Nominations sought for construction design gongs

| 12/06/2013

seagrape1.JPGCNS): Organisers of the Governor’s Award for Design and Construction Excellence in the Cayman Islands are urging people to make nominations for this year’s awards as soon as possible because the event is being brought forward. As the current governor, Duncan Taylor, is expected to depart Cayman in August, the ceremony to hand out the local biannual architectural gongs is being rescheduled for 25 July, several weeks earlier than planned. Nominations are being accepted for commercial, industrial and residential developments, houses and renovations completed in the Cayman Islands.

Submissions for the Governor’s Award will be judged by a panel convened by the governor, which will decide whether and to what extent the design and construction of the nominated projects display the attributes of design excellence, creativity and innovation, sustainability and the environment, value, buildability and cultural response.

“The Governor’s Award programme is a great opportunity to raise the profile of organisations in the construction and development industry as well as acknowledging the hard work and commitment of involved project teams,” a spokesperson for the organising committee said.

The governor will liaise with the Cayman Society of Architects, Surveyors and Engineers (CASE) and the Cayman Contractors Association (CCA) in promoting the awards, which were created to foster innovation, sustainability and excellence in the Cayman Islands construction industry.

The winners in each of the nominating categories will be announced at a function at the Governor’s Residence on Thursday, 25 July.

For more information on how to nominate a project is available at here or email

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  1. Caymanian Concern says:

    Let's get serious?  Nominate and award the (3) houses on island that are 100% "off the CUC power grid"!!!  Now that is smart design.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I would like to nominate the buildings in the Special Economic Zone campus for the least environmental impact. In fact, I believe it is 100% green!

  3. Knot S Smart says:

    I nominate Mckeeva's Christian Heritage Park – but I am not 'gambling' that my nomination will 'win'…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Last year's ceremony proved controversial when it was discovered on closer inspection that the winning design was in fact a large dog turd.  This "design" was head and shoulders above the runner-up, the project entitled "Bland Copy Of A Cheap Ugly Design From South Florida".

  5. Anonymous says:

    I like to nominate Watercolors project as the longest project in history. Nine floors 3 years and it’s still unfinished not to say that it’s monstrous and looks like it should be in NYC. Six years it took to build 104 floors of the new world trade center and they can’t even get nine finished. At this rate my kid with graduate lower school before its done.

  6. Spaceballs says:

    If John Doak doesn’t win for the Margaritaville Space Needle I’m calling fix.

  7. Hancock says:

    One must surely go to the last Government for all the pot holes they put in the road and the design work on the highway going to the Strand. Magnificent architecture indeed. Let the gongs begin.