Raleigh Quay to remain closed to end of June

| 06/06/2013

IMG-20130606-00616 (227x300).jpgCNS): Despite plans to re-open Raleigh Quay over one month ago, Dart Realty has said the road will remain closed until the end of this month as a result of the unexpected level of work required to utilities in the area. The closure of the road, which provides accessto Foster Bay villas and St Matthew’s residency hall from the West Bay Road, was closed at the beginning of April as the developer worked on the Esterly Tibbetts Highway and the areas around that part of the West Bay Road, which was closed by government and given to the developer as part of the NRA deal. The access road runs parallel to the site where Dart proposes to develop a new hotel but there are few signs of work there now that the negotiations between the islands largest developer and government have gone south. 

A spokesperson for Dart said Wednesday that the Esterley Tibbetts Highway works in general, including the work at Raleigh Quay, gave local utilities companies, Cayman Water, CUC, Weststar and Logic, the opportunity to replace or upgrade infrastructure and the works are still taking place at Yacht Drive, Governor’s Way and Raleigh Quay.

“The Raleigh Quay work has required road access be blocked, while works at the other locations are taking place off the carriageway,” a Dart spokesperson told CNS. “The team made an assessment of the anticipated utilities timeline prior to closing Raleigh Quay, but the full extent of what needed to be done wasn’t apparent until the area was closed, and work by the various companies was underway.  Work that is still continuing there includes the replacement of the existing force main sewer, renewing sections of water mains, as well as upgrades to CUC, Weststar and Logic infrastructure, the bulk of which is underground.” 

Dart said that the crews working in the area estimated that all work in the area will be completed by the end of the month.

The reopening of Raleigh Quay will also allow drivers back on to the stretch of the West Bay Road which has not yet been gazetted, from the Tiki Beach bar to Yacht Drive. Although that stretch of the road was due to close under the NRA agreement signed by former premier McKeeva Bush between government, the National Roads Authority and Dart in December 2011, negotiations about the value for money of that deal collapsed when the interim government began to up the ante on what it wanted from Dart, as it was clear the agreement as it stood did not represent a good deal for the Cayman people or the public purse.

Ahead of the elections the talks between the previous minority PNA cabinet and Dart ended when the developer announced its decision to pull out of further negotiations and revert back to the position of what was termed the second agreement made. While Dart awaits on government gazetting the closure of the remaining part of the West Bay Road, a move which is now very unlikely to happen, the developer has indicated it believes the Cayman government is in breach of the deal. However, the failure of Dart to commence the development of the 5-star beach front resort, as promised, was, the previous government stated, also in breach of the deal.

Former ministers Cline Glidden and Mark Scotland said ahead of the election that this made Dart also in breach and the issue was something the next government would be forced to address. With the PPM now at the helm of government, not only is it very unlikely, given the Progressives' campaign promises, that Dart will get any further road closures and the entire ForCayman Investment Alliance is likely to be renegotiated.

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  1. Kmanlady says:

    My understanding of the agreement made between the cayman Island and the Dart Reality was the that portion of road would not be close until the extension was complete and open.

    As of today the extension are not completed nor open…to me that is a breach of contract… therefore we have the rights to take back the road…anyone game for this?

    Truly4Cayman… with this breach of contract and our new government…we need to standup now…

    The new Government (PPM) in their campaigne did promise the people that the would nagoiate to  reopen this portion of b road with a speed limit of 10-15 mile per hr and lots of speed bump.

    PPM were are waiting to hear from you…


  2. Anonymous says:

    Time for some Dart bashing, I guess..

    The naysayers have been pretty quiet lately, which makes me wonder what conspiracy theory will be dredged up next. 

    If you will carefully read what is written, it is apparent that Dart has no control over utility companies, cable tv providers, and the like.  Just look at the mess created on West Bay Road by the companies putting trenches the length of the road for the benefit of private companies.  In a couple of years those roads will become impassable as the patchwork done to the road works its way loose.  Yet those cable and telephone providers will be making their profits while CIG spends millions fixing the road.

