alive and perhaps the C4C may soon tell us that they are a political party after all.

Politics is not fair and it is the game of the rich not the poor. Therefore, we can suspect that change managed by the C4C following the May elections will not allow the poor and young in this country to gain improvements to our police system, justice system, rehabilitation or employment systems. Our youth will still be divided between those that are said to be social and those deemed anti-social and the anti-social ones will be policed in the style Jamaica has been policed for decades.  

My last hope, however, is that although not registered because they did not know anyone in the political system who expresses their views and concerns, our youth will now rise up and use their cultural talents and collectivized identities to help me push the New Vision Movement, which demands an end to social and economic discrimination, marginalization, and condemnation. The New Vision Movement puts the people first by demanding a rethinking of laws, which serve to criminalize our people while providing great social and economic opportunities for foreigners in our judiciary, police, and prison and rehabilitation systems. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Enough, Frank.  No one wants to hear from you anymore.  You're just embarrassing yourself.

  2. Adult fiction says:

    This Viewpoint brought to you by the RE-ELECT McFIELD campaign.

  3. Dr. Anonymous says:

    I smell envy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I fell asleep at the start of paragraph 2. Biased rants are too tedious to read.

    • Anonymous says:

      So did I, did he go on to explain how he came to be shot?  I would like to know how someone with a criminal record who refuses to help the police fight gun crime can consider themselves fit for public office.

      • Anonymous says:

        He could use some New Vision glasses to help identify who shot him…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Say what you want aboutDr Frank as a person, but the man has a valid point, C4C are spending some money now and a lot of it. They are doing the very things they accused the PPM of doing months ago and they are quite shameless in doing this. They are giving away stuff and they are advertising and they are engaged in activities that could be considered vote buying. Very soon the elections office will start to treat the C4C as it should! a PARTY and they will use that as the excuse for becoming one. They have long passed the point of being a think tank and anyone who is still being fooled by simply wants to be fooled!

  6. Anonymous says:

    the thumbs have it…….

  7. Anonymous says:

    "Politics is not fair". How can somone make that statment then get there panties in a knicker about other canidates. Frank need to stop fussing like a she dog and get with the program. If you going to run for office and you broke then make a plan. These canidates are smart, thinking how to do as much as they can based on the laws and based on what funds is at there disposal. This is the kind of people we need running this country. if you cant even run your own campain for MLA office , how do we expect this kind of canidate to be any use if elected.?Cayman its time to VOTE SMART.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Let me get this straight. Dr. Frank has indicated that we should educate our kids and groom them properly, then when they run for political office he discriminates againts them because they have made somthing of there lives? So it is now wrong and unfit for the educated and succesfull Caymanian person to hold office and the Likes of Frank McFeild that has had many and too many chance and is not a good role model forthe Young Caymanians kids?

    Dr. Frnak you really think to legalize Ganja is a ticket to run for Political office? You are in the same boat as the other canidate that has stooped so low as to say that he will make a big research to find a cure for Cancer. And noted that he will do so even if he has to use his own money. So if he is so inclined, why wait till he is "not elected" to MLA office to start his concern. This people make me sick with the low low ways that they will go to try to get a vote.

    Lets imagine that Ganja is De-criminalized tomorow, then we have the (for lack of a better word) "spoil white kids" that has got involved and caught for smoking some weed, they have some kind of fine or told they will have the choice to go to jail or pay a fine, just like the speed ticket or seat bealt law. So they go pay the Ganja fine and smoke til they become a burden on there own families, because since it was so easy to access they abused it and became adicted to the substance. Then lets take the (for lack of another word) the spoil kid with no manners and is one of the 6 kids forthe single mom with all different fathers, so he gets the fine and suggest that since he is Caymanian, why should he have to pay such a stupid example 300$ fine. So arrest warrant is issued and goes to court and is given the same choice, however no money to pay, so Judge has no choice but to do a prison sentence, then all of a sudden the Ganja is a "white thing" now, becuse the rich can pay and use and cover there adictied kids and the poor people cannot and constant end up in Jail. Do you see where this is going?

    Maybe Dr. Frank is smoking too much ganja and has lost his fricking mind to think that I want my children to have access to such adictive Drugs. Have you seen the weed heads around the place? they are not crazy, they are adicted to some form of Drugs and one thing leads to another. I hate to stand by and see Dr. Frank make such a predudice remark that such canidates as Mr. W. Conoly is not qualified because he is too successful and his only intention is to further his successful life style. Every once in a while a black man will say they voted for Obama because he is a Black man, but if a white person suggest they voted for Clinton because he is white its discrimination?.

    Cayman VOTE Smart. I want my kids to have role models and have a standard, not that if they dont make it that when nothing else to do, run for office like what Dr. Frank is trying to do. Stop with the hypocrsy. Run your own politrick campaing, leave others out of it, explain to the people what you will and what you can do for them, not always ranting about one party or the other or about C4C or other succesful canidates. They have stepped up  and set the bar up higher, if you want to get over the bar you have got to train and be ready.

