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| 03/06/2013

GOAP (243x300).jpg(CNS): With the increase from five to seven Cabinet members, the new government now has the task of realigning the responsibility of various ministries, departments and government entities across its new seven ministers. Although the newly sworn in premier has already divided the broad responsibilities among his new team, Alden McLaughlin said recently it could take a few more weeks before all of the various subjects are allocated to the new ministries. This also means that several civil servants will be reassigned to new departments, and as the new ministries take shape, there is also likely to be a change in the management line-up.

At present, there are still several government departments that have not been officially allocated to one of the new Cabinet ministers and Alden McLaughlin’s own new ministry of public affairs has yet to be defined. Although the goal is to off-load some of the responsibility for public safety, law enforcement, prisons and border control to an elected official, it is not yet clear how much responsibility will be taken from the Portfolio of Internal Affairs and given to the new premier.

McLaughlin has also said he intends to take more of a coordinating role for leading the Cabinet rather than take on an excessive number of portfolios, as both his predecessors opted to do. Aside from his new ministry, he will have more oversight of the entire Cabinet rather than leaving ministers to operate in their own silos, as happened in the past.

With a much larger government front bench, as the ministries take shape there is also likely to be a shake-up of the top government civil servants. Despite the a-political role that all civil servants from the top to the bottom are expected to take, the close working relationships between ministers and their chief officers can often lead to questions of loyalty once a new government takes over.

When McKeeva Bush took over as premier in 2009, several chief officers were moved and three found themselves without a ministry, two of whom are understood to still be on the payroll. Although Bush denied that he had a hand in their removal, two of the women had worked very closely with Alden McLaughlin when he was minister for education and had responsibility for financial services.

Angela Martins, Deborah Drumond and Diana Montoya were all ousted from their top jobs when the UDP took office, and although Martins was understood to have accepted a pay-off and left the service, there has been no official update on the status of Drummond and Montoya. They were confirmed to still be on the payroll at the end of 2012.

With the impending reshuffle and expansion of the ministries and portfolios ahead, this may be an opportunity for those two women to return to a senior government post.

However, although there are two new ministries, former premier Bush had three chief officers in his ministry, so even with the reshuffle there may still be more chief officers available then posts. The new government must realign senior officers to fit the relevant departments while at the same time keep an eye on costs and the campaign promise to increase efficiency and cut waste.

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  1. brit says:

    Just get rid of the hangers on & the ones who do nothing at the top & that'll save a packet of money. Get paid for doing nothing & allowed to get away with it. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I must say Alden seems quite subdued, overall. Where's all that thunder and lightning from last time gone? All that bravado and postering? I dunno, maybe he's grown up, or perhaps he's been put under heavy manners by the party to behave himself (or get replaced?) this time round and ensure a better chance of a second term. Certainly the PPM MLAs won't want to go the way of the UDP lot and get booted out next election, I imagine.This is all good for credible representation. The well-being of the country can't afford another fiasco like the previous administration's personality saga. Maybe you agree (somewhat)?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh when, oh when are the politicians going to cut their salaries?


    In these tough economic times they must lead by example.


    30% cut anyone? Even at 70% of their current pay they can live extremely well.


    All these re-orgs are pointless unless the politicians can take a serious stab at cutting government spending.

  4. Gowerment Docta says:

    Last but not least those persons who are directly responsible for the Pines Situation. Those who are in Dart's Wata Front Luxurious accomodation Flagstaff Bldg pretending to be doing "drug counselling" driving up and down all day that  is of course when their are not off to Miami shopping or at happy hour. An finally those at a certain authority who turn up to work when they feel like that of course when their not running their own businesses who only now are showing up because of the move to the new CIG BLDG no worries brother in law incharge now! I regards to some of those retuning back to govt well some folks past conduct might just catch up with them and the new anti corruption laws could have a conflict of interest problemo with their previous actions Oh well you know the politcal fixers can smooth that over still.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As a Caymanian I have to admit that we have some of the most wicked people in the world. One thing for sure we sure like to destroy one another, and is the best in the world at doing so. Why ?

  6. Kato says:

    Well with the FS, chief staff, senior political advisor and the PA gone there should be a considerable amount of savings to he civil service? This is what we mean by CS being top heavy. Enough is enough so get on with it Mr. Premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      The current Accountant General is about to retire and the current FS will fit that slot nicely. The Collector of Customs post has been vacant since the “retirement” of Powery but Dilbert is from West Bay and well learned in procedural matters. “Uncle Charlo” Glidden can return to Radio Cayman as Saturday mornings on 89.9FM has not been the same since he left. As a kid I looked forward to his programmes.

