Nightmare on West Bay Road

| 18/03/2013

west bay roiad 1 (242x300).jpg(CNS): Commuters from West Bay to George Town were greeted with a traffic nightmare on Monday morning following the closure of the West Bay Road by a local developer. Contrary to the information on the recent gazette regarding the first part of the Esterly Tibbetts Highway’s closure, Dart Realty Cayman Ltd has closed the road from Yacht Drive all the way to Governor’s Square. There was no formal notification from the NRA or any other government agency and Dart issued a notice at 7:00 Monday morning. By 7:15 the traffic on West Bay road was bumper to bumper, stretching back to the West Bay fire station as drivers were greeted with the unexpected diversion. 

The access points to the new Esterley Tibbetts Highway were being manned by staff from DECCO, Dart’s construction company, with no sign of any NRA employees. In direct contradiction of what government told the media at the last press briefing on 7 March, Dart said in its notice to the media that there would no longer be through traffic on West Bay Road between Governors Way and Raleigh Quay.

Although Cabinet members had stated that only a short strip of the road between the Seven Mile public beach and Raleigh Quay was expected to close first, facilitating the local beach upgrade, as it was still negotiating with Dart regarding the ForCayman Investment Alliance, Dart has gone way beyond that.

Just two weeks ahead of the traditional Easter camping weekend, the developer has erected barriers at the North bound junction of the West Bay Road, diverting traffic on the existing ETH and has placed a narrow diversion system on the south bound lane pushing traffic onto a temporary road surface and then on to the new stretch of the highway.

westbayroad2 (216x300).jpgIt is not clear under what authority the road is now closed. Cline Glidden told CNS that he was not sure why the road would be closed from Yacht Drive to Governor's Square unless it was a temporarily situation while work is on-going for the tie ins to the new road. 

“That section of road has not been de-gazetted and as such remains a public road. The only section which has been legally closed is the section which we stated had been de-gazetted and would be closed,” said the minister, who has been directly involved in the Dart negotiations. Although no traffic is being allowed through the barrier at Governors Square, the minster said that the road is only closed between Governor's Way towards town and Raleigh Quay towards West Bay.

Dart did not state how temporary the situation would be with regards to the rest of the road which is closed, but indicated that from Monday traffic between Lime Tree Bay Avenue and Yacht Drive would be redirected to facilitate the connection of the new Governor's Way to West Bay Road and to allow work to continue on Public Beach Park.

“Esterley Tibbetts Highway Phase One is open to traffic,” officials from the company stated. “There will no longer be through traffic on West Bay Road between Governors Way and Raleigh Quay and all through traffic will be temporarily diverted onto the Esterley Tibbetts Highway at Lime Tree Bay Avenue.”

The firm said Northbound local traffic access on West Bay Road will be permitted to Governor's Way and Southbound local traffic access on West Bay Road will be permitted to the Public Beach parking area.

“The new Governor's Way connection point to West bay Road is expected to open in two weeks,” Dart said, as it warned drivers to allow additional time for their journey while the temporary stages of these works are underway.”

The notice was issued well after the morning commute had begun, which turned into a nightmare for West Bay residents as drivers negotiated the temporary narrowed diversion slip road onto the old Yacht Drive before they were able to access the new section of the ETH. With no notifications from the NRA, many drivers were caught unaware and a spokesperson for Truly4Cayman told CNS they were surprised at the closure given the recent information from government, the continued opposition from the community and the filing of two legal actions against the closure.

“Not only is Dart ignoring the wishes of a significant numberof the people, it also appears not to be able to understand the gazette. The lawful closure is limited only to the stretch of road in front of the public beach. This diversion goes way beyond this and illustrates the entire disregard for the public and for process where this project is concerned,” the spokesperson said.

Ray Farrington and Woody Da Costa, members of the PPM opposition party, who are both is running for a seat in West Bay and whose would-be constituents are the most affected by the road closure, said they felt it was a great shame that the wishes of a significant section of the population were being ignored.

“With better negotiations, this result could have been avoided,” Ray Farrington, the West Bay Progressive candidate stated. “While this may look to be a good decision in the short term, I say again that the country has missed an opportunity to improve our overall tourist experience in the SMB area and, in the longer term, we will come to regret not having two routes in this area. This has also come as part of extensive concessions, which set a dangerous precedent,” he added.

Meanwhile, his party colleague, Woody Da Costa, described the closure as a “thief in the night approach” by the current administration and Dart.

“Today’s actions clearly and unambiguously demonstrate the lack of transparency and good governance of the UDP administration and now the Fractured Five (“UDP Lite”). We are gravely concerned for the reputation of this jurisdiction in the eyes of the international community, insofar that a private developer can dictate the manner in which we, as an island nation, are governed,” Da Costa said, adding that government had given away this most valuable and significant Crown land upon the initial signing of the FCIA without any caveat whatsoever.

“They continuously mislead our people by frequently using the now worn out phrase 'value for money', when, in fact, that most significant prerequisite to any negotiation on behalf of the people of the Cayman Islands appears not to have played a role in the FCIA,” he said, “We have warned the people of this deceptive and destructive manner of his previous and now current administration. Acts such as what transpired today goes against every principle of good governance. Consequently, we call once again on all level headed citizens and the governor to join us to right this wrong,” the PPM candidate stated.

Members of the various community groups that are opposing the deal, which involves a crown land swap with the developer and government, have said they are not taking any direct action which would involve civil disobedience over Monday’s surprise closing but are waiting to see if the courts will put a stop to the closure as a result of one or both of the actions which have been filed in the local courts. A spokesperson for the activists said they were confident that the judicial system could stop this deal as a result of the various unlawful actions by the parties involved relating to the whole proposed deal.

As those opposing the deal take to the courts, it is still unclear what sections of the West Bay Road will re-open and when. While work continues, commuters will be faced with traffic nightmares as drivers negotiate the narrow contraflow diversion at Yacht Drive and are greeted with a barrier by the governor’s residence on the northbound section of the West Bay Road.

See notice circulated by Dart at 7am Monday below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or did anyone else noticed, that Dart said this and Dart said that, and the Ministers or Elected officers have to clear everything with Dart.

    Dart closed part of the roads, and the Minister say he dont know why its closed, but continue that Dart this and Dart that. Is this a start of the way things are going to be run? Of couse this whole deal could have been done better and everyone would have understood what was going on and could have accepted it better.

    So the previous Premier raised every fee possible, ran away all other business, Instead of Pictarine and the others explain to the Man properly that the reason so much outsource taking place is due to the ever increase Fees, all the time depending on one investor and disgraced the Islands by telling the new new Ritze owners they have to pay what his buddy Rayan had owed.

    West Bayers think long and hard, there are those among you that show up in all the meetings, no Cayman culture around. No matter how you like hand outs, please think of the future of the Cayman Islands, like we used to say, "this na funny any more". Some people can leave this place and catch a flight direct home and laugh at the ruination of this beloved country. (as can be seen no names mentioned.). Come on cayman unna can do betta.

