More Gold, more records for Cayman

| 19/07/2013

(CNS): Bermuda shot past the Cayman Islands during yesterday's events at the Island Games, landing in second place with 23 Gold medals, but Cayman powered through to keep fifth position. Today marks the last day of competition and while first place seems to be already decided, with the Isle of Man holding an unbeatable 32 Gold medas, 2nd and 3rd are very much up for grabs. As of 10:00 Friday morning, Guernsey is third with 19 Gold medals and Jersey fourth with 18. Cayman's team took the total medal count to 42, with 17 Gold, 19 Silver and 6 Bronze, and in keeping up with the high standards set at the start of the games, broke yet more records.

Lara Butler won two more medals on Thursday, Silver in Women's 50m Backstoke and an Islands Games record time of 2:16.45 in 200m Butterfly to win the Gold. Another record was destroyed by Cayman when the Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay team clocked 3:20.65 on their way to the first place podium one again. Geoffrey Butler won Gold in Men's 400m Freestyle. Brett Fraser won Gold as well in the 50m Freestyle and Shaune Fraser claimed Bronze also in the 50m Freestyle.

Moving from the pool to the track, David Hamil earned a Silver medal in the 200m – Men's, and Amelia put up a time of 25.26 to Bermuda's Shianne Smith's 24.87 in the 200m -Women's to claim Silver. The Island Games record in this event is still held by Cayman's own Cydonie Mothersill, when she ran 23.27 back in 2007.

Andrew Petts proved to be on a completely different level than his competition in his Gold medal effort in the Sailboarding – Individual Event. Over 20 runs, Petts ended with a Net result of 27. The other never stood a chance as second and third finished with distant Net's of 54 and 55 and many finishing in the triple digits.

In the Automatic Ball Trap – Individual, Christopher Jackson shot up a score of 121 totake Silver, just 2 short of Gold medal winner Juan Manuel Bagur Bosch. It was a two man race as both were far ahead of the rest of the pack – Bronze place hitting 108 targets.

Bethany Dikau earned Silver in Women's SET Individual Vault, Cayman's first medal in Gymnastics at the Games. Samantha Widner took the Bronze medal in Ladies Golf.

Use the link below to stay tuned to the last day of the Natwest Islands Games – 2013.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bermuda would not be connected to Caribbean sports, social, political and cultural bodies if we deemed themselves "not a Part of the Caribbean"  sure, geographically its not in the Caribbean proper but our Soul and DNA is Definatly Caribbean.  Not to mention the only island most of us were familiar with was Cayman.

  2. Which islands? says:

    Cayman sent 100+ people to this as the ONLY Caribbean Island. 

    I love sports as much as the next guy, but perhaps we need to look at these government jollies for our bloated Olympic committee as well?  (If they are paying their own way, fine.  Most of these folks have deep-deep pockets), but at USD$500 per night per room x $$$$ – are we putting our best money forward to compete against the Falkland Islands and the Isle of Wight instead of other Caribbean Islands?

    We are the ONLY Caribbean island at these games, period.

    Anyone else wondering about this?


    • Anonymous says:

      1) The Island Games are for small island nations with a population of under 100,000 persons. This friendly competitive environment is EXACTLY where we should be excelling. It's an equal playing field as far as resources and population go. There are not a lot of other Caribbean islands with a population under 100,000. 

      2) The Island Games are not funded or organized by the Olympic Committee. 

      3) It's still largely up for debate but Bermuda is considered by most to be part of the Caribbean, therefore Cayman is not the only Caribbean island in these games. 

      I'm wondering why you didn't bother to look any of this information up before making a fool of yourself. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes we are the only Caribbean country competing, unless you count Bermuda.  However, the specifications state that island nations of less than 100,000 population or less.  The other Caribbean islands that fall into this range have chosen to not become a part of the Island Games. 

      There are not that many Caribbean countries that do fit that description. 

      Another thing, the population limit is specifically to ensure that the competing countries are on a somewhat even playing field. 

      I personally think it has worked, and this is the most appropriate competition for the majority of our sports associations from Cayman.


    • Anonymous says:

      Mental.  Nothing more needs to be said.  Except I bet this poster is also a keen fan of keeping West Bay Road open.

      • Anonymous says:

        and he is definitely a fan of expelling all can international competition be bad for is just the thing…put people up against othet culutres, get them to understand and see different things…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well done to all athletes and coaches. Nice to see Cayman doing well in something.