      Finally, Parchment is a hard nut to crack but wait a minute, the Ostrich Carer vacancy at the new Farm suits him perfectly. McLaughlin will retire anytime and CIMA can find a job for Basdeo. So there we are, all set to introduce some new life into the Finance/Finacial Services Ministries.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This new Government should do what they have promised: Take care of the Caymanian peoples who are out of a job, can't find a job and also of all those long time civil servants who have probed to be hard working, persistante and loyal peoples who have worked  for many Ministries and still sitting in the same old positions for over 15 or 20 and more years.

    It's a shame how much our own peoples hesitate to pay the big sums of money to a Caymanian or get a Caymanian prepared or promoted. While with their eyes closed they give the jobs to outsiders who even learns from the old Caymanians on the job. Not to mention that many lies on their resume' to out the Caymanians.

    When some are asked why is this is always the same excuse: Caymanians don't want to work, but if that is the case what about the ones who works hard and still same old story….

    Hope this Gov. Do some thing because if we continue at this rate of unemployment we would soon have a problem with Caymanians out of jobs apart from the unhappy ones who are not getting promoted or are being overlooked in their own country.

    My respects for all the ones who comes to work here you are welcome, but please Gov. Do some thing to get the Caymanias working so that we can all get along just fine and be a happy family.

    Good luck.



    • Wake up says:

      Kiss mi neck back mi star, this Government only been elected a week and a half ago, not a year and a half ago! Blouse & skirt, give then a chance at least to get they office fix with a few pictures before you expect their promises to be fulfilled!

    • Anonymous says:

      To save money, get rid of the chauffers and costly security gaurds, and work permit/job skippers and hire the locals.   Security of tenure should be Caymanians first.

    • Anonymous says:

      It's PEOPLE!! The Caymanian people, will never get a job with that bad grammar! Everyone wants to blame jobs on the government, truth is, we do things like say "peoples" and use bad spelling and grammar, and expect to past a english test to get a half decent job.

      I'm really sick and tired of hearing people blame the government for their jobless status now. Government can only improve the economy for us to have more jobs to get. But, can't just hand you a job just because. Educate yourself, and use proper grammar. Put your best foot forward, and present yourself to the best of your ability.

      • JTB says:

        I agree we should all expect to have to past an English test if we hope to land a decent job.

        • CaymanianDM says:

          Your right. I botched that one all by myself. Pass* would actually have been the correct word to use. Thanks JTB for pointing that out. But at least I don't use words like peoples!

      • Hoping for better days says:

        You too cannot spell dear. I believe it is "pass" your english test. Not past!

      • Spelin Natzi says:

        I egree.  Dem Farkin Boostairds aint got no spelin scilz at all, pestin me ohf. 

  8. anon says:

    One may expect the civil service axe to fall on Leonard Dilbert (Chief of Staff), Richard Parchement (senior Political Advisor) and on Chrles Glidden (Personal Assistant to Mr Bush). The role of the financial secretary and his deputies and assistants needs to be clearly refined or removed now that we have a minister of finance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 13:05: The Constitution says something like "there shall be a Financial Secretary". Given the changes, it made no sense because there is no need for an FS anymore but someone was protecting Ken's job – a clear case of what we do here; make important decisions based on persons rather than policy.

      • Anonymous says:

        anyone who has any clue what they are talking about knows that there needs to be a senior civil servant – call him or her whatever you will – who works under the Minister of Finance to actually execute whatever policy decisions he/she takes. 


        however there may indeed now not be the need for as many high level support staff for the FS. 



        • Anonymous says:

          But, 19:37, that's not what the FS does. That is what Mrs Sonia McLaughlin (Chief Officer) and her many deputies are supposed to do. A Financial Secretary is NOT needed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe the axe fell on Charles last Friday but it looks like JuJu has negotiated to keep Paul

  9. Anonymous says:

    No one ever knew what Debbie Drummond did apart from travel back and forward  across the Atlantic. Now's the time to put her in a chief officer post so she can use her considerable abilities and earn all that money she is being paid. Same with Diane Montoya. What is to happen to Bush's henchmen, Ken Jefferson and Leonard Dilbert? Dilbert was put by Bush in a non job (Chief of Staff). The non job should be abolished but what to do with Mr Dilbert?

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman's first Poet Laureate?

    • Anonymous says:

      For Drummond to come back and be utilised properly one needs to move along another of McKeeva’s chaff, Basdeo.

      • Hoping for better days says:

        Did you just bring up DR. DAX BASDEO. What you all want to say about him now…come lets hear it. Voice your opinions. What has he done now fellow caymanians. Do tell??? I AM ALL EARS.

        • Anonymous says:

          "What's he done now fellow caymanians"? Er, nothing, sweetie. That's the problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      So because appearantly 'no one knew what they did' it's okay for them to abruptly lose their jobs and just be thrown back in at the convenience of the new government?  
      Look at it this way, you're married for over 10 years, he divorces you for another woman, and then 4 years later you must take him back? Please! Take that alimony, and walk.