  2. Kraken says:

    The road is gone……………………..
    MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!
    Got to find a new camping site for Easter.
    Better start looking now before the chains go back up
    On the other Dart beach properties.
    As camping is illegal in Cayman, look out for those beach
    access checkpoints searching for propane tanks and pup tents.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well it seem like us Caymanians have shown the world our true colours yet again!  We complain about losing our heritage and birthrights to DART (and Mckeeva as well… like we do with all other  shortcomings in our own lives.

    I ask the question;  How many of those ranting here today bought their kids Playstations or i-Pads for Christmas just passed? The very same devices they will take to the beach when camping for Easter, along with the generator and portable DVD player.

    How many of you actually taught your kids how to fish instead, or make a Gig?  Do your sons know how dive conch, or your daughters how to cook it?  Who, in your family, makes the homestyle Tamarind juice or Mango jam anymore?

    The point I'm making is that the responsibility of passing down knowledge and tradition does not lie on corporations or Gov't, it lies with the parents.  There is nothing wrong with providing the modern luxuries to our children for we love them and want to see them happy.  However when they don't know where Caymanians came from, that is not the fault of Dart or McKeeva, it is that of the parent.

    Our schools teach them what they need to know about a career, we are supposed to equip them with what they should know about their culture.

    Why are there no Caymanian looking houses anymore? Because our forefathers built the best they could with what they had at the time, and so do we now.

    Instead of being on the blogs with what spare time you have,  acheiving absolutely nothing if not deflecting your own inadequacies onto others, try spending some time with the children whom you claim to be fighting to save Cayman for!

    Warmest Regards,


    • Anonymous says:

      The thing that stands out from this post is teach your SONS to dive conch teach your DAUGHTERS to cook! Hmmm.. Please move with the times, teach your CHILDREN to dive conch, teach your CHILDREN to cook….

    • Anonymous says:

      Just the Dart PR Engine workin in overtime. no true Caymanian believes this crap..

    • Anonymous says:

      So what you are saying is that true Caymanians do not believe it is thier responsibility to teach them about Caymanian heritage? If this is what you beleieve there is no hope..

  4. Otherview says:

    I just got home from a nice afternoon drive on the “new road” and boy is it nice!!!
    It really reminds me of South Florida, maybe even the Florida Keys…………….
    No,…………. people can afford the water bill and lights bill in South Florida.
    Came N’ Gone………… the dogs.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians are complaining about losing their heritage…but they have had their road and their beach up until now and has anyone seen the state of it? The road and the beach are covered in litter, KFC boxes, empty soda cans, even nappies and it's 10x worse after Easter camping weekend. I've never seen anything so disgusting. Dart is going to turn that into a park, with public beach access, a walkway and cycle lanes and more than likely pick up all your trash for you and make it into a proper useable space. You should be thanking him.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree… I've been on this island my whole life and I don't see anything that looks like Cayman heritage anymore. How many traditional Cayman cottages are there anymore? How many new houses springing up have architecture that even looks Caribbean, much less Caymanian? How much do we protect our history and heritage – just look at what has come of the Turtle Farm. Cayman looks like it might as well be in Kendall or Miami or somewhere, because the island doesnt feel Caymanian anymore, and hasn't for quite some time. At least we have someone who is willing to put an injection of funds into the island (and his own money at that), to make a little bit of our beaches more beautiful and we're all ready to bite his head off. 

      • Anonymous says:

        This is true, and sad.  Most of our own homes are not distinctively Caymanian — they are big lumps of concrete built n true Florida form without any nod at all in the direction of our traditional architecture.  How can we criticize the Dart family for not honouring Caymanian culture when we don't do it in our own homes?  When we have failed to implement any legislation to define our national style?  John Doak, where are you?  We need that book you're writing.  (Why does it take a Scotsman to do that for us, anyway?)  


        It may not be too late to resurrect Cayman style.  But we need to do it soon.   Future politicians, are you listening?

        • Anonymous says:

          Despite their encountering various obstacles over the years, here is a short list of SOME of the Caymanians who have been and continue to protect our built and natural heritage. 

          Museum – Debra Barnes- Tabora, Lisa Grizzel-McFarlane…

          CNCF – Rita (Ebanks)Estevanovich, Lorna (?Brac)Bush…

          National Trust – Christina (Bodden) McTaggart, Paul Watler, Denise Bodden…

          Archive – Kim Seymour , Tammi (Groves) Selzer,  Charisse Jackson-Morrison, Trisha Grant-Bodden…

          National Gallery – Simone Scott…

          Brac Heritage House – Saskia Tibbetts-Edwards…

          DOE- Gina Ebanks- Petrie, John Bothwell, Mark (Ebanks)Orr, Phil Bush, Bradley Johnson, Croy McCoy…

          Not to forget other past employees like Arthurlyn Ebanks-Pedley, Frank (McTaggart)Roulstone, Anita Ebanks, Wendy (Thompson) Daykin-Moore, Ladner Watler, Mona-Lisa Tatum…

          Names in ( ) are mother’s maiden names.

          No, Mr. Doak is not the only one doing something.

          Cayman, lets thank and encourge our own people a little more!!

          • Anonymous says:

            Obviiously Mr. Doak is not the only one; I didn't say that.  He is, however, the one taking the time and energy to preserve, in written form, ideas about local architecture.  And the comment was partly tongue-in-cheek.  I believe Mr. Doak has done enough to be considered one of "our own people," and he deserves thanks and recognition as much as any of those you have named.  Thank you.

            • M.E. says:

              Wasn't  it the same Mr. Doak  who proposed a 120 foot tower with a bar at the top right next to

              the oldest church in George Town.   "YUP".  

        • Just Commentin' says:

          Future politicians, are you listening?" Huh? Why call on politicians? (As if they were the answer to every problem we ourselves as a people initiate.)  Better to ask "Future home owners, are you listening?" The market dictates what is built or not built and our market wants "Orlando"!

          Legislation?  Please! No more government expansion!  Culture cannot be legislated. And if we were to have legislation to "define" our  current "national style" we would find that the definition would closely resemble the suburbs of Orlando or Miami-Dade, because that is where we are now.  But is this really a bad thing?

          Now let us stop and reason for a moment: is evolution in architectural style really something negative? Or is our adoption of Miami-Dade style not a true manifestation of the way our society works and has worked for a long time? And does this not have some positive benefits? Take the house we call "Caymanian-style": did not that style evolve  extensively through the course of our history? Earliest examples of "Cayman-style" dwellings would have a small one-room hut constructed of local woodtimber and both walls and roof covered with thatch. The floor would have been bare sand. The "commode" would have been a simple hole in the ground that was covered up at days end and a new hole dug for the next day's business. The "kitchen" was an open fire outside.