    Give Dart a break people, he does not own Lime, Weststar, CUC, and the water companies, so if his contractors cannot finish a project due to others, don't hold his feet to the fire.  Perhaps you should question how these other companies operate,

  3. Anonymous says:

    One month is now three?  That is a considerable margin of error in anyone’s book. Just goes to show they really have no idea what they are doing. 

    Interesting though how they so easily put the blame on the utility companies who they probably never spoke with in the first case. Otherwise I am sure the utility companies would have known better to tell them the closure could be from 1-3 months.   The team that made an assessment of the anticipated utilities timeline prior to closing Raleigh Quay probably just stuck their fingers in the air to see which way the wind was blowing that day, or used smoke and mirrors to conjure up the one month timeline. 

    The amateur PR department woes continue in Dartland.  How many failed PR releases from Dart is this now? Never mind the situations where they did not evern bother to say anything, which is a daily occurence now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow. So far this A.M. the Dart Blog machine is out in full force right on time as usual.  Some things never change.  Must be a lucrative business for those nags who are willing to sell their time rather than accept reality.  Laws, EVERYWHERE in the WORLD, work both ways.  Accept it and MOVE ON!

    Well done CNS. Keep up the Good Work.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are living in a fantasy world.  To suggest that now we wont close that small stretch of road because Dart hasnt lived up to their side is ludicrous.   Why, logically, would Dart spend millions developing readying the site for construction and building adjacent roads?   Did you expect them to build a billion dollar resort in two months or something?

      Do you now suggest we keep that remaining stub of road open so that people can now drive into a pile a sand?  The old public beach road is gone.  Just that remaining stub needs closure.

      Baffled and the logic that some people have.   Me and my colleagues here are literally laughing at this.   

      • Anonymous says:

        Nice Dis at CNS.

        Are you and your colleagues working at the Cayman International School Kindergarten?  That pretty much sums up  the level of your intellegence.  Those kids are already much brighter than your bunch ever will be.  Keep the blinders on so that "stub" of a brain of yours can focus.  Get on now and do as your told! Yee-Haw!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, this poster can ridicule the "intellegence" of others.

          • Anonymous says:

            Spelling error aside, seems that intelligent person is on to something.  Either the poster  on Thu, 06/06/2013 – 14:21. is likely with some Dart related entity or sitting in the Ivory Tower across from the Butterfield drive through ATM in Georgetown.  Those are the ones who have the most to gain from the pilfering of the Cayman people at this stage. 

        • Anonymous says:

          No, we are quite comfortable with our level of intelligence.    We are actually educated financial professionals and understand how to comprehend value for money reports (in fact, we  have issued several of these over the years).   We find comical the notion that a reasonable person could conclude that the road shouldnt be closed now because Dart 'hasnt commenced construction of the hotel'.    Are you kidding me?  Seriously?  What have they spent millions on?  Why would a rational person or organization do this (tear down an existing structure, prepare several acres of ground for construction, install utilities)?  For what?

          So what do you realistically expect to happen?   Put down tools, not close the remaining stretch, lay down asphalt again over the closed portion, not build a hotel and move on?   

          As Dart has said, if the road closure isnt gazetted, they will seek legal action, as they should.  And, as they said, the government loses credibility by attempting to backtrack from a signed agreement.  

          Lets move on, and get this done government.  Its ridiculous.  Lets get economic activity going again.    

          And yes,  my colleagues and I are still laughing at this (lack of) logic and common sense (and no, we have absolutely no connection to Dart.  Just objective, knowledgable financial professionals making objective observations).    

          • Anonymous says:

            Is that you Joey representing your new consulting firm? Sure sound like it. Time to get to work bro!

            Try so don’t tek anything from yourself now. Da really put you in a worse mess.

          • Anonymous says:

            Following your initial comment and equally annoying yet some what conciliatory follow up comment, your company must be in a sad state of affairs if you are comfortable with your level of intelligence.  Seems there are some considerable comprehension skills lacking over there. The comment at 19:59 on Thu, 06/06/2013 pointing out your serious issues with basic math is case in point. Not to mention the time wasting during normal business hours on company time. Not a very professional usage of resources.