    How can you even suggest to kids that they should riot because that is what your comments seem to be doing. Let the Children know that education and hard work go hand in hand. You make bad choice and you live with it the rest of your life. You are a good example of that. So please encourage Kids not to follow in this path. Do I sound fustrated? You betcha. An anada ting. but we leave dat for anada day.

    • Anon says:

      One problem with your statements. Research shows that only 9 percent of ganja users become addictive, 32 percent of tobacco users, and 15 percent of alcohol users.

      Therefore, ganja is not a highly addictive drug. We would be better off banning alcohol and cigarettes! Refer to the science of marijuana written by Leslie inverson.

    • Anonymous says:

      People that believe gangja should be criminalized are smoking too much ganja

  9. Anonymous says:

    I agree we need to address unfairness when we can but as I said recently, candidates should have been aware of this issue before, i.e. the cost of marketing by individual candidates versus established parties with the financial resources.

    When I hear candidates bringing up this issue now, I only view them as unprepared and definitely looking out for their interests. If they are so unprepared now and didnt have an focus to get their committee, even if they couldn't because of work, to raise this issue, makes me reluctant to consider voting if they are not proactive vs reactive.



    WB Viter

  10. Anonymous says:

    It's so sad that Dr. Frank has all these great ideas, but when he was in a position to put them into policy he was far too busy seeing how he could benefit himself with a trucking business.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dr. Frank, please stop attacking other Caymanians and tell us what YOUR solutions are for the mess our country is in!!  

  11. Baldric says:

    Face it Frank – you the last turkey in the shop and Christmas has loooong gone.

  12. The Rt. Hon. Anon. says:

    OK Frank, can we please see the New Vision Movement manifesto? Or if its not really a political group, at least a reasonably detailed Mission Statement?  or just a list of its policies?   Thought so.


    Your Viewpoint is just one long whine against everyone in politics. In particular you are  making unfounded accusations against C4C / their independent candidates before they are even elected. At least give some clear examples of wild spending, if you cannot offer figures, to back up your claims. Just saying it don't make it so.


    Your post clearly has no substantive thought behind it; it is as hollow, redundant and totally lacking credibility.


    • The Wong. says:

      I totally agree with what you have said. Frank is on his usual rant. Longing to get back into the house with his dead ideas and useless solutions. Political whoremongering.

      This is coming from a man who spat in the face of the police, arrested, was shot and will not say who shot him or for what reason, wants to legalize marijuana for personal consumption. This is not someone whom I want to represent MY country again.

      Despicable individual.

  13. Libertarian says:

    Although Doctor McField is voicing his concerns of elite dominance in the local media, and although I question much of his intentions of running for a seat, I must declare that he has brought up a very important topic, and it behooves all of us to take heed of the influence that wealth, capitalism, and status has on our democracy and participatory democratic processes. My take is, if the media houses have sold themselves to the cashgods amongst us, the messages of truths will more than likely be obscured like a lunar eclipse; it will entail the continuation of the two-party system. Whilst the special interest behind the parties divide the country, other matters for their interest will be implemented which will require the "unity" of the country to stop the implementation. The parties and the special interest of certain individuals will have the upper hand… Last week, I read an article on the Caymanian Compass of certain candidates in the Lodge, a secret organization which members are in partnership with other members we know little about. I will like to say that the "transparency issue" of those candidates and who they are supported by, will most likely play a major factor on our policies and legislations, because the people's interest has been taken over by the elite. In fact the whole world is being controlled by global elite (this is no conspiracy theory) – presidents and leaders of government DONT RUN COUNTRIES!  And Caymanians… we would be blind to deny this reality. As before I have used the CNS outlet many times to suggest a change ofour Constitution into a more check and balance and democractic participartory Constitution with only criticisms on this same news site. Only a few I think see the overall picture and importance of our democracy minus elite influences from UK's FCO, the Parties, Lodge, big fish like Dart, and others we know nothing about. Libertarian

    • Anonymous says:

      For God’s sake man use paragraphs.

      • Libertarian says:

        I did used paragraphs. Interestingly it came out in this fashion.  Regards 🙂

    • Adam Weishaupt says:

      In fact the whole world is being controlled by global elite (this is no conspiracy theory)

      Well of course its a conspiracy theory!  You make an assertion as to how matters work in practice(theory) and say that this is the result of the global elite collaborating to achieve that end (conspiracy).  Of course its sure as hell not a scientific theory, capable of being verified or falsified by empirical evidence, but lets call it a theory none the less.

      My only question though is which one of the control of the world conspiracy theories you subscribe to – I was not sure from your comments if it was the Freemasons, or the New World Order, or some hybrid of the two.  Perhaps you could – forgive the pun – "enlighten" us. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Rants are always so much better when they are proofread before submission.

  15. Donald Duck says:

    Is this the article where he tells us how come he ended upbeingshot in a place where people buy crack?  If not, I am not interested.