          As Caymanian houses evolved, the walls of a typical "Caymanian-style" home would have been made of a lattice of split sticks covered with a plaster made from fire-crumbled coral rock dust: "wattle and daub". Roof covering was comprised of silver thatch fronds. Floors went from bare ground to being elevated off the ground using iron wood posts. Kitchens became the "Caboose". This style disappeared and gave way to the Cayman Bungalow made of timber frame and wood plank siding. Roof coverings went from thatch to wood shingles to sheet metal. Kitchens went from open fires, to the Caboose, to being a room internal to the main house, and bathrooms went from holes in the ground, to a hole under a small shed, to attached rooms with plumbing and Jacuzzi tubs. Windows went from simple openings with no covers or screens, to wood "shutters", to durable framed, glazed components.

          Once we made the transition to the timber-framed, metal roofed "Cayman Bungalow" we actually rushed to espouse a decidedly contemporary and foreign style because what we typically now call a "Cayman-style" wood bungalow is actually a borrowed style of modern architecture.

          Unless you live in a thatch house with bare floors, cook over an open fire, and relieve yourself in a hole in the ground, you are also guilty of being part of the movement that is forsaking "traditional" Caymanian-style in favour of enjoying modern amenities and conveniences.  And one must admit that a modern home is much easier to air-condition and keep clean.  Wattle and daub was not terribly energy-efficient, and when the mossies come out I want screens on my windows, thank-you-very-much!

          While I will certainly agree that it is a shame not to preserve some examples of past architectural styles, and while I personally love old-timey Caymanian cottages, they are quite impractical for a typical new homeowner to consider. Local banks are loathe to finance wooden houses. Moreover, it is all but impossible to find an insurance company that will cover them, and if you do the premium is exorbitant.  I would love to build or otherwise own an old-timey Caymanian house but I cannot find it in my financial plan to finance and insure one.

          Even if there existed a local will to incorporate "traditional" design elements into a home, cash strapped young first-time home owners typically cannotafford the professional design talent needed to articulate old-timey Caymanian design ambience into modern room layouts, methods, and materials.

          John Doak? Hmmm??? Where he and people like him – architects who made a handsome fortune here – could come in is by volunteering and offering a portfolio of home plans that are based on traditional "Caymanian" and "Island-style" design themes but use modern methods.  These designers could charge a very modest fee for a prospective homeowner to use their plans. They could offer modest plans out of the portfolio at no cost to first-time Caymanian home buyers. But methinks those people are still too busy making money to do something like this.  Where our government and the National Trust could come in is to subsidise the cost of such home plan sets so they are affordable to the wider market.   This could be an incentive to build in a more traditional style.  Still I have my doubts that Caymanians will not do what history tells us they have always done, and that is to build Miami-style.

          • Anonymous says:

            I called on future politicians because they are the only ones who could legislate for a cohesive architectural style, as Bermuda has done.


            I do not live in a thatched house but I am currently building a home and the design has incorporated several traditional Caymanian elements.  It will be made of concrete, but otherwise will have a look and feel similar to Pedro Castle.  I am fairly certain my insurance company will cover it without difficulty.


            I agree completely with the rest of your post.  Having Doak or other local architects create a portfolio of home designs with a local aesthetic is a wonderful idea.  Thank you for sharing it here.



          • Anonymous says:

            Great post, yes heritage is important, but is also mostly because of available materials and technology of its time. After all Europeans used to live in caves…..not many would want to regain that heritage? (Of course I am generalising)

            • Anonymous says:

              great post…puts all this heritage waffle in its place…

              the people  make their decisions over time and evolve accordingly…… its called evolution…..

              • Anonymous says:

                No, it's called progress, and no one is arguing against it.   Let's not pretend that all progress is equal, though.  I don't think there's much argument that Bermuda is aesthetically more pleasing in the current day than Cayman, and in part that is due to its residential building code.  



            • Anonymous says:

              Really?  Our only options are a) build faceless, homogenous homes with no aesthetic originality and no consideration of local needs and climate or b) live in caves.  You certainly are generalising, I'll give you that.  I feel almost certain we could find some middle ground. 


              Are you seriously suggesting that the builders of some of the homes we see in Cayman today have given any particular thought to currently available materials and technology?  Massive footprints  cooled at massive cost to our pocketbooks and environment — that is the best we can do with the materials and technology available to us?   That is better than traditional building practices, and represents "evolution"?  Pfft.  In my view that represents a complete lack of vision and effort.   

          • Anonymous says:

            Your entire post is absolutely ridiculous. All you have done is provided two very opposing and constrasting and equally extreme solutions to a problem which actually has a very grounded and well-balanced solution. You can most certainly build with modern materials and have the architecture of a structure nod at its heritage – there are thousands of examples of this if you cared to look. No one is suggesting to go full-traditional and start living in wattle and daub houses while we wear whompers and use the bathroom in crudely excavated latrine pits. The Caymanian cottage is such a unique and aesthetically pleasing style of construction and architecture and no one chooses to build in this style anymore, even people building their own houses today go for the South Floridian style rather than adding a little culture and heritage to their home. You can still have a house designed to fit in with its surroundings that hints at it's historical adaptations with modern fittings – no one was suggesting that we start covering ourselves with mud to protect from mosquitoes as they did in the earlier days, you can have a modern Caymanian style house with mosquito screens. 

            You would be the kind of person who would go and get an "antique" car and come back with some horse and buggy because, well, you can't get any more authentic than that as a form of passive travel. You logic and ranting is annoying, and you make no sense; so please, stop trying to twist other people's comments into weird extremist views because thatis obviously the lens you look through. 

        • Goat says:

          Why Doaky doing the book? Because Scottish people rock 🙂 Look where so many of our ancestors hail from: McLaughlin, Kirkconnell, McTaggart, etc.  

          BTW whoever posted about celebrating our own and left Doak and ALL the other people working tirelessly in these fields who are also Caymanian out (Muttoo, Leshikar-Denton, Elphinstone, Goulden, Gibb) needs their head examined.  You are causing diviision in our deliciously mixed Caymanian society – Doak and others could be on that list – he is now one of our own.  It is so sad how you go through listing all those people who are several generations-old Caymanians.  Not sad that you name them – they are lovely people who did/do so much for our heritage preservation – but sad that you had to make differentiations between them and newer Caymanians.  When does a person become Caymanian? When first generation? Or second? Three generations back> Four? Five? Many of the people on that list are or were married to newer Caymanians…does that now 'water down' their children, making them somewhat less Caymanian? 

          PS: Please let's learn the differentiation between the meanings of heritage and culture:


          her·i·tage  (hr-tj)


          1. Property that is or can be inherited; an inheritance.
          2. Something that is passed down from preceding generations; a tradition.
          3. The status acquired by a person through birth; a birthright: a heritage of affluence and social position.

          …and culture which has several meanings but in the sense to which we refer in this discussion:


          cul·ture  (klchr)



          a. The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought.
          b. These patterns, traits, and products considered as the expression of a particular period, class, community, or population: Edwardian culture; Japanese culture; the culture of poverty.
          c. These patterns, traits, and products considered with respect to a particular category, such as a field, subject, or mode of expression: religious culture in the Middle Ages; musical culture; oral culture.
          d. The predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize the functioning of a group or organization.


          Second generation Caymanian

          PPS: Please can we all make the effort to indicate on roundabouts 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      Are Caymanians the only ones who litter on the beach?  I think not!