            It is indeed comical that you draw up certain conclusions all on your own that no reasonable thinking person would make, and no one that has commented on this story appears to have made, by creating a fantasy scenario insisting somehow that the hotel should be abandoned. So if it is your share of the pie you and your colleagues are concerned about you need not be so paranoid.

            Seems you need to start with a basic understanding of Law and Contracts. You know, with terms like Reasonable, Explicit and Implied. If you had bothered to read the NRA agreement or had the capability of understanding it, you would know that there are certain steps and dispute clauses that must be followed. In the released agreements and reports anyone would clearly see that all the roads that have been constructed lead directly into and along Dart owned properties.  There is your reason for Dart spending the millions. Access to Dart related land and businesses will generate even more $$$$ for the developer.     

            If you truly were as objective as you say you are then you would recognize there are at least always two sides and two parties to every contract.  However again that would require the aforementioned basic understanding of Law and Contracts.  Specifically you have an issue with the road being left open for some reason which is clearly biased and not objective.  Alleged inaction by one party does not excuse the other party from fulfilling their own obligations of the contract. 

            So go ahead and go for you life and support Dart when they try to go directly for legal action, especially with it being clear to so many that Dart is in clear breach of the contract due to their own inaction.  I will definitely be laughing along with the rest of the island at your lack of logic and reasoning when the Judge rightly throws the complaint out and forces the parties back to the negotiating table. 

            What is clear at this point is that the advantage has clearly shifted to the Cayman Islands Government and their new team of elected members. It should be noted just about half of the newly elected members are successful lawyers in their own right, and are backed by a league of Government lawyers supporting them, with access to Crown counselors.  For them to go back and renegotiate the agreement is not only fair but intelligent and logical.  Are you following along?  The Dart group can thank themselves for being in the position they are in and I would not be surprised to see heads roll because of it should they continue todrop the ball. So what if the current government negotiates the re-opening of the old road? Did you or any of your colleagues ever read the actual Gazette closing the road? It clearly states that the road is being closed with zero compensation to the Cayman Islands Government.  So where is the precedent (another legal term) for the CIG and Cayman people to pay a single dime to anyone for something they have SPECIFICALLY received no money for, especially when the Dart group have gone far ahead of themselves in all the wrong areas to rip up millions of dollars of asphalt paid for out of past government treasuries? Apparently your “comprehension” of value for money reports does not extend to the one produced by PWC where they make specific mention that CIG should renegotiate certain aspects of the agreement, a report that is binding to both parties.  Not to mention that CIG and the people of Cayman are down $20 million on the deal. There needs to be some new starting point to recover the CIG's lost millions. That starting point should be to re-opene the road in a limited tourist friendly capacity even if that means a one way corridor with speed bumps and landscaping along the sides. That is called negotiating.  

            In any case school time is over. I refuse to feed you any more factual logical information you are your team of colleagues are too lazy and incompetent to gather for yourselves. That would be against all common sense. 

            • Anonymous says:

              I as a Caymanian don't believe it will happen. This value for money as some of you have contended will be seen as the new beautiful 4 lane highway. Who cares that he will get more profit by building condos or hotels on his new property? We will, the Caymanian Gov't. and people . The jobs are "value for money". I can't believe we are still having this arguement after I have seen in different real estate online being offered in west bay . You should look at them, they say that real estate is now a good deal because of the new highway . Which allows shorter times to Georgetown and back to west bay. Isn't that value for money? Won't the people who buy condos and stay in hotels have to eat drink pay elect.,water, TV,internet, maintain pools, maintain landscaping also have to pay a lot of money and help with jobs ? Value for money again. 

              I think anyone who is not biased can see that we are definitely getting value for money. Don't forget we now have three bars extra parking, camping sites, international volley court, childrens playground, bicycle trail. waliking trails,less crime. With all the fees and duties plus trickle down economics I'm happy with the new road. Plus all our return visitors like the new infrastructure we got for free. Those other places in the caribbean havent been so lucky .

              Stop trying to kill the golden goose

              Tour bus driver


          • Anonymous says:

            Now that we have heard from the “financial professionals” in post 15:16, should we expect to hear from the “economical professionals” next? Geeez!!

