Burglar steals jewellery from Frank Sound home

| 30/06/2013

(CNS): Police were alerted when two masked men were seen running away from a residence on Frank Sound Road at around 2pm on Friday. The owner was contacted and returned to their home, where they discovered that a rear door had been pried open and that their bedrooms had been ransacked. An inventory was taken and a quantity of jewellery was found to be missing. One suspect was slim built, in his early 20’s and had a brown complexion. He wore red basketball shorts, red jersey with a mask on his face and was carrying what appeared to be a machete in his hand. The other suspect had a brown complexion, and was wearing black short pants, black jersey and a mask on his face.

Anyone who has any information in regards to this incident is urged to contact the Bodden Town Police Station CID at 947-2220, Detective Khalesiah Barboram on 326-1899 or Crime Stoppers at 800-8477 (TIPS)

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  1. Inonymous says:

    Wasn't me…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bainsey,  burglary is the major crime problem on this island !!!. Do something now !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Its becoming a major issue in NS despite all the cameras Ezzard put in.  This burglary is the second I know of in as many months on Frank Sound Road, and this one was in broad daylight.  This time they hit Ronnie Forbes' house.  Pictures of the items stolen are on Cayman 27.  I hope the culprits are caught and soon.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am indeed sad to say that the chances of these people ever being caught is very very slim. With no witness, other than a driver going by at 50mph, it is hard to get any leads here. These sort of crimes will continue, as theives become more brave. On top of that, the police just does not have what it takes to solve these crimes; for more than one reason. But, not for the want of funding. What the police require cannot be baught with money.

  3. Anonymous says:

    cayman of the past is just that, welcome to the new cayman, although its not the worst anyone in their mid thirtys onward might be shocked by what it has come to.

  4. JD says:

    I'v read the news posted and would like to know how is it the age of one of the supects was determined if they both had on mask…?


  5. 4 Cayman says:

    Man you can’t even leave your home and go to make a honest living. The police needs to do more. Their behavior and the lack thereof to catch the perps is just not good enough and drastic measures needs to be taken by the powers to be. Also the whole judicial system needs reviewing whether constitutional or not. I am so sick of hearing that we can’t do no better because the constitution says? This constitution in my opinion seems to had been done by a bunch of crooks. Criminals have more rights than the victims or the victim’s families.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the beautiful cayman islands.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gated communities will so be coming to Cayman.


    Very sad indeed.

    • Anon says:

      For those very few-mostly foreigners-who can afford them, they are already here.

      • Anonymous says:

        They are fabulous.

      • Anonymous says:

        Terrible comment. I live in one – 8 homes so far. ALL CAYMANIANS, several of which are multi-generation and mostly blue collar occupations. So you see hard work and education can pay off.

        • Anonymous says:

          He meant the intitled Caymanians.

          • Hoping for better days says:

            It is ENTITLED. You literally just blew all your possible credit on this website. You are clearly incompitent. Think domino affect, that's Cayman. We do not have one issue, we have many, hence the domino affect.  

            • Rorschach says:

              Do you have any idea how incompetent YOU sound when you can't even spell incompetent right??? 

              • Hoping for better days says:

                Social Media has ruined us all. By giving us a voice on these sites we all feel hmmm, what's the word…."entitled" to let our opinions be known and I too am a sucker for this. I am now stepping away from the keyboard, afterall, people here are far too sensitive and simply cannot accept constructive criticism; much like our political representitives. 😉

              • Blot On The Landscape says:

                Has anyone else noticed how angry Rorschach has become recently? 

                • Rorschach says:

                  Oh, goodness..I sure hope I haven't …I mean..I'm not..oh, no…you've made me self conscienceous now..

              • Anonymous says:

                Rorsach do you have any idea how silly you sound when you cant see that incompetent was clearly spelled incorrectly on PURPOSE.


                • Rorschach says:

                  Really??  Incorrectly, ON PURPOSE??  Gosh..then why didn't you just say so?? 

            • Anonymous says:

              Exactly – Look Anonymous, from here on every post you make will be overshadowed by the fact that you blew all your possible credit on this website with that error.  You should change your name.

            • Anonymous says:

              Give him a break. Some people are just incompitent spellers.

            • Grammar Nazi says:

              Did he have any credit in the first place? He is anon so who knows what else he wrote. Your arguement is invalid. Plus, he couldn't have literally BLOWN his credit, but metaphoricaly.

              • Anonymous says:

                What I think the poster was trying to say, albeit in an arrogant manner which, as you point out was riddled with its own errors, is that anyone who opens up a criticism for successdul Caymanians by referring to them as "INTITLED" will be assumed to be poorly educated with a chip on their shoulder.

              • Jes Jokin' says:

                Well he could have, but this is a family show…

            • Dick Shaughneary says:

              I would not play the spelling/grammar Nazi card with English that poor.  If you criticise someone's spelling and write in the style of a snotty six year old without a spell check the CNS swarm will descend on you.  Think domino effect, with an "e".

              • Spelin' Natzi says:

                Thank goodness you are here Dick, I was missing you!   For a while it was just me and dem farkin boo-stairds, so I'm very pleased that you are back.

      • Caymanian Concern says:

        I live in a modest upscale home on a canal.  It is not a gated community and that would be above my budget.  We have had our share of break-ins in this middle-class area too.

        However, we installed a security system and very loud sirens outside.  The entire cost of the system was only $1,200.  My houseguests set off the alarm by mistake this summer and the RCIP was on the scene within 5 minutes!!

        We cannot all afford gated communities and we should also not be so afraid of theives that we start gating places off.

        Instead, invest in a security system and start a neighborhood watch group.  Your neighbors may have children at home or helpers in the neighborhood who can look out for suspicious persons.  Most of these robberies are crimes of opportunity.  The crooks watch the neighborhood for a few days and work out your schedule, then help themselves. 

        There is a way to catch these crooks, but we need to be viligant too.  The police cannot be everywhere.

        We need to help ourselves and our neighbors.  Keep your eyes open.


        • Anonymous says:

          I would be glad to know what kind of security system you purchased, and where you bought it.  Many thanks.