      Your are nothing more than a bigot.


      Non-littering Caymanian

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed 09.35, but lets give Dart his due, he is the only one that has so far come close to cutting off WB from the rest of the island. Damn fine effort, if you ask me, better luck next time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't worry be happy! there is not a single human or entity in Cayman more powerful than God, or mother nature, neither could stop Gilbert or Ivan.  West Bay road is gone but don't dispair, Israel was able to come out from under the slavery of Egypt so will Cayman come out from under our present bondage  in just a little while we will see the hand of the higher power  that money and influence will not be able to stop. In 2003 Caymanians cried and God listened and sent us an answer in 2004 it is now 2013 ten years after and again we cry and I know that he will send us our answer before or after May 2013. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Only Caymanians uses the road and only Caymanians uses the beac. Oh yes Caymanians are the only people that eat KFC, Burger King, and drink beer and sodas! Right!

  6. Anonymous says:

    So we are against the closure of the road because we can no longer see the beach while driving? Half of you complaining are the same ones littering that same beach and polluting the water, marking grafiti all over the cabanas and buildings.  We're complaining about the new road because people are going to be speeding…you are the same ones purchasing these race cars for your 17/18 year old children. 

    • Anonymous says:

      you just make up stuff you feel like saying and spew it like it's facts. please read what you just wrote and back up your numbers or I considers a gas-bag.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What will help the traffic to flow better from West Bay is for the police to close off the Alfresco Beach Lane in the mornings, police the entrance to Centennial Towers from the Church Street Road and police the entrance to Elizabeth Street from Church Street and this will help the traffic flow to work better. Everyone will stand a fair chance of getting to work on time.  These little viens are what ties up the traffic by the 4-Way in the mornings. Another observation is the Esterley Tibbetts road's speed limit is 40mph, the people needs to drive 40mph and not 25mph.  Slow driving causes a lot of accidents. Enforce the speed limits.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I give it a week before there is a serious accident on this road – just hope to God it is not me. Seriously and just like an earlier post, I drove to work this morning and kept to the speed limit – I was overtaken by every car on that stretch from the new roundabout to Governors Harbour roundabout. Complete mayhem that lies squarely at the feet of the Police, Dart and the Government, you have got to take control of the speedsters before someone is seriously injured.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Leave home earlier that solves the traffic proplem , or sit in traffic that is the options if you work in town town at 8:30 – 9:00 am . the roads will make it better when completed. stop making it sound so terrible Cns.

  10. Roundabout use...development...Dart says:

    Now what we need to do is continue to educate people to INDICATE when approaching, when on, and when departing a roundabout as we have two new ones to have fun on…rather than having to guess who is doing what.  

    I've seen ads showing people how to use roundabouts, but a few more would be great.

    I like the new road and the new park is going to be gorgeous.  It will all still be accessible to the public, just not by vehicles – its natures way – very much what Dart is into.  I appreciate the investment Dart makes in our country, but would like things (such as the land swap) to be more transparant and the people to have a say in the decision-making not just a few corrupt polititians and Dart execs. 

    Look forward to May 22 and getting rid of the corruption.  Pray that Dart execs are also keeping an eye on any corruption at the executive level within what is otherwise a very good set of companies.

    PS Dart – thanks for Camana Bay, thanks for allowing us all to recycle glass and aluminium, thanks for the parks in the other districts, thanks for all the funding you give so many local organisations, thanks for making this place home.  Please draw the strong vocal, intelligent stalwarts of the various districts close to you, even those who may be activists against you now.  They are not against you and development – they are against corrupion and not having a voice in the development.  Find out what really matters to our people, to celebrating our culture and preserving our heritage and respect that going forward.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hear hear!

    • Just Commentin' says:

      In other words, (to me at least) what the last part of Roundabout's "PS:" means is: "Hey, Dart, drop Makeewah like a hot potato! And in the future refrain from making sweetheart deals with politicians to further your own agenda and line your already bursting pockets. And take time to genuinely listen to Caymanians before the ink dries on the deal." 


      I know the latter two of the above are really hard things for a rich American to do, but if you want to greatly increase your credibility and respect from us "roots" Caymanians, these are the right things to do.


      So, Mr. Dart, next time anyone brings up the name of the former Premiere, your answer needs to be, "Huh? Makeeva? Makeeva Bush?? Who's that?"


      PS: Leaving your ivory tower and showing your face at a few public functions and schmoozing with the common man on occasion might be a good start at a new beginning, too. We are a pretty friendly people when treated right and we promise not to bite you, Mr. Dart.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mr. Dart might leave his warship on a regular basis, however given the lack of recent photos, we'd never know. 



  11. Anonymous says:

    So when is the government going to tel us officially that the road is closed?…after election??

  12. Last of the Sea Urchin says:

    We don’t know what to come next as the deal was never made public to the people of these islands. UDP and ppm gave away our islands to dart and what is surprising is our governor is so quiet on the issue. I guess he got his new road to complete his marathons whilst he enjoys his vacation. This is the worst I have seen this country!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I simply don't understand the one sided racist attacking of Dart. There is no way he would have done this without the implicit or explicit approval of the local business leaders. These guys are licking their chops at the additional cheeseburgers they will sell, the additional aggregate that will be required, the greater number of consumers for their supermarkets, the increased need for hardare and lumber etc,. And I find there is nothing wrong with this, Dart's investment will create real wealth, its how a capitalist market economy is supposed to work, except that rather than sing the benefits of Dart's investment they lurk in the shadows. Many of these business leaders are behind the C4C so when you vote in May bear this in mind and stop bitching and moaning at Dart when Dart's devleopment plans would go nowhere without the support of certain sectors.

  14. Anonymous says:

    He was just practicing in Belize. smart guy. Learned and moved on. Played Cayman's  'First and Worst' like a monkey on a string. Probably wont have to move on from here.  

    All Hail The NEW KING!

  15. Anonymous says:

    WOW now we know DART run things !

    He will not stop until he controls the entire 7 mile beach stretch.

    Caymanians we need to stop this craziness!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dart are clearly above the Law. Lets not have elections just let Dart run the country as they do now.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Such poor governance. The Governor silent as the grave, as usual.

  18. Anonymous says:

    "Accident Alley" is now open!  The local bars could start a pool.  When will the first major accident occur.  How many per month?  Things like that.  It would great fun. 

    I drove it today at 40 MPH  I was the slowest car on the road.  Everyone else was having fun changing lanes and weaving in and out.  The closure was not well thought out.  The mess at Raleigh Quay could have been handled better.  That section could have been made fully paved two lanes each way prior to closing WB Rd.  The residents on that section could have used West Bay Road only while it was being done, with little inconvenience to them and have avoided the mess for everyone going in and out of West Bay.  I do not understand why such a hurry.

    • Anonymous says:

      They needed to get the road closed before the courts stopped them. That is why.  Same reason they are puting more effort into tearing up the roads thenworking on the new one.  They want to do as much as they can to assure it is a "fait accompli".