          • Anonymous says:

            As YOU have stated.  It is an AGREEMENT.   And , on the basis of an agreeement, Dart has expendend millions of dollars.   For some reason (i,e, election), the former (interim) government didnt not follow through on the agreement.   Once you have an AGREEMENT, you dont regotiate at a later date.   (Just think if you bought a house.  Then, a few months later the seller comes to you and says, "yeah, I think I want more money)".   No, we have a contract, and we cant change the terms.   In the Dart case, if there was an agreement, and Dart spent millions pursuant to advancing the agreement, you cant now say "I want to change the terms".    Some of you guys are NUTS.  Do you prefer the derilict Stan Thomas Holiday Inn, that was closed in 2008 because of "Hurricane Paloma"?  (Google Stan Thomas and find out really why).     If so, maybe you can go down to the former Hyatt and stare at that derilict property.    Dart has built someof the nicest property on the island (not just me, but many of our clients from the US say so).  Be PROUD rather than conjour up conspiracy theories.    And, you will be pleased (or displeased) that Dart announced on Friday the development of another 4 story office/retail buliding (to keep jobs HERE, not in Halifax Canada — is that where you want your kids to   have to work?).               And PS, I have NO connection to Dart whatsover.  Just an objective observor in the financial services sector, with 150 employees, and not ONE, not a single on (and not exaggerating, Caymanian or expat) remotely agrees with you.   Progress is progress.   And if you want to see what stagnation does, hop on a plane to Jamaica and see what real poverty is.     And 2nd ps……learn what a VFM report is and then re-read the Dart'Govt VFM report.  Read the conclusion page then spout off .   Otherwise, spend the time and become educated on the issues.   So frustrating.                                                                                                                                              

      • Anonymous says:

        Glad you have admitting once and for all you and your colleagues are the Blog Brigade behind all of the asinine one side pro-Dart postings that pop up every time CNS writes a factual un-biased story laying out all sides on the matter.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why logically are you so easily baffled by your own ludicrous fantasy world logic?

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you and your colleagues laughing at the fact that the article clearly states the agreement was signed in December 2011?  That equls 18 or 19 months to date depending on the exact day the agreement was signed.  That is coming on closer to two years than the two months in your ridiculous statement. . 

        Nice math works you lot.

      • Anonymous says:

        There was no reason whatsoever to close the WB road.  The works on the new road could have gone on without closing the road.  This was only done for the benefit for the developer – hoping that the objectors would give up.  I hope this new govt. reopens the WB Road as soon as possible as many of us are watching and their political future will surely depend on how they handle this important matter.  Such a shame and disgrace what the UDP Govt. did for these islands – giving away one of our most valuable and precious assets! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Should be "My colleagues and I" and the syntax is all over the place. Ever heard of the apostrophe? Between bouts of laughing at us maybe you should try laying off the tequila (at least  before 11am) and get Dart to provide you (and your "colleagues"?) with some basic English tuition at the office. Then we would be able to at least have a fighting chance understanding exactly what it is you are trying to say.

  5. Anonymous says:

    "the failure of Dart to commence the development of the 5-star beach front resort, as promised,"

    What are you talking about?   The old hotel is torn down, millions of dollars of ground preparation has been done, utilities are being installed.    What do you think this is for, putting in a zoo?   Dart follows through on its projects.  Have you not noticed the more than a billion dollars spent on that little place called Camana Bay. 

    And so what if utilities are taking a little longer for completion.   Have you ever had a house built, and maybe realized that some things take longer than expected and some things less?

    Scratching my head at all of this…………gawd.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you had even bothered to read the contract there was never any agreement to tear down anything.  The contract called for the refurbishment of the existing property CONTINUOUSLY from the date of the signing of the contract which was DECEMBER 5, 2011!!!!!

      One thing is for sure if Dart really wanted to do it, it would have been done by now.

      Example: the new roads leading to all of the other Dart affiliated properties. 

      If Dart does not want to do it they put up a fuss and sit on their hands. 

