PIN participants enjoy positive experience with PwC

| 27/06/2013

PIN and PWC.jpg(CNS): A group of George Town Primary students have recently completed the PIN (Positive Intervention Now) afterschool programme at St George’s Anglican Church along with the completion of the academic year.  The students have been able to enjoy the programme (which runs from 3pm to 6pm Tuesday to Thursday), thanks in part to the generous support of sponsors and volunteers, including a group of fifteen volunteers from major sponsor, PwC. The programme, run by the Education and Youth Committee of St George’s Anglican Church, focuses on youngsters of 10 and 11 years of age, who are generally in their last year of primary school.

The programme helps to shape the youngsters spiritually, intellectually and emotionally, through this often difficult transition into the teenage years. As well as focusing on intellectual pursuits such as homework, maths and reading, the programme also offers youngsters the chance to perfect their table etiquette, develop spiritual awareness and also work on fun art and science projects.

Assistance from a variety of corporate sponsors means the programme has been able to run for the last five academic years, and offers the youngsters a hot meal each day, field trips to places such as the George Town Library, as well as picnics and fun family events.

Marlene Ricketts is the PIN programme facilitator, and she says that she is deeply grateful to the efforts of volunteers like PwC because she can truly see the considerable positive impact their involvement has had on the students.

“We thank PwC for its continued commitment to the programme,” she said. “Without corporate sponsorship our programme might not have lasted as long as it has. PwC does not only financially support PIN, but they have also provided laptops and a great number of volunteers who help throughout the year. It makes such a difference when they are there because the children get more individual attention. Besides helping the children with work there has been incidental learning as the volunteers from PwC led a special project called “The world through my eyes” to teach the children basic photography.”

Angilynn Chan-Baraud, PwC’s Assurance and Business Development Manager, coordinates the firm’s efforts to assist the PIN programme. Baraud says that broadening PwC’s input this year to actively spend time with the young people has been a very rewarding experience all around.

“Our volunteers have very much enjoyed spending time with and getting to know all the young people who attend the PIN programme,” she said. “For the photography project we provided each student with a disposable camera and asked them to take pictures for one week. Their work has been displayed at the PIN programme and we were very impressed by the results. We all attended the PIN closing ceremony recently and we were extremely proud of all the young people with whom we have worked. Community involvement at this level is extremely important to all of us at PwC and we thank the youngsters for making PIN such an enjoyable programme in which to participate.”

Confirming the firm’s commitment to the PIN programme, Baraud applauded Ricketts and her team for their endeavours to assist Cayman’s youth development.

“Ms Marlene, her assistants, St. George’s Anglican Church and the PIN Board have again undertaken a huge effort this year to help guide the students through this tough transitional time in their lives and we are delighted to continue to help in this cause. Congratulations to everyone involved for helping to guide the young people on to a bright future.”

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