  19. Anonymous says:

    I genuinley feel sorry for anybody that works in town and lives in WB because it's going to be chaos tonight and there is no way to avoid it. the sinle lane road surface over the old Raliegh Quay junction heading north  is appalling. I know it's only temporary but surely it could have been done better then it is. Traffic is having to slow to a crawl to cross it and that is where there will be chaos. I predict the traffic will be backed up way past lime tree. take a coffee and a good book!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I left work at 6:15 and was in west bay 18 minutes later.

      • Anonymous says:

        I left George Town at 5:00pm and got to West Bay in 13 Minutes :).  Waiting patiently for the extention to be completed all the way to WB.

      • Anonymous says:

        New to the island?  615P traffic is never very bad. Your point is?

        Try at peak travel time dingdong

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no sympathy for the West Bayers who elected Mac…da wha unna get!

  20. Happy! says:

    It’s fantastic news! Well done Dart Reality. Progress we should all celebrate

    • Anonymous says:

      signed- darts mom

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously you are not one of those people stuck in traffic every day.  But i'm sure you will also have to experience the traffic jam which goes on all day some time in the future.  Enjoy!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    everybody complained when Camana bay was proposed ….now every event there you cant even get parking aseverybody pack up there… give it two months …rest of the island ga be begging dart new roads too…but seriously how do you expect to have progress without infrastructure… if it was anybody other than Dart that closed the road and made a new one …would there be such an outcry? hmmm… 

  22. Anonymous says:

    Talk about nitpicking.  Don't some of you have some hens teeth to go find or something. 

    50 percent of the problem this morning were rubber neckers  and people gawking at the new road.

    The other 50 percent were from people high fiving the DECCO guys.  

    Shouldnt be any problems tomorrow then.

  23. Anonymous says:

    May be a daft question as havnt seen the final layout but how do you catch a bus after a drink at the beach bars along there or live at Indies Suites? Run across 4 lanes of traffic!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I must be confused.  I saw the changes in the paper I think last week and it said this week the closure would take place and a big map showed how the road would work.  Then last night this morning's paper was delivered to my house and again there was a big map showing what was happening what was closed and flow of traffic.  Am I the only one reading the paper or is it easier to just come on here and read sensationalism at its finest.  CNS I usually appreciate your articles but on this one you failed to mention that notice was indeed given whether people agree in the process of the closing of the road or not and that it was in print media.


    CNS: So far, there has been no notice to the public via the media from the relevant government entity – the National Roads Authority – or any other branch of government. When government gives notice of any road closure, especially one of this significance, they disseminate it to all media houses for maximum exposure; they do not cherry pick which media house, and therefore which pocket of society to inform, which is what Dart has done.


    The story did not appear in print until this morning, meaning that most of the people who needed to know this would not have got word in time. 

  25. Anonymous says:

    I read posts here all the time that Dart is taking away our heritage.  I cannot equate a view of the sea  with losing a heritage.  The fact is that the closed section of road is a traffic hazard, and the notion that it is a scenic vista of the sea.  During the daytime most days it is clogged with Coasters and the like for the three bars that peddle their wares with the 1.2 to 1.5 million cruise ship passengers.  And if you spend your time looking at the sea while driving through there, you need to lose your license because you should have your eyes on the road.

    Traffic in and out of West Bay has been a problem for decades. If this morning is any indication of how bad it gets, it is still better than pre-Ivan, by a long shot.  But road construction is not "seamless", meaning that there are delays when it occurs.  This is a short termsituation that will benefit everyone in the long haul.  When we finally see the bypass completed into West Bay, you will all be happy with how well things work.  And for all the naysayers who comment that it is only two lanes, what did you have yesterday as far as Raleigh Quay.  If you want to argue about something, at least argue about something that makes sense.

    I have not seen a single comment about the millions of dollars of road damage that is occurring along other sections of West Bay Road by private contractors installing fibre optic systems so that you can have better cable television or phone/internet service.  And these are private companies doing this damage but the lot of you cannot seem to get upset about that.

    Dart is not about controlling this island.  Who would want to?  He wants to run a business, and make a profit from doing so.  Good for him.  Just like the owner of your local hardware store, grocery store, or gas station.  So far he has invested a lot of money, and I see a lot of our fellow Caymanians have prospered.  And if the government chose to give up part of the accommodation's tax for a period in order to spur development in the old Holiday/Courtyard, who really cares?  It is better to have half of something than to have 100% of nothing.  Take the Hyatt, which has been an eyesore for 8.5 years now.  Have any of you decried losing heritage because of a rotting, stinking hotel on the bypass.  Once again, you have not said a word about that.  The government kept it quiet because they knew that some people would scream bloody murder, so they may as well work for progress and let people scream about it.

    With that said, if I still lived in West Bay, there is no way I would support the group currently in power.  The straw that broke the camel's back was the Nation Building Fund.  It has not, and never will be, what it implies.  That is enough to boot those responsible.

    Be happy that within a few weeks time the roadworks will be finished and will make the travel to and from West Bay easier.  I will bet you that the private contractors will still be tearing up the rest of that road long after that.  Perhaps they can be "negotiated into" repaving what they tore up, after the fact, like this government seems intent on doing to Dart by trying to force the issue to widen roads.

    • Anon says:

      Agreed agreed agreed. I have to change my jeep tires again in a month or so. I just changed them last year. Kirk’s saying that the roads are the culprit. I just drove the new section of the bypass this evening. What a difference! Also, 2 lanes today vs 1 lane yesterday. I think the complaints have no merit UNLESS the pwc report shows me that govt did not get value for money. Then I will change my stance, not on the road per se but with respect to the entire deal. I will not have an issue with dart, he’s a business man. I will however insist that govt be accountable for the difference in value to us, the taxpayers.

    • philo the philosopher says:



      Most assuredly one with some brown on their nose!

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, don’t know the man. Never seen him, just trying to apply a little common sense to all of the naysayers I read so much negativity from. But he has done more for Cayman than the last two governments put together. He is, regardless of what you say about him, making a positive impact on this island, having probably spent more on improvements and infrastructure. Show me one thing that he has done shabbily. It seems as though most of you are afraid of success. But the largest houses I have seen on this island (I will not call names here) are Caymanian homes, so I guess someone here understands how capitalism works.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Don't worry Cline, we will de-gazette you on May 22nd.

    • Anonymous says:

      Since when did anyone get the idea that everyone in West Bay was against the road works that is currently on-going? I support what is being done as a West Bayer. Lack of vision and sense cause the majority of people to never be able to get ahead.

      In the mid 1970's when Mr. Berkley Bush built the George Town dock for about CI$10M there wer many people that said he was wasting the country's money, but the dock is still there now and all those nay-sayers are happy that we have such a dock. The Safe Haven project years ago that was developed by the Matalons from Jamaica was another project that many residents complained about and if I recall correctly there were some 7,500 signatures against the dredging, but time has proved that the Bible is correct "that people fail for lack of vision".

      Thanks to the Dart family for making the Cayman Islands their home and spending money to develop top class facilities. I hope to meet some member of the family one day to personally thank them. Should someone think that I might have any personal interest such as being employed and having any family member employed by any one of the group of their companies, I am not.