      Example:  The Political interferring press release by Dart days before a countries national election.  Plus an empty barren lot for all to see producing zero income for the Cayman Islands Government which was their only revenue producing portion of the entire deal.

      Only a spoiled brat wants to have their cake and eat it too.

      How many of the thousands of  witnesses that pass these properties every day do you need to testify to these FACTS?

      If you do not honor the contract it becomes NULL and VOID. Simple as that.  I would love to see what judge would rule against that long established tenant of Contract Law.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually a zoomay be a better usage of the site after this fiasco. At least everyone could go there. Especially the Dart mules.  Plus monkeys and gorillas scratching their heads will fit in nicely too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes! Yes! I would love to see the Dart Monkeys on display!!!! Bring in Giraffes too so they can see the sea for us!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The reporting of this has been biased.  The statement "as it was clear the agreement as it stood did not represent a good deal for the Cayman people or the public purse" does not come close to reflecting the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps your thinking is biased.  Denial is often a major road block to accepting the truth.  The report as it stood detailed a 20 Million dollar difference against the Cayman people and the public purse.  The public purse by the way includes everyone contributing to it whether they be local, expat or a tourist.  That is chump change only to those who cannot add.

      In any case why in the world would CNS have any interest in publishing a biased report?  They are just reporting it as it is instead of leaving out certain major details like some other publications.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Frankly speaking, I can't blame Dart if he now goes "South" with the "For Cayman Investment Alliance" after being so wronged !!! The PPM will be on their knees in front of Dart within 6 -12 months time, just you wait and see.



    • Anonymous says:

      Dart "so wronged"?  How many brownie points did you rack up for that comment?

      Dart. South. Yes. Please. Thank You.  He can't go North anymore unless he takes a hop, skip and a jump up to Canada.

      Many other investors in the world with bigger pockets and higher morals.  The PPM / C4C government will make sure the playing field is even for all so they will get their shot.  

      • Anonymous says:

        "Many other investors in the world with bigger pockets and higher morals."

        Yeah, but how many in Cayman?  Or with a track record of, you know, actually delivering on projects.



      • SSM345 says:


        "Many other investors in the world with bigger pockets"

        No sh*t  Sherlock.

        The problem is that they won't come anywhere near Cayman for large projects because of the previous government and their flip-flopping, contract breaching and idiotic ways of attracting or doing business.

        You see that is a key component when investing huge sums of money, you want assurance that the people taking your money will live up to their word, and quite frankly that did not happen at all over the last 4yrs.

        Or perhaps you know where this line of big dogs can be found as I would like to tell them everything is going to be fine because Mac is done and they don't have to worry about dealing with him or Foolio ever again.

        • Anonymous says:

          Seems you have agreed with the post on Thu, 06/06/2013 – 14:38. in a round-a-bout sarcastic manner. I am in agreement with both of your positions. To answer the concerns you raised that is why the country almost completely swept out the last government and replaced it with a new government more capable of establishing credibility.  

      • Diogenes says:

        Yeah – they are lining up to invest here, especially with CIGs track record of honouring deals with investors.  As for the PPM government – well, the record on dealing fairly could hardly be worse than the UDP, but if one of your first actions is to renege on a deal already signed, well…..

        • Anonymous says:

          No one can dispute the damage that the UDP government did to the reputation of the CIG. But if you trying to refer to the non-existent agreement pertaining to the dump discussions that never resulted in a contract and therefore could in no manner shape or form have ever been signed? Jeez, get your facts straight already.  As for the WB Road/Hotel agreement, it is becoming clearer every day who is reneging on what.  At least that is one thing the PNA fools were not lying about. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    What it means to make a deal with the CIG…..

    • Anonymous says:

      What it means to make a deal with DART….

      Much worse. Just ask the multiple South American and Eastern European countries that have dealt with him. 

  9. Anonymous says:


    "….as it was clear the agreement as it stood did not represent a good deal for the Cayman people or the public purse."  


    Really?  What report are you reading?  You clearly dont understand VFM reports. 

    • Anonymous says:

      And you clearly never read and/or failed to comprehend the reports associated with this so called "deal".