      May God blessus and guide us all in these great and wonderful islands.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Talk about delays. I was going home to west bay  and the trafic on the west bay rd was backed up all the way to publik beach. I think that it be dart but no make sense on satrday. after 35 minutes i get to the wb fire station and find a funeral happenin. i try and think if was dart fault but realize that even dead people [no disrespect – rip] hold up trafic.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Great job… already the road traffic has diminished, its safer for the tourists and alot less noisy. No dump trucks with airbrakes roaring by and so far i haven't herard one ambulance. This the best outcome for WB road,  Thank you Mr. Dart

    • Anonymous says:

      and so the almighty dollar has been served while the majority suffer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Typical ppm. reactive and always making a bold statement after the fact when it is too late!!!  

    • Chris Johnson says:

      One point which is overlooked are the cycling lanes introduced by Mr. Dart. Just think about it. People will soon be able to be safe cyclists having their own lanes from Camana Bay, to the beach from Morgans Habour and linking in Governors Harbour and Lime Tree Bay. This aspect is welcome indeed and seems to have been overlooked. Next on the agenda should be a cycling lane from Camana Bay to town but please do not involve Government, at least until the new one arrives.

      • Anonymous says:

        Chris I cannot believe the asinine retentive that gave you the thumbs down on your blog. How can anyone not agree with cycling lanes. I guess you are not that popular in certain political areas but knowing you that will make no difference whatsoever. Keep blogging.

      • Anonymous says:

        Chris, regret not quite that safe. People have to understand them. Coming back from WB last night saw 3 vehicles driving half in the bicycle lanes..God protect the cyclists please!

        • Anonymous says:

          People here think you can ignore all the white lines, edges of the roads, traffic lights, junctions etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      jeezuz, somebody hand that guy some paper to wipe the brown off his nose!! Too funny! 

  29. Anonymous says:

    The nightmare is at the 4 way stop and Farrinton Dr not the road— we have had this problem for months — it didn’t start today–

    • Anonymous says:

      Many yahoos cutting through parking lots and people’s yards tie up traffic trying to show hot superior and clever they are at the 4 way. D heads

    • Chris Johnson says:

      This problem will continue until the new road goes all the way to Morgans Harbour. The problem is that due tothe new road, traffic going to West Bay will arrive quicker up to the new junction just completed on the north side of Seven Mile Beach. The result will be the backing up of traffic along the new highway. In effect West Bayers are not much better off at this moment in time.

      Day 2 going south at 7.45 was not too bad except for those racing to the Hyatt roundabout so they can get ahead on the outside lane and one motor cyclist doing probably about 80 mph. If Government are short they need install some radar on the new road.

  30. Anonymous says:

    It is clearly a temporarly situation while work is on-going for the tie ins to the new road. 

    • Anonymous says:

      What temporary situation? The road will be closed permanently, they have already dug it up in front of public beach. It's pretty obvious that the developer knew there would be opposition to this, which is why the work started at midnight. Not informing the public who intended to travel on that stretch of road is just more of the same from the government and Dart. 

      • Anonymous says:

        They did inform the public 3 days before road closed. They print whole page in the friday paper.


        CNS: No one was informed about the road closure until Monday. Today's Compass story makes that clear.

  31. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      It was the so-called independents that split the vote last time that caused the UDP to get into power.  That is what they aim to do again this time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hold on, I think it was the UDP voters that caused the UDP to get into power (particularly in West Bay and to a lesser extent George Town and Bodden Town) and do this to us.


        cant blame anybody but UDP voters for what Dart has accomplished now. I hope they got something good out of it that will last them for awhile because their gravy train has dried up.

  32. Anonymous says:

    gosh, and here i was stupidly thinking that Dart had enough decency to at least let the locals have their traditional Easter Camping in their traditional seaside stretch of sea grape trees before closing the road! stupid me!  i don't understand how human beings can be so cruel?!

    • Anonymous says:

      Great, so there will be no need for the huge after easter cleanup of the trash left behind.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummm…what are we talking about…20 people?  Seriously?

    • Anonymous says:

      Are there no other beaches on our entire island suitable for camping? Please, don't be ridiculous – Dart constructing this camp isn't going to absolutely ruin the Eastervacation of maybe 15 people.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand why DART is putting out notices about the road changes and not the Government.  Is DART in charge of roads now?

    • Anonymous says:

      He is the majority stock holder so in effect he has controlling vote.  So in effect yes Dart is in charge of roads.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be thankful that he is, imagine if you had to rely on the CIG to do it…

    • Anonymous says:

      YES! Dart is in control now and his control is growing. He ownes over 25% of the  real estate in Cayman. The amount he pays for work permits alone could support a small government. Dart is now the puppeteer and soon we will all be beholding to him for our livelihoods which is exactly what he planned. You may not work for Dart but if you own a business, many of your customers will be Dart employees. Too late to turn back now. Live with it or leave.


    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, Dart is in charge of everything now ! get ready and get used to the inevitable name change of these Islands to The Dart Islands ! great job McKeeva! I hope we are not even allowed to walk the beach soon, then I want to know what some of us will really do then. 


  34. Anonymous says:

    Don’t blame Dart. Blame the UDP for pushing this deal through and signing it. The former Premier and his cronies are to blame for a choking lack of due process. VOTE in May.

    • biker says:

      You, my friend, have "hit the nail on the head". All of these people castigating "Dart" have conveniently forgot who is REALLY to blame: his "enabler", without whom NONE of this would have happened. Wise up people, and remember, come election day.

  35. The lone haranguer rides again! says:

    I drove to West Bay turned round at the fire station, and drove back to G/town at 7.30 am, no problem, smooth sailing, nice view from the bridge, why didn’t we do this long time ago.

    Just imagine how fast it is going to be when they open the next two roads into the west!

    • Anonymous says:

      Arre you sure you were on the same road that I was on at 7:30 when the traffic was backed up????

      • Anonymous says:

        he was probably in the back of a dart company limo ordering a new ferarri online 

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? What road were you on? Certainly not West Bay Road. My husband works in the Regatta area and left the house at 7:15- he got there at 8:00. I work downtown and I left the house at 7:33 and drove intothe parking lot at 8:26. Camana Bay was a nightmare too. Coming home tonight I notice there is no place for emergency vehicles to go if there is any traffic so I guess no one cares if an ambulance is needed for people who live in West Bay. What a complete nightmare. Thanks Dart – karma is waiting for you. 

  36. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    Much of this can be avoided by motorists.  If they purchase a $15.00 DART sticker to be attached to their windscreen. When they pass Checkpoint Bush – they will be given priority for entrance into Dartlandia. The stickers can be obtained at any of the DART outlets on island. This includes all of Camana Bay, George Town, Seven Mile, and West Bay.

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems funny now butt wait and see. When does the new West Bay Road become a toll road? Soon I'll bet – with funds going to Dart – not the CIG!

  37. CaymanKinder says:

    Road Works the world over cause distruption, Cayman is no different.

    When making changes to main thorofares (roads) there will be a temporary reduction in traffic flow. Not to mention people who are 'rubber-necking' and driving at 2mph to get a good look at the new road.

    So YES, allow a little extra time to get to work/school.

    It is amazing what I read in these posts – people fabricate and whip up in to a frenzy a hornets nest of hatred for what purpose?

    I drove from West Bay this morning and it took a little longer than usual, but I remember the days gone by when it took me 45 minutes to get to GT. To my fellow road users, chill-out and enjoy the new road as I did. Cayman is moving forward !!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    The road belongs to Dart. He obtained it legally and if he wants to close it he can.

  39. Anonymous says:

    So glad I ride a bicycle…I had a big stretch of road all to myself!

  40. Whodatis says:

    Yep, let us place the health and safety of the general population at risk in order to serve the wishes of one private entity.


    Where are all the designated anonymous Dart supporters of CNS this morning?

    Cat got your fingers?

    It is impossible to decipher which entity is the greatest schmuck in this entire debacle – the DART Group or CIG.

    As for the supposed merits of this "deal" and our general approach to the Dart Group … I have not the time or energy today – plus I am tired of talking.

    I'll stick to silent action and in the meantime allow this monkey the space to climb higher up the tree … we all look forward to seeing more of its ass.

    (Some of us know better than to trust or respect entities with such legacies.)

    • Anonymous says:

      In no part of this deal does Dart come off as a schmuck… he's obviously playing on a level that our government can never hope to be playing at. 

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. BosunBayer says:

    I'm sure it won't take Dart long to tear up the old road, if it's not done already.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Jamaican was the problem so they created the rollover policy, however they cant rollover or control what Dart is doing.

    Caymanian's only see the small picture and this is the main reason why all these things are happen right before there eyes.

    People of this Island better wake up and see who the real culprits are before they all find themself looing asylum in Yard.

    • Anonymous says:

      The rollover applied to everyone, not just Jamaicans. I agree that the UDP intended for it apply to occupations which would have hit Jamaicans the most.

  44. Anonymous says:

    any road development will cause initial temporary inconvenience….. try and think long term…..

  45. Baldric says:

    Hey West Bay!  New fridges don't grow on trees you know – money got to come from somewhere.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Living at Whitesands condos I was greated this morning with West Bay Road ("WBR") being closed just north of my complex, meaning I could only turn right (southbound) onto WBR (as I would normally do heading into town), then WBR was closed at Raleigh Quay, forching me to turn onto Ragleigh Quey, then being forced to turn northbound onto eastern tibbits bypass, doing a 360 at the Yatch drive roundabout to head into Georgetown


    What an absolute nightmare. The government needs to step in and not allow a private contractor to dictate road closures. What they currently have done is foolish at best.

    • Anonymous says:

      Keep your hair on !!!!!

      A few days from now you can exit White Sands and access the WBR/ETHN just 20 yards away.

      Keep on Truck'in 🙂

  47. Anonymous says:

    Wow… I am a relative 'newbie' (2 years) to these Islands and still do not understand how the Camanian citizens can be sold out by their own Government so easily, and bullied and pushed around by this very controlling and aggressive DART corporation.

    I know there are people on both sides – those who believe this is a great thing (one must question their motivation for this – personal greed perhaps?), and many who believe it is robbery of their own land.

    DART owns more land in Cayman than anybody here can fathom, and this will only contiinue to spiral out of control – when and where will this end?? 

    • Anonymous says:

      because no one has brains here, but Dart. And what he does, he does well! Without Dart Caymanians  would not be enjoying their life much…and it would not have been a toursit's attraction.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cayman was a tourist destination long before Dart got here. 

        The question is how "Caymanian"  will this "new" tourist destination be, or will it only be Fart Town to represent Cayman after the developer and his minions are done running everyone else out of business.

    • Anonymous says:

      Welcome to hte Dart Islands – the islands democracy forgot!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It will end when Cayman can afford tp carry itself and not be reliant upon Dart…Those who wasted all our money are the ones at fault here. If we had the money to build our own road and fix our own dump this deal would have never surfaced..

      • Anonymous says:

        That's not going to happen any time soon seeing as so much of Government revenues have been signed over to Dart as concessions.

        • Anonymous says:

          Stop the drama. It won't happen because Cayman spends more than it makes simple but true, you have always lived beyond your means. Which is why you are here now…And becuase of that Dart will soon own Cayman and it will be a better place to be. I am glad I bought my little part of it while I could…

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanian were not bullied by Dart. Rather, it’s the former Premier who signed deals with Dart that create this whole mess. Westbayers can only blame him.

      • Anonymous says:

        And what set of idiots repeatedly elect him no matter what he does?

    • Anonymous says:

      West Bayers "YOU ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN", Dart couldn't do this to the people in Belieze they threw him out on his ass, but certain "caymanians" allowed Dart to come in and take over our beautiful Island.  This Island isn't called Cayman Islands anymore it should be called Dart Islands for sure…how on earth did we allow a "foreigner" to come into the Island and BUY IT UP and destroy it!!!!! I shake my head for there is no turning back on this one…….

      • Anonymous says:

        Guess who had the land to sell in the first place? Wasn't all Crown land, you and your ancesters were greedy enough to sell so you have only got yourselves to blame on that point!

        • Anon says:

          And imagine if no one like dart actually bought the land. How much more of the courtyard and Hyatt relics rotting in the sun and rain, filled with rats would we have now? Come on people, please start seeing the big picture.

      • Anonymous says:

        My sentiments exactly to the part about it being named after Dart but  remember to not blame the majority of West Bayers, we were the ones who opposed it and the "Power" that be, (note I did not say Powers),  sold it out for us.

        I'm still shaking my head because the other night going up to West Bay I asked myself how could someone come to our island and just take a big chunk out of  it and expect that most of the Caymanians would just swallow it straight?

        When the new Public Beach is put in place will there be any rules pertaining to the fact that you can not sit here or walk there or bathe there? What's going to happen?  I can only say that the land belongs to God Almighty and he doesn't sleep nor does he slumber and the hatred that is presently going on in our little Island will know the Wrath of God when it comes .

  48. Anonymous says:

    Nitemare isnt the word. For all those on lookers that's looking thru the windows that doesnt have to travel  this road DONT know what we the people of this distric wiill have to encounter with on a daily base  its just the beginning May please hurry so they can be some changes hopefully possitive ones instead of YES people and people that willl work for the people.

    • Like It Is says:

      And this, my children, is what happens if you don't study hard at school.  You write like this and end up having to live in West Bay.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where the hell did you go to school ?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't travel this road often and I am not from West Bay, however, I do believe that this is what West Bayers voted for last time so I dont see what the big gripe is.


      West Bayers, that is You and/or your relatives, voted for the UDP to return to power by putting in all 4 UDP Candidates in W Bay, even Bernie Bush (who many link to the UDP) came in 5th place, so, if you have a problem with this, then i suggest you West Bayers do something about it.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Nitemare" isn't a word at all

      • Anonymous says:

        maybe it is a word in "West Bay" speak?

      • Anonymous says:

        "Nightmare" wouldn't have been the right word for it anyway.  The word "nightmare" might reasonably be used to describe something truly horrific, such as a war, or genicide, or violent crime.  Using it to describe heavy traffic in a country where being held up means arriving at your destination in air-conditioned comfort  in 45 minutes or less is a bit rich.  

  49. Duffman says:

    I did not notice anything different this morning.  But then I live in South Sound.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you have nothing nagative to say please stay out of this conversation..

    • Anonymous says:

      Shame on you for being so insensitive.  If you are a true South Sounder, then you should know the developer threatening the beauty of South Sound is Renee Hislop.  Soon after Dart will want to aggressively take your peace & quiet away too let alone your piece of land.  Somehow it seems your personal or business life has not been touched by Dart yet!

      • Anonymous says:

        Clearly someone is so bitter AND twisted that they can't take a joke!

      • Duffman says:

        There is beauty in South Sound?  I thought it was just somewhere near to the center of town for an easy commute but far enough away from the guns and the crack. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you commenting , this board is for haters only..

    • Anonymous says:

      Your turn next South Sounder. They won't say no to Rene Hislop if they have said yes to Dart. And so the precedence of a developer telling us which roads will and will not be moved begin. 

  50. Anonymous says:

    It was not a nightmare when I went through on my way to work about 6:30, but the road surfaces heading into the new road extension are not really fit for driving, and I do wonder what they will be like tonight in the dark.  Yet once on the good road surface, why did the drivers ahead of me stop? It isn't confusing – you just follow the road – you know where you are going, so that odd shaped oval sign wasn't really necessary for you to read (or stop to read it), was it?

    • Anonymous says:

      They stopped to gawk.  It was fine when I went through at 7 am. By tonight when its no longer new and shiny traffic will be fine.

    • Anonymous says:

      The sign pointed to the yacht club – I believe the yacht club is now up by the airport – that confused me a little

  51. Anonymous says:

    Dart is showing the government and the people of the Cayman islands who is really in chargehere with this latest acton by DECCO!  Unfortunately for the community at large who are affected by this closure he has taken a page from the books of our politicians in showing no regard for the Caymanian people or their property. Are the people so insignificant that they couldnt be given  proper advance notice of the closure? I say close NRA now, they are an embarrasing failure, and save the  country and government millions. They can all go work for Dart and be on his payroll since they are  seem to be doing his bidding anyway. What a pathetic and shameful mess this all is. The world press should be here to chronicle this as an example of Cayman being ripe and ready for the taking …. to the highest bidders of course! Fellow caymanains you have all proven that you are cowards …. spineless amoeba without a bakbone, a true colonial success story. WUTLESS!!

  52. Anonymous says:

    So Dart gets to dictate how the project is going to go and when in direct contravention of the recent gazette? 


    If Dart had this latest graphic ready, why couldn't it have be displayed before the closure?    I'm guessing that it's the same reason that the entirety of this FCIA "deal"  hasn't been disclosed. 


    I'm afraid that this is just the beginning of Dart doing whatever they want.    Don't say anyone didn't tell you so.    

  53. Anonymous says:

    Are we the only ones who see Dart involvment in every aspect of this island?  Moving the road is a travesty and who knows what they will be doing next!  They own the island and we as Caymanians have nothing to say about it.  Stop them before it is too late!

    • Anonymous says:

      WHO sold him the land, businesses, and the island as you say????? CAYMANIANS!!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    And thanks for the water view of the mangrove swamp DART! Really appreciate it. Now you and your rich folks can jog along your road without headaches eh? PUNK!

    • Anonymous says:

      Buy a stop watch and get the facts buddy.

      You will see more of the ocean and Seven Mile Beach when driving along the new ETHN at the Gov Harbor / WBR conection than you ever did on the old WBR and the whole area looks a lot nicer as well.

  55. Dee says:

    Isn't it illegal for a private citizen or entity to interfere with the operations, signage, postings, surface, etc, of a public thoroughfare?

    Is the action of the entity involved in this fiasco not open for criminal investigation and/or sactions by the appropriate government body/bodies?3

    It seems the government no longer has any authority over this matter. Serious times, serious actions, serious thing.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Road works with diversions happen all the time in other parts of the world why is it that the Cayman Islands think they should be any different. Yes it may be an inconvenience now but the end product will be fabulous so just suck it up and be patient. Do as the developers and the NRA have asked – give yourself a little more time each day to get to where you are going and things will be fine. Stop complaining about the small stuff – you could be living elsewhere, have no vehicle to drive and if you did you could be dodging bullets and mortar.

    • Anonymous says:

      What an idiotic post. You've been playing too many violent video games, clearly.

    • Whodatis says:

      Exactly how stupid do you (and your supporters) believe Caymanians are?

      Obviously very.

    • Anonymous says:

      But we're entitled to a traffic free road with a nice view of the ocean.It's our birthright.  Go live in Iraq if you don't like it.

    • SKEPTICAL says:

      The puerile logic of a “nincowpoop” – as Bugs Bunny would say.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Dart is bigger than you, me, the courts and even the GOVERNMENT! He wanted to be king of a country and now he is!! LOL! and for all you West bayers that voted in MckeeWa! "da wha you get!" idiots.. Thank GOD i have dual citizenship, i can jump this ship when it starts to sink! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart was granted Caymanian status by Cabinet and therefore it can never be revoked as far as I understand.  When a developer controls the economy, he controls government without his name being on the election ballot.  Please Cayman..the coffee pot has been brewing for years and no one in government has the heart to stand up to Dart.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is revocable if he uses his Caymanian Status in any way to commit any crime, including corruption. 

        • Anonymous9 says:

          Hold up! Not from how I understand Status by Cabinet.

          He keeps it no matter what crime he commits.  I know of at least one criminal that was in Northward when he was granted Status by Cabinet

  58. Anonymous says:

    This is not shocking surprise.

    Unfortunately there will only be more of this kind of behaviour from Government and the developer if Caymanians do not show them the power of the vote in the May elections.

  59. Anonymous says:

    So how can this be done when two writs has been filed in court? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Beacuse the people filing the writs obviously did not ask for an injunction to stop further work…it was an injunction that stopped the work on the marina project….

    • Anonymous says:

      seriously, if you believe that these writs will delay anything you are more nieve the most people..People can not control the chioces made by elected officials unles they are breaking the law and in this case they are not or else the UK wouldn't allow it..

      These are the people you put in office so you have to live with the choices they make or have made. You will soon elect new leaders who you also hate after they are in office for a short while. 

  60. Anonymous says:

    well tomorrow there shouldnt be any "traffic nightmares" because it wont be unexpected. Its not the first time West Bay road has had bumper to bumbper traffic. People, accept the change and keep driving. Thank you

  61. Donald Duck says:

    Might as well take advantage of the situation and put up a permanent police block too on everything going into and out of the republic. 

  62. Anonymous says:

    Good job wb’s you’ll got what you’ll wanted! Vote for